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Winter 2008 • Volume 55 No. 1 USPS 165-700

Spring 2008 • Volume 55 No. 2 USPS 165-700

Randy Hurst is a missionary-evangelist who also serves as commissioner of evangelism for the Assemblies of God and director of

Spring 2008

communications for Assemblies of God World Missions. He has been a pastor, college Randy Hurst Guest Contributor

teacher, missionary, linguist and author and has ministered throughout the United States and in more than 50 countries of the world.


t is certainly a privilege to be with you this year at your Ministrie­Summit in May for your missions service. This year’s district missions project is for Burkina Faso. This country is one of our most exemplary national churches, having become a great force for the cause of Christ, not only in its own nation but in other surrounding countries in Africa. For example, the Assemblies of God of Togo was established in great measure through efforts of the church in Burkina Faso (at that time, Upper Volta). The leadership of Burkina Faso is exceptional. General Super­ intendent Pawentaore has given great leadership for many years. When I first came to AGWM as Communications Director, in 1997, I had the privilege of interviewing Brother Pawentaore who was visiting then-regional director, Don Corbin. His wisdom and insight was a great inspiration to me. In more recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with the missions director of the Burkina Faso AG, Jean Baptiste Sawadogo. At the time of this writing, members of my media staff are in Burkina Faso to document one of the most exciting missions stories I’ve seen in ten years. The Burkina Faso AG has been reaching 45 unreached people groups over the past decade. Hundreds of national missionaries, fully supported by the Burkina Faso AG have established churches among those 45 unreached people groups. Pastors, I encourage you to come prepared for the Lord to speak to your heart about how you and your congregation can partner with the PennDel district with this outstand­ ing national church in what is one of the economically poorest countries in Africa, but which has one of the richest spiri­ tual heritages and is among the greatest spiritual influences.

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Connexions Spring 2008

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Together We Can…

Pastor Stephen Tourville Superintendent

Unity provides the glue that binds us together and the quality that attracts the blessing of the Lord (Psalm 133). This quality exists as a universal principle established by the Creator throughout His creation. God’s testimony regarding the people prior to the tower of Babel was, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them”(Genesis 11:6). Think of it… these were people in violation of the plan of God and attempting to usurp the authority of God. If their unity was maintained, God indicated they would accomplish their goals. If this principle was true for the people at the tower of Babel, how much more is it true for the people of God? I believe the enemy attempts to undermine the plan of God through this very tactic. Anytime we become distracted from the goals of the kingdom of God, we become ineffective in our efforts through misplaced attention and divisive attitudes and actions. On the other hand, unity provides the setting for effectiveness for Christ and receptiveness to God’s favor. In a culture where everyone has their own interests, agenda, and passion, the inclination toward diversity challenges us to “keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3). Psalm 133 notes “There the Lord commands his blessing, even life for evermore.” What an incredible promise!

“Together We Can” is more than a theme; it’s a call to action. Together we can… • Worship God in Spirit and truth • Reach our world for Christ • Equip believers for ministry

Think what would happen if we all participated in... • One Day to Feed the World • A Noble Cause for a Noble People • Church planting • Community outreach • Creating a culture of peace • Prayer and fasting for a divine move of God

It is amazing how unimportant issues and personal preferences become the things that divide our churches. Who really cares about the color of the carpet or where the piano is located or how many hymns or choruses are sung on Sunday morning? What matters most is our obedience to the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). Our unity provides a critical quality for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to rest upon all we say and do.

Together we can… Connexions Spring 2008


Think Missional Everywhere, All the Time

Paul E. Grabill Assistant Superintendent

None of us would be Christians (or, indeed, be reading this right now) if someone had not ‘thought missionally.’ What if the early Christians had stayed in Jerusalem? What if Antioch had not sent out Paul and Barnabas? What if Paul had never gone to Asia Minor and Rome? What if Europe had not been evangelized? What if Christians had not come to America? What if no one had planted a church in your town? Missions—particularly World Missions—is the ‘gold standard’ of the Assemblies of God. Our Pentecostal forebears realized that the only way we could reach the world with the gospel was ‘together,’ but I often wonder about how often (other than Sunday mornings) we ‘think missionally.’ Do you realize that many of the ‘mission fields’ have been much, much more effective at reaching the lost than we have been here at home? Some, though in deep poverty, have 10 times or more spirit-filled adherents than we do, per capita. In fact, there are more Assemblies of God worshippers on a Sunday morning in one city (Sao Paulo) in Brazil than there are in the entire United States of America. It seems to me that many things would change if we always thought as missionaries think. Here are some thoughts that I hope provoke us all toward love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24):

• Every day we would pray for opportunities to share the gospel with lost people and to show Christ’s love in practical ways to hurting people.

