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1|RATIONALE Good communication is more than the exchange of information. It involves the management of relationships and the need to involve people. We have set out a strategic intent to offer an open and collaborative community built on a willingness to listen and involve all stakeholders.

2|DEFINITIONS We have a range of strategies for communicating with colleagues, pupils, parents and external agencies. They include written communications, e-mails, text messages, telephone calls, meetings, staff briefings, information handbooks, notice boards, website, newsletters, virtual learning platform, written reports, school prospectus; school profile, feedback in books.

3|AIMS AND OBJECTIVES We intend to provide communications that: • • • • •

keep people informed and involved are open, honest and professional easily accessed and understood by all communicated within a reasonable time use the most effective and appropriate method for the context, message and audience

4|IMPLEMENTATION • All communication should uphold our professional responsibilities and the school’s stated aim to be open and collaborative • All communications should reflect our responsibilities for data protection and confidentiality

Penketh High School – SRE POLICY – May 2012

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• We should aim to reply to all requests for contact from pupils, parents and external agencies on the same day where practical and at least within 24 hours • Where we are unable to respond to requests, staff should seek support from a colleague to ensure request for information/action are dealt with promptly • Where a precise or detailed response is requested, we will inform the person making the request when they should expect a precise or detailed response. This will not, normally, exceed 5 working days. • All outgoing external written communications, including letters and reports should be checked by a line manager, with letters copied to the Head’s Personal Assistant and e-mails copied to a line manager • All requests for pupil data should be checked to ensure access rights • Staff should refer to procedural guidance relating to each form of communication • Staff should maintain a record of all communications, stating date/time/name and a brief note of purpose/outcome of communication. A school template will be provided for each form of communication

5|MONITORING AND EVALUATION • Review of internal communications led by SLG on an annual basis and all staff asked to contribute • Review of internal communications by the Student Council on an annual basis and reported to SLG • Copies of external written communications held by Principal’s PA and a sample review carried out annually by SLG • Line managers copied into all outgoing e-mails and issues/concerns raised with SLG • Parental views re communication sought through annual parental engagement survey

Penketh High School – SRE POLICY – May 2012

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6|LINKS: This policy needs to be read in conjunction with Assessment and Recording Policy; Behaviour Policy; Curriculum Policy; Data Protection Policy; E-Safety Policy; Freedom of Information Scheme; IAG Policy; Special Needs Policy; Staff Discipline Policy

7|RESPONSIBILITIES: • Principal: To have responsibility for promoting effective and efficient communication in support of our stated strategic intent to be ‘open and collaborative’ To lead SLG in annual monitoring and review of communication and revise procedures accordingly • Line Managers: To monitor outgoing external letters and e-mails sent by colleagues and consider their suitability in keeping with our aims for professional and open communication. Suggested changes should be communicated to colleagues and, where necessary, concerns reported to SLG • Principal’s P.A: To ensure accurate storage of all external written communications and to inform SLG of concerns • All Staff: To ensure that all communications are conducted in a professional and efficient manner in order to meet the aims and objectives and implementation strategy. To ensure due notice is taken of procedures relating to all forms of communication • Governors: To receive and consider annual evaluation from the Principal and review policy bi-annually

Penketh High School – SRE POLICY – May 2012

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Date of Approval by School Council: Date of Approval by Governors: Next Review Date:

24th May 2012

May 201

Penketh High School – SRE POLICY – May 2012

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Communications policy  

Penketh High School - March 2014

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