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Pennsylvania Highlands Workforce Development & Continuing Education works to meet the training, non-credit education, and community interest needs of the region. Every year, We offer a wide selection of courses to assist you in excelling professionally and growing intellectually while stimulating your mind and body.

Located in the new Workforce Education Center at the Richland Campus, the Workforce Development & Continuing Education staff and instructors work closely with businesses, manufacturers, health care providers, and private and public partners to deliver a wide range of customized, professional/personal development, and incumbent worker training solutions. Our Workforce Education courses are designed to meet the needs and interests of individuals and to support regional business and industry workforce development. Our classes give you the ability to develop new and enhance current skills. Our Community Education courses are intended to help you grow professionally, or just enjoy life by expanding your knowledge or fitness with personally enriching activities. Whether you want to learn a new language, explore new interests, or become proficient in computer applications, you will find various options to choose from. Many of our courses are designed to be delivered as online offerings in a self-paced format. There are numerous online offerings available through the College's website that can expand your knowledge of a subject or introduce you to new and exciting areas of learning. We are always seeking new ideas to help further expand the training, education and special study opportunities in our community. If you have an idea or suggestion, please contact us at 814.262.3815 or via email at


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Learn to Crochet This course is designed for those who have never crocheted but have always wanted to learn. Discover the basics of crocheting and pattern reading. In no time at all you’ll be prepared to make anything from blankets to swimsuits! A materials list will be provided at registration. Wed., 09/03-10/1, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 055.01 Wed., 10/08-11/5, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 055.02 Wed., 11/12-12/10, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 055.03 Beginner’s Floral Design Join our instructor, a professional floral designer, and gain basic knowledge of commonly used flowers, fillers and design styles. Take home completed projects weekly. Additional topics include balance, symmetry and more. Mon., 10/6-10/27, 6-8pm, Richland, $149, ZAC 028

Floral Design II This second level course is centered on weddings and other formal events. Our professional floral designer teaches you to make wrist corsages, several types of bouquets (hand-held, hand-tied, presentation bouquets) and floral cake toppers. Materials are included in the tuition fee. Mon., 11/3-11/24, 6-8pm, Richland, $149, ZAC 037

Learn to Paint Like the Impressionist Masters Painting instructor Alan Rauch uses demonstration and one-on-one instruction in the Impressionist style of Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh. You will receive a new and challenging assignment every other week. All levels welcome. Please ask for a supplies list when registering. Tues., 09/16-10/21, 6-8pm, Richland, $69, ZAC 029

Jewelry Making If you’ve always wanted to make your own jewelry, you won’t want to miss this class! Our seasoned instructor will guide you through the process of designing and creating your own set, including a necklace, bracelet and earrings. Materials are included in the tuition fee. Tues., 09/02-09/30, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 056.01 Tues., 10/7-11/4, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 056.02 Tues., 11/18-12/16, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $49, ZAC 056.03

Bottle Art Learn the basics of glass cutting and how to make beautiful art, from candles to wind chimes. Our instructor has been making and selling bottle art for over 10 years and will introduce you to the basics, including tools, safety, cutting bottles and etching on glass. Appropriate for adults and children ages 13 and up. Materials are included in the tuition fee. Mon., 09/08-09/22, 6-8pm, Richland, $39, ZAC 057.01 Mon., 10/6-10/20, 6-8pm, Richland, $39, ZAC 057.02 Mon., 11/3-11/17, 6-8pm, Richland, $39, ZAC 057.03


Email and Internet Basics Feeling left behind on the Information Superhighway? Find out how to navigate websites and search for information. You will also learn to send and receive email and register with a website. Wed., 11/12, 6-9pm, Richland, $39, ZCO 018

iPads Out of the Box: A Guide for the New User Did you recently get a new iPad but are unsure how to use it? Learn to use the basic functions, more advanced features and how to sync your iPad with other devices. Please bring your own iPad. Thurs., 10/23, 6-8pm, Richland, $19, ZCO 019.01 Thurs., 10/09, 6-8pm, Ebensburg, $19, ZCO 019.02 iPads: Beyond the Basics Don’t stop at the basics! Let’s move beyond and discover the power that lies within your iPad! Apps, editing and many more useful tips and tricks! Please bring your own iPad. Thurs., 11/06, 6-8pm, Richland, $19, ZCO 021.01 Thurs., 11/13, 6-8pm, Ebensburg, $19, ZCO 021.02

Keyboarding Memorize the keyboard and learn other keyboarding basics. This class is for the beginner and those who would like to reacquaint themselves with the keyboard. You do not need to be a computer expert to take this course. Mon., 10/13-10/27, 6-8pm, Richland, $39, ZCO 022



Dancing with a Partner (Beginner) “Wow” your friends, family and co-workers with new dance moves. Join husband and wife instructors Paul & Jeanie Jucha to learn basic dance patterns and techniques. Enjoy learning the principles of moving together and to lead and follow while spending quality time with your partner. Note: Designed for couples. Wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole. No athletic shoes. Thurs., 9/4-10/2, 6-7pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 001.01 Thurs., 10/9-11/13*, 7-8pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 001.02 *No class 10/16

Dancing with a Partner, Level II Ready for more? Take your dancing skills to the next level as you build on the patterns and steps learned in the Dancing with a Partner (Beginner) course. Students should wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole. Prerequisite: Intro to Partner Dancing or Pre-Bronze American Style Smooth Dancing Thurs., 10/9-11/13*, 6-7pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 005 *No class 10/16

Latin Dancing The dance styles of Salsa, Cha-Cha and Rumba have become well-known due in part to the popularity of Latin music. Salsa is a night clubstreet style dance; Cha-Cha is a staccato flirtatious dance; and Rumba is a romantic, sensuous dance. This class will give you and your partner an introduction to each style. No prior dance experience necessary. Wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole. Thurs., 10/9-11/13*, 8-9pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 006 *No class 10/16

Night Club Slow Dancing Do you have a wedding or other important event to attend? Not sure what to do on the dance floor? Why not Join Paul and Jeanie and learn to dance to slow music as a couple? You will learn some very nice patterns and movements, such as Foxxy and Night Club Two Step, to help you enjoy dancing to slow music with your partner. No prior dance experience is needed. Thurs., 09/04-10/02, 8-9pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 024

