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Spring 2010 • Volume 57 No. 2 USPS 165-700

Spring 2010

Pastor Stephen Tourville, D.Min. Superintendent


It was in my junior year of high school that God began to lay a burden on my heart to prepare for pastoral ministry. Like many, my reluctance gave way to a sense of destiny to “change the world.” My passion grew as God worked in my life especially during those times recognizing His Spirit was working through me to impact the lives of my friends. Preparing for a life of ministry yielded three results. The first was the realization that no matter how much training I received, I would never be ready until I got my feet wet and became involved in ministry. The second was that without the empowering of the Spirit, my efforts were amiable at best and useless for eternity. The third was the desire to be a life-long learner, endeavoring to develop the skills and abilities He gave me along with learning new approaches that He could use for His Kingdom. On the one hand, He makes us His tools. He fashions us and makes us into instruments that will fulfill His purposes. On the other hand, He gives us tools to improve our effectiveness in His service. We also must work to sharpen our skills and continually strive to be faithful servants. As we gather for our annual District Council/MinistrieSummit, we are emphasizing the importance of the Master toolmaker placing His tools in our hands as we endeavor to serve Him.

“And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry…” I Timothy 1:12

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Connexions Spring 2010

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SCHEDULE of EVENTS T ues d ay, M AY 4

David Grant

8 : 3 0 A M Registration

M is s on s R a l ly :

9 : 3 0 A M Sacred Assembly Prayer & Communion Service with Paul Grabill

TUESDAY, MAY 4 David Grant communicates world missions with a contagious passion and vision. For thirty nine years the one billion people of India have been the heart and focus of David’s ministry. Thousands of churches have been planted and scores of Bible colleges established. David and Beth serve as directors of Project Rescue, a ministry to the millions of young women enslaved in sexual slavery.

1 1 : 4 5 A M Seniors’ Fellowship Luncheon

in Women’s Plaza

1 : 4 5 P M Business Session 7 : 0 0 P M Parade of Missions with David Grant

W ed nes d ay, M AY 5 9 : 3 0 A M Memorial Service and Superintendent’s Message with Stephen R. Tourville

1 1 : 4 5 A M Ladies’ Luncheon

Doug Clay

in Women’s Plaza

1 : 4 5 P M Breakout Session I

O rd in ation S e rv i c e :

3 : 0 0 P M Breakout Session II


7 : 0 0 P M Ordination Celebration with Doug Clay The Seven Project

Doug Clay serves as the general treasurer for the General Council of the Assemblies of God. Doug brings a clear vision and strong passion for church health. With this passion comes a direct commitment to develop ministry leaders to reach their potential. Doug has served in Ohio as the superintendent, pastor, and DYD. Doug and Gail have two daughters, and he enjoys golf, reading and a good latté with friends!





Camp Hill High School

CHRISTIAN LIFE ASSEMBLY 2645 Lisburn Road • Camp Hill, PA 17011 • 717-737-6560




MinistrieSummit M A Y

4 - 5 ,

2 0 1 0

Connexions Spring 2010


Enabled to Lead Guest Contributor

An Interview with Doug Clay

Doug Clay

What is the personal mission statement for your life, and how did you develop it? My personal mission statement is: “Giving myself fully to the cause of developing people and investing in leaders for the sake of church health. This was developed when I first went into full-time ministry. I was influenced by a book I read by Laura Beth Jones called “The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life.” I have kept this mission statement active in my life since 1985. What has given you the greatest feeling of accomplishment in your ministry? Being able to assist in helping unhealthy and dysfunctional churches back to health and growth. This, next to leading somebody to the Lord, is the most fulfilling accomplishment in ministry. How do you go about communicating your vision so that others will remember it? Repetition! Starting every meeting with a verbal reminder of mission, vision and value. Also, I think it’s important to corporately pray together for the fulfillment of the vision with your leadership team. What are some of the things you have learned when it comes to raising significant funds and mobilizing people to accomplish a major undertaking? Raising funds starts with having a believable cause for which you can represent with passion. Mobilizing people comes as a direct result of you, the leader, earning their trust. How have you managed to prioritize your time with your wife Gail and your daughters? Well, they are my priority! So their events and activities have always been a priority in my schedule. Obviously, with the girls out of high school and involved in fewer activities, this is easier now than when they were in junior high and high school.


