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Impact Report 2015/16


Pennies Impact Report 2015/16

Welcome to the

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16 Contents We are the digital charity box 4 A message from our CEO 5 How it works: The Pennies movement Our charitable mission 6 Mission and charitable spending 7 Our charitable activites Making pennies count 8 Granting and funding 9 Where your pennies work Small change, big purpose 10 The difference a penny can make 11 Featured charity stories Thirty million thank yous 12 A message from our Chair of Trustees 13 What’s next? How to get involved 14 Special thanks to our funders

Cover image: courtesy of Teenage Cancer Trust. Pennies Impact Report 2015/16


Welcome to Pennies’ 2015/16 Impact Report, recalling the last 18 months of the digital charity box and the power of millions of micro-donations. We’ve now enabled consumers to click ‘yes’ and donate over 30 million times when prompted at the checkout in-store, online or in an app. This is amazing, and whether you’re a retailer, a payments or technology partner, a charity or consumer, I want to say a huge thank you for being part of the Pennies family. In these times of significant change, the generosity of the UK public remains constant. As the payments industry helps us all go cashless and we use cards and mobiles to pay for things in our daily lives, Pennies uses secure financial technology to ensure consumers can still make a few (digital) pennies count for charity.

Image: Save the Children UK

We are the digital charity box

purchase you can rest assured there’ll be no follow up, just like a traditional collection box. Pennies brings the ‘feel-good’ factor back to giving in an affordable way; drawing in people who haven’t given to a charity before and making it easy to give a little bit as part of everyday living. It’s never been easier to ‘join the movement’ and give your small change a big purpose.

Alison Hutchinson CBE, CEO August 2016

We don’t capture any consumer data, so whilst you’re rounding or topping up on your card

The Pennies Team 4

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16

How it works

The Pennies movement Pennies isn’t just a digital charity box: it’s an innovative movement involving partners from across the retail and payments sectors. Not only does it provide charities with an additional,

sustainable and efficient fundraising stream, it gives consumers an easy way to make microgiving part of their daily lives.

Retailers join and customers donate On the high-street, online or in-app, retailers implement the digital charity box and give their customers the option to donate their small change (and feel good) when they pay by card.

Technology is enabled Pennies works with payments and technology companies to develop the donation option, then helps retailers switch it on.

Pennies, the digital charity box Charities benefit Pennies then grants the money raised to the retailers’ chosen charity partners. 200+ charities now having benefited from important extra funding through the digital charity box.

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16


Image: Walking with the Wounded

Our charitable mission

Pennies’ mission is a simple one: to help raise more money for UK charities. We do this by offering a new, data-free way of collecting donations through our digital charity box, in turn helping improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the charity sector.

Making it a reality We’re a small team, united in the belief that by working together with payments and technology providers, retailers and consumers, we can raise millions in new funds for UK charities.

our objectives a reality. We invest our own funding into developing and growing the digital charity box. As Pennies grows, our power to drive significant social impact from our charitable activites grows too.


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One of Pennies’ main objectives is to help make the UK charity sector more efficient by boosting fundraising levels and freeing up charities to spend more time on their vital work.


Efficiency and effectiveness

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Our mission is already a reality. In June 2016, we averaged just shy of a quarter of a million donations every single week. These funds are supporting more charities and having a greater impact than ever before.

Our own charitable spending reflects this. In 2015, 98.7%* of our income was spent on making

*Source: UK Charity Commission. Visit the Commission website for more details.


Pennies Impact Report 2015/16

What we do

Our charitable activites in 2015/16 As a UK registered charity, our charitable activites are at the heart of what we do, and it’s not simply about raising money. As well as creating the digital charity box and granting new funds to

many charities, we also focus on promoting the charity sector and encouraging small change giving that can make a huge difference. Read more about how we deliver our mission below:

Generating millions of new funds Our digital charity box has opened up a new stream of fundraising. Day to day we keep it running, helping generate and grant additional charitable funds.

Unlocking technology for good We work with the payments sector to introduce Pennies in more channels, unlocking the functionality for the benefit of the wider charity sector.

Boosting CSR awareness Pennies gives corporate partners a sustainable, quantifiable fundraising option. We help share stories about the impact their involvement can have.

Supporting our partners We work closely with businesses and charities to help boost donation levels wherever possible and to maximise the social impact for beneficiaries.