Intro. to Swing & Jitterbug When the music tempo gets fast a lot of the guys leave the dance floor or some will stay and do some free style. With this course, everyone will learn to dance to faster music as a couple. Wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole Thurs., 09/04-10/02, 7-8pm, Richland, $65, ZDA 026



Nutrolls No need to order your nut rolls this holiday season! Bring your apron and rolling pin and join instructor Allegra Slick as you learn how to make this traditional sweet bread pastry. The cost of supplies and ingredients is included in the tuition. Mon., 11/17, 6-9pm, Richland, $39, ZFS 052

Ethnic Cooking Demo: Chinese Watch and learn as an expert demonstrates how to cook traditional Chinese dishes. Bring your pen and paper to take notes – you won’t want to miss a step! Mon., 10/27, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $19, ZFS 057

Ethnic Cooking Demo: Italian Watch and learn as an expert demonstrates how to cook traditional Italian cuisine. Bring your pen and paper to take notes – you won’t want to miss a step! Mon., 11/03, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $19, ZFS 058


Photography for Beginners Whether you just bought a new camera or would like to learn how to use your camera more effectively, instructor Charles Rametta explains everything you need to know! Learn basic composition and lighting along with camera handling, lenses, aperture and shutter speeds. Any digital camera is welcome. Bring your manual and a basic understanding of how your camera operates. An outdoor shooting session will be included if weather permits! Thurs., 10/09-11/13, 6-8pm, Richland, $69, ZGI 032

Digital Photo Basics for Seniors Do you take a lot of photos but are unsure of what to do next? Are you 55 or older? If so, then join long-time photography instructor Charles Rametta and learn the basics! You’ll learn how to transfer your photos from camera to computer, e-mail them to friends, upload them to Facebook and perform basic adjustments with a simple editing program. You’ll need to bring your camera with photos and a USB cable, or a memory card with stored photos. Mon., 09/08-09/29, 10am-12pm, Richland, $49, ZGI 041

eBay Success Are you interested in creating a casual income online? Gain the knowledge and resources needed to successfully make money selling on eBay. Learn how to locate products to sell, customer service best practices, determine pricing, resolve disputes and much more from an experienced eBay seller. Wed., 11/05-11/26, 6-8pm, Richland, $49, ZGI 042

Hiking Safely From preparing for your hike to necessary equipment, personal safety and outdoor ethics, gain the knowledge and skills needed to make hiking a sustainable activity. Class will meet one weekday evening for in-class instruction and one Saturday for an instructional hike. Bring a packed lunch for the hike. Thurs., 09/25, 6-8pm AND Sat., 09/27,10am-2pm, Richland, $29, ZGI 037 (Rain date 10/04)

What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a high-tech version of hide-andseek using a hand held global positioning system (GPS) or GPS enabled mobile device. You will be given a set of GPS coordinates and other clues then attempt to find the treasure, aka geocaches or caches. Caches may be containers with a logbook to document your visit or an item for you to exchange for one of your own. Thurs. 10/02, 6-8pm, Richland, $19, ZGI 038 Required Material(s): GPS or GPS enabled mobile device

Pet First Aid/CPR This class is for pet owners who may need to save their pet’s life. Knowing the life saving skills and techniques of pet first aid is a very important part of being a caring pet owner or caretaker.You will learn restraining an ill or injured pet, pet CPR, rescue breathing, the ABC’s of pet first aid, choking management, bleeding protocols, poisoning, pet wellness assessment and more! NO pets! Tues., 09/23-09/30, 6-8pm, Richland, $40, ZPE 004

FREE Hospice Volunteer Workshop Join Emma Strapple, Volunteer Director at Windber Hospice, for this free introductory workshop on hospice volunteers. Learn the basics as well as the various roles and responsibilities a hospice volunteer can have. At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to enroll in the free extensive training program offered through Windber Hospice. Pre-registration is required. Tues/Thurs., 08/26-08/28, 6-8pm, Richland, ZGI 045

The Basics of Fly Fishing Join professional fly-fishing guide David Krupa for an introduction to the art of fly-fishing and flytying. You will start by learning the history and philosophy of fly-fishing before receiving an introduction to the art of fly-fishing and the equipment used. David will teach you the basics of stream entomology and fly-selection, as well as the basics of fly-tying. Open to anyone age 12 and older. Thurs., 10/16, 6-9pm, Ebensburg, $19, ZGI 040

An Introduction to Voiceovers Fun, empowering introductory workshop covering the different types of voiceovers and what tools are needed to find success. Receive coaching and a professional voiceover evaluation. Gain the knowledge necessary for the decision if voiceover is something you'd like to pursue. The course is taught by a professional voice actor from the Voice Acting Training Company, Voices For All. Tues., 09/16, 6-8pm, Richland, $49, ZGI 003 Wine Pairing Take your taste buds on a journey and discover the delights of combining different food tastes with various wine styles to enhance different flavors. This course focuses on the combination of wine and food, highlighting its effect on taste. This is the perfect course to attend prior to hosting meals this holiday season! Thurs., 11/06, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $39, ZGI 043

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft Do you know how to protect yourself from ID theft and fraud? Learn how ID thieves steal information about you and what puts you most at risk of having your identity stolen. Don’t become another victim. Attend this workshop and learn what you can do to protect your privacy and reduce your exposure both locally and globally. Thurs., 09/25, 6-8:30pm, Richland, $24, ZGI 044

Introduction to Playwriting Do you have a great idea for a play but are unsure how to turn that idea into a finished piece of work? Join Rebecca Frola and discover the process of writing a one-act play from conception to final draft completion. Class meetings focus on reading and discussing student work, along with select published plays. Exercises in dialogue, character development, conflict, structure, and journaling will reinforce class discussions. Tues., 10/14-11/04, 6-9pm, Somerset, $69, ZGI 014


Introduction to Theater It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, find your voice and actively participate with peers while discovering your untapped talent! You will perform one-act plays and participate in improvisation each week. By the final week of class, you will work in groups of two and perform a 10-minute play. Tues., 09/02-09/23, 6-9pm, Somerset, $69, ZGI 013