Connexions Spring 2010

What boundaries have you established to prevent your ministry from having negative consequences on your family? Good communication. But, in addition to having good communication, there must be a willingness to change or to reschedule and/or restructure if your wife or family points things out that are lacking. So, we have tried in our family just to be open and honest about our schedules and to have fair expectations for each other and then to adjust accordingly. How have you instilled in others a sense of personal responsibility (ownership) for the growth and success of ministry? I allow my team to operate in the realm of their giftings. I believe it’s vitally important that your team and your staff feel both valued and needed. It’s also important that members who are better gifted or stronger suited in some areas than you, the leader, that you let them flourish and that you allow them to truly function and grow in the area of their giftings. That takes personal security on the part of the leader. How have you continued to intentionally build relationships with non-Christians while you are in full-time ministry? This is my greatest weakness right now, and it is really bugging me. Prior to the role that I am in now, I was active in the high school where my kids went to school. I was active in our neighborhood and our community, but being in this position, being so mobile and living in a smaller neighborhood where neighbors on both sides of me are born again Christians, I’m finding it very hard to build those relationships with pre-Christians.

Do you have a group of friends that you can go to when you are dealing with personal heaviness? How did these friendships develop? Absolutely. I truly believe that isolation in the ministry is lethal. Good friendships are not optional for ministers; they are essential, and yes, I have two or three persons in my life with which I can feel open and honest. What are some ways that you constructively handle criticism? First of all, listen to it and then act on it if it has merit. I think it’s very important for us to not disregard criticism but rather use it to make us a better leader or more effective in our ministry. Tell us about an idea that you were absolutely sold on, but it took you several tries to accomplish that idea? How did you overcome the roadblocks? Both in my pastorate and district superintendent roles I had some new ideas that I was very excited about; however, when I presented the ideas to our leadership team, I could tell they were cautious. The one for the church had to do with establishing some backyard barbeques on a Sunday night during the summer. The one for the district had to do with the role and the function of our sectional presbyters. I decided instead of just pushing my idea through and saying I really feel strong about it, I backed off and waited. It was my desire for them to feel comfortable and to have buy-in before the ideas were implemented. I learned that if I had pushed my idea through, out of respect they would have accommodated that idea because I was the new pastor/district superintendent; however, I’m not sure I would have had as much buy-in as I did by waiting and letting the Lord allow the idea to grow on them.

lot of resources that can help staff do their job well, but attitude is something that they control, and I really try to find out a person’s capacity of having a good and healthy attitude. What growth principles have you used to move a plateaued ministry or group to the next level? There are several personal and church spiritual health assessments that I have used. I encourage you to find one that you are comfortable working with, but the issue here is, what do you do once you realize where you’re at? I discovered that the assessment part is not as difficult as what you do with the information that the assessment has provided. What steps did you take in leading a group from low morale to building positive morale? First of all, you have to get everyone to agree about where the level of morale is at. Then after we are in agreement with our morale, we begin to collectively paint a picture of the preferred future. What do we want the ministry to look like? How do we want to function as a team? What values do we want to see drive us in ministry? And then, you have to hold yourself accountable and hold each other accountable to the development of arriving at that preferred future. What has helped you to bounce back from loss or discouragement? The call. There are times when in the ministry you are discouraged, you feel like you don’t have the skill sets to be able to accomplish it, but I come back to the fact of my calling—that God has called me and put me on a journey to strengthen the health of the church so we can take as many people to heaven as possible.

What are some of the qualities have you looked for when you have hired staff?

What is a prayer you have been praying for a long time?

Attitude. It’s all about a healthy proactive attitude. I suspect that 75 percent of the questions I use in interviews deal with determining someone’s attitude. People skills and attitude are so important to me. There are a

Lord help me to grow in humility; give me wisdom beyond my years of experience; keep my motives pure; and let your anointing be fresh and evident.

Doug Clay serves as the general treasurer for the General Council of the Assemblies of God. As one of the four corporate officers of the Assemblies of God, Doug oversees the Division of the Treasury, which is responsible for handling all the finances sent to the national office for the world ministries of the Church. Doug brings a clear vision and strong passion for church health. With this passion comes a direct commitment to develop ministry leaders to reach their potential. Prior to his election as general treasurer, Doug served as the superintendent of the Ohio District Council from 20042008. He pastored Calvary Assembly of God in Toledo, Ohio, from 1997-2004. Doug has also served as the Assemblies of God national youth director (1995-1997) and the Ohio District youth director (1989-1995). Doug and his wife, Gail, have two daughters, Ashley and Kaylee. He enjoys golf, reading and a good latté with friends!