• Our churches would again be known for how many young people we send to foreign lands for the sake of the gospel.

• We would realize that we, not the Mexicans, are aliens in this nation/world (1 Peter 2:11), as the old gospel song said, “This world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through…”

• We would be as apolitical as missionaries are. We would recognize that political fervor alienates people for whom Jesus died. We would love the lost for the sake of the heavenly Kingdom more than despising the lost for the sake of earthly kingdoms. (Our forebears saw the major political parties essentially as two Mafia families vying for control. I think they were right.)

• When we display symbols, Kingdom of God symbols would always be more prominent than kingdom of man symbols. When we talk, our talk would be about the percentage of people who are coming to Christ in PennDel and around the world, not solely on the percentage of people who are backing prospective earthly leaders.

• Our financial reserves would never be greater than what we have given to missions the prior year. How can we hoard resources when souls are being lost each and every day for eternity? As our forebears said, we would “win the lost at any cost.” What if we saw Pennsylvania and Delaware as missionaries would see our two states? What if we applied the same kind of zeal and strategic thinking as we do with foreign initiatives? What if we recognized that we are in a spiritual war for men’s souls, not in a personal competition for consumption and comfort?

Together, we really can, here, there, and everywhere… until Jesus comes. 4

Connexions Spring 2008






For more information, please contact the PennDel Ministry Center at 717.795.5921 ext.13 or

Connexions Spring 2008


About People David Crosby Secretary and Treasurer World Missions

Ministers Transferring Out:

With The Lord

GARDONE, Tracey R. (Licensed) – To Ohio VAN COTT, Andrew (Licensed) – To New Jersey COOPER, Michael (Licensed) – To New Jersey SPURRELL, Avery W (Ordained) – To Canada

Elizabeth Lowmaster, age 90, died Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at Punxsutawney Area Hospital. She was born August 10, 1917 and was married to Rev. Raymond Lowmaster who preceded her in death in January 1993. The Lowmasters pastored the Anita and Mayport Assemblies of God back in the 1970’s and 80’s. Surviving relatives include a daughter, Kathy and her husband, John Ferrara, Wayne, her son, four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by a son, Jack, a daughter, Sandra, and two brothers, Thomas and James. Pastor Robert Bish officiated at her service and internment was in the McDowell Cemetery, near Cherry Tree.

Ministers Transferring In: WANN, Jeffrey L. (Ordained) – from Northern Missouri to reside in Waterford PA. Jeffrey is married to Kathleen.

New and Upgrade Credentials Certified Minister: Jared Bellan Joshua Manarchuck Arthur Riddle Licensed Minister: Seth Booher Kristopher Langdon Daniel Mashtare Specialized Licensed Minister: Amy McClenithan Ordained Minister: Kevin Compton Ryan Coon Anthony Cruz Stephen Miller Craig Riggle Michael Russell Adam Smith James Whited

EVANS, Gary R. (Ordained) – From New Jersey to reside in Verona, PA as a Chaplain. Gary is married to Joyce and they have three children – Julie, Pamela, and Michael. HEPFER, Tanzan M. (Licensed) – From Michigan to reside in Bensalem, PA where he becomes youth pastor at Northeast AG, Philadelphia. Tanzan is married to Tara. KISLER, Brian A. (Certified) – From New York to reside in Fallsington, PA. Brain is married to Michelle and they have two sons – Andrew and Caleb. SORG, Aaron D. (Licensed) – From Ohio to reside in Waynesboro, PA. Aaron is married to Amanda. FORNICOLA, Kenneth R. (Ordained) – From Southern Missouri to reside in Carlisle, PA. He is the new Chaplain for the Presbyterian Home in Newville. Kenneth is married to Susan. HERRON Jr, Robert W. (Ordained) – From Peninsular Florida to reside in Waynesburg, PA. Dr. Herron serves as Provost at Waynesburg University. He is married to Diane.