Journey to Japan: Japanese Language & Culture Explore Japan with instructor Seth McKinley! You will be introduced to the Japanese language through the use of the two basic alphabets, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and basic conversation. Engaging cultural activities will enhance your language learning experience! Tues., 09/02-10/21, 6-8pm, Richland, $79, ZLC 007 Continuing Your Journey: Japanese Learn Japanese language and culture, including more complex grammar and an introduction to knaji, a form of Japanese writing. The class includes activities such as music, video and cuisine, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture. Tues., 10/28-12/09, 6-8pm, Richland, $69, ZLC 010

Journey to Mexico: Spanish & Mexican Culture Explore Mexico and receive an introduction to the Spanish language through repetition, games and activities. Our experienced instructor brings the culture of Mexico to the classroom to enhance your learning experience! Wed., 10/15-11/26, 6-8pm, Richland, $69, ZLC 011

Sign Language This course is offered as a means to begin communication with the deaf through the use of sign language. Learn the fundamentals in a fun, friendly environment. Topics covered include the alphabet, signing nouns and verbs to put together simple sentences, the colors of the rainbow, family relationships and using your body to communicate. Mon., 10/06-11/10, 6-8pm, Richland, $69, ZLC 001


Acupressure for Stress Relief Stress, headaches, sinus pain, nausea…everyone suffers from these symptoms. Ease your stress and pain simply, effectively and naturally. Our Professional Massage Therapist shares how to use acupressure to treat everyday ailments by locating major pressure points and activating them. A $5 materials fee is payable in class. Sat., 10/04, 9am-12pm, Richland, $24, ZMB 001


How to Give a GREAT Back Massage Our Professional Massage Therapist teaches basic massage strokes concentrating on back muscles and relaxation techniques. This class is best suited for pairs. Class size is limited so register early! A $5 materials fee is payable in class. Sat., 10/11, 9am-12pm, Richland, $24, ZMB 004

Open Level Yoga Improved physical fitness, increased mental clarity, tension relief and general well-being are a few of the benefits of yoga. Join our yoga instructor as you gently stretch and strengthen your body, clear your mind and release stress. Please bring a yoga mat and yoga strap (or necktie). Mon., 09/08-09/29, 6:15-7:15pm, Richland, $25, ZMB 012.01 Mon., 10/6-10/27, 6:15-7:15pm, Richland, $25, ZMB 012.02 Mon., 11/03-11/24, 6:15-7:15pm, Richland, $25, ZMB 012.03 Tues., 09/09-09/30, 6-7pm, Ebensburg, $25, ZMB 012.04 Tues., 10/07-10/28, 6-7pm, Ebensburg, $25, ZMB 012.05 Tues., 11/04-12/09*, 6-7pm, Ebensburg, $25, ZMB 012.06 *No class 11/11 & 11/25

Mind Over Matters – Managing Stress in the 21st Century How well do you handle the stress in your life? This new class, taught by mental health professional Peter Kosanovich, delves into the definitions, triggers, physiological effects, varying intensities and progressive stages of stress and its impact on us. Come away armed with the knowledge you need to effectively manage your own stress. Wed., 09/10-10/15, 6-8pm, Richland, $69, ZMB 024


Safe Sitter Babysitting Certification The Safe Sitter® program prepares young teens and pre-teens no younger than 11 to confidently care for themselves and younger children when adults aren’t present. Learn how, why and where injuries happen so that you can prevent them, how to get help if you need it, how to rescue a choking infant or child and how to keep yourself safe when babysitting. Discover how a child’s age affects how you care for them, how to prevent problem behavior and how to run your babysitting business! CPR training is included. Sat., 09/13-09/20, 9am-12:30pm, Richland, $59, ZKC 017.01 Sat., 11/15-11/22, 9am-12:30pm, Richland, $59, ZKC 017.02 Sat., 10/04-10/11, 9am-12:30pm, Blair, $59, ZKC 017.03



Phlebotomy I Collect blood for diagnostic laboratory testing. This course provides lectures and hands-on student laboratory. Topics include universal precautions and safety, special collection procedures, handling and processing of specimens, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and communication skills. Learn manual skills to perform venipuncture and skin puncture techniques and the didactic training to assure quality specimens. A certificate of completion is awarded to those maintaining a minimum of 75% in each area measured. You must successfully complete Phlebotomy I and Phlebotomy II to qualify for the national certification exam application. Class size is limited to 12 students. Cost does not include uniforms, malpractice insurance, Hepatitis B vaccination (very highly recommended), or book. Purchase book prior to the first class. Mon/Wed., 09/08-11/12, 5-9pm, Richland, $929, CED 180.01 Tues/Thurs., 10/07-12/23*, 5-9pm, Richland, $929, CED 180.02 *No class 11/11, 11/25 & 11/27 Payment plans and Continuing Education loans are available to those who qualify. Required Textbook: Phlebotomy Essentials, ISBN: 978-1605476377

Phlebotomy II Improve and practice clinical skills one-on-one, with a clinical instructor or Phlebotomist, in a clinical setting. The College's clinical instructor will schedule all clinical hours individually at local hospitals. Clinical hours may encompass varied shifts: Monday-Sunday. You must successfully complete Phlebotomy I and Phlebotomy II to qualify for the national certification exam application. Class size is limited to 12 students. Hospitals require the following, which is not covered in the cost: uniforms, malpractice insurance, criminal background check (also FBI background check if PA resident less than 2 years), child abuse clearance, urine drug screen, CPR certification, Hepatitis B vaccination (recommended), and certain immunizations and health tests. Prerequisite: Phlebotomy I. 11/17/14-01/23/15, Hospital, $629, CED 181.01 12/29/14-02/27/15, Hospital, $629, CED 181.02 Payment plans and Continuing Education loans are available to those who qualify.