Connexions Spring 2010


Church Planting 20 in 10

Targeting 20 Areas for Church Planting in 2010 • Bethany Beach/Ocean View, Delaware (Tim Satryan) • Braddock (Brian Bolt)* • Cranberry, Venango County (Chris Clark) • Downingtown (Sam Masteller)* • DuBois (Chris Clark) • Elsmere Hispanic, Delaware (Tim Satryan) • Fogalsville (Mark Caston) • Frackville (Richard Earl) • Gettysburg (Gerry Stoltzfoos)* • Greensburg (Don Immel)* • Hanover (Gerry Stoltzfoos) • Inner city/South Side Wilmington, Delaware (Tim Satryan) • Lewisburg (Jon Baker) • Lock Haven (Chris Clark) • Marshall’s Creek (Jim Rugg) • Milton (Jon Baker) • New Castle/Minquadale, Delaware (Tim Satryan) • Philadelphia (Dan Clark) • Pottstown (Steve DeFrain) • Southside Pittsburgh (Jeff Leake)* • Three Springs (Dan Fox)* • York (Gerry Stoltzfoos) *Church Planter has been identified and in process.

20/20 PLAN

• Our goal is to plant 20 churches with an initial investment of $20,000.00 each. • PennDel has committed the first $200,000 for the Church Planting Fund. • Please partner with us as we plant many more churches in PennDel through the Church Planting Fund.


50% of the new church’s tithe will be used to invest into new church plants by replenishing the 20/20 Church Planting Fund until the original investment is paid forward.


Once the original investment has been replenished in the 20/20 Church Planting Fund, the newly planted church will continue to invest 1% of their annual income in the 20/20 Church Planting Fund until they plant a church as a parent.


Connexions Spring 2010


Master \ Carpenter’s Tool Box “The local church is the hope of the world, and its future rests primarily in the hands of its leaders,” says Bill Hybels, pastor of the famed Willowcreek Community Church outside of Chicago.

The last three seem to be the least controversial, although it seems that some “evangelists” are more itinerant prophets or teachers than they are gifted soul-winners and equippers of the same.

I must say, I agree.

The most controversial are apostles and prophets. Are there apostles and prophets today? I would say absolutely yes, but we are having great difficulty defining them.

However, such a statement invites many questions, including the structure of such a local church, the means by which it gives hope to the world, and, maybe most importantly, the kind of leadership we recognize and train for the sake of the local church. Most leadership training tends to focus on the pastoral gift/office, as well it should. The vast majority of credentialed local church leaders are pastors, or “under shepherds” of the Chief Shepherd. But are they the only ones? Well, no. In fact, it has become a recent trend for the word “pastor” to be used for absolutely anyone in credentialed ministry, as a substitute for the old word, “Reverend.” But not everyone in credentialed ministry is called or gifted to be a pastor. Ephesians 4:11 tells us that the Master Carpenter has given five (some translators say four, combining the last two) leadership gifts to the Church, that is, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

The harder of the two to define is probably the gift of apostle. Some seem to define it as simply someone who is a great Christian leader in the church or in the world. It has to be more specific than that. Some seem to equate it with the traditional office of ‘bishop,’ but the New Testament seems to indicate it to be more relational than hierarchical or ruling. Here is my short, thumbnail list of what I believe are biblical criteria for ‘continuing (those since the foundational twelve) apostles’: First, they must be sent. The word “apostle” simply means ‘sent one.’ The foundational Twelve and Paul (Gal. 1:1) were sent by the Master Himself. Subsequent ones were also sent by the Church. Probably the clearest example of this today are those missionaries who are called and sent to pioneer in unreached territories for the Kingdom (Rom. 15:20).

Paul E. Grabill, D.MIN. Assistant Superintendent

They must be Spirit-anointed. Not just led by the Spirit, but used in supernatural ways (2 Cor. 12:12). Signs and wonders are part of Kingdom expansion (Mark 16:20, Acts 2:43). They think in strategic terms. Not only do they lay a foundation in new territory for others to build upon (1 Cor. 3:13), but also relationally they become spiritual fathers (1 Cor. 4:14-15), training up leaders to replace themselves. They must be selfless, Christ-centered ambassadors. If someone who claims to be a contemporary “apostle” talks more about themselves than Jesus, forget it. They are only representing themselves. True apostles establish beachheads and consider themselves expendable for the Kingdom. They see themselves as scum, not Lords (1 Cor. 4:8-13). The Ephesian Church was commended by the Master Carpenter for properly testing those who claimed to be apostles (Rev. 2:2). Testing is good, because God only uses the tools He tests. We just need to understand better how to appreciate, test and utilize each of these five tools given us by the Master Carpenter.