Dr. Robert Coutts to Emmanuel Assembly of God, Allentown, PA.

BENDER, Jeffrey F. (Ordained) – From Peninsular Florida to reside in Dover, PA. Jeffrey is married to Anna and they have three children – Amanda, Lauren, and Taylor.

Joseph Hollen to Hollentown Assembly of God, Fallentimber, PA.

GRUNWALD, Jack R. (Certified) – From North Texas to reside in Sewickley, PA.

Mark R. Knight to Calvary Assembly of God, Hanover, PA.

FINCHER, Pamela (Licensed) – From Potomac to reside in Butler, PA.

Church Transitions


About People Connexions Spring 2008

Vivian L. Harris, age 81, died at her home on Thursday, January 10, 2008. She was the wife of Rev. Robert S. Harris for 53 years. Vivian was very involved in child evangelism, teaching Bible classes for many years, and often speaking at women’s conventions and conferences throughout Pennsylvania. Her life was the church and family. God blessed Bob and Vivian with four children – Sharon, David, Paul, and Timothy; 11 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren. Pastors Mark Fair, Allen Smith, Philip Bongiorno, Arnold Wheatley, and Stephen Tourville paid tribute to Vivian at her service of remembrance. Robert Harris also spoke of her life lived to the glory of God. Internment was in the Joseph Giesey Memorial Cemetery, Shrewsbury, PA. Dorothy Hatchner, age 87, died on January 13, 2008 from congestive heart failure. Dorothy’s husband, George, passed away on January 14, 2002. In their golden years the Hatchners attended Calvary Assembly in Virginia Beach. Brother Hatchner started and pastored a number of churches in PennDel during his active ministry and was a leader in the prayer conference ministries. He also led a juvenile advocate ministry program working with the court system sponsoring and counseling young people and adults. Surviving are a daughter, Donna Fuss and her husband Robert, three grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. A celebration of life was conducted by Rev. Dan Groff at the Calvary Assembly of God.

AGWM Current Facts and Highlights AGWM reports there are 2,051 active missionaries and 640 missionary associates for a total of 2,691 missionaries serving in 212 countries and territories. There are also 5,429 missionaries sent by AG international partners (most are from emerging national churches) into 168 countries. Impact: There are more than 8,000 AG missionaries world-wide, the largest missionary team of any evangelical church. The World AG Fellowship has 57,023,562 members in 295,724 churches with 303,926 ministers. Assemblies of God missionaries have made it a priority to establish the indigenous church. This initiative was built into the DNA of the missions philosophy back in 1921 when World Missions was developing a vision to reach the world with the Pentecostal message. Missionaries have always been “sent” to plant churches and build Bible schools. Today the World AG Fellowship is growing exponentially because the national church is becoming selfperpetuating, self-staffing and self-supporting.

2008 Tijuana Missions Team

Called VS Sent: AG World Missions has always been sensitive to the call of God. When a missionary is called to a specific people group, every resource is used to assist the missionary to fulfill his call. Some organizations assign missionaries to specific countries. AG World Missions reports that 75% of the new missionaries have been directed by the Holy Spirit into the two regions of the 1040 window. It is the call of God that keeps these missionaries in the “tough places,” not an organization governing the placement of missionaries.

Missionary Art Stoneking and Pastor Jorge of Bethany Temple

2008 District Project: Bethany Temple, Tijuana, Mexico

Burkina Faso

PennDel Missions Project 2008

A Noble Effort . . . . . . For a Noble People 2008 is going to be the greatest year of ministry ever . . . made possible because you and so many others understand that it is more blessed to give than receive. You share the joy that I feel when giving to bless those less fortunate and advancing the kingdom of God. At our World Missions Rally during the Ministrie­ Summit, everyone will have an opportunity to partner with a church where gifts will keep on giving for many years to come! Here’s what partnering with the Burkina Faso Church will mean. Water wells will be drilled to produce fresh water so communities might have access

to clean, fresh water. New churches will be constructed where the Living Water can flow to thirsty souls. Schools will be built where young minds can be taught life’s basics from a Christian perspective. College dorms will be built to house Bible College students preparing as the next generation of church leaders. Please be a part of “A Noble Effort . . . For a Noble People.” We want this year to be the greatest year of ministry ever, and together we can, with your gift. Materials are being mailed to every senior pastor and net­ work church providing ways for everyone to participate. Connexions Spring 2008


