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Winter 2008 • Volume 55 No. 1

USPS 165-700

Kids Talk About GOD

KR Mele Guest Contributor Lead Pastor Family Life of Penn’s Valley Spring Mills, PA

KR Mele, a former Children’s Pastor, is Lead Pastor at Family Life of Penn’s Valley. KR leads a family/ child friendly church with a core value of incorporating children in the life of the church. KR is the founder of “Light the Night” a family community outreach. KR and his wife Gina have 2 children and can be reached at

Where would Jesus go first if He visited your church this Sunday? I believe He would first go to the Nursery, then Kids Church, the Youth Group and finally settle into the area children call, “Big Church.” Jesus was asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”(Matthew 18:1). Jesus used a child as His object lesson. In Mark 10, we see people bringing children to Jesus, but the disciples rebuked them for bothering Him. Jesus was indignant! Why? Because children matter to Christ, and if they matter to Him, shouldn’t they be just as important to us?

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Children are not the church of tomorrow, but part of the church today! The question is, do they know this? Here are some ways to make this happen. • Have a regular Kids Day service which highlights children. • Take this day a step further with a theme (“pajama Sunday”, “mismatch day”) so the kids get excited and invite their friends. • Sing fun songs with motions and let the kids lead the congregation in worship and prayer! • And one of the greatest things you can do is stop in the hallway of your church, kneel down, look in a child’s eyes and tell them how much Jesus loves them and how special they are. Psalm 8:2 states, “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.” Isn’t it amazing what happens when children worship? It silences our enemy and that is powerful!

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Tooo much fun!!!! While we enjoyed every age of our adult children as

they were growing up, Jason and Julie were two different types of personalities. In the same manner each of our six grandchildren are unique and loaded with potential. However, each child responds to love in a different way. Gary Smalley and Ross Campbell authored a book on The Five Love Languages of Children. It is a great help to discover ways to love each child in a way they understand. Josia (8) is extremely outgoing. Because he enjoys interacting with people, he responds well to words of affirmation. When at PopPop and Mamaw’s house for a sleepover, we read several books to them and then pray a blessing over them. On one such occasion, Josia said, “Mamaw, would you pray for me again?” How he loves words of encouragement!! Daniel (7) loves quality time. Every so often we take one grandchild for the weekend. We do whatever they enjoy. When we have “Daniel weekend,” he even wants me to let him win board games because it is his weekend!!! Kyle (5) gets so excited when we surprise him with a gift. Because he and Emma live in Springfield, MO, we don’t see them as often. We always bring surprises. He can make a $ Store item seem like a grand prize!! What a party kid!!!

Pastor Stephen and Marjie Tourville Superintendent

I will be accom panying Pastor Steve to the Sectional Coun cils again this year to meet with the pastors’ wives during the bu siness sessions. Please bring fa vorite books, recipes, party ideas, games an d Bible study ide as to share w ith each other. - Marjie

Lydia (4) is our little organizer. She delights in doing acts of service whether it is cooking, folding laundry or organizing a drawer. With two older brothers, she is a master at trying to “get people in line.” Do I detect the gift of administration here???? Emma (2) responds to surprises and most of all quality time. She loves to read books so she has a way of wrapping us around her little finger when she says, “you read to me?” How could I ever turn down that cute face!!! Sarah (1) is at an age where meaningful touch is so important. Early on she caught that we would hold her whenever she wanted. She’s quite the charmer and fills the shoes of being the “baby of the family” quite well. It’s a rough job but someone has to do it!!! How important it can be to love children in ways they can understand your care for them!! Jesus said to “allow the children to come to me and do not forbid them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:14). By loving children in ways that relate to them personally, we help them understand God’s love for them. We pray they each come to Jesus and embrace His kingdom for a lifetime.

Daniel Tourville • Age 7 y look like? Q: What do angels reall diana In A: I’ve only seen them on s with ud clo e lik d Jones, they looke faces and swords.

Josia Tourville • Age 8 uitoes? Q: Why did God make mosq that wer A: I wish I didn’t have to ans mosquitos, question because I don’t like o and besides, if you were a mosquit l? fee you weren’t made, how would

Kyle Mayne • Age 5 d Kyle learned in church that Go n he W s. ale created males and fem at wh y da we asked him later that Go t d he learned, he explained tha ails.” created the “mailman and e-m

Lydia Tourvill e Pastors go to • Age 4 ch to sing and ta urch ke naps. Connexions winter 2008

In fact, today our congregation is known in our community more for this particular ministry than for anything else we do. State College Assembly of God football jerseys and sweat shirts are seen everywhere, particularly at high school football games.

