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Impact Report 2016/17


Pennies Impact Report 2016/17

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Pennies Impact Report 2016/17 Contents We are the digital charity box 4 A message from our Chief Executive 5 The Pennies movement Our charitable mission 6 Mission and charitable spending 7 Our charitable activities Making pennies count 8 Granting and funding 9 Where your pennies work Small change, big purpose 10 The difference a penny can make 11 Featured charity stories Feel-good thank yous 12 A message from our Chair of Trustees 13 What’s next? How to get involved 14 Special thanks to our funders

Cover image: Courtesy of the National Literacy Trust.

Pennies Impact Report 2016/17


We are the digital charity box East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices

Welcome to Pennies’ 2016/17 Impact Report which brings you up to date with the last year of activity for the digital charity box and our contribution to the micro-donation movement.

Pennies on the front foot and future-proofing the digital charity box. At a time of great flux, Pennies continues to prove as popular as ever, with a growing diversity of shoppers.

In that time, it’s been fantastic to announce new retail, service industry and hospitality partners, and to welcome new charities too.

We won’t waver in our commitment to reach every cardholder wherever they shop, offering each the chance to feel good by giving a few pennies to charity as part of their everyday life.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do and I’m delighted to share that the customer response to the first contactless Pennies solution, launched in June this year, has been incredible. Congratulations to The Entertainer, supported by Worldpay, for being the first to take Pennies into this exciting space.

Alison Hutchinson CBE Chief Executive July 2017

I am also thrilled to share that we have now enabled over 40 million donations – of which over half, incredibly, have been made in the last two years alone, giving you a picture of the growth of Pennies and consumer generosity. As a charity rooted in fintech we’re poised to respond to new trends in payments, keeping The Pennies Team


Pennies Impact Report 2016/17

How it works

The Pennies movement Pennies isn’t just a digital charity box: it’s an innovative movement involving partners from across the retail, payments and charity sectors. It gives people an easy way to make micro-giving

part of their daily lives, while also providing charities with a valuable, additional source of support – helping further the impact charities can have in their communities.

Retailers join and customers donate On the high-street, online or in-app, retailers implement the digital charity box and give their customers the option to donate their small change (and feel good) when they pay by card or mobile wallet.

Technology is enabled Pennies works with payments and technology companies to develop the donation option, and then helps retailers switch it on.

Pennies, the digital charity box Charities benefit Pennies grants the money donated to the retailers’ nominated charity partners. 200+ charities have now benefited from important extra funding through the digital charity box.

Pennies Impact Report 2016/17


Our charitable mission Walking with the Wounded

Pennies’ mission is a simple one: to help charities make a greater impact. We do this by offering a new, data-free way of collecting donations through our digital charity box, in turn helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the charity sector.

Making it a reality We’re a small team, united in the belief that by working together with payments and technology providers, retailers and consumers, we can raise millions in new funds for charities in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Our mission is already a

reality. Over the past 12 months1 no fewer than 11 million donations have been made using the digital charity box, adding up to more than £2.7 million raised in support of an ever growing number of charities.

Charitable spending One of Pennies’ main objectives is to help make the charity sector more efficient by boosting fundraising levels and freeing up charities to spend more time on their vital work.

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Our own charitable spending reflects this. In 2016, 96%2 of our spending was used for direct charitable activities. We invest our own funding into developing and growing the digital charity box. As Pennies grows, our power to drive significant social impact from our charitable activities grows too, and we grant more than £3 to other charities for every £1 we spend.

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Pennies Impact Report 2016/17

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1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017 Source: Pennies’ Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016. Available from the UK Charity Commission website

What we do

Our charitable activities As a UK registered charity, our charitable activities are at the heart of what we do, and it’s not simply about raising money. As well as creating the digital charity box and granting new funds to

many charities, we also focus on promoting the charity sector and encouraging small change giving that can make a huge difference. Read more about how we deliver our mission below:

Generating millions of new funds Our digital charity box has opened up a new stream of fundraising. Day to day we keep it running, helping generate and grant additional charitable funds.

Unlocking technology for good We work with the payments sector to introduce Pennies in more channels, unlocking the functionality for the benefit of the wider charity sector.

Boosting charity awareness Pennies gives corporate partners a sustainable, quantifiable donation option that engages customers. We help share stories about the impact their involvement has on charities.

Supporting our partners We work closely with businesses and charities to help boost donation levels wherever possible and to maximise the social impact for beneficiaries.