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16


Image: Great Ormond Street Hospital

Making pennies count Granting funds since day one Since launching in November 2010, we’ve granted £6.4million* to UK charities. Over the past 5 years we’ve made sure that funds raised through Pennies reach the recipient charities as soon as

possible, as illustrated in the graph below. Going forward, we’ll continue to ensure your pennies are granted promptly so they can be put to work quickly, making a difference where needed most.

Cumulative consumer donations and grants made 2011-2015 £6m


Cumulative donations since launch


Cumulative grants since launch

£3m £2m







Funding Pennies We receive a small percentage of each donation made to the digital charity box allowing us to maximise the immediacy of our social impact.

Pennies’ income

Investment from foundations, trusts and individuals


Our remaining funding comes from foundations, trusts and individuals, helping us reach more partners and realise our charitable mission.

We use our income to create an efficient new source of sustainable funding for hundreds of UK charities

Pennies’ income <

Small percentage of each donation made to the digital charity box

*Figure correct as of August 2016.


Pennies Impact Report 2015/16

Where your pennies work

Reaching over 200 UK charities Did you know that every 3 seconds, someone makes a micro-donation using Pennies? Up and down the country more than 200 UK charities have now benefited from these tiny digital clicks


Homeless World Cup Based in Scotland and making a difference in over 70 countries worldwide

of generosity, supporting a broader range of charities with a greater reach than ever. Here’s a snapshot of some of the causes you’ve helped in the past 18 months:

We’re international too... From Save the Children to Just a Drop your pennies have been given a purpose worldwide, helping many charities carry out vital work abroad, as well as at home.

Northern England

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation

Supporting wildlife conservation at home and internationally

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice

Providing care for young people throughout NI Eastern England

Macmillan Cancer Support Micro-donations fund regional and national projects

The Midlands

Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Specialist paedeatric care for children from all over the UK and abroad


Shelter from the Storm

Free shelter for London’s homeless people

Channel Islands Wales and the South West

Tenovus Cancer Care

Cancer prevention, treatment and support throughout Wales and South Western England

Jersey Alzheimer’s Association Support for people touched by dementia in Jersey

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16


Image: Age UK

Small change, big purpose The difference a penny can make We’re thrilled that shoppers across the UK have

But how quickly can a few pennies really add up,

adopted the micro-donation movement in their

and what does that money mean to the charities

millions. In the last 18 months*, people have

that receive it?

pressed “yes” to donate over 15 million times.

A week

of donations at Gieves & Hawkes stores

Less than a day

of donations at Age UK’s own charity shops

A lunchtime

of donations at Zizzi restaurants


1,000 pennies


5,000 pennies


8,000 pennies


could help Walking with the Wounded provide lodging for a wounded soldier on a residential course


would cover the cost of 10 weeks of Age UK friendship calls to a desperately lonely older person


could enable a man to take part in a 2 year study into prostate cancer treatment with Cancer Research UK

The digital pennies we collect across more

donations transforms the lives of ordinary people

than 50 retailers add up very quickly, and the

facing difficult circumstances, in many diverse

cumulative power of thousands of feel-good

communities and environments.

*1st January 2015 to 30th June 2016.


Pennies Impact Report 2015/16

Where your pennies work

Featured charity stories 2015/16 Cyclists Fighting Cancer

Wilderness Foundation UK

Supported through our first multi-channel retailer

In May 2015, the Wilderness Foundation and Dr

Evans Cycles, Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) has

William Fowlds joined forces with Medivet the Vets

received a huge number of donations since 2015.

to help save the rhino from the rising poaching

These funds help people like Chloe, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma a few years ago. As a result of her cancer,

crisis in South Africa and became one of Pennies’ first wildlife charity beneficiaries in the process. 200,000 individual micro-donations were made through Pennies in the first 12 months, resulting in £100,000 raised for the Saving the Rhino campaign.

Chloe had her right femur replaced with a prosthetic metal implant meaning she had difficulty riding her bike.

These donations from Medivet’s clients have funded projects that reduce the incidence

This is where CFC stepped in, making discreet

of wildlife crime and aid

modifications to a new bike so Chloe could rotate the

in the prosecution of

right pedal without having to bend her knee beyond

offenders of poaching,

90 degrees, reducing the feeling of being different

including the Bat Hawk

among her friends too.

plane, which patrols

the skies above the South

Chloe has not been off her bike since she got it. The difference it has made is unbelievable. Chloe’s mum

African game reserves to look out for rhino poachers and injured rhino.