Paul E. Grabill Assistant Superintendent

It was nearly 14 years ago that a man in our congregation convinced me that we could begin the area’s first boy’s full-contact football league, make it a ministry, and financially break even doing it. You can easily imagine all the things that came to my mind that could go wrong, but being a bit of a risk-taker, I didn’t dismiss the idea out of hand. After considered prayer, evaluation by the board and even a congregational vote, we decided to plunge ahead. Thirteen years later, we have had opportunity to minister to well over 1000 boys and their families. In 2007, under the leadership of a phenomenal director, John Potter, the program had 230 boys on 16 teams. Every practice has devotions and every game has prayer. Guidelines for verbal and physical behavior (for everyone) are strictly enforced and known up front. At the end of the season, a salvation invitation is given during the last practice and many boys and fathers commit their lives to Christ. All boys are given an “NFL Bible,” full of testimonies of professional football players. Our congregation does Royal Rangers, but not every boy in our community is interested in a Ranger program. Many are focused on sports, and it is a rare venue when you have Christian men (including a number of area pastors) teaching the Word to hundreds of boys, both saved and unsaved. I will never forget the first year when one young boy was so excited about the first game that he slept the night before in his full uniform, including his helmet! So, what is the unique opportunity in your community? What is a felt need among the children? If you find that need and fill it, you will reach parents as well. Isn’t that worth the risk?

Wil • Age 8 ask for, If God gives us everything we rything? eve then how come we don’t have Because He is everything.

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Find a Child’s Need and Fill It

I never would have imagined when we moved to State College 17 years ago that our congregation would be overseeing a youth football league, of all things.

Lauren • Age 6 How does Jesus fit in your heart? He shrinks up with water.

Because You Said You Would Be There The very first time I went out on a Sidewalk Sunday School truck was in New York City. The day was rainy and chilly. I was amazed that the team still went out. We were in the Bronx and three little girls came to the truck dressed in raincoats. The oldest one was no more than eight years old. We told them a Bible lesson, and gave them a snack. Out of curiosity we asked them, why did you walk two city blocks in the rain? One of the girls reached into her coat and pulled out a flyer and said, “Because you said you would be here.” The one person who can be consistent in their lives is Jesus Christ. Hebrews 3:15 says “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” But how will these children know Christ? By the church being a consistent presence in their lives. 14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15 And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”(Romans 10:14-15) Jesus went into the towns and villages preaching the good news of the kingdom of God and healing people, because he was there. When the church goes outside its walls and into the neighborhood they are there. This is our calling. One evening I received a phone call from a mom in one of the neighborhoods where we minister. She said, “Pastor John, you know we are labeled as poor, and our children are pushed through the system. Many people have come here and they don’t stay long. But you still come, every week, rain or shine. Why do you still come?” I answered, “Frances it is the love God which compels us. We won’t stop until Jesus comes.” She replied, “Please don’t stop, we need you.” This is the cry of our communities. Will we answer the call?

Kody • Age 10 Q: Why did God make us? A: God made us because He was bored just sitting up in eheaven. He wanted to see som body playing and having fun.

john bowman Guest Contributor Children’s Pastor Calvary Assembly of God Dover, DL

John Bowman is Children’s Pastor at Calvary Assembly in Dover, Delaware. John and his team, minster to kids in 11 neighborhoods throughout Kent County. They blessed these kids with over 800 winter coats and 500 backpacks. John is on the board of directors of the Boys and Girls Clubs and serves as a coordinator with the local YMCA working with youth and children’s programming. John and his wife, Andre have two adult sons.

Alyssa • Age 8 I remember when I was reading my Bible about creating Eve from Adam’s rib. I can’t remember about Adam, but maybe he came from the inside of an animal or something.

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About People Church Transitions

Ministers Transferring Out: FARAG, Carrie (Maher) (Licensed) – To New Jersey GALBREATH, Brent T (Ordained) – To New Jersey HOTCHKIN, Shane M (Certified) – To Potomac SMITH, David D (Ordained) – To Illinois

Jeffrey Bender – Assembly of God, Dover, PA David Crosby Secretary and Treasurer World Missions

Dean Hinton – North End Assembly, Northern Cambria, PA Mark Knight – Calvary Assembly of God, Hanover, PA Delbert Smith – Christian Life Center, Bensalem, PA Christopher Varney – Family Faith Ministries, Carmichaels, PA Milford Watters – Senior Pastor, Gospel Tabernacle, Mount Morris, PA

New and Upgrade Credential Approvals Provisional Certified John Willis Jr Certified Minister Peter Milosky Licensed Minister Justin Adour Corbyn Bartels Amy Dela Cruz Glen Burridge Virginia Christel Ashley Dukeman Andrew Hoover Bryan Shive Jared Stepp Ordained Minister Christopher Alam Nikolay Novik