Pennies Impact Report 2016/17


Making pennies count Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Granting funds since day one Since launching in November 2010, we’ve granted £8.5 million1. We carry out thorough due diligence of retailers’ nominated charity partners, collect donations and ensure that funds raised

through Pennies reach the recipient charities as soon as possible. In 2016 alone we made grants totalling £2.6 million: that’s almost as much as we granted in our first four years combined.

£8m £7m £6m £5m £4m £3m £2m £1m







Cumulative charitable grants made, 2011-2016

Funding Pennies We receive a small percentage of each donation made to the digital charity box allowing us to maximise the immediacy of our social impact.

Pennies’ income

Investment from foundations, trusts and individuals


Our remaining funding comes from foundations, trusts and individuals, helping us reach more partners and realise our charitable mission.

We use our income to create an efficient new source of sustainable funding for hundreds of UK charities

Pennies’ income <

Small percentage of each donation made to the digital charity box



Pennies Impact Report 2016/17

Figure correct as of July 2017

Where your pennies work

Reaching over 200 charities Did you know that every 3 seconds, someone makes a micro-donation using Pennies? Across the UK and Republic of Ireland more than 200 charities have now benefited from these tiny

digital clicks of generosity, supporting a broader range of charities with a greater reach than ever. Here’s a snapshot of some of the causes you’ve helped in the past 12 months:


Epilepsy Connections

Projects and services supporting people with epilepsy in Greater Glasgow and the surrounding areas

We’re international too... From Wilderness Foundation UK to Just a Drop your pennies have been given a purpose worldwide, helping many charities carry out vital work abroad, as well as at home.

North East

Great North Children’s Hospital

Providing innovative new facilities for one of the largest children’s hospitals in England

Republic of Ireland


Specially designed camps and programmes for children and their families living with a serious illness

Eastern England

Big C

Local cancer research, support and treatment for people in Norfolk and Waveney

London and the South East

Rugby Football Foundation

East Midlands

Based in Twickenham and working nationally to improve lives through sport

Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance

Delivering specialist medical attention to the people of Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire

Channel Islands Wales and the South West

British Heart Foundation

Fighting heart disease through research and offering heart support groups nationwide

Stroke Association Jersey

Support for stroke survivors and their families in Jersey

Pennies Impact Report 2016/17


Small change, big purpose Age UK

The difference a penny can make With Pennies, customers give safe in the knowledge that their micro-donation will make a difference – whether they donate when ordering a takeaway, paying their bill at the dentist or

20 people

donating at Barnardo’s own charity shops

An hour and a half of donations at Hobbycraft stores

A week

of donations at branches of Topps Tiles

making holiday plans. Pennies donations add up quickly, and collectively these small donations help transform the lives of vulnerable people, communities and environments:


500 pennies


5,000 pennies


230,000 pennies


could support Barnardo’s Schools’ Education Programmes, teaching children how to stay safe and access help if needed


could help Together for Short Lives give a seriously ill child a chance to splash around in a hydrotherapy pool


could fund a Macmillan Cancer Support information and support centre in the community for five days

In the past year, we’ve ensured that people have

street with friends to shopping quickly online or

more opportunities than ever to donate a few

via their smart devices. Pennies is enhancing the

pennies as they shop, across multiple sectors

power of consumer donations by making small

and payment channels – from browsing the high

change giving part of everyday life.


Pennies Impact Report 2016/17

Where your pennies work

Featured charity stories 2016/17 National Literacy Trust

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Boots Opticians’ commitment to improving child

Notcutts became the first garden centre business to

literacy led the company to partner with the National

add Pennies to its tills in 2016, with each branch

Literacy Trust, and to introduce the digital charity box to its practices in support of the charity’s work

choosing the charity their customers’ donations would benefit. Notcutts in Booker, Buckinghamshire, chose Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, recognising the charity’s

with thousands of children

work changing lives like Hannah’s

and schools.

since 1982.

The money donated by

Hearing Dog recipient Hannah

customers gives children across the country the opportunity to

struggled with her deafness for many years, and even tried to

find books they enjoy, and to understand that reading

take her own life. Deafness does

can offer them a better future. One initiative targets

not just affect a person’s hearing.

schools in disadvantaged areas, helping teachers and

It is an invisible disability that

pupils embed reading in classroom life.

isolates people from others. It can strip people of their

One school in London which took part in the

confidence and destroy their sense of independence.

programme enjoyed book swaps and a ‘spooky

Since being partnered with Ayla, a beautiful golden

sleepover’, where children were encouraged to read by

cocker spaniel, she feels she has her identity back and

torchlight. As a result,

is now looking

teachers now read to their classes for at least 10 minutes every day.

