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Goji Berries are beautiful red berries that grow on the Lycium shrub in the Himalayan mountain range. Himalayan healers and practitioners of Asian medicine have utilized goji berries or juice since ancient times. As with most all berries and fruit juices, berries or juice is very nutritious, providing important components to a healthy diet. Goji is special though due to the abundance of eight essential sugars known as glyconutrients contained in them, along with important nutrients and vitamins. It is said that goji was used by the ancient Himalayan healers. They shared this information with herbalists in ancient India, Tibet, and China. When they returned to their homelands, they took the fruit with them and spread the legend of the red diamond fruit's mystical health powers and planted the seeds in their native soil. Just as there are many varieties of grapes and apples, there are many varieties of goji berries and goji juice. The most potent goji juice is made from Himalayan goji berries. The berries from the Himalayas are believed to contain more of the essential glyconutrients than other varieties. These are the ones that are celebrated in legend as having potent anti-aging properties. Juice is a convenient way to get the goodness of glyconutrients into your diet each day. Quality brands of juice made like those grown in the Himalayas use two pounds of goji berries in each liter of the nutritious juice. Since the juice is packed with so many of the goji berries, it only takes a few ounces of juice each day to make a real difference in the way you feel. When deciding between goji berries or goji juice, it is much more convenient to drink the juice daily. Adding goji to your diet is a proactive way to a healthier life. They give your body the glyconutrients that it needs to keep your cells functioning optimally which is the basis for good health. When your cells are functioning properly, your immune system is stronger, thus you feel better.

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==== ==== Lose Weight The Easy Way With Goji Berries. Sale On Now Get 20% off using coupon code 'pdf20' ==== ====

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