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Academy trust name: Penketh Academy Trust Academy trust company number: 08438991 Year ended 31 August 2013

I accept that as Accounting Officer of Penketh Academy Trust I am responsible and accountable for ensuring that the Academy Trust delivers good value in the use of public resources. I am aware of the guide to academy value for money statements published by the Education Funding Agency and understand that value for money refers to the educational and wider societal outcomes achieved in return for the taxpayer resources received. I set out below how I have ensured that the Academy Trust’s use of its resources has provided good value for money during the academic year. Penketh High School converted to academy status on 1 April 2013 and subsequently achieved our best ever results this year. 61% of pupils achieved 5 or more A* to C GCSEs including English and Maths. Our A Level pass rate was 99.3% A* - G with 70% of passes at A* to C and our Level 3 BTEC pass rate was 100%. We also made significant progress in closing the attainment gap for pupils attracting pupil premium funding. 50% of our cohort achieved 5 or more A* to C grades at GCSE including English and Maths, up from 30% the previous year. The school’s ‘closing the gap’ trend between pupils funded and those not funded has narrowed significantly since 2012, falling from a 30% difference in 2012 to 16% in 2013. The school is continuing its efforts to continue this trend and eliminate the gap completely by 2015.

Penketh High School – Value for money statement - March 2014

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These results follow the adoption of the Penketh Charter, a document which specifies the measures we will put in place as a school community to become outstanding by 2015. Pupil progress is central to our strategy with the ambition to enable every pupil, from their different starting points at the end of Key Stage 2, to make at least four levels of progress by the end of Key Stage 4. Working within existing budgets, I have driven improvements throughout the school focused around this strategy, including:

• Introduction of a new ‘4LP - Going for Gold’ rewards system • Introduction of a new ‘Ensuring Progress and Success (EPS)’ assessment strategy • Restructuring of the teaching staff and investment in specialist support for mathematics and English • Implementation of joint practice development (JPD) strategies to ensure we become a learning community that shares ideas and promotes challenge and engagement in the classroom. • Strengthened performance management procedures that support our commitment to outperform national figures for pupils making expected and better than expected progress in all subjects. • Reorganisation of small group teaching and after school revision support designed to target groups of pupils whose achievement in English, Maths and other key subjects is at risk of falling behind their peers.

Penketh High School – Value for money statement - March 2014

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I used the Pupil Premium and Year 7 Catch-up Premium funding to complement our whole school strategy and provide additional, targeted tuition and learning resources for specific pupils. Further details are available from our website. Throughout the year I have managed non-teaching related costs in order to re-invest as much as possible in a high-quality learning environment for our pupils. Our conversion process was delivered within a relatively short timescale through effective teamwork involving governors, senior leaders and business support staff. We reviewed the services provided by the local authority and market tested those offering the greatest potential for savings and/or service improvements. We outsourced payroll and staff absence insurance and tendered our main insurance requirements through the Crescent Purchasing Consortium. We procured waste collection through the local authority’s new framework contract and renegotiated a variety of other contracts. In September 2012, in collaboration with a cluster of local primary schools we appointed a business manager to support joint procurement and share good practice. In addition to these objectives, the appointment has enabled the cluster to set up a School Direct programme, secure NLE/NSS designation and apply for Teaching School Alliance designation.

Penketh High School – Value for money statement - March 2014

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During the coming year I will continue to drive attainment and progress whilst making the best possible use of our resources. Areas of focus that have been established this year and upon which the school will now build include:

•Embedding teaching and learning initiatives and ensuring increased rates of pupil progress through improved formative assessment and homework strategies. •Furthering improved attendance and punctuality across the school. •Continuing to improve attitudes to learning across the school with behaviour that supports an aspirational school community. •Developing the school’s 6th form so that it provides suitable pathways to higher education, training and employment for at least 50% of our own Year 11 pupils and a rising number of external entrants year on year. •Improving parental engagement through innovative use of digital media. •Increasing income generation through fundraising and external business and community support. •On-going development of financial management and governance arrangements.

Signed: Date: 21st December 2014

Ben Dunne Penketh Academy Trust Accounting Officer

Penketh High School – Value for money statement - March 2014

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Value for money statement  

Penketh High School - March 2014

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