This is the best day of my life. Pupil at a reading programme event

to the future with hope and excitement.

I no longer feel like a shadow or a nobody… for me Ayla has been a lifeline. Hannah

Save the Children Since January 2016, Papa John’s customers have been generously donating to Save the Children through Pennies when ordering their pizzas online and via apps. With more than £100,000 raised so far, funds have been helping parents like Nadine and her son, Regan, who took part in their Families Connect programme. In the UK, children from lower income families are 50% less likely to do well at school compared with their wealthier classmates. The better the home learning environment, the better the child’s learning can be. The eight-week Families Connect programme provides parents and carers with a series of techniques, games and activities they can do with their children. Each activity encourages parents and children to spend quality time together by talking about specific topics and reflecting on what they already do to support learning at home.

Regan is now interacting… counting, reading books or playing with other toys he’s hardly looked at before. Nadine, Regan’s mum

Image: Neil Harrison Photography/Save the Children

Pennies Impact Report 2016/17


Feel-good thank yous Just A Drop

We’re thankful to everyone who plays a role in the Pennies movement. Because of individuals and organisations from retail, hospitality, payments, financial services and beyond, we’re making feel-good giving a reality and raising millions of pounds each year for charity. For all your support, help and donations to date, thank you.

One of the things that makes me most proud to be Chairman of Pennies is the determined effort the team possesses to ensure we innovate in the emerging diversity of payments.

know we will continue to develop, innovate and deliver for our partners and most importantly, for the many charities that benefit – the number of which is growing every month.

The last year has seen us stay at the cutting edge in terms of our own ecommerce technology for retailers and I’m thrilled to see Pennies introducing a contactless solution. We also entered the Republic of Ireland for the first time.

Robert Leitão Chair of Trustees

Pressure remains to reach even more of the UK’s cardholders with the digital charity box, and I


Pennies Impact Report 2016/17

The team will continue to innovate and deliver for the many charities that benefit from the digital charity box.

Our profile looms large amongst the retail and payments industries. This was evidenced by our position as the official charity partner of a number of leading industry organisations and events, including this year’s Retail Business Technology Expo, and the annual British Retail Consortium dinner too.

July 2017

What’s next?

We’re just touching the surface We know that your pennies make a big impact. We know that consumers love this way of giving. And we know that someone donates to charity using Pennies every 3 seconds. But when you

consider there are 510 card transactions made every second in the UK1, you realise how much more we could all be doing, together, to make a lasting, sustainable difference.

Be a champion We’d love for you to spread the word, however and wherever you can. Champion Pennies in your workplace, tell your mum and dad about us or tweet (using the #PenniesCount hashtag). Your passion for Pennies helps us make more of a difference every day.

Join the family It’s your chance to be part of our next exciting chapter. From the payments sector to retail, charities to funders, you can help support more inspiring causes by getting involved today – that’s why we call it the Pennies movement!

Donate The digital charity box is available with more retailers in more channels than ever. Press, click or tap ‘donate’ when you see Pennies to give your small change a big purpose. Together we can make many more pennies count.

Just imagine: if every UK cardholder donated just 30p a month, together we could raise £175million a year for charity. 1

Based on The UK Cards Association Card Expenditure Statistics March 2017

Pennies Impact Report 2016/17


Special thanks

to our funders We’d like to extend our thanks to each and every individual and organisation that has funded Pennies in our journey so far. Like any charity, Pennies needs the support of its core funders, especially in its early years. In particular, we’re incredibly grateful for the support of a number of multi-year funders and major individual donors who’ve provided us with a bedrock from which to grow the Pennies movement and who continue to support us into our exciting future, including:

Oak Foundation Pears Foundation The Rank Foundation Independent Franchise Partners

Charity image credits: All charity images in this report have kindly been provided by beneficiaries of Pennies donations.


Pennies Impact Report 2016/17

Pennies Impact Report 2016/17







collaborative, appreciative of the needs of simplicity for retailers and transparency for consumers. The reassurance of anonymous cashless giving has clearly been a key driver in its growing adoption across the retail industry. “I’m pleased to see the digital charity box becoming yet another sought-after solution for Helen Dickinson Chief Executive British Retail Consortium

more and more retailers wishing to give back and invest in the UK charities they want to support.”

Get involved Contact us to find out how you can become a part of the Pennies movement:

email | call 020 7600 9286 | visit | follow @pennies_orguk

© 2017 The Pennies Foundation. Registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales (registered charity no. 1122489).