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With the Lord Dorothy R. Brosey, age 91, passed away on October 1, 2007 at Manor Care Health Service. She was born in 1916 in Lancaster and was a member of First Assembly, Lancaster. She co-pastored the Windsor Asembly of God in York County from 1938 to 1954 with Gladys Buchwalter. Dorothy was a graduate of Central Bible Institute, Springfield, MO. Her first ministerial credential - Exhorter’s Permit - was issued on July 25, 1939. She became a Lincensed minister on July 5, 1941 and upgraded to Ordained Minister on May 18, 1945. A service celebrating her life and ministry was held in First Assembly, Lancaster with Kris Newman and Kevin Sylvester officiating. John H. Beamer, age 95, of Lebanon, PA, passed away Friday, November 16, 2007 at the Good Samaritan Hospital, Lebanon. He was born May 18, 1912 in Cumberland County, PA, the son of the late William and Lilly (Lehigh) Beamer. He was the widower of Erma R. (Snyder) Beamer. Rev. Beamer was an ordained pastor with the Assembly of God, PennDel District. He was the founding pastor of the Dillsburg Assembly of God and he also pastored the Dover Assembly of God. He is survived by his granddaughter, Christine R. Freeman of Lebanon. He also leaves behind two great-grandchildren. Rev. Beamer was preceded in death by his daughter, Ruth Wonders and his brothers and sisters. Services were held in the Cocklin Funeral Home of Dillsburg, PA with the Rev. J. Ronald Smith officiating.

Ministers Transferring In: ALBANESE, Larry (Ordained) – From Ohio to reside in Erie, PA with Cheryl, his wife. Larry is retired from active pastoral ministry. AUSTIE, Ryan A (Licensed) – From Southern New England to reside in Bowmansville, PA with his wife Melissa. HOFFMAN, Eric Lee (Licensed) – From Illinois to become Associate Pastor at Pentecostal Assembly, Hamlin, PA. Eric is married to Elizabeth and they have three children: Matthew, Abby and Emma. OLSEN, Shaun (Certified) – From North Texas to become youth pastor at Morningstar Fellowship Bechtelsville, PA. Shaun is married to Angela. RICHARDSON, Gladys E (Licensed) – From Southern Missouri to reside in Uniontown with her daughter and son-in-law, Steve and Lillian Sparks. STAPINSKI, Stephanie (Certified) – From New Jersey to minister with Faith Community of Easton, PA. SWAIN, Brian M (Ordained) – From South Texas as a Chaplain serving at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Brian is married to Sally. TOMASINO, Eric (Ordained) – From New Jersey where he served as Director of NJ Teen Challenge to reside in Hatboro, PA. Eric is married to Patricia and they have three children: Melissa, Stephanie and Eric, Jr. VARNEY, Christopher S (Ordained) – From Northern New England to become pastor of Family Faith Ministries in Carmichaels, PA. Christopher is married to Ruth and they have seven children: Timothy, Melody, Shalem, Sherah, Harmony, Nathanael and Josiah. WALKER, Jason (Ordained) – From Michigan to become youth pastor at Central Assembly of Houston, PA. Jason is married to Beth and they have a son, Titus. WILLIAMS, Benjamin W (Licensed) – From Minnesota to reside in Mechanicsburg, PA. Benjamin is an evangelist that is married to Micah. WILLIAMS, Micah (Specialized Licensed) – From Minnesota to reside in Mechanicsburg, PA. Micah serves as an evangelist with her husband, Benjamin. WINTERS, Daniel B (Ordained) – From Potomac to reside in Philipsburg, PA as pastor of Gospel Tabernacle. Dan is married to Bonnie. WISE, Steven (Licensed) – From New York to become senior pastor of Fearnot Assembly of God, Hegins, PA. Steven is married to Brenda and they have four children: Kara, Kristy, Kimberly, and Zecharah.

Wo r l d M i s s i o n s

News From Missionaries Austin and Jennifer Jones are reporting they have arrived in Emmonak, Alaska and have begun ministry at the Yukon Delta Assembly of God. The Yupik Eskimos are excited to welcome them to their village and more than sixteen individuals have committed their lives to Christ since their arrival. They are adjusting well to the climate change and learning to enjoy Eskimo treats like muktuk. Diane Laws reports God’s blessing from Kiribati (an island nation in the central pacific). A health care team visited for ministry and Diane served as the interpreter for the team. She had opportunity to pray with many of the patients and lead them in a commitment to Christ. The people opened their hearts to the gospel and the ministry team. Dwight and Anita Dobson are back in Sri Lanka from a medical leave and love being back on campus teaching and interacting with the students. A Missions Convention was held on campus in September that challenged the students to a Great Commission commitment. One student said, “We will take this gospel to hell and back in order to reach everyone with the gospel!” Missions is the heartbeat of the college. Melissa McSurdy reports from Namibia. Currently, Melissa is mobilizing the local churches for involvement

in the HIV/AIDS ministry. Nineteen trainees will go back to their churches to develop ministry to people with HIV/AIDS. A Holy Spirit Conference was conducted recently and people were saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit and called into ministry during the conference. A missions team form Glad Tidings, Reading, visited with Melissa in October. They reached 4,000 children in primary schools, conducted programs in 3 preschools, ministerd in youth and adult services, hospital visitation, Bible Studies, and ministry with orphans and vulnerable children. Theron and Aldonna Roush state that God continues to bless in Colombia. A third church has been planted in Anserma, a city of more than 50,000 people and a new church was opened in Medellin. Theron has assisted in planting seven churches in these two cities in the last three years. Gary and Cindy Higgins have completed their itineration and are beginning their third term as missionaries. They are making a difference around the world with churches planted in Paraguay, Chile, Macedonia, Indonesia and other locations. This next term Gary plans to respond to natural disasters with the Convoy of Hope team and increase the number of outreaches and evangelism efforts.

