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The Ningxia Wolfberry (pronounced "Ning-sha") is a tasty red berry which is grown organically in the Ningxia Province of Northern China, near inner Mongolia. Here it is fed by pure glacial water, and a mineral rich soil. Although there are many varieties of Wolfberry in China (commonly called Goji Berries), it's the Ningxia variety of Goji Berry (botanical name Lycium barbarum v. ningxia) that is renowned throughout China for its powerful properties. The Ningxia Goji Berry is not just your average fruit. It's a powerful superfood, containing more betacarotene than carrots, more calcium than cauliflower, more protein than bee pollen (it's 16% protein by weight, making it a high-protein fruit), more vitamin C than oranges, 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, 6 essential fatty acids, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and E The Ningxia Goji Berry stands out among the many varieties of wolfberry by containing the highest concentration of immune stimulating polysaccharides. It's therefore no surprise that that it's become a secret weapon used by Chinese Olympic swimmers (and is declared a national treasure by the State Scientific and Technological Commission in China). Nor is it surprising that Chinese scientists found it reduced tumor size in mice by up to 58%. Its acid binding, and alkaline forming properties have made it a natural liver protectant. This is a great attribute, because an acidic body is the foundation of disease. The Western diet is highly acidic (containing an excess of acid foods like red meat, alcohol, sugar and dairy), and disease can only live in an acidic body. Any food that is alkaline and can help bind to acid in the body is going to move your body in the right direction - away from disease. Chinese scientists began studying the Ningxia Goji Berry when they learnt that farmers who were eating it every day were living to 100 or more years of age with no disease, and not requiring glasses. This contrasted with other locals in Ningxia Province whose average lifespan was 10 to 20 years less, and who were victim to the common diseases. It's stated in the Chinese Physician's handbook (1593AD) that a Goji Berry elixir was given to a man, and he lived for over a hundred years. This man could walk extremely fast, and his grey hair turned black again. The same text states that the Goji Berry will improve vision. This historical information has now been backed up by hard science. Scientists have discovered that supplementing the diet with lutein and zeaxanthins (pronounced "zeeah-zanthins") can remarkably reduce the progression of macular degeneration, because these compounds act as the eye's natural sunscreen, screening out damaging blue light. Studies have shown that if you take 6 mg/day of lutein/zeaxanthin, it will reduce your risk of

macular degeneration by 57%, and reduce your risk of senile/metabolic cataracts by 20%. And if you take 10 mg/day it will lead to a 43% improvement in central vision. The problem is that the average intake of lutein and zeaxanthin (combined) in our diet is approximately 3 mg/day. This isn't enough. And most supplements have a lutein to zeaxanthin ratio of 20:1 (and the American diet is 12:1), whereas the ideal ratio is 1:2.5. This means that the proportion is wrong in our diets - we need more Zeaxanthin than Lutein. Zeaxanthin was tested in various foods, and showed that the Ningxia Goji Berry contains by far the highest concentration of all foods tested, at 278 µg/g. Compare this with Zeaxanthin in Spinach (3 µg/g), Egg yolk (12 µg/g), and Capsicum (16 µg/g). Even better, the zeaxanthin contained in the Ningxia Goji Berry occurs in the form of an ester, which is far more bioavailable than common zeaxanthin, so it means your body can more easily get the benefit from it. Studies have shown that having 15g (3 teaspoons) of dried Goji Berry per day will triple the amount of zeaxanthin in your blood over 30 days. But Goji Berry nutrients are even more accessible to your body when they come in the form of a liquid - Goji Juice. Ideally, look for a">Goji Juice that contains the whole, pureed Ningxia Goji Berry, rather than reconstituted Goji Juice. If it contains the whole Ningxia Wolfberry, it will have the added benefits of the skin and seeds of the goji berry, where many of its nutrients lie. Also look for a Goji Juice formula that uses natural low glycemic index sweeteners and other high antioxidant fruits, rather than fillers like pear or apple juice. And most importantly, drink Goji Juice every day, as a very cost effective vision insurance. This article includes extracts from the CDRom Ningxia Wolfberry Facts, published by The Health Garden.

Artemis is an acclaimed author and presenter, who conducts seminars throughout Australia and internationally. With a background in Science (BSc, Hons), and a passion for all things unexplainable, Artemis inspires others in how to achieve their highest potential through conscious nutrition, self mastery and spiritual awareness. Find out more about Goji Berries from Artemis' website.

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==== ==== Lose Weight The Easy Way With Goji Berries. Sale On Now Get 20% off using coupon code 'pdf20' ==== ====

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