Tom Rees Assistant to the Superintendent Honor Bound Church Planting and Development

Re-Thinking Community

Celebration Community Church Dillsburg, PA Pastor Mike and Connie Hammer A Community Church

Pastor Mike and Connie Hammer

We put the word “community” in our church name because we truly desire to intentionally reach far outside the walls of any facility we occupy. As a church plant of 17 months, not having our own building obviously helps us keep that focus front and center. Every Sunday we set up in the ballroom of the golf club where we meet, and it is a reminder to keep re-thinking how we influence our community.

Connecting with the Culture Frankly, our culture is in a mess. Messed up marriages, revolving door relationships, rebellious youth, addictive personalities, and many other problems all exist beneath the surface of most people who walk through the doors and sit in a seat on Sundays. It’s just hidden a few layers beneath the smile. Many have become experts in image management, and unfortunately, a lot of church ministry fails to provide safe, non-judgmental environments for people to experiment with authenticity. Being “real” in the church lobby a few minutes before or after church is tough and not necessarily appropriate. A unique approach we use for fostering and developing a culture of authenticity is through Bridges Seminars. Six times a year we host a 3-day personal growth weekend to help people heal from past hurts, identify patterns keeping them stuck, and discover new paths to take them where they want to go in life and in their relationships. It’s an intense weekend that is open to people of all ages, religious backgrounds, and marital status. We create a non-threatening environment which by the end of the weekend progresses into a “Holy Spiritual” experience. People begin new relationships with Christ each and every seminar, and many of them choose to make Celebration their church home. We have found this ministry to be a key component in shaping an environment of authentic relationships.

Celebration Community Church has been selected as a 2008 Home Mission Project Church and a special offering will be received for them at MinistrieSummit. 8

Connexions Spring 2008

Chaplain Dennis Ugoletti has served as the appointed chaplain for Christians United since the Beaver County Jail first opened in September 2000. In July ’07 Chaplain Ugoletti received a grant from PennDel Light for the Lost to begin the Beaver County Jail Center for Evangelism & Discipleship (CED). This in-house Bible school for inmates uses 22 training courses from the Global University CED. The courses are offered free of charge to interested inmates. On Thursday evening, January 17th, a certificate of completion was presented to our first student that completed all 22 courses! The special award ceremony was held during the weekly T.R.A.I.L.S. Ministries Bible Study for the men’s general population units. This hardworking graduate was also presented with a handsome leather bound NASB reference Bible. There are several students within 4 courses of graduating, 2 of which have been released from jail. The released inmates mail the completed tests in for grading; after grading the next course is mailed back to them. So far it’s working!

Statistics: 42 active students. 29 have made decisions for Christ after taking the introductory course and 75% of the students who ask for this course complete it. 186 Christian Life courses were distributed. 91% of the CL courses are completed.

Thank you Light for the Lost donors for making a difference!

Men of Promise

Connexions Spring 2008


The Land of Noble People Burkina Faso, formerly known as Upper Volta, is a landlocked country in West Africa. The country consists of extensive plains, low hills, high savannas, and a desert area in the north. Burkina Faso’s high population density and limited natural resources result in poor economic prospects for the majority of its citizens. • Religious Islam 50%, indigenous beliefs 40%, Christian (mainly Roman Catholic) 10% • Ranked as the world’s third poorest country by the United Nations, annual GDP of $1200 per capita • 12.8 percent literacy rate • Called home by 13 million people, like PennDel • Capital city Ouagadougou, like Philadelphia

God is Moving in Burkina • The AG Fellowship has expanded to 3,000 churches with more than 700,000 believers strong • The Burkina Fellowship is 10 times larger than PennDel Ministry Network


The churches of PennDel will partner with Superintendent John Pawentaore and the Burkina Faso churches in 2008 to provide the resources to: • Build 25 Bush Churches-constructed out of concrete columns and finished with a tin roof structure • Build 5 Dorms for Bible Schools-each would house 4 married couples/families • Drill 10 Water Wells-drilled in strategic locations where there is no present source of fresh water for a community • Build 10 Primary Schools-each would have 6 classrooms, office plus living quarters for school director • Send Missions Construction Teams to assist with building the churches, schools and dorms