The 2007 Vienna Austria PennDel MAPS Team

A Noble Effort . . . . .for a Noble People 2008 PennDel Challenge The churches of PennDel will partner with John Pawentaore and the Burkina Faso churches in 2008 to provide the resources to: •B  uild 25 Bush Churches – constructed out of concrete columns and finished with a tin roof structure •B  uild 5 Dorms for Bible Schools – each would house 4 married couples/families • Drill 10 Water Wells – drilled in strategic locations where there is no present source of fresh water for a community •B  uild 10 Primary Schools – each would have 6 classrooms, office plus living quarters for school director • S end Missions Construction Teams to assist with building the churches, schools and dorms.

• Age 4 Emma Crosby is like all of us, od I love Jesus. G e likes mommy, he h , rs lo ce. he likes co he gives us pea nd a y, d d a d likes

Kathryn Crosby • Age 5 Q: Where is God? A: He’s in heaven, are you kidding me?

Noah Crosby Long • Age 10 am thankful. When I think about God, I and everyone I know he watches over me bad people else. God even watches over He doesn’t like terrorists. He loves them. es them. lov like the things they do, but he Connexions winter 2008

Tom Rees Assistant to the Superintendent

Trinity Community Church

Honor Bound Church Planting and Development

A Profile in re-Thinking

Five years ago, Steve Trader and his wife Barb began to re-Think their future. Steve was in the midst of a great career at AstraZencea (Pharmaceutical Company) where he was Director of Purchasing with tremendous opportunity ahead of him. Things at work were going very well, but he kept hearing from God not to hold onto anything to tightly. They also began to get more of a burden for their community of Hockessin, Delaware. Families with no faith in Christ were struggling behind large homes and stressed out lives. Many of their neighbors and friends were hurting and they felt God telling them that they could make a difference. To make sure they were really hearing from God they asked a handful of close families to pray with them for a year. Steve also began to take courses very aggressively through AGTS and Berean just “in case.” After more than a year of prayer and fasting, they felt that God had called them to start a new church with the support of their prayer partners and their mother church, Wilmington First Assembly. In the spring of 2005, at the age of 43 and with two daughters (ages 8 and 13), they made the decision to walk away from a 23 year career and start a new church. To reach their community they had to re-Think how they “did” church. They interviewed many families, friends and business colleagues from within the area to understand the needs and dreams of the community. They realized that many struggled with what they called the “Cul-de-sac Syndrome,” people had a relationship with the small group of people in their circle of life but no real sense of community. That discovery has helped lead them to developing a vibrant small group ministry. Trinity Community Church now averages 150 people each week and is making an impact in their community. You can find out more about the church at What does God want you to re-Think?

These kids attend Trinity Community Church

Alyssa • First Grade l Q: What toys do you think wil be in heaven? Tristin • First Grade A: Barbies...I hope! Q: How can God hear everyone’s prayers at once? A: He has a lot of ears. 

Connexions winter 2008

Maddie • Third Grade Q: What is your favorite part of church.... A: Singing! Lillie • First Grade Q: Why doesn’t God just zap the bad people? A: Because zapping the bad people, that’s just wrong.

Men of Promise

k r o W o t d e t c Addi

dict. ake: I am an ad m to n io ss fe n I have a co y. I use a Blackberr , le d e e n a se u I don’t e. lks with my wif a w n o t u o it e I tak ts with friends. n ra u a st re t a it I play with hts. opped at red lig st e il h w il a m e I check

Perhaps you can relate. The Japanese have a word for the root of this problem, it is called karoshi and it means “death from overwork.” It results in death from heart attacks and can strike even deeper with the death of our soul. Sadly, workaholism can function in the church when we allow the work of God to replace the God of the work. Our passion to minister can drive us to unhealthy levels. Have you been there? Are you there now? Here are a few things that can help us control this addiction:


Cell phone, laptop, TV, iPod, and the list goes on. Take a break each day to grab the Bible and let God speak in the stillness. Study the Creation Story and how God handled work.


What do you do for fun? It is vital that we take time to play and recharge. Work hard, play hard.


The guys I meet on Thursday for breakfast help me to relax. We talk about things we are trying to figure out in a safe zone. Find people to do life with.


Many have grown up with a little phrase in our mind that says “You’ll never amount to anything.” So now we work to say, “I’ll show them. I will prove that I am somebody.” God wants us to think again. We don’t have to prove our value, our significance and our worth by overworking. Jesus died for workaholics too.


If we don’t take time to rest our body, our body will make time to rest itself - either in the hospital or with the flu. Rest helps us to be at our best.

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Doug Sayers Youth

There is nothing like having fun with six thousand of your friends. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to be encouraged in your faith to better reach your community, campus, and world for Christ! Visit our RISK website to learn more infomation and your chance to win an AppleŽ iPod nano™.