Signs and wonders are part of Kingdom expansion (Mark 16:20, Acts 2:43)

Connexions Spring 2010


About People Ministers Transferring Out: David Crosby Secretary and Treasurer World Missions

AMENT, Jason (Licensed) – To Northwest BENNETT, Homer D (Ordained) – To Potomac BOUSA, Jess J (Licensed) – To Potomac HOLLEN, Nathan (Licensed) – To Northern New England KOLLAR, Nathan (Licensed) – To Southern California LINDSAY, Michael (Licensed) – To Ohio STREET, Jack (Licensed) – To Potomac VISSER, Virginia (Licensed) – To Michigan

Ministers Transferring In: BUCHANAN, Charissa A (Certified) – From Ohio CLAFIN, Ken (Ordained) – From Montana DECAN, David (Ordained) – From Montana HULETT JR, Robert (Ordained) – From New York LEACH, Brad (Ordained) – From Michigan LECOCQ, Anthony J (Licensed) – From Southern Missouri MERRITT IV, Maxwell K (Ordained) – From Alabama MCELHANEY, Steven D (Licensed) – From Georgia VANCOTT, Andrew (Licensed) – From New Jersey

New and Upgraded Credentials: Licensed: Dennis Mark Bupp William Whisel

Ordained: Corbyn M Bartels William C Cross Jeffrey L Dean Albert DiSalvatore Ashley M Dukeman Kevin Folk Courtney L Good Christopher D Griffin Daniel C Haas Sean A Hinton Scott M Kramer Jesse A Ledbetter Daniel W Mortensen Kwaku Owusu-Boachie James D Paisley John Rehill Rickey K Roth Jr Philip D Sinclair Jonathan D Srock Steven J Trader Mark P Tuttle Elizabeth A Wirtz

Some Thoughts on Ministerial Credentials 1: H  elping You Answer GOD’S CALL The district secretary’s office is here to assist you in “answering God’s call!” If you have questions on the credentialing process, please go to and access credentialing information under the heading, Ministers Resources. Here you will discover the process, qualifications, educational requirements, and the steps to receiving a credential. Send an email from the page to receive answers to your questions.


Connexions Spring 2010

2: Steps to a Credential STEP 1:  Review the Basic Qualifications to see if you satisfy the requirements STEP 2:  Email district secretary ( and request application STEP 3: Submit application to district secretary for review STEP 4: Successfully complete exam STEP 5:  Schedule interview – interview date September 14, 2010 STEP 6:  Approved application is submitted to the General Council STEP 7: Credential is forwarded to the applicant

3: H  ow long does it take to secure a credential? If the applicant meets the basic requirements, the application process takes approximately 3 months. The final major item in the process is the interview. PennDel conducts interviews in January, March and September, so applicants need to consider the interview schedule and allow sufficient time to process their file.

4: Financial Integrity Indicators The Executive Presbytery has adopted guidelines outlining specific standards for financial accountability for ministers. A copy of the financial integrity indicators is included in the credentialing packet. Background and credit checks are required of each applicant.

Cutting the Frontier A group of PennDel ministers recently visited Jaipur, India on an “Exposure Mission” for an experience of a lifetime! The team ministered with Indian pastors, church planters, and students of the Rajasthan Institute of Theology. Teaching sessions were held at the RIT and testimonies from Indian pastors and church planters challenged the PennDel team. Worship was incredible! The power of God fell during worship and the Spirit did an awesome work in everyone’s heart. PennDel team members had opportunity for Sunday ministry in local churches. Some traveled more than five hours to minister in village churches. In one service there were ten new Hindu visitors and when an invitation for salvation was given, seven of the visitors said they wanted to accept Christ! Members of the team were: Katie Booher, David and Betty Crosby, Tim Farkas, Stephen Getchell, Rolly Hurst, Steve Jackson, Ron Jones, Jeff Marshall, Cole McClenithan, Bob Morgan, Paul Peternel, Wayne Schaffer, Jeannette Scott, Denny Thompson.

