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Recently the Resveratrol came into focus as a popular anti-ageing supplement. But before its usage most of the people ask the questions about the Resveratrol dangers. Usually it is consumed as a longevity supplement. Resveratrol is a natural phenol first obtained from a hellebore plant and then was also obtained from red wine, in the skin of red grapes, peanuts, etc. Extremely high doses of the Resveratrol are now being used in various capsules and supplementary doses. But the bad news is that there are few manufacturers that do not manufacture the original products. For more information you can check over the internet where many websites have reviled the mixing of various antioxidants along with them. When tested on the mice the Resveratrol showed the positive results making their life longer than the mice that are being given placebo. Its effects on human like weight loss, long life, anti-ageing effects and the Resveratrol dangers are still under observation. Usually most of us believe that if something is beneficial to us then its excess intake will be very useful to us. But make it clear in your mind that there are many Resveratrol dangers due to excess consumption. It was in 2009 when the Resveratrol became very popular as anti-ageing wonder as well as the longevity supplement in many TV talk shows. The Resveratrol is consumed either in the form of capsules or in juices or shakes and also used as a content in many of the newly introduced anti wrinkle anti-ageing creams. What are the Resveratrol dangers? Sometimes people become so curious that they start taking the overdoses of the Resveratrol when it starts showing the good results in anti-ageing supplement or helps in losing the weight. Below are the side effects that you could come across. 1. Tendinitis: Resveratrol overdose may result in continuous tendon pain that may ultimately lead to the tendinitis. 2. Thinning of blood: your blood may become thin due to the intake of the Resveratrol. So it is advised to consult your doctor. 3. Resveratrol compounds formed by wrong means: many problems like insomnia, joint pain in hands, back, diarrhea, flu, change of color of urine, etc are the result of the resveratrol when produced by faulty methods. How to avoid the Resveratrol dangers? You can easily avoid the Resveratrol dangers by consuming the Resveratrol in the range of 50 to 250 mg per day. You should also consult your doctor to get the best quality of the Resveratrol in

order to enjoy the maximum benefits of this longevity supplement. The physicians can help you to get the original product and can also advice to take the correct dosage. Anti-Wrinkle Resveratrol Face creams All the anti-ageing and anti wrinkle lotions, creams and moisturizers includes the ingredients like anti-oxidants and potent peptides. But it is not that you have to worry of using any such product thinking that about the Resveratrol dangers as the definitely won't have any such ill effects on you. Know more about Resveratrol dangers here!

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==== ==== Discover the amazing properties of Resveratrol Today. Sale On Now Get 20% off using coupon code 'pdf20' ttp:// ==== ====

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