Dates: Band: Location:

March 20-21, 2008 Michael Gungor Band The Giant Center Hershey, PA


District recipients are awarded scholarships to the Assemblies of God college of their choice: first QMBDF TFDPOEQMBDFUIJSEQMBDF"MMUISFFEJTUSJDUSFDJQJFOUTXJMMCFDPNF OPNJOFFTGPSUIF+3PCFSU"TIDSPGU/BUJPOBM:PVUI4DIPMBSTIJQ/BUJPOBMSFDJQJFOUTXJMMSFDFJWF  GPSÜSTUQMBDF  GPSTFDPOEQMBDF BOE GPSUIJSEQMBDF4DIPMBSTIJQTBSF awarded to first year students only. One half of the total award is given each semester of the student’s freshman year. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic achievement, Christian character, church and community leadership, and need. Applications are now available through the District Youth Ministries website, XXXQFOOEFMZPVUIDPN GPSUIF%:%BOE+3PCFSU"TIDSPGU/BUJPOBM:PVUI4DIPMBSTIJQT Applicants must currently be in their senior year of high school, attend an Assemblies of God church, and plan to attend an Assemblies of God college. Applications must be returned to the District Office QPTUNBSLFECZ.BSDI 



Show your talent! Express the gifts God has given to you! Fine Arts has you covered with categories such as: Art, Communication, Drama, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing. If you’re a student, grades 6-12, you are encouraged to see your pastor now for a Fine Arts Festival entry form or download a form at College scholarships are being offered to National participants. If you are planning to participate, please hurry and register! Information packets regarding the 2008 Sectional Fine Arts Festival have been sent to all PennDel churches. This information is also posted at Here are some important dates to remember: FEBRUARY 16 – SECTIONAL FINE ARTS FESTIVALS t 'PSNTNVTUCFQPTUNBSLFECZ'FCSVBSZ &OUSZGFFQFSTPO GPSFBDIBEEJUJPOBMDBUFHPSZ t "MMDSFBUJWFXSJUJOH WJEFP BOEXFCTJUFTNVTUCFiTFOUwPSSFBEZUPCFWJFXFECZ+BOVBSZ  t /PFOUSJFTXJMMCFBDDFQUFEBGUFSUIF'FCSVBSZ  QPTUNBSLFEEBUF MARCH 19-21 – DISTRICT FINE ARTS FESTIVAL – P.B. Conference Center, Carlisle, PA AUGUST 4-8 – NATIONAL FINE ARTS FESTIVAL – Charlotte, NC

Jason Lamer Youth Alive

7.0 Partnership: Recently I looked up a Richter Scale and identified the categories of earthquakes and their impacts. I was surprised to learn that only at 7.0 does the devastation become major. The measurement of a Richter Scale determines how far the impact is felt and how long it lasts. Sure, anything less than 7.0 can make a mark, but only at 7.0 does it become major. When I consider the Seven Project and the full potential that it has upon a community, I ask myself, how far is the impact reaching and how long does it last? The reality of such an impact does not hinge upon one scheduled event on the calendar, but rather upon the strength of the local church community. With that said, Youth Alive and the Seven Project is looking to add strength to the foundation so that the “events” built upon it can reach their greater potential.

We believe wholeheartedly that the Seven Project is a “God Idea” and not just a “good idea.” The Seven Project is not a district ministry; it is a local church ministry. The impact that it can make will not be the result of a great event, but instead of a great local ministry. For that reason, it is our desire to provide more than just a planned event to a community. Our greater goal is to assist in the groundwork and foundation that will sustain a successful community-wide outreach, as well as Seven Project Update: maintain the effect in an ongoing process. Bottom line: to see Recently the Seven Project team joined with the something that would be carried beyond a scheduled event; to churches of Corry, PA to bring a city wide outreach leave not only a mark on the calendar but even more a continued to the area. More than seven churches from differmark on the community. ent streets and traditions came together to reach The heart of such an impact is not the Seven Project but instead the young people of the community. The efforts the local church. For that reason we have developed a strategy were led by Pastor Joe Irvin. During the week long that can assist in laying and/or strengthening such a foundation. partnership, the team was able to speak to more Once a foundation is strengthened, it is then ready to make an than 2,500 students. A definite in-road was made impact. It is at that point, events such as the Seven Project can with the school administration. Mr. S. Kelly Cragg perpetuate a great harvest. of Corry High School said, “They had the students’ If your youth ministry of full time or volunteer staff would be attention at all times.” More than 500 young interested in being a part of this partnership, then we would people gathered for the “@ Night” portion where love to connect with you. Please contact the Youth Alive office each student was given the opportunity to make a at 717.795.9780 or by emailing decision for Jesus Christ. In the past year, the Seven Together we can build student’s hope, today and tomorrow. Project team along with local church and community leaders have seen more than 1,500 young people make a decision for Christ.