Theron Roush Retires Theron “Mike” Roush received his appointment as an Assemblies of God World Missionary on April 15, 1970. Now, after 40 years of dedicated missionary work in Colombia, South America, Mike and Aldonna are retiring. Mike served as a church planter extraordinaire! During his first term he concentrated on planting the church where it didn’t exist in the North District. He held open air crusades, did radio work, children’s ministries, built churches and started a Bible School. The Lord enabled them to plant churches in the capital cities and other areas. Twenty five main churches and 25 daughter churches have been planted with one of the churches surpassing 1,000 in attendance. More recently, a TV ministry has been added in the area to continue reaching lost people. After 15 years of ministry in the North District, Mike relocated to the Plains of the Caribbean and conducted 30 open air crusades. A national pastor partnered with Mike and the Lord began an intense ministry of planting over 20 churches in little more than 6 years. All of this was accomplished in an area identified as a “red zone” – a place with communist guerrilla activity.

A number of years were spent in the Western District and then in Medellin, Antioquia where he concluded his ministry. Medellin is known for being the drug capitol of the world, violence and the “second Vatican.” More than 50 churches were planted in the Western District under his guidance and ministry. Mike and Aldona have helped with radio work, open air crusades, remodeling buildings for new church plants, mentoring, teaching seminars and preaching. Another important ministry has been to help raise up the Foundation, “Hands Reaching Out” that not only ministers to the poor but also has a training ministry to keep people from drug addiction, HIV/AIDs, and other problems. This ministry opened doors to plant churches. Nine Boot Camps to train the Colombian church pastors to plant churches were an integral part of the ministry during these last years. Mike and Aldona wish to thank all the pastors, churches, and individuals that have faithfully supported their work as missionaries to Colombia. Because of their dedicated ministry, hundreds of churches have been planted, the gospel is being preached, and lost people have come to know Christ. Thank you, Mike and Aldonna, for your obedience to God’s call!

Connexions Spring 2010


Around the District Pastoral Installation/Consecration Pastor Ken & Melanie Claflin Glad Tidings Assembly, Clearfield, PA

Pastoral Installation/Consecration Pastor David & Noelle DeCan Pentecostal Assembly of God, Hamlin, PA

Pastoral Installation/Consecration Pastor Domer & Betty Snyder First Assembly of God, Scottdale, PA

Abundant Life Assembly of God

Pastor Walter Smith, Altoona, PA

Abundant Life Assembly of God has experienced a miracle, and we are still amazed at God’s tremendous provision. Our congregation has been given a 2.5 million dollar facility just 2 blocks from the Altoona Hospital in a very busy and needy area of our city. Fourth Evangelical Lutheran Church has ceased to exist, and because of their foresight from over 127 years ago — they pledged to give their building to a church that would continue to direct the lost to Jesus and reach this community. Our church has held to Ps 145:4 “One generation shall praise thy works to another and shall declare your mighty deeds.” We are the blessed generation to see this miracle first hand, now we will be faithful to the next generations to tell of His wonderful provision and plan for His church.


Connexions Spring 2010

Men of Promise

Adding Small Groups to your Men’s Ministry Toolbox For the past 6 years, I have been a part of a men’s small group, and I can say without a doubt that it has been an amazing place for spiritual formation to develop. I’ve seen the impact it has had in the lives of many men. I have seen my own life transformed through the small group experience. Life change happens best in small groups! Here are some basic principles from Steve Sonderman (How to Build a Life-Changing Men’s Ministry) that can be helpful in developing small groups in your men’s ministry toolbox:

Tom Rees Assistant to the Superintendent HonorBound Church Planting and Development

Offer different types of groups and at different times of the day: Every man is at a different point on his spiritual journey. Offering different groups to meet them where they are will help them get connected. •S  upport groups (Sexual addiction, career crossroads, and other need-based groups provide help and encouragement for men as they work through specific issues.) •S  pecial interest groups (Based on the interests of your men, such as biking, fishing, or hunting. One of my favorites is Christ’s Classic Cruisers for those who love to work on old cars and attend car shows.) •S  ervice groups (Men love action. Offer work teams that go and help a struggling Home Missions church, take an overseas mission trip, etc.) • Study groups (Short-term groups that focus on specific issues relevant to men.)