Pharmacy Technician This 50 hour course prepares you for an entrylevel position in the pharmacy field as an ancillary worker under the supervision of a registered pharmacist working in the hospital, community pharmacy or home infusion pharmacy. Course content includes medical terminology specific to pharmacy reading, interpreting prescriptions, and defining drugs by generic and brand names. Students learn dosage calculations, I.V. flow rates, drug compounding and dose conversions. Dispensing of prescription, inventory control, billing and reimbursement are discussed. Upon completion, students will be prepared to sit for the National Certification Pharmacy Technical exam. Cost includes books and supplies. Tues/Thurs, 09/09-11/18*, 6-8:30pm, Somerset, $999, CED111 *No class 11/11 Payment plans and Continuing Education loans are available to those who qualify.

Veterinary Assistant This 100 hour program introduces you to the exciting and growing field of veterinary medicine. You will learn about the care of animals as well as how to recognize signs of illness and disease. This program also covers interpersonal communication, interaction with clients and their animals, as well as how to assist the veterinarian during examinations. Administrative duties, such as fee collection, banking and accounts payable are also emphasized to provide you with the skills necessary to maintain an efficient front office. You will enjoy learning through classroom lecture as well as hands on labs. Note: this program does not include a national or state certification or a clinical rotation as part of its overall objectives. Tues/Thurs, 6-9pm, AND Sat., 9am-4pm, 08/26-11/20*, Richland, $1,899, CED 112.01 *No class 11/11 Tues/Thurs, 5-9pm, 09/09-12/11*, 5-9pm, Blair, $1,899, CED 112.02 *No class 11/11, 11/25 & 11/27 Payment plans and Continuing Education loans are available to those who qualify.

Clinical Medical Assistant Learn to assist physicians by performing functions related to the clinical responsibilities of a medical office. Receive instruction in preparing patients for examination and treatment, routine laboratory procedures, diagnostic testing, technical aspects of phlebotomy and the cardiac life cycle and more. Review topics including phlebotomy, pharmacology, the proper use and administration of medications, taking and documenting vital signs, cardiology


including proper lead placements, professional workplace behavior, ethics and the legal aspects of healthcare. Includes 140 hours of classroom lecture and hands-on labs and a clinical externship opportunity at a local healthcare provider. To be eligible for the clinical rotation, students must successfully complete the 140 hour program, submit to a background check, drug screening and meet other requirements. Upon successful completion, students are eligible to sit for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) national examination. Mon/Thurs., 5-9pm, AND Sat., 9am-1pm, 09/08-12/01*, Richland, $2,399, CED 541 *No class 11/26, 11/28, & 11/30 Payment plan and Continuing Education loans are available to those who qualify.

Dental Assisting Prepare yourself for entry-level positions in one of the fastest growing healthcare positions. Become familiar with all areas of pre-clinical dental assisting and obtain training in the professional skills required to function as an assistant in the dental practice. Administrative aspects include the history of dentistry and dental assisting, introduction to the dental office, the legal aspects of dentistry, policies and guidelines. Clinical aspects include introduction to oral anatomy, dental operatory, dental equipment, introduction to tooth structure, primary and permanent teeth, the oral cavity and related structures, proper patient positioning, dental hand-pieces, sterilization and other areas. In addition to entry-level jobs, this course is ideal if you are interested in pursuing a formal Dental Hygienist program. Additionally, this course is designed to prepare you to sit for the DANB Radiology Health and Safety Examination (RHS). Tues/Thurs, 09/16-12/02*, 5:30-9pm, Richland, $1,299, CED 116.01 *No class 11/11, 11/25 & 11/27 Tues/Thurs, 09/02-11/06, 5:30-9pm, Blair, $1,299, CED 116.02 Payment plan and Continuing Education loans are available to those who qualify.

EKG Technician This comprehensive certification program prepares you to function as an EKG Technician and to take the ASPT – Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician exam and other national certification exams. This course will include important practice and background information on anatomy and physiology of the heart, medical disease processes, medical terminology, medical ethics, legal aspects of patient contact, electrocardiography and stress testing. Additionally, you will practice with EKG equipment and perform hands-on labs including introduction to the function and proper use of


the EKG machine, the normal anatomy of the chest wall for proper lead placement, 12-lead placement and other clinical practices. Mon/Wed, 09/08-11/19, 6-8:30pm Richland, $999, CED 114 *No class 11/11 Payment plan and Continuing Education loans are available to those who qualify.


One-day ServSafe Certification This course is recommended for people in occupations where food is handled and meets PA licensure guidelines. The length of the entire course is 15 hours, which includes 7.5 hours of self/home study prior to the date of the one-day seminar. Participants must sign an affidavit the day of the course stating that they have participated in 7.5 hours of home study prior to taking the course. A textbook must be purchased and is available at the College book store. Registration is necessary two weeks prior to the start date of this course. A valid photo ID is needed for the exam. *If you require a nonEnglish exam you MUST request this at registration. Sat., 09/13, 8am-4pm, Richland, $90, CED 135.02 Mon., 09/29, 8:30am-4:30pm, Richland, $90, CED 135.03 Mon., 10/13, 8:30am-4:30pm, Somerset, $90 CED 135.04 Mon., 11/03, 8:30am-4:30pm, Blair, $90, CED 135.05 Sat., 11/15, 8am-4pm, Richland, $90, CED 135.06 Mon., 11/17, 8:30am-4:30pm, Richland, $90, CED 135.07 Mon., 12/01, 8:30am-4:30pm, Ebensburg, $90, CED 135.08 Mon., 12/15, 8:30am-4:30pm, Richland, $90, CED 135.09 Required Textbook: ServSafe Manager with Answer Sheet (6th Edition), ISBN: 978-0133908374

Personal Trainer Take on a career that you can be proud of while earning a great living as a certified personal trainer. This challenging course is taught over a 5week period, with the National Exam held on the 6th week. Each week consists of 3 hours of in-class learning, followed by 3 hours of hands-on training. Proof of CPR and a 30-hour internship (upon successful completion of the course) will prepare you to work successfully in the fitness field. Textbook required (not included in course fees). Sat., 10/11-11/15, 9am-4pm, Richland, $749, CED 546 Required Textbook: Fitness Professional's Handbook (6th Edition), ISBN: 978-1450411172

