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You can increase your short term memory by using various memory improvement techniques.  Before you can adequately use these techniques, you must first understand how your short term memory works.  You also must know that there is a big difference between your long term memory and your short term memory.  The difference is so vast that they are actually stored in different parts of the brain. Short-term memories are bits of information you hang on to for a couple of seconds up to a few minutes.  I've read a few other articles on this and some of them suggest that this is also your "working memory", this is 90% incorrect.  It's actually a partial truth.  I won't get into your working memory here (which is a form of short term memory).  Just know that your "working memory" are memories that last a substantial amount longer than your average memory that lasts only a minute or so. There are various different factors that decide how long you and I hold onto certain memories.  It can be very complex, although the basic understanding and interpretation is relatively simple. All memories start off as short-term memories.  If you want to learn how to improve short term memory (or long term memory) you must know how to convert them into a form of long term memories.  Remember that long terms memories are not always permanent. Think about this.. Your going about your day, trying to process the billions of bits of information being thrown at you.  You meet someone at a cafe and they verbally give you their phone number.  You don't have your phone on you so you must count on your memory to serve you until you can write it down.  As your walking from the coffee shop to your car someone jumps off a building on the street right next to you.  You watch in horror as the persons kills themselves. At the end of the day, which event are you most likely to remember? The suicide you witnessed of course!  It's amazing how to things can happen in a short period of time, one of them is a flickering short term memory while the other BAM instantly burns into your long-term memory. When it comes to long term memories you naturally remember things that carry an emotional significance.  The example above was highly emotional and horrifying.  You naturally linked emotion to it, its something you'd probably hold onto for the rest of your life.  The

more significant an experience or even the more likely you will remember.  Knowing this is key to understanding how to improve your short term memory. There are a few different ways we remember things.  Through emotional significance, as we discussed.  Through repetition, which is only effective to a certain extent.  Through mnemonic techniques, which are tools (or short cuts) that help you remember specific things. This is just beginner memory techniques hopefully it's answered your question on how to improve your short term memory.

Scott writes information on memory improvement techniques which you can find on his blog. Be sure to check out Scott's most recent article titled. What is short term memory

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