Provide entry level groups: One of the biggest fears for men is getting involved in a group that never ends or doesn’t discuss issues relevant to their lives. Use short, six to eight week groups as a way for men to take that first step into group experience. Here are some ways to increase effectiveness: •E  vent follow-up (After the excitement of the HonorBound Convention, challenge the men who have never been in a small group to take that next step and start a new group.) •H  ot-button issues (Small groups to discuss topics such as integrity, how to lead their family, temptation, and Christianity in the marketplace are popular. The Everyman Bible Study Series by Stephen Arterburn is great for these studies.) •U  se the best leaders (You may only have one shot at encouraging these men to become involved in small groups so make sure it is a good one.) • Challenge them to continue (After they’ve completed a short-term group, encourage them to stay for another eight weeks.) • Promote the groups well (Often the men’s small groups are the best kept secret in the church. Use announcements, mailings, emails, Facebook, and personal invitations.)

Connexions Spring 2010


The Right Tool for the Job George Krebs Christian Education

I am a tool guy. I worked in the building trades industry until entering ministry at age 36. My favorite birthday and Christmas gifts are tools. My family knows my motto, “with the right tool, you can do anything.” We are called to disciple people, to help them become more like Jesus. The Christian Education Department is committed to providing the local church with the right tools. Check out our tool box… • Children’s Ministry Leadership Summit (Last week in January) Training children’s leaders for two days • Breakaway Retreats and Summer Camps (3 weekends in Feb-March and 4 weeks in July) Networking with leaders and experiencing cutting edge ministry • Equip Conference (Last Saturday in September, First Saturday in October) Training in many facets of church ministry

• Church Resource Center (online and print catalog) A lending library with over 600 titles and topics •D  iscipleship Training (Various venues and seasons; held in May for 2010) One day training and networking held throughout the PennDel district •C  E Representatives and Children’s Ministry Representatives Gifted and talented men and women who are willing to equip, train, and inspire workers in the local church in various topics (small groups, teacher training, discipleship, children’s ministry). We will help you find the right person for your event. Take advantage of the tools above to help your church disciple and grow people. Please feel free to contact us anytime concerning discipleship. We are never too busy for you. Our goal is to serve you. We have a network of leaders who can offer ideas, training, and inspiration; remember “We are Better Together.”

Spotlighting Tools for Worship Ministry A POWERFUL TOOL THAT WILL TRANSFORM HOW YOU DO WORSHIP SamePage is an incredible tool for worship that is exploding onto the church music scene. It saves hours of preparation time, organizes your worship ministry, helps you schedule, and communicate with your team. It gives you the ultimate potential for flexibility and spontaneity in the worship environment AND can be your source for on-stage personal audio monitoring. Visit to learn more.

Kristian Walker District Music & Worship Liaison

A PRACTICAL RESOURCE FOR CHURCH AUDIO Having properly trained and qualified people to run sound for your church is a rare commodity, and not having this base covered can be a source of great frustration. The Ultimate Church Sound Operator’s Handbook is a really great tool for giving a foundational knowledge of church audio and for taking your church audio team to the next level. You can order the manual directly by emailing

HAVE GREAT VOCAL HARMONIES FOR WORSHIP (EVEN WITHOUT PEOPLE) Vocalist Live 3 is an amazing device that helps you create vocal harmonies LIVE when you don’t have singers who can sing a part, or if you don’t have enough singers at all. This device can also be used to help people learn parts in rehearsal. Check it out at 12

Connexions Spring 2010

VISIT AND JOIN US ON Facebook to find more resources for your worship ministry, connect with worship leaders, ask questions or to join discussions on any aspect of church music, worship, media and technology. Kristian Walker is available to provide special ministry and personalized training for local worship teams.

Connexions Spring 2010



PARKDAYS! Doug Sayers Youth

Once again, the whole church is invited to attend one of this year’s Assemblies of God Days at an amusement park near you! Pack a picnic lunch…it’s sure to be a day filled with fun and memories for families, youth groups, singles, and the whole church family!

Kennywood: Monday, June 7th

Tickets purchased on this day are good on any operating Monday – Friday during the 2010 season. Pick up your tickets at the Group Sales office starting at 10:30am, Monday, June 7th. The rides begin at 11:00am. The park will close at 10:00pm. Price: $23 per person - $12.99 savings over the price at the gate!

Hersheypark: Tuesday, June 8th and ALL season long

These tickets are good for use any time during the 2010 season. Tickets will be available at the Hershey Stadium ticket window on Tuesday, June 8th, from 10:00-11:00am. Rides will begin at 10:00AM and the park closes at 10:00pm. Price: $34 per person (age 9-54), $28 per person (age 3-8 & 55+) - Up to $18.95 savings over the price at the gate! Even if you can’t make it to Hersheypark on June 8th, you may still take advantage of this great savings by pre-ordering tickets through the District office! You may do so by mailing full payment (made payable to the PennDel District Council) and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: “Park Days 2010,” 4651 Westport Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Please indicate the amount of tickets needed for individuals ages 9-54 and the amount of tickets needed for individuals ages 3-8 or 55+.