Certified Fiber Optic Technician (CFOT) This introductory 3-day fiber optic tech course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a Certified Fiber Optic Technician. This training combines theory and 85% hands-on activities to prepare you to take the Certified Fiber Optic Technician test that is sanctioned by the Fiber Optics Association and given and graded the final class day. This course also introduces you to industry standards governing Fiber To The Desk, Fiber To The Home and Distribution Cabling. Learn how to identify fiber types, recognize various connectors used in fiber installation and install, terminate, splice and properly test installed fiber cable to existing standards. This program explores the history and future of fiber optics and fiber optics capabilities, and basic testing and troubleshooting. Course fee includes study materials, textbook and CD. Note: You must pass both the written and hands-on exams to successfully pass this course. Mon–Wed., 08/18-08/20, 8am-5pm, Richland, $700, CED 082.01 Mon–Wed., 10/20-10/22, 8am-5pm, Richland, $700, CED 082.02

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist/Testing & Maintenance (CFOS/T) This 2-day program is designed to offer specialist fiber optics training to anyone involved with the testing and maintenance of fiber optics networks. This advanced fiber optics training is a practical course, but includes more background information than is typical of basic courses to allow you to understand what you are testing and how to troubleshoot problems in long-haul and short-haul fiber optics networks. Specific procedures to use when testing both multimode and single mode fiber optic networks as well as the proper maintenance of both inside and outside plant fiber optic networks are discussed in detail. In addition, we will explain the variety of testing standards, equipment and technological approaches used in fiber network testing and how to choose among them. Subject matter includes a detailed study of ANSI/TIA/EIA-52614A, OTDR fundamentals and uses, OTDR vs. insertion loss testing, return loss testing and proper maintenance of high-performance fiber networks. The Certified Fiber Optics Specialist/Testing exam is given and graded the final day of class. Course fee includes all study materials and PC-Based OTDR Simulator. Program provides for 85% hands-on activities. Prerequisite: CFOT course or any other formal Fiber Optics Training course within the past 6 months, or 1 year of fiber optics-related experience. Thurs/Fri., 10/23-10/24, 8am-5pm, Richland, $675, CED 083

Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Outside Plant (CFOS/O) This 2-day fiber optic specialist course is for students who will be directly involved with installing Outside Plant Fiber Optics Cabling. Further, it is an add-on course to your FOA portfolio once you have successfully completed the 3-day, basic CFOT course and can be taken concurrently with the CFOT course. This advanced training combines lecture sessions and 85% hands-on activities to prepare you to take the CFOS/O, OSP hands-on and written exams that are sanctioned by the FOA (Fiber Optics Association) and given and graded the final class day. You’ll be introduced to industry standards governing the installation, testing and troubleshooting of OSP fiber optics cable. Proper mid-span access procedures will be demonstrated during class. Learn to properly identify OSP fiber cabling types, recognize various outside plant closures used in OSP fiber installation, install, prepare, terminate, splice and properly test and troubleshoot installed OSP fiber cable to existing standards. Fees includes study materials, textbook, CD, exams and 1-year membership to the FOA. Note: You must pass both the written and hands-on exams to successfully pass this course. Prerequisites: CFOT course or any other formal Fiber Optics Training course within previous 6 months, or 1 year Fiber Optics related experience. Thurs/Fri., 08/21-08/22, 8am-5pm, Richland, $775, CED 117.01 Mon/Tues., 10/27-10/28, 8am-5pm, Richland, $775, CED 117.02


Basic Computers You will examine the parts that make up a personal computer to familiarize yourself with the basic components and individual functions of each component. Explore the Windows 7 operating system, manage files and folders using Windows Explorer to navigate to folders and understand application software. Learn to use common tools and applications that are part of the Windows 7 operating system such as the Word-Pad word processor, the Paint tool, the Calculator tool, among others. You’ll also be shown how to personalize the Windows 7 desktop to suit your requirements and examine networking tools and features so that you can browse for information. Tues/Thurs., 09/09-09/11, 6-9pm, Richland, $69, CED 017.01 Thurs., 10/02-10/09, 6-9pm, Ebensburg, $69, CED 017.02


Introduction to Word 2010 Identify and work with basic Word 2010 tools and features. Edit text in a Word document, modify the appearance of text in a Word document, insert special characters and graphical objects and organize data in tables. Explore how to proof a Word document, control the appearance of pages in a Word document and print a Word document. *Students must register at least 1 week prior to the start date. Tues/Thurs., 10/14-10/21, 6-9pm, Richland, $129, CED 046 Intermediate Word 2010 Learn how to customize the formatting of a document using styles and themes, and modify pictures in a document. Other topics include learning text and page formatting techniques and creating and using tables and templates. Some advanced topics are also covered. *Students must register at least 1 week prior to the start date. Tues/Thurs., 10/28-11/04, 6-9pm, Richland, $129, CED 047

Introduction to Excel 2010 You will be introduced to terminology, entering and editing data and modifying a worksheet. You’ll also learn to use functions, format worksheets, print, create charts and manage large workbooks. *Students must register at least 1 week prior to the start date. Tues/Thurs., 12/02-12/09, 6-9pm, Richland, $129, CED 048

Intermediate Excel 2010 Learn to work with multiple worksheets and workbooks, advanced formatting, outlining and subtotals. Other topics include cell and range names, lists and tables, web and Internet features, advanced charting, documenting and auditing and templates and settings. *Students must register at least 1 week prior to the start date. Tues/Thurs., 12/11-12/18, 6-9pm, Richland, $129, CED 049

Outlook 2010 Learn to compose and send email, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information, schedule tasks, and create notes. Other topics include how to use Outlook’s Calendar and Alert features, customize Outlook and other tricks for getting the most out of Outlook. Thurs., 09/25, 6-9pm, Richland, $39, CED 148



