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1| RATIONALE Section 7 of the 1996 Education Act requires parents to ensure that children of compulsory age receive full time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude including any special educational needs they might have. A child is of compulsory age at the beginning of their first term after their 5th birthday. This ends on the day they reach 17 for the current Year 11 (2013) and the day they reach 18 for the current Year 10 and below (2013). Local Authorities/ Academies have a statutory responsibility to ensure that parents secure education for children of compulsory school age and where necessary use legal enforcement. The Education Regulations require schools to take an attendance register twice a day, once at the start of the morning session and during the afternoon session. The register must record whether the pupils were present, absent, present at approved activity or unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances.

2|DEFINITIONS For our school, attendance is an opportunity to: •Promote the importance and value of good attendance to pupils, parents/carers. •Provide a whole school approach to secure good attendance of our pupils

3|AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Regular attendance will enrich the experience of pupils by: •Supporting children to maximise the educational opportunities available to them.

Penketh High School – ATTENDANCE POLICY – May 2013

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•Enabling pupils to become emotionally resilient, confident and competent adults, who are able to reach their full potential and make a positive contribution to their community. •Supporting families in identifying reasons for poor attendance and to try to resolve any difficulties. •Working with multi agencies to reinforce the importance of attendance and to support pupils and their families. •Supporting pupils who may find it difficult and upsetting to come to school. •Developing and preparing pupils for life in the wider community. •Raising awareness of excellent attendance and how it stimulates attainment. •Providing opportunities to celebrate excellent attendance and achievement.

4| IMPLEMENTATION Attendance will be supported through the following: •Form tutors will promote the importance of good attendance by analysing attendance data weekly to identify patterns of attendance, causes of absence and discussing with pupils. •Form tutors will share attendance figures half termly and set targets; encouraging pupils to attend school and implement the attendance reward scheme. •All staff will correctly take the register every lesson using the School Information Management System (SIMS). •Attendance Officers will contact parents on first day of absence through the school’s ‘Keep Kids Safe’ programme; return school attendance data to the Local Authority as required on time; report the school’s attendance including Persistent Absentees through

Penketh High School – ATTENDANCE POLICY – May 2013

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termly reports to the governing body; analyse data to identify causes and patterns of absence and organise meetings with pupils, parent/carers and outside agencies to discuss attendance. •Attendance officers will liaise with families to avoid any unnecessary absences.

5| MONITORING AND EVALUATION •Attendance officers monitor weekly tracking sheets from form tutors and input attendance data onto SIMS, and monitor pupils below 95% and identify groups of pupils who will benefit from intervention strategies. •Heads of House will monitor the distribution of attendance figures and targets set for pupils, and will report pupils with poor attendance at School Intervention Reviews (SIR meetings) where strategies can be implemented. •Assistant Principal for attendance will monitor the attendance officers and attendance figures for the school and will liaise with the Local Authority to ensure attendance strategies are a key focus.

6|Links The attendance policy should be should be read in conjunction with the Safeguarding Policies, Bullying Policy, Admissions Policy and Single Equality policy.

Penketh High School – ATTENDANCE POLICY – May 2013

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7|RESPONSIBILITIES The following have responsibilities: •Principal: To ensure that the school is compliant with legislation and to report to the governing body •Assistant Principal-attendance: To promote the importance of good attendance to the whole school community, to monitor the reporting and recording of attendance of all pupils and to ensure intervention takes place where necessary. •Heads of House: To ensure Form Tutors are regularly setting attendance targets and promoting good attendance.

•Form Tutors: To analyse attendance data on a weekly basis, contribute to promoting good attendance and to support the school’s positive attendance strategies. •Governing body: To review the school’s attendance policy and to ensure the school is compliant with legislation.

Date of Approval by Governors: Next Review Date:

17th May 2013

May 2015

Penketh High School – ATTENDANCE POLICY – May 2013

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Attendance policy  
Attendance policy