Jalyn Lamer • Age 6 Q: How does God come into your heart? A: when you close your eyes he sneaks in. 12

Connexions winter 2008

Jaron Lamer • Age 9 Q: How Come God Makes Storms with Lighting and Thunder? A: Angels are bowling and taking a picture every time they make a strike.

eds Of Worship e S g n i Plant hildren’s Hea rts In C Kristian Walker District Music & Worship Liaison

Some of the greatest tools for teaching children about worship come from living analogies created by God Himself - creatures that possess certain physical characteristics enabling them to offer worship to their Creator. Using these living analogies can be extremely effective in planting seeds of worship deep in the hearts of our children and showing them how we were created for this very purpose. Here’s just one of many examples:

to the human ear). Whales sing songs that have been documented (through tracking the waveform of their unique voiceprint) to travel 4,000 miles underwater. When meadowlarks sing, they utilize a range of 300 notes! Super-sensitive sound instruments have discovered that even earthworms make faint staccato sounds. Revelation 5:13 says, “Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea and all that is in them, singing.”

LIVING SONGS We read throughout Genesis chapter 1 how God literally spoke the worlds into being. One translation from early manuscripts (discovered by Leonard Bernstein) expresses it this way: “And God SANG…” the worlds into being. God and all of His creation have been ‘singing’ ever since. Scientists in the area of bioacoustics have discovered that millions of songs are being sung all the time (many are just inaudible

We were created to worship, but so often we fail to recognize the inborn (even instinctive) abilities we possess that enable us to carry out the act of worship. If the creatures of this world can make a joyful noise unto the Lord with their innate abilities, how much more capably can we lift God-honoring worship with our voices as we allow His presence to fill our lives and the Holy Spirit to enable us?


Located in Carlisle, PA


Aria Walker • Age 9 Q: How come God makes storms with lightening and thunder? A: I don’t know, but I wish he didn’t.

Aria & Elise Walker Q: How can Jesus fit in your heart? A: It’s a miracle!

A great place for: Retreats • Picnics • Outings • Conferences Meetings • Banquets

Call (717) 243-7381 for information

ge 6 od’s voice? Elise Walker • A st time to hear G es I look be e th is n he W Q: etim ar God, but som A: I can’t ever he . ow around for a shad Connexions winter 2008


Plugging Kids In

George Krebs Christian Education

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Children’s Ministries got you STRESSED? Get Plugged IN

Connect Connect Connect Connect

with other children’s leaders to unique resources to inspirational encouragement with refreshing friends

An equipping and connecting event for Children’s Pastors and that Key Leader who makes Children’s Ministry happen in the local church. 14

Connexions winter 2008

March 31-April 1, 2008

2008 Kid’s Breakaway

What’s holding you back? Grades 2-6 Game Times Feb 22-24 Feb 29 – March 2 March 7-9 2 nights lodging, 5 meals, and all the fun you can handle for only $91 Check your registration packet or for more information call/email our Box Office at 717-795-5921 or

BGMC March Madness Take the court for 4 Great March Missions’ Sundays The competition is tough, but the rewards are great

Kid’s Camp Scholarships

Kid’s Ministry Resources

The winning church receives a FREE Florida Vacation Condominium for their chief BGMC coordinator!

Everyone in church can be involved in helping Kids support missions. Connexions winter 2008


Spring Celebrations 2008

Ruth puleo Women of Purpose

North West

Date: April 19 Place: Bethel A/G, Girard Speaker: Sue Duffield Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Meal: Catered Lunch Price: $25.00 Contact: Gloria Critchfield 814-774-9254

North Central West

Date: March 29 Place: Glad Tidings A/G, Clearfield Speakers: Linda Webb & Becky Pucher Time: 9:30 am registration Meal: Marinated Chicken Dinner Price: $20.00 Contact: Sandy Lanza 814-723-5445

North Central

Date: March 29 Place: State College A/G, State College Speaker: Angela Coon & J-Gals Worship Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Meal: Luncheon Price: $20.00 w/ lunch; $15 w/o lunch Contact: Chris McCommons 717-436-6161


Connexions winter 2008

North East

South Central East

Date: April 26 Place: Berwick A/G, Berwick Speaker: Angela Coon Time: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm Meal: Catered Lunch Price: $20.00 Contact: Kathy Rex 570-752-5191

Date: April 4 & 5 Place: Christian Life, Camp Hill Speaker: Ruth Puleo Time: Fri. 7:00 pm; Sat. 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Meal: Catered Lunch included Price: $30 by March 21 Contact: Gloria Budzowski 717-5405912 or 757-877-1982

East Central

South Central

Date: April 4 & 5 Place: Glad Tidings, Reading Speaker: Muriel Sandbo Soloist: Wendy Lake Worship: Sandy Caston Time: Fri. 7:00 pm Sat. 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Prices: Friday Only $10; Late Friday Only $15 Friday/Saturday $20 Late Fri/Sat $30 Friday night – Make your own Ice Cream Sundae Cost includes a catered lunch Contact: Cindy McKinley 610-404-0345

South East

Date: March 1 Place: Christian Life Center, Bensalem Speaker: Louise Costello Time: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Meal: Optional – tickets being sold Price: $25.00 Contact: Kirsten Torrado 267-523-5032