Dorney Park

Wildwater Kingdom: Thursday, June 10th

Tickets will be available at the Assemblies of God table located at the main entrance of Dorney Park on Thursday, June 10th, from 9:30AM-11:00AM. Wildwater Kingdom opens at 11:00AM and closes at 6:00PM, and Dorney Park opens at 10:00AM and closes at 8:00PM. Price: $24 per person (ages 9-54), $21.00 per person (ages 3-8) - $17.99 savings over the price at the gate!

Bible Quiz Training Camp August 12 -14, 2010

Bongiorno Conference Center, Carlisle PA Don’t miss this great chance to get away to memorize God’s Word! This camp will offer a unique opportunity to get a great start to the Bible Quiz season! Campers will also enjoy free time to swim, golf, play basketball or tennis, hang out with friends, and so much more! Visit for more details.

Speed the Light Updates! Speed the Light giving for 2009 came in at $292,174.42! Thank you to everyone who gave in support of our missionaries! Please continue to give faithfully to Speed the Light to provide vehicles and equipment!


Connexions Spring 2010

Connexions Spring 2010


A Youth Tool on Display at



You’ve heard it said, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” It doesn’t end there. I’ve Jason Lamer Youth Alive

discovered as well that you can’t judge a golf club by a golf score and you can’t judge a tool by the end product it produces. Listen, just because you got a golf club on sale that originally goes for $300 doesn’t mean your score is going to improve that much. Really? You think such an inanimate object is going to have that kind of affect? Sure it can give some assistance to progress but not enough to get you from a 120 to below 80 on the course. Let’s face it, we are infatuated with tools, resources and any new gadget. We see them and just imagine what we could do with them. I’m right there. My favorite stores are Best Buy, Ace and Radio Shack. Why, because I like tools, gismos and gadgets. But just as a golf club doesn’t guarantee a better score, a tool cannot guarantee a better product. It will assist, but it will not produce. The production is still up to the one utilizing the apparatus. Before Craftsman was a tool, it was a person, and Skil was what he had not the tool he used. The Seven Project is a tool that was brought to our District Youth Ministries in 2004. As any tool it carries great potential. It is a piece of equipment designed to help build a bridge from the local church to the public school. This tool will be on display at this year’s MinistieSummit taking place May 5th in Camp Hill. Pastors and Leaders are invited to be a part of this school assembly and @Night event. Space is limited for the daytime assembly.


If you are interested in attending the school assembly during the afternoon of May 5th or



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would like more information, please contact or call 717-645-5467. The evening event is open to all. It’s just a tool, but like any tool in the right hands, it carries great potential for building student’s hope and God’s Kingdom.

What’s in Your Toolbox? You know you have it, that favorite tool. It could be a hammer, a screwdriver, or a wrench. It could be a favorite spoon, skillet, coffee mug, software program, or TV remote. You may not think of it as a tool, but if you use it to do something for you, then it is a tool. Different professions require different tools to perform day to day tasks. I know guys who have multiple toolboxes full of tools. They have tools for everything, from opening a soda bottle, working on their car, completing to do lists around the house or falling a large tree. But everyone I know has a favorite tool that they use more often than any other. One of the biggest fads is the “universal” tool. This is a tool that can do just about anything because it’s a collection of other tools. Why should I carry a toolbox full of heavy tools if I can just carry this one tool or gadget that does everything I need in my pocket?