Connexions Spring 2008

And Yet... • Poverty and famine abounds • The Burkina Fellowship has less than 10% of the resources of PennDel churches • They don’t need our spirtual help • Resources are needed to build the physical infrasturcture

James Schambach JR. Guest Contributor

Reflections W

ith the lights of Ouagadougou fading away in the distance, I sat back in my airplane seat and reflected on what had just taken place over the last several months. I arrived as part of an exploratory team to see first hand a country in economic difficulty. It didn’t take long to realize something extraordinary was taking place and God was doing an impressive work among His people who, by all standards, were among the poorest in the world. A vibrant church with limited resources was making great strides forward. The growth of the General Council churches of Burkina Faso is impressive by any standard—1 million adherents in a country of 13 million with the most significant growth in the last 35 years; a rich heritage with early missionaries coming from the United States and France over seventy-five years ago. Many of these earliest missionaries were laid to rest in a broken down cemetery in Ouagadougou. Interestingly, those who came to Christ through their sacrifice never forgot the price they paid and refurbished every one of their gravesites. Some of the earliest to lay down their lives were the children of these pioneer missionaries—some as young as two months to two years old. The complex set of emotions one feels standing over these graves is hard to describe. It didn’t take long to appreciate the leadership given by Pastor Jean Pawentaore, the General Superintendent. The church is making great strides and has incredible favor in the country. The strategy is clear: build a school, drill a well that produces clean water and the government will give you the land. You can do anything you want with it which includes building a church. It is a strategy that the Muslim community is doing with great effectiveness in spreading the ideology of Islam. In schools built by the General Council of Burkina, permission to teach the Bible in French or English is done without restriction. I visited one of these “Life Centers” with a first-year primary class of 50 students and more than two hundred family members living near the school, all enjoying the benefits of clean water.

Pastor Jim is the Executive Pastor at Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill, PA and serves with Lead Pastor Wayde Wilson to manage the office and pastoral staff and handle a host of other administrative and leadership duties. He came to CLA in April, 1996 and has been in ministry for 30 years. He met his wife, Brenda, while directing CROSSFIRE. They have been married since 1982 and have two children, Jessica and Jim III.

The issue is very simple, and it is this. We are being given the unique opportunity to come alongside the church in Burkina Faso. It is fighting for the heart, mind and soul of an entire country. From this country, an island in Islam, other African people can be reached. This is not your national geographic Africa, it is a hard, harsh and a difficult place to eke out a living. Yet, the difficult is possible. At this year’s District Summit you will be hearing the call to step up and step alongside our church family to make possible what is difficult. Now is the time and this is the place. Connexions Spring 2008



Connexions Spring 2008

We Build Teachers September 27, 2008 West – Monroeville Assembly of God, Monroeville October 4, 2008 East – Glad Tidings Assembly of God, Reading

George Krebs Christian Education

Training Tracks • Preschool • Elementary Youth • Adult • Administration

This year we will offer more interaction and more workshops. This will be an opportunity to interact with teachers who have the same passion to make disciples. Onsite lunch will be included. Early registration:

Registration at door:

$26.00 per person: Postmarked one week prior

$31.00 per person

$21.00 per person: Full-Time Home Missions & Ministerial Students Registering one-week prior

Senior Pastor or Group Leader: 1 per church FREE

Register through your church office or contact Heather at 717-795-5921 or

Field Report:

Worship In Tanzania & Malawi, East Africa

Kristian Walker District Music & Worship Liaison

To learn more about how this trip impacted the team, visit their BLOG:

In January I had the opportunity to take a worship team of 7 people to Malawi and Tanzania, East Africa, where we led worship concerts and taught worship seminars for 2 weeks. We were privileged to work with the General Superintendent of Malawi, Dr. Lazarus Chkwera, and the General Superintendent of Tanzania, Bishop Ranwell Mwenisoncole, as well as the Assistant Superintendent of Tanzania, Dr. Barnabas Mtokambali. These men were each such gracious hosts as we spent several days in each of their exciting and thriving churches ministering to their congregations and worship teams. We also partnered with the Assemblies of God International Media Ministries, which has a strong radio station covering the country of Malawi – Channel for All Nations (CAN Radio) –and is working to establish a station in Tanzania. Our worship concert and worship seminar in Lilongwe, Malawi was broadcast LIVE over CAN. We were the first American music ministry team to ever minister in Lilongwe! As is the goal of most missions endeavors, we sought out to bless, encourage and equip our African brothers and sisters, but were blessed beyond measure ourselves and changed forever through the process. The fervency and purity of their worship was beautiful, drawing us into depths of worship lasting 2-3 hours at times without even realizing it. Their insatiable hunger to learn drove us to pour every ounce of our energy and time into the training sessions, sharing everything we possibly could that would help them grow in their knowledge of worship and equip them in the leadership of their respective worship ministries. I challenge and encourage anyone reading this to consider leading or being a part of a missions team to Burkina Faso. Whether it’s an evangelistic team, construction team or teaching team, you will be fulfilling your call to “go into all the world” and helping support and empower the nationals in reaching their nation for God. I guarantee YOU WILL be changed in the process! Connexions Spring 2008


Youth CampInternships Doug Sayers Youth

We are offering an Internship opportunity for those who would like to experience working with leaders and students in a ministry capacity. This is an internship program for those who have graduated from High School and would like to attend Morph Youth Camp and have the opportunity to grow in leadership skills while working closely with leaders and students. There are openings for YMI’s in each week of camp. Applications are posted on the web at Cost: $148.

The whole church is invited to attend one of this year’s Assemblies of God Days at an amusement park near you! Pack a picnic lunch…it’s sure to be a day filled with fun and memories for families, youth groups, singles, and the whole church family! The savings to you are incredible, so make plans now to attend!

Kennywood – Monday, June 9th

Tickets purchased on this day are good on any operating Monday – Friday during the 2008 season. Pick up your tickets at the Group Sales office starting at 10:30am, Monday, June 9th. Park is open from 11:00am - 10:00pm. Price: $19 per person.

Hersheypark - Tuesday, June 10th and ALL season long

These tickets are good for use any time during the 2008 season. So, even if you can’t make it on June 10th, you can still take advantage of the great savings by pre-ordering tickets through the district office throughout the season! You may do so by sending full payment (made payable to the PennDel District Council) and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: “Park Days 2008,” 4651 Westport Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Price: $30 per person (ages 9-54), $25 per person (ages 3-8 and 55+) *Please include full payment for tickets when ordering and indicate the amount of tickets needed for individuals ages 9-54 and the amount of tickets needed for individuals ages 3-8 or 55+.Tickets will also be available at the Hershey Stadium ticket window on Tuesday, June 10th, from 10:00am - 12:00 Noon. Rides will begin at 10:00am.

Dorney Park Wildwater Kingdom - Thursday, June 12th


Connexions Spring 2008




Tickets will be available at the Assemblies of God table located at the main entrance of Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom on Thursday, June 12th, from 9:30am - 11:00am. The parks will both open at 10:00am; Wildwater Kingdom closes at 7:00pm, and Dorney Park closes at 10:00pm. Price: $23 per person (ages 9-54), $18.00 per person (ages 3-8).

! l a e D e h t s ’ e r He

Week 1: June 16-20

- Communicator Joe Phillips - Chosen Worship, 3D

Week 2: June 23-27



- Jonathan Shuttlesworth - Zion Worship, CBC Drama

Campis NOTbo ring...

Swimming Basketball Golf Great Music GoCARTs Volleyball Paintball Ping Pong Snack Bar Video Games Late Night Team competitions Movies Tennis Friends Laser Tag Water Sports and more...

Connexions Spring 2008


Different Country. Same Encounters.


Jason Lamer Youth Alive

Job 42:5

“I heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.”


