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Penis enlargement pumps have been used over the past couple of decades as a way to increase penis size. The fact is that lately the penis pump has been falling out of focus in light of the penis enlargement device. This is due to the problems with the penis pump and the success the penis extender has seen. How the penis enlargement pump works. A penis enlargement pump is a hollow plastic tube that fits over the penis in an airtight seal at the base. A small hand pump is attached and when used, blood is pulled from the body to force blood into the penis. This process is what gives it the larger appearance. To keep the bigger erection, a tight ring needs to be put around the base of the penis to hold the blood in. Some men who have trouble keeping erections use this method and can have intercourse for around 30 minutes. How does the penis enlargement device compare to the pump One of the main problems of the pump is the results you get. As mentioned above, penis pumps provide a temporary male enhancement solution while a penis stretcher offers permanent gains. A penis traction device gently stretches the penis to make it longer and thicker over time. More blood can then fill the penis which results in larger and harder erections. No need for a cock ring either. All size gains made with a traction device are permanent and you will retain your longer and thicker penis size whether erect or not (it will hang lower). Another problem with the penis enlargement pump is the well reported negative side effects of long term use. A man can become dependent on the penis pump in order to get an erection. The penis enlarger pump can also make the penis swollen, smaller, and incorrect use of it can even become painful enough to leave scars. This is no way to treat man's lovemaking tool. Penis enlargement stretchers, on the other hand, naturally stretch the penis over time, which heals from the stretching workout while you are not using it. Typically worn anywhere from 2-9 hours per day, the penis enlargement device offers men a flexible and permanent solution for natural penis enlargement. Men in the clinical studies done on the penis traction device have gained 1.6 inches in 6 months and if combined with penis exercises, 2 inches can easily be gained in this time.

How the penis grows with the penis enlargement device The penis enlargement extender triggers new tissue growth as the body adapts to the stretching force. Penis enlargement devices are not painful to use and are easy to get used to using. After all, what more motivation do you want than seeing your penis grow in permanent new length after just a couple of weeks! Penis traction devices got their start in post operative penis augmentation surgery and other plastic surgery practices. They start being used to heal scars, burns, and re-grow tissue. Penis extenders are now a genuine alternative to surgery, recommended by Urologists (mens health doctors) as a safe at home natural penis enlargement technique. The traction device is both clinically proven to enlarge the penis and fix penile curvature that may or may not result from Peyronies disease. It may be time for a change. Penis stretchers first became popular in Europe and are now available to men in the United States. Many men have put away their penis enlargement pumps in exchange for the fast and permanent results gained from the penis enlargement device.

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==== ==== See 1 simple secret to kick start your penis enlargement process today that they dont want you to know. ==== ====

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