Greg Scott Royal Rangers

What if someone offered the new Churchmaster 2010. This tool of tools could activate the potential of church members into effective ministry. It would generate creativity, organization and discipline among teens. It would captivate and excite kids. It would begin and maintain the process of leadership propagation through mentoring and discipleship. It would sharpen and shape men into leadership roles. And yes, all from this one universal tool. It could be formed and molded to do anything you need it to do. All you need to do was to open it up and select a different tool from its assorted collection. If you need something different still, just select another one of its tools. Would you want it in the toolbox of your church? It’s already here. It’s Royal Rangers. There are several major misnomers about Royal Rangers that hide the power it holds for every church. Some think of it as a camping only program. Others think of it as a little boys program. Some think it’s outdated. Some say it’s too expensive. Some say it takes too many leaders to run. These are all very incorrect. We are a mentoring ministry for future men with many tools and options at the disposal of every church of any size. We have something for every boy, teen and adult man of every age and background. Doctor James Dobson says it very well in his book Bringing up boys, “Boys like things bright, loud, and unusual”. We never grow out of that. And a lot of those bright, loud and unusual things are found in the outdoors and in nature. However, just as many bright, loud and unusual things can be found in other places. What’s often overlooked is the availability of curriculum in Royal Rangers that deals in technical fields, sports, and trade fields. If a man wants to minister to boys, loves computers, and doesn’t like Camping, Royal Rangers is still for him. You have someone skilled in a profession like an electrician, mechanic, plumber, or carpenter? These men can make an impact in young lives through Royal Rangers as well. How about a sports coach, an artist, or a gardener? There’s something for them also. The only limitations I’ve found for Royal Rangers in a church is self imposed. Usually it is a lack of knowledge or creativity. You don’t need to go camping, hiking or fishing to have a successful Royal Rangers ministry. You need to look at what the whole collection of tools can do. It’s all about mentoring boys and men. Our goal as mentors is to build Godly men. That is our finished product – yet each one will be unique. Because we are working with thousands of different types of boys, there isn’t just one tool (camping) that will work. We need a complete toolbox. We don’t throw the first tool away, it still works well – but we add to our tool box. The Royal Rangers has continually added to their toolbox. Use the new tools Royal Rangers offers and see what it can build in your church. If you want to see how, our staff would be glad to show you.

Coming Events in 2010: Instructor Certification Seminar Orchard Springs Fellowship, Asper, PA April 17th George Washington Chapter FCF Spring Trace PDRR Camp Berry, Honey Grove, PA April 23-25th Penn-Del RR Camp Work Day PDRR Camp Berry, Honey Grove, PA June 5th JLTA Junior Leader Training Trails Appalachian Trail, PA June 16-19th Penn-Del District Powwow PDRR Camp Berry, Honey Grove, PA June 25-27th Junior Leadership Training Academy PDRR Camp Berry, Honey Grove, PA July 13-17th District BB Gun Competition Newport A/G, Newport, PA August 7th

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Women of Purpose Director


Connexions Spring 2010

sharon poole Girls Ministries

On a missions trip to India this past February, twentyone women and two men flew from Newark, NJ to New Delhi, India to work alongside AG Pastor Koshy Baby and his wife, Joicy to minister in the slums of India.

Precious in His Sight

In addition to directing two children’s conferences, a women’s conference, and a pastors’ conference, we intended to give a face-lift to the apartment of Pastor Koshy. Fresh paint, new curtains, bedspreads, and sheets were included in our efforts. Although the curtains were pre-made to their specific measurements, I knew that there would probably be some alterations that needed to be done. The easiest way to do those was for me to take my own sewing machine with me to India. Having contacted the airlines beforehand, I knew that I could use it as my carry-on if I removed the needle from the machine. This I did with no problem. What I forgot to do, was put the needle (and some spares) in my checked luggage! So even though I had a perfectly good machine, high quality thread, and an electrical current modified with a converter, they were of no good to me without the needle! As I thought about it, my sewing project needed each one of these to make it successful! Without the thread, or the electricity, or the needle, the project was hampered. As we minister to our world today, a variety of tools are needed. It is imperative that we utilize the various and proper tools. The Gospel deserves the right things. In our District, ministry tools are readily available. Each of the Departments provide times and places for training and sharpening of the gifts that God has given. Resources and go-to people are not hard to find. The problem comes when we forget (or just choose not) to use them. Use the blessings you have! The job, the ministry, will be so much easier! By the way, after a trip to the market with a good interpreter, I was able to find sewing machine needles. The job was completed!

“Be like the jewels of a crown, lifted like a banner over His land.”

Stars Powette Grades 3-5 June 4-6, 2010 Speaker: Trish Gunn, Children’s Pastor First Assembly of God, Wilmington, DE

Zechariah 9:16 NKJV

Friends & Girls Only Retreat Grades 6-12 June 10-12, 2010 Speaker: Jen Shawley, State College, PA

Held at the Bongiorno Conference Center, Carlisle, PA

Connexions Spring 2010


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Spring 2010 • Volume 57 No. 2 USPS 165-700


Spring 2010 • Volume 57 No. 2 USPS 165-700