Connexions Spring 2008

n the beginning of February, I returned from a one week trip to Cochabamba, Bolivia. While there I was able to work along side Sergio, the youth pastor of the Sinadad Davina church in Cochabamba. 400 students gathered from all over Bolivia to participate in a four day camp just out side of the city. I had the privilege of speaking in four of the nine sessions. I must admit, I was uncomfortable in my preparations for sharing at the camp. My biggest concern was the fact that I would be the only one to not speak Spanish in the entire country, let alone the camp. But as I began to communicate with the students during an opening session, it became real to me that different skin and different language didn’t mean different needs. Sure the specific situations facing the teens of Bolivia are different than those facing teens in the US. However, when it all comes down to it they are in search of their identity in their world. Forging their identity in Christ and being impressed upon by His image is the only thing that can bring security in this unsecure world. This is nothing different for the students of the United States. As I continue in this journey of following Christ and His will for my life, I discover more and more of God. My experiences and understanding of Him is changing as I go. I realize this is not a matter of Him changing, but rather of me being changed. I think it was the same for Job in the final chapter of his book where he comments that before he heard of God, but now he has seen Him. His experiences, though uncomfortable and stretching, caused him to know God in a whole new way. The more I follow God, the more I can relate with that. As you make your summer plans this year, let me encourage you to allow God to give you a different perspective by putting you in a different place. Spend your summer wisely. Go on a mission’s trip. The PennDel Youth Ministries are providing two opportunities for students to have a whole new perspective this summer. One is in a local format called M.O.T.I.O.N. (Moving Out to Impact Our Neighbors). We will be partnering with the local church in Erie, PA for an opportunity to impact not only the local community of Erie, but also to be challenged and trained to reach our part of world when we return. The second opportunity is on the other side of the world where AIMS will partner with MAPS in the construction of an open air sanctuary in the Philippines. For more information on either of these summer experiences, visit or call 717.795.5921 and ask for the youth department. Let God stretch you a little this summer and see your life with Him in a whole new light that will never leave you the same.

From the Outside Looking In... M

ost of the articles you read here are written by either me or other Royal Ranger leaders. Too often you do not get to see the value of the Royal Ranger ministry from the eyes of someone outside the ranks of the ministry. I recently received an e-mail from an individual who had gotten involved with the Royal Rangers because of what he experienced once at a District Powwow. At the time he was not involved in Royal Rangers and knew little about the ministry to boys. His name is Larry Rock and he is from Delaware and this is his story. “After moving to Millsboro, DE, before chartering, I had worked a Sectional Powwow and the Potomac District Powwow as a staff EMT. Fred Deaver (FCF President at the time) was the ‘speaker’ at the district’s council fire service. Before the Powwows, I knew little more about the Ranger Program than the Ranger Code, let alone who Fred Deaver was. This seems strange now, but at the time I wasn’t sure that I was welcome to the council fire, I thought it was a type of ceremonial privilege. More than one commander had assured me that I was not so much as expected to attend, but that I was more than welcome to attend, and there is a difference. I was captivated by the mood of the council fire and pulled into the story being told by the rustic man at center stage. One of my natural hobbies is observing people, which I found myself doing during the dramatic dialogue. It seemed there were five hundred men and boys in audience and not a single one took their eyes off Fred Deaver. But I could sense it then, as it hits me now, how the spiritual eyes of everyone in attendance had been opened that night. Fred gave an in invitation for salvation and rededication, for men to commit to being men. I found myself praying, begging, for at least one person to stand and walk to the wood plank altar. From the back of the crowd at the top of the natural amphitheater I was peeking to see who might accept the call. Which man would have the courage to stand? And there he was, as serious as I can be. In the very middle of the section on the left arose a boy around eleven years old. It was all I could do to snort my tears back and not draw attention to myself. But I watched as the boy made his way from the center of his section to the center isle. Heads looked up to see who they were making way for. I don’t think Fred saw the boy make his way because of the light of the fire, but certainly he was seen by the men that he bumped. All said and done, there wasn’t a single seat being warmed because of that boy... and because of the men willing to minister to boys.That was the night that I realized that the Royal Rangers was THE program for boys and men. That was how the fire was ignited in my heart for the program.” Guest Contributor – Larry P. Rock

Penn-Del District 2007 Most Outstanding District in the Northeast Region 2007 FCF Colonial Territory Eagle Award Winner

Our Penn-Del District Ranger of the Year competitors did us proud during their participation in the Regional Ranger of the Year evaluation in Staten Island, NY on January 5th, 2008. Pictured in the photograph, from left to right, Chris Hamilton who received the Outstanding honors in the Adventure Rangers age group, George Conrad who attained the Excellent level, Zechariah Seilhamer and Joshua Miller who attained the Excellent level in the Expedition Rangers age group. Congratulations to our Regional Ranger of the Year winners.

Greg Scott Royal Rangers

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