Teenage Cancer Trust Domino’s Pizza was the first partner to join the Pennies movement in 2010 and today customers are more engaged than ever. One charity to benefit from this incredible, sustained generosity is Teenage Cancer Trust, who help young people like Luke. At 18, Luke was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Almost a year after first experiencing pain he received the shocking news that he had cancer. Luke underwent intense cycles of chemotheraphy and radiotherapy, received care from a Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator and had surgery at the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at UCLH and the Macmillan Cancer centre. Having completed treatment, Luke plans to travel to the US and train as a professional footballer.

Sarah, the Youth Support Coordinator at the Teenage Cancer Trust outpatient unit has been amazing. Luke

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16


Image: Bridge2Aid

Thirty million thank yous Since launch, more that 30 million individual donations have been made by people across the UK. We want to say thank you for each and every one.

The last 18 months was another crucial period for Pennies, in which we doubled the number of micro-donations made in the 18 months preceding – ultimately surpassing £7million raised for UK charities across over 50 retail partners.

I look forward to reporting more highlights as we collectively march on to make more pennies count for good causes around the UK, and indeed internationally.

All of this has been achieved in under 6 years from our first pilot which is, frankly, incredible. We have established great momentum growing year on year as more and more retailers and consumers join the movement.

August 2016

I also can’t ignore the fantastic news that CEO Alison Hutchinson became a CBE in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours in 2016. Richly deserved.


Pennies Impact Report 2015/16

We’ve established great momentum as more and more retailers and consumers join the movement.

I congratulate the core Pennies team. All of the trustees appreciate how much is generated with modest resource.

Robert Leitão Chair of Trustees, Pennies

What’s next?

We’re just touching the surface We know that your pennies make a big impact. We know that consumers love this way of giving. And we know that someone donates to charity using Pennies every 3 seconds. But when you

consider there are 470 card transactions made every second in the UK*, you realise how much more we could all be doing, together, to make a lasting, sustainable difference.

Be a champion We’d love for you to spread the word, however and wherever you can. Champion Pennies in your workplace, tell your mum and dad about us or tweet (using the #PenniesCount hashtag). Your passion for Pennies helps us make more of a difference every day.

Join the family It’s your chance to be part of our next exciting chapter. From the payments sector to retail, charities to funders, you can help raise more for inspiring causes by getting involved today – that’s why we call it the Pennies movement!

Donate Pennies is available with more retailers in more channels than ever. Press, click or tap ‘donate’ when you see the Pennies logo, whether you’re dining out or shopping online, and give your small change a big purpose. Together we can make pennies count.

Just imagine: if every UK cardholder donated just 30p a month, together we could raise £175million a year for charity. *Based on The UK Cards Association Card Expenditure Statistics June 2016.

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16


Special thanks

to our funders We’d like to extend our thanks to each and every individual and organisation that has funded Pennies in our journey so far. Like any charity, Pennies needs the support of its core funders, especially in its early years. In particular, we’re incredibly grateful for the support of the following multi-year funders, organisations who’ve provided us with a bedrock from which to grow the Pennies movement and who continue to support us into our exciting future:

Oak Foundation Pears Foundation The Rank Foundation Independent Franchise Partners


Pennies Impact Report 2015/16

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16


“Pennies is a modern way to give that puts the power to donate in the hands of every individual. Always private, and intensely powerful. A single micro-donation joins millions of others – and the impact this combined funding has on charities’ work is profound and sustaining.” Sir Martyn Lewis Broadcaster & Journalist Pennies Ambassador

Get involved Contact us to find out how you can become a part of the Pennies movement:

email | call 020 7600 9286 | visit | follow @pennies_orguk

© 2016 The Pennies Foundation. Registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales (registered charity no. 1122489).

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16  

Pennies, the digital charity box, is the easy way to give your small change a big purpose. Hundreds of UK charities have now benefited from...

Pennies Impact Report 2015/16  

Pennies, the digital charity box, is the easy way to give your small change a big purpose. Hundreds of UK charities have now benefited from...