Supervisory Skills Training Building effective management and supervisory skills can help you and your organization succeed. This course offers you introductory and advanced training to help you develop and refine the skills you need to manage employees more effectively and be ready for unexpected change. Explore topics critical to developing effective management skills including performance management, motivation, team development, interpersonal and communication practices and time management skills... everything you need to manage employees effectively. Mon., 10/20, 8am-5pm, Richland, $99, CED 134.01 Tues., 12/09, 8am-5pm, Somerset, $99, CED 134.02 General Workplace Mental Health First Aid This groundbreaking program helps you identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. This course presents an overview of mental illness and substance use disorders and introduces risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, builds understanding of their impact and overviews common treatments. This course is appropriate for primary care professionals, employers and business leaders, faith communities, school personnel and educators, state police and corrections officers, nursing home staff, mental health authorities, state policymakers, volunteers, young people, families and the general public. Certification is provided upon completion. Wed/Thurs., 09/10-09/11, 5-9pm, Richland, $69, CED 414

Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification This course is designed to teach parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers and other caring citizens how to help an adolescent (age 12-18) who is experiencing a mental health or addictions challenge or is in crisis. This course is primarily designed for adults who regularly interact with young people. You’ll be introduced to common mental health challenges for youth, reviews typical adolescent development and teaches a 5-step action plan for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations. Topics covered include anxiety, depression, substance use, disorders in which psychosis may occur, disruptive behavior disorders (including AD/HD) and eating disorders. Wed/Thurs., 11/05-11/06, 5-9pm, Richland, $69, CED 415

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification Designed to deliver an uncomplicated insight into the Lean Six Sigma roadmap used to improve processes, this training will also cover the notions of changeability, and how variance can adversely disturb processes. You’ll also learn about the various roles that each team member will perform. Upon completion of the course, you will have the introductory skills needed to provide a general overview of Lean and Six Sigma concepts, know the general structure used for Six Sigma (DMAIC), as well as the roles within Six Sigma, understand the acronym DMAIC as Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control with a general knowledge of the process and understand the concepts of increasing customer satisfaction by minimizing waste and making the most of resources. Mon-Fri., 10/06-10/10, 8am-5pm, Richland, $999, CED 476 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification This training program allows you to possess a more profound understanding of Process Improvement as part of Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement. You’ll also become familiar with the fundamental tools associated with Six Sigma. This training will provide you the necessary tools required in order to become a valuable player within an employer’s larger goals. This course applies to anyone that does not have the Green Belt prerequisites of three years employment in an organization that has a Lean environment and the opportunity to lead Lean Six Sigma projects in their place of work. Mon-Fri., 09/15-09/19, 8am-5pm, Richland, $999, CED 502

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification This course is a blended combination of Lean Manufacturing process improvement philosophy and Six Sigma quality tools. The hands-on training modules include Lean Manufacturing simulations (one piece flow, pull, etc.) and Six Sigma simulations (Statapult). This course applies to anyone in an organization who will be part of a Lean Six Sigma process improvement project team, line supervisors, managers and directors in such areas as manufacturing, operations, customer service, engineering, supply chain, sales and quality assurance. You will learn how to apply the crucial observational, analytical and interpersonal skills of a successful Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Prerequisites: three years of employment in an organization that has a Lean environment and the opportunity to lead Lean Six Sigma projects in your place of work. Mon-Fri., 09/15-09/19, 8am-5pm, Richland, $999, CED 452

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a team leader accountable for multiple project improvements to increase customer satisfaction and bottomline savings to the organization. The Black Belt is a mentor for Green Belts. We will expand on the DMAIC methods of define, measure, analyze, improve and control steps for more projects within your company to create immediate results. The course will cover additional statistical methods using Microsoft Excel software for data collection and interpretation. You will learn how to apply the crucial observational, analytical and interpersonal skills of a successful Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Prerequisites: Green Belt Certification + Completion of 1 project + 1 year experience. Mon-Fri., 10/20-10/24, 8am-5pm, Richland, $1,750, CED 162 Lean Familiarization Training This training lets participants discover the impact of Lean Thinking. The hands-on exercise teaches fundamental concepts of Lean Manufacturing. Companies committed to Lean Manufacturing should train all their employees. Employees can help identify project ideas and may serve as valuable members of a project team. Participants will learn and practice Takt time, one-piece flow, JIT production, visual workplace, pull systems, work balance and continuous improvement. This 8 hour training course is suitable for assembly operators, office personnel and a modified version is available for hospitals. Mon., 11/10, 8am-5pm, Richland, $180, CED 516

AS9100 Internal Auditor Training Defense Contractors – take your present ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System to the next level. This course is tailored to the working environment of the aerospace and defense industries. This course will provide you with a practical understanding of AS9100 by focusing on a process-based approach and how that approach of the AS9100 standard impacts auditing practices. The AS9100 internal auditor training will focus on understanding the AS9100 and the standard's application to auditing techniques, how to perform a “gap analysis” to your present ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and understanding and identifying the processes within your organization and how it applies to AS9100. Thurs., 11/13, 9am-12pm, Richland, $69, CED 195


Supplier Quality Management Suppliers can make or break your manufacturing operations. Making an investment in supplier quality management to improve your supplier’s quality will increase the effectiveness, efficiencies and profit margins throughout your supply chain. Many companies that sell products need to preserve their preferred supplier status to continue to be considered for future business. As a result they are under pressure to ensure that their products continue to meet or exceed acceptable quality and delivery levels. Thus, managing their own supplier’s quality is very high on the agenda for these companies. This course will enable you to improve your own company’s quality by improving your supplier’s product and delivery quality. Mon., 12/08, 12-4pm, Richland, $99, CED 401

Workplace Safety It’s a fact that we are exposed to a range of risks and hazards during a normal working day. This course will provide the trainee with information about the various hazards within the workplace which they must be aware of. This course looks at manual handling, computer safety, slips, trips and falls, fire safety, electrical safety and security. The aim is to help reduce the number of accidents and injuries in the workplace and to promote good attitudes amongst the staff. OSHA standards are also covered. Thurs., 11/06, 6-9pm, Richland, $39, CED 137 ICD-10 Medical Coding Transition Effective October 2015, the US Department of Health and Human Services will require that the standard ICD-9 code sets, which are used in medical billing and coding to report health care diagnoses and procedures, be replaced by ICD10. This will have an impact on healthcare providers and the reimbursement process. This course is ideal for current coding professionals looking to update and review the issues and challenges they will face with the ICD-10 adoption. Mon., 10/13-12/1, 6-8pm, Richland, $134, CED 120 Required: ICD-10 Coding Manual