Date: April 19 Place: Calvary Assembly of God, Dover Speaker: Muriel Sandbo Worship Team: “Keepers of the Flame” Time: 9:30 am – 3:30 pm Meal: Catered Meal with Chocolate Fountain Price: $25.00 Contact: Angela M. Coon 302-697-7776 ext. 103

Date: March 29 Place: Family Traditions Lighthouse Restaurant, Chambersburg Speaker & Soloist: Pam Seaman Time: 9:30 am - Noon Meal: Breakfast Brunch Buffet included in price Price: $20.00 pre-registration; $25 on-site registration Contact: Kelly Kipe 717-263-9671

South Central West

Date: April 5 Place: The Casino Restaurant, Altoona Speaker: Gwen Mouliert Time: 10:00 am – 2:30 pm Meal: Lunch Buffet Price: $25.00 includes registration & buffet Contact:  Karen Maher 814-942-1595

South West Metro

Date: April 12 Place: First A/G, Arnold Speaker: Angela Coon Worship: Stephanie Peters Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Lunch: $6.00 each Price: $20.00 by 3/28; $25 after deadline Contact: Patti Carver 724-845-7437 or 724-337-3889

South West Suburban

Date: April 5 Place: Faith A/G, Uniontown Speaker: Lillian Sparks Time: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Lunch option TBA Price: $20.00 Contact: Robin Pugh 412-896-5743 or 412-759-7297

Kingdom Kids Perspective “Once upon a time in a land far away…” So begins countless fairy tales from childhood. Most of these fairy tales involve a beautiful young maiden (who is usually poor and possibly homeless) and a handsome prince. Although the details of each story are varied, the outcome is always the same… “And they lived happily ever after.” In I Peter 2:10a, the Apostle states, “Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God…”. In this statement is the story of the children across our District. Not just the children that have been “raised in the church”, but also those who have not yet heard the good news of a Savior. The passion of my heart and ministry has always been to see the blood of Jesus Christ change and transform children and youth. To see them go from a spiritually homeless nobody to a Child of the King is the epitome of what we should be! When a child comes to Jesus Christ and receives salvation, she also receives an identity. She belongs! She has a home! And the home is the dwelling of the King! This lost soul has become royalty! I remember as a child the realization of what it meant to be a Child of the King. It wasn’t something that I understood all at once. It was a gradual realization that I was ROYALTY! It was not the “Cinderella royalty” that involves ball gowns and tiaras. It was a royalty that permeated my character with the authority and responsibility of the King. I was able to live for Jesus because I knew the power of my bloodline. I had the promise and assurance that my Father was the King of Kings! This awareness did not always keep me from making mistakes. But it gave me a place to go to remedy my mistakes. My Father picked me up and straightened me out more times than I care to remember! This perspective is not one that provides me the opportunity to sit on a throne and have everything brought to me on a silver platter. This perspective dominates my every move and action. It is a charge to work for the betterment of those less fortunate; to reach others for Jesus Christ. And a directive to live with the same attitude and personality of my Father. I pray that we can impart to our children the importance of being a Child of the King.

sharon poole Missionettes/ Girls Ministries

Honor Celebration

First Assembly of God, Beaver Falls, PA

For Him,



Honor Star Sponsor Stacie George, Honor Star Rebbecca George, Honor Star Jennie Goehring, Stars Sponsor Amanda Zielinske

Missionettes Magnified/Girls’ Ministries IMPACT Theme: “I Prayed For This Child” April 18-19, 2008 Speaker: Candy Tolbert, National Girls’ Ministries Director Philip Bongiorno Conference Center

Friends and Girls Only Retreat Theme:“What Giants?” June 6-8, 2008 Speaker: 3-D, Drama Team from Valley Forge Christian College Special Guests: Jon and Kate Gosselin from TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 Philip Bongiorno Conference Center

STARS Powette Theme: “What Giants?” June 12-14, 2008 Speaker: Crosswalk Mobile Outreach, Trucksville, PA Philip Bongiorno Conference Center

Britni • Age 10 Q: Why do angels have wings? A: God put wings on angels so they can stay in heaven and not fall on the ground. Connexions winter 2008


Training, the Life Blood of Your Outpost Greg Scott Royal Rangers

Is your outpost struggling or are you a new outpost off to a rocky start? If so, it may be linked to the lack of proper training for your leaders. Training is the root of success in Royal Rangers. Without training you won’t have a successful Royal Rangers outpost. The Leadership Training Academy (LTA) is a new approach to Royal Rangers training. The previous Leadership Training Course (LTC) was a closeended training plan. Once a commander earned his or her Leader’s Medal of Achievement (LMA) there was no additional classroom-type training, outside of the national training events available, where the commander could enhance his or her skills and abilities. With the development of the LTA, the Royal Rangers ministry has adopted a continuous training philosophy based on “modules” that a commander can complete in eight hours or less. This approach gives commanders the ability to customize a training plan that meets their unique needs! The LTA allows additional modules to be added as new training ideas, or program changes, are incorporated into Royal Rangers. This makes the LTA a life-long commitment to training! A major change in the LTA approach is the new training format students will experience when they take the modules. LTA modules will not require homework, exams, or major time commitments outside the module.

