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1. RATIONALE “Homework is not an optional extra but an essential part of good education” 1999 White paper- Excellence in School. The National Foundation for Education Research commissioned by OFSTED, which reviewed over 100 British and American studies, in 2001 confirmed the view that there is a positive correlation between time spent on homework and achievement at secondary level. Our school is committed to developing global citizens who are resilient, creative and independent learners and we believe homework/home learning plays a vital role in helping us achieve this aim.

2|DEFINITION “Homework can be defined as any task assigned by teachers intended for students to carry out during non-school hours, whether completed at home or at school.”

3| AIMS AND OBJECTIVES • To raise academic achievement so that all students are supported to make 4LP • To promote independent learning skills • To enhance students’ study skills e.g. planning, time management and self-discipline • To consolidate and extend work covered in class or prepare for new learning activities • To serve as a motivator and be part of the reward system (House Points / 4LP Postcards)

Penketh High School – HOME LEARNING POLICY- JAN 2013

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• To reinforce the idea that education is a shared responsibility between home and school, creating channels for home-school dialogue • To manage particular demands such as GCSE coursework • To provide feedback in the evaluation of teaching.

4| IMPLEMENTATION • At the start of each academic year the home learning timetable for that year will be published for all staff, pupils and parents. This gives a clear indication of the home learning expectations. Parents will also receive a letter which explains the purposes of home learning and offers guidelines for supporting their child. Parents are empowered to check the setting and completion of homework by signing student planners /diaries • This section should be read in conjunction with responsibilities overleaf.

5|MONITORING AND EVALUATION • Departments will review their home learning policies in line with the school policy • Head of subjects will ensure all staff in their departments prepare a Homework sheet one week in advance that is displayed on the Homework Wall by 4pm every Monday. They will also carry out half-termly checks as part of the formal work scrutiny process to assure the quality and assessment of home learning tasks set • Senior leaders will carry out quality assurance checks through half-termly pupil interviews • Parental and pupil views will be assessed through termly online questionnaires.

Penketh High School – HOME LEARNING POLICY- JAN 2013

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6|LINKS The Home Learning policy should be read in conjunction with the Curriculum policy and the Teaching and Learning policy.

7|RESPONSIBILITIES: THE FOLLOWING HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES: The subject teacher will: • Set home learning according to the timetable and complete a weekly Homework sheet for display on the Homework Wall • Provide work which is differentiated/appropriate to the level of ability of the student • Give precise and clear instructions • Set deadlines for work to be completed • Ensure prompt and appropriate feedback.

The form tutor will: • Check that home learning is being set and recorded. If tutors are concerned about home learning, they should address the problem with the student, communicate this concern to his/her teachers, who in turn can discuss the problem with the relevant Head of Subject, Head of House and parents • Send students as necessary to fill any Homework task gaps directly from the Homework Wall into their planners • Check that the student planner has been signed by the parent/guardian • Note and respond to any comments written in the planners regarding home learning.

Penketh High School – HOME LEARNING POLICY- JAN 2013

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The Faculty/Curriculum Leader will: • Ensure subject staff complete and display a weekly Homework sheet on the Homework Wall • Ensure appropriate home learning tasks are built into schemes of work • Monitor and evaluate the setting of home learning within their curriculum area • Support teaching staff in following up persistent non-completion of home learning.

The Deputy Principal/Assistant Principal (Learning and Teaching) will: • Provide staff, pupils and parents with the necessary guidance • Develop classroom practice to enhance home learning across the school • Report to governors as required.

Parents will: • Check home learning has been set when they sign planners weekly.

Date of Approval by Governors: Next Review Date:

31st January 2013

January 2015

Penketh High School – HOME LEARNING POLICY- JAN 2013

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