Medical Terminology This course is a study of the professional language of medicine including description, interpretation, building and spelling medical terms that relate to human anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic testing and medical procedures. Tues/Thurs., 10/07-12/04, 6-9pm, $199, Richland, CED 121

PAPA Preparation The Pre-Service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) exam includes 3 modules: Reading, Math and Writing, and passing the exam is required in order to receive your initial teaching certification. Make sure you are properly prepared by enrolling in this course! Tues/Thurs., 08/26-09/25, 5:30-7pm, Richland, $99, CED 129.01 Tues/Thurs., 09/30-10/30, 5:30-7pm, Richland, $99, CED 129.02

Introduction to Project Management What is a project? What is project management? Find out about the relationships between portfolio management, program management, project management and organizational management. Learn about organizational influences on a project as well as the life cycle of a project. Mon., 09/29-11/17, 6-8pm, Richland, $134, CED 130



All ed2go courses run for six weeks. Courses are project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assignments, discussion area, supplementary links and more. You can complete these courses entirely from your home or office at any time of the day or night. Please visit our Online Instruction Center for a complete list of courses, descriptions and start dates. New sessions begin monthly. Below is a brief sampling of offerings in: Management & Leadership Building Teams That Work Leadership Using Social Media

Enrichment Genealogy Basics Mastering Public Speaking Publish/Sell Your E-Books

Microsoft Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word

Computer Programming Intro. to C++ Programming Intro. to Java Programming Intro. to Visual Basic

Languages Conversational French Speed Spanish Writing for ESL

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 InDesign CS6 Photoshop CS6

Tools for Teachers Creating Classroom Centers Teaching Adult Learners Teaching w/SMART Boards

Project Management PMP Cert. Prep Project Management Apps. Total Quality Fundamentals

Health Care End of Life Care Perinatal Issues Stress Management

General Business Skills Effective Business Writing Effective Selling Intro. to Business Analysis

Grant Writing A to Z Grant Writing Get Grants! Writing Effective Proposals

Accounting Intro. to Crystal Reports Peachtree QuickBooks

Workforce Education Programs

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, in partnership with ed2go, offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide the skills necessary to acquire professional level positions for many in-demand occupations. A variety of programs are available and include: Business & Professional Certified Bookkeeper Paralegal

Skilled Trades Home Inspection Certificate HVAC Technician

Media and Design Video Game Design & Development Web Design Professional

Hospitality & Service Casino Poker Dealer Certified Wedding Planner

Healthcare & Fitness Fitness Business Management Medical Transcription

IT & Software Development Android App. Developer Forensic Computer Examiner

Management & Corporate Event Management & Design Records Management Certificate

Sustainable Energy Indoor Air Quality Manager Natural Gas Plant Operations


Earn Continuing Education Units Online!

Accredited Certificate Courses for Health Care Professionals

- Complementary and Alternative Medicine (22 contact hours) - End of Life Care (18 contact hours) - Food, Nutrition and Health (16 contact hours) - Gerontology (44 contact hours) - Healing Environments (16 contact hours) - Healthy Aging (10 contact hours) - Holistic and Integrative Health (50 contact hours) - Integrative Mental Health (22 contact hours) - Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing (23 contact hours) - Meditation (8 contact hours) - Pain Assessment and Management (12 contact hours) - Perinatal Issues (20 contact hours) - Spirituality, Health and Healing (25 contact hours) - Stress Management (14 contact hours)

All Health Care Continuing Education courses run for six-weeks (with a 10-day extension period available at the end). They are self-paced and consist of lessons and chapters, active discussion and a final exam. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a Certificate from Allegra Learning Solutions.

Professional Development for Teachers: Over 50 Continuing Education Certified Online Courses!

- Creating Classroom Centers - Creating K-12 Learning Materials - Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom - Differentiating K-12 Assessments - Enhancing Language Development in Childhood - Solving Classroom Discipline Problems - Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II - Spanish in the Classroom - Teaching High School Students - Teaching Preschool: A Year of Inspiring Lessons - Teaching Smarter with SMART Boards - Teaching Students with ADHD - Teaching Students with Autism: Strategies for Success - Working Successfully with Learning Disabled Students

*Please consult your Professional Development Coordinator for Continuing Education Approval Our instructor-led online courses are informative, fun, convenient and highly interactive. We focus on creating warm, supportive communities for our learners. New course sessions begin monthly. Visit us online to view start dates for the courses that interest you.


Online Career Training

Train at home for an in-demand healthcare career. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, healthcare will generate 3.2 million new jobs by 2018. You can be prepared to pursue those career opportunities in one year!

These online, self-paced courses are available 24-7. Pricing includes all materials, shipping, online access, student support, graduate services and more. Continuing Education loans and payment plans are available for those that qualify, and promotional offers are available for some programs. The available Career Step courses include:

Medical Administrative Assistant w/EHR - $2,395 Medical Transcription & Editing - $2,795 Pharmacy Technician - $1,995 Professional Medical Coding & Billing - $2,795

Computer Technician - $1,895 Executive Assistant - $1,695 Medical Billing - $1,695 ICD-10 FastTrack - $695

In-Demand Job Skills Training

Looking for affordable, self-paced, online certificate programs that can train you for the latest, in-demand job skills? Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, in partnership with Protrain Online, is your solution! With online training you have flexible anytime, anywhere learning. Take a look at what we have to offer and start training today! We offer courses and certifications in the following: Accounting & Finance

Business & Leadership

Career & Hospitality

Education & Personal Development

Green & Renewable Energy

Healthcare & Allied Health

Industrial & Skilled Trades

Legal & Criminal Justice

Multimedia & Graphic Design

Programming & Web Applications

Spanish in the Workplace

Technology & Computer Programs



Business Business Research Certificate 09/02-11/28, $495

Management Certificate in Nonprofit Administration 09/02-11/28, $595

Entrepreneurship Certificate 09/02-11/28, $495

Supervisory and Leadership Certificate 09/02-10/24, $395

Certificate in Customer Research 09/02-10/24, $395

Management Certificate 09/02-11/28, $595

Business Communication Certificate in Customer Service 09/02-10/31, $245

Social Media for Business Instagram for Business 09/02-09/26, $195

Certificate in Presentation Media 09/02-11/28, $495

Certificate in Workplace Communication 09/02-11/28, $595

Managing Social Media Platforms Certificate 09/02-11/28, $495 Social Media for Business Certificate 09/02-11/28, $495