Leader’s Medal of Achievement

Coming Events in 2008: District Roundtable Meeting at Christian Life Assembly, Camp Hill, PA March 29th Penn-Del RR Camp Work Day Honey Grove, PA April 12th and June 14th George Washington Chapter FCF Spring Trace Honey Grove, PA April 25-27 Instructor Certification Seminar at Christian Life Assembly, Camp Hill, PA May 10th Junior Leadership Training Camps Honey Grove, PA June 12-15 District Powwow (40th Anniversary) Honey Grove, PA June 27-29


Connexions winter 2008

By completing the basic training, several required modules, a camp and an elective module; an individual can earn the Leader’s Medal of Achievement through the Leadership Training Academy. The elements required to earn the Leader’s Medal of Achievement through the LTA are: • Ranger Basics—8 hour module • Discipleship 1 and 2—3 hours each module; 6 hours total • Safety and the Church—3 hour module • Successful Outpost—4 hour module • One Age-Specific Activities Module—4 hour module    1. Ranger Kids Activities    2. Discovery/Adventure Rangers Activities     3. Expedition Rangers Activities • First Aid/CPR—(from a certified provider, i.e., Red Cross) • One Elective Module—2 hour module (minimum) • LTA Camp-out—for Discovery, Adventure, Expedition Rangers leaders (overnight required), or Ranger Kids Skills for RK leaders – (6 hour module). An NTC or RKTC may be attended instead. It is highly recommended and extremely helpful if your pastor takes the training as well. He also can earn the LMA and it will help give him a keen insight into the Royal Ranger ministry and what it can do for the boys and men within his church. Several men, including the pastor of Pitcairn Assembly of God, Outpost 175, recently completed the LMA and were awarded their medal on October 7, 2007. Pictured from left to right are Robert Weakland, Sr. (Honorbound Coordinator, Outpost Councilman & DR Lt. Cmdr.), Rev. David Martin (Sr. Pastor & Outpost Chaplin), Daniel Bahleda (ER Lt. Cmdr.) and Tom Seese (RK Lt. Cmdr.). All four men also attended the National Training Camp in Woodstown, NJ as part of their training requirements. Completing all the necessary modules to earn your LMA will provide you with the skills and knowledge that will improve your effectiveness as a Royal Rangers leader! However, this training is just the beginning of the type of world-class training that is available to every commander through the LTA! Additional modules have been developed and more are on the way. Below is a brief list of additional training modules available to help your outpost. Contact your sectional training coordinator to enroll. Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (2 hours) Child and Substance Abuse Prevention (3 hours) How to Start an Outpost (2 hours) District Leadership Training Course (DLTC) (5 hours) Outpost Chaplain (2 hours) The Patrol Method (2 hours) Outpost Council (2 hours) Classroom Management (3 hours) Working with Boys with Disabilities (2 hours) Presentation Skills (3 hours) Safety and the Church (3 hours) Senior Commanders (4 hours) Successful Outposts (4 hours) World Class Outpost (6 hours)

Around the District PK Retreat

Installation Pastor John and Lee Willis Chester Springs Community Church

Installation Pastor Eddie and Rosemarie Noftz New Life Assembly of God, Tamaqua

Installation Pastor Milford and Linda Watters Mount Morris Gospel Tabernacle

1st Anniversary River of Life Church, Doylestown, PA Pastor Greg and Cindy Lauterbach 75th Anniversary Assembly of God, Wrightsville Pastor Ronald and Betty Stafford

Connexions winter 2008


Philip bongiorno Chairman

Michael bongiorno Executive Director

Denise Folk Administrative Assistant

With Our Gratitude

To have friends that love is a wonderful blessing to our family. Your cards and notes of encouragement are very much appreciated. The flowers and plants that have been received bring cheer to Janette. Thank you also for your prayers. It is very heartwarming to know that you care and believe with us for her healing. Our prayer is that our Lord will grant all of you a blessed New Year.

In our love and His, Brother “B� and Janette The initial interest rate on all Notes will depend on the effective interest rates at the time of purchase. Terms Notes pay interest at a rate fixed at the time of issuance. Once fixed, the interest rate on a Term Note will not be changed until the Note matures. At least thirty (30) days prior to any decrease in the interest rate on a Demand Note, the Loan Fund will notify the holder of such change. This information is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy these securities. The offering is made only by the prospectus. These unsecured debt securities are NOT available to residents outside of Pennsylvania or Delaware. The notes are not savings or deposit accounts or other obligations of a bank and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, any state bank insurance fund, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation or any other governmental agency.

4651 Westport Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-4887

Current Rates ($500.00 Minimum Investment)

For additional information, contact us at 717-795-5921 or visit our website at

Demand Note..........3.50% 6 Month Note.........4.25% 1 Year Note.............4.50% 2 1/2 Year Note.......5.00% 4 Year Note.............5.75%


Winter 2008 • Volume 55 No. 1 USPS 165-700

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