Training and Education

Best Practices in Event Management 09/02-09/26, $445

Certificate in Online Teaching 09/02-11/28, $495

Certified Online Instructor (COI) 09/02-11/28, $495

Developing Hybrid Courses 11/03-11/28, $195

Certificate in Designing Webinars 10/06-11/28, $345

Gender in the Classroom 10/06-10/31, $145

Certificate in Teaching Adults 09/02-10/24, $295

Training for K12 Teachers*

Generational Learning Styles for K12 Teachers 11/03-11/28, $145 Online Learning & Teaching for K12 Teachers 10/06-10/31, $145

Social Media & Online Tools for K12 Teachers 11/03-11/28, $145 Substitute Teacher Preparation 10/06-10/31, $145

Using Cell Phones in the Classroom 11/03-11/28, $145

*Group Discount for K12 Teacher Courses: 50% Discount!

Just $72.50 per course per registration when you have 20 or more registrations for our courses for K-12 Teachers. Perfect for school systems, schools, several school systems, or any group of teachers. *Good for 12 Months!

The offer is good for registrations within a 12 month period, so you don’t have to take the courses all at the same time. Mix and match within the 12 month period.



Additional Courses Running Well $195

Advertising and Marketing Series Insider Secrets of Advertising & Marketing for the Successful Fitness Professional $195

Exercise Program Design for Special Populations $195

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching $299

Developing Your Marketing & Promotion Strategy $59.95

Establishing Your Brand and Image $59.95

Business Success Series Business Success for Fitness Professionals $195 Developing Your Business Strategy $59.95

Identifying Your Products & Services $59.95

Developing Relationships: The Key to Success $59.95

Finance & Budgets: What Every Fitness Professional Should Know! $59.95 Setting Prices for Profitability $59.95 Promotion & Sales Basics $59.95

Pregnancy Fitness $195

Nutritional Concepts $195 Personal Trainer Foundations $195

Personal Trainer Practical Review $195

Group Exercise Instructor Foundations $195 Group Exercise Instructor Practical Review $195

Older Adult Fitness Instructor Foundations Lecture & Practical Review $195 Youth Fitness Instructor Foundations $195 Youth Fitness Instructor Practical Review $195

For complete course descriptions, please visit us online at




Private student loans are available for certain Continuing Education programs. Loans can be used to fund up to 100% of school certified education costs (a minimum of $1,000 is required).

A variety of loan products exist and students are encouraged to investigate options thoroughly. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College does not recommend lenders and does not maintain a preferred lender list. Additional and related information regarding private student loans as well as a comparison chart may be found at Information on one available product, the Smart Option Loan offered by Sallie Mae, may be found at

The following programs are eligible for funding: • Clinical Medical Assistant • Dental Assisting • EKG Technician • Microsoft IT Academy Programs • Personal Trainer • Pharmacy Technician • Phlebotomy • ProTrain Online Courses and Programs (those costing more than $500) • Veterinary Assistant • All Career Step Online Programs


A payment plan is available for some Continuing Education programs. The plan allows students to register for classes while making convenient monthly payments on their tuition over a specified period of time. A 20% down payment is due at registration, along with a one-time payment plan fee of $25. The following programs are eligible for the payment plan: • Clinical Medical Assistant • Dental Assisting • EKG Technician • Microsoft IT Academy Programs • Personal Trainer • Pharmacy Technician • Phlebotomy • Veterinary Assistant



Course registrations for Continuing Education classes are accepted on an ongoing basis, but must be received prior to course start dates.

Confirmation of course registration, including room location(s), will be mailed upon receipt of a completed registration form and payment.

You will not be enrolled in a course until a completed registration form and payment are received.

Acceptable methods of payment include check, cash or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). A fee of $25 will be assessed for any check refused for insufficient funds.

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College reserves the right to add or delete courses, as well as change class times, locations, fees or instructors at any time.

The following is necessary to process all registrations:

• Name • Address (email address also, if available) • Phone • County of Residence • DOB and Last 4 Digits of SSN • Course Code (i.e. CED 135.05) • Course Title & Cost • Payment


Refunds are available for registered students under the following guidelines

• A 100% refund is awarded if the course must be cancelled. • Refund requests will be accepted up to 48 hours before the class begins.

GENERAL CONTACT INFORMATION 101 Community College Way Johnstown, PA 15904 814.262.3815 | 1.888.385.PEAK | 814.269.9712 (fax)

Andrew Podolak Assistant to the Dean of Continuing Education 814.262.6485 Julie Davis Continuing Education Manager 814.262.3813

Valerie Wojcik Continuing Education Manager 814.262.6441 Larry Coco Dean of Continuing Education 814.262.3812




NAME: _______________________________________________________________

ADDRESS 1: ___________________________________________________________

ADDRESS 2: ___________________________________________________________

CITY: ______________________ STATE: ______ ZIP:__________________________

PHONE: (______) ______________________________________________________

EMAIL: _______________________________________________________________

COUNTY OF RESIDENCE: _______________________________________________

DOB: ______________________ LAST 4 DIGITS OF SSN: _____________________ CODE



TOTAL COST: Method of Payment

Check Information

(If paying by check fill out below. Make checks payable to Pennsylvania Highlands Community College.)

Check Number: ______________________________________________ Credit Card Information

(If paying by credit card fill out below.) ___ Visa or ___ Mastercard (Check one if applicable.)

Card #: ___________________________ Security Code: __________ Expiration Date: _____/_____ SIGNATURE: ______________________________________ DATE: ___________________ How did you hear about us? Mailing

College Website


Other _______________________________________________________



101 Community College Way, Johnstown, PA 15904


Johnstown, PA Permit No. 187

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Workforce Development & Continuing Education Fall 2014 Schedule Booklet  
Workforce Development & Continuing Education Fall 2014 Schedule Booklet  

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