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Coromandel kiwi delivered to new home on Motutapu

The first five of approximately 40 kiwi arrive by helicopter on Motutapu Island in the Hauraki Gulf (above) to establish a permanent island population of Coromandel brown kiwi. All five were supplied by Project Kiwi Trust; one chick, two juveniles and one adult pair. The event on Tuesday also marked the launch of New Zealand’s new kiwi protection agency – Kiwis for kiwi. Inset: DOC’s Andrew Nelson holds the 11 day old Coromandel brown kiwi called Motutapu.

District Plan: economic growth, fewer restrictions and streamlined procedures by Shenagh Gleeson Enabling economic growth, removing unnecessary restrictions and streamlining procedures are the key goals for Thames-Coromandel’s new District Plan. The district council released the first draft of the plan last Wednesday. It’s the first update since its adoption in 1998. The council describes the purpose of the plan as “to set goals and constraints about what your neighbours can do on their land, so the Coromandel stays a great place to live”. Only outstanding landscapes should be protected by rules, the council says. In the draft plan a coastal

environment line makes it clear where coastal policies apply. Coastal villages should stay low density and infill houses, big commercial buildings and apartments will be discouraged. Amenity landscapes, like rural backdrops and interesting scenery, don't need specific rules, the council says. Rules governing building colour should apply only in open areas near the coast and in outstanding landscapes. Most new houses in coastal villages will no longer need a resource consent to control colour. There’s a three-tier urban hierarchy. The towns are Whitianga, Thames, Whangamata; settlements are Coromandel town, Matarangi, Tairua, Pauanui;

and there are coastal/rural villages. Most population growth and services are planned for the towns. Growth in the four settlements is limited to current and proposed infrastructure. Coastal/ rural villages won’t expand beyond existing zones and any surrounding structure plans. This limits increased demand and cost for community infrastructure and the loss of coastal natural character, the council says. Other points include: yyPlanning maps show Significant Natural Areas on conservation land, covenanted land, and where the landowner has agreed to let an ecologist check the area.

yyUrban areas at risk of coastal erosion are mapped. Buildings here should be movable for when the land erodes. Areas at risk of future coastal erosion because of rising sea levels are also identified. No specific rules apply, but dense development isn’t encouraged. yyThe rules and regulations around mining activities should be based on its effects (both positive and negative), size and scale, risk of contamination, and location. Mining activities should be treated the same as other activities with the same effects, such as earthworks and removing trees. yyThe list of historic heritage buildings and sites has

been reviewed, with some buildings removed and others added. Previously ignored heritage buildings and sites beyond Thames and Coromandel Town are added. yyTwenty-two of the most significant archaeological sites are given extra protection. Two protection areas are placed around archaeological sites at Opito Bay and another at Otautu Bay. yySignificant trees are still protected with landowner consent. yy In Whitianga, the gateway zone is cemented in as a big bulk retail and service area; the town’s general activities zone becomes a commercial zone; and the remaining commercial

zone has slimmed-down rule standards so that businesses can build, change and grow without needing resource consents. A revised pedestrian core zone allows for pedestrians areas and small-scale shops with accommodation upstairs. Submissions on the draft plan close at the end of January. Public meetings are scheduled for Whitianga, TCDC office, November 22 4-6pm; Coromandel, TCDC office November 26 4-6pm; Colville Hall January 17 11am-2pm. * Over the next few weeks we’ll explore some of the changes in the District Plan in more depth.

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The Peninsula Post  25 October 2012

The team

Phone 867 1001

Whitianga Social Services Great response from would-be budgeters Budget Advisor trainees What an overwhelming response we got to our request for people interested in training to become a Budget Advisor with our service. Thank you to all who left their name and phone numbers – we will be in touch within the next week to give you the relevant information. Doing right by your diesel We kiwis are all too ready to berate our performance when it comes to world standards, when, in many cases, there is simply no need. Griping about the quality of our diesel is a case in point. In actual fact our diesel ranks as one of the best in the world. Consumer Affair’s Measurement and Product Safety Service (MAPSS) randomly tests the quality of diesel in service stations around the country to make sure of this. MAPSS’ manager Stephen O’Brien said NZ legislation around fuel quality is in line with that of Australia and the European Union, which

is among the strictest in the world. The vast majority of diesel they test is of a high quality and meets the requirements. In the rare instance it’s not, they work with service stations or fuel companies to sort out any problems. When it comes to consumer rights, filling up at the garage is no different to buying a new kettle, or a new pair of shoes. Fuel must be fit for purpose. And if it’s not, the garage must make amends. If you think your vehicle has been damaged by poor quality fuel, take it up with the service station or the fuel company you believe is responsible. If you’re not satisfied with their response ask MAPSS to investigate (0508MAPSS INFO – 0508 627 774) or email But remember, time is of the essence. If you leave it too long, it can be difficult to say whether the fuel has been contaminated somewhere in the supply chain or in your vehicle’s tank. Weeks or months down the line the service station will have taken many fuel deliveries and will probably have carried out routine maintenance on their

Family Day Out at bike park to be rescheduled The Family Day Out at Whitianga Bike Park will be rescheduled sometime in November, says organiser Noel Hewlett. The event was to have been held on the Sunday

of Labour Weekend but weather conditions forced it to be postponed. The event includes a treasure hunt for 5 to 12 year olds with a first prize of $100.

KAURI 2000 Visiting our forests? Help prevent kauri dieback ● clean your gear before and after visiting kauri forests, clean your shoes, tyres and equipment ● use disinfectant stations where provided ● always stay on the tracks and off kauri roots For more info visit

Plant a kauri .... recreate a forest

Peninsula Post 12

tanks – making it difficult to prove either way. People sometimes blame poor quality diesel for problems with their diesel engine, when poor maintenance or how the car is driven can be the root cause. Follow these tips to keep your engine happy: yyMake sure you know what maintenance your vehicle needs, including how often your fuel filters need replacing – if you’re unsure ask a reputable car dealer. yyIf your warning lights come on or your engine cuts out, stop driving and have it checked out straight away. yyTop up your tank regularly. If you run your tank on empty, condensation can form and drip into your diesel. The same is true if your vehicle sits idle with not much diesel in it. For more information on fuel quality visit www. “As we age we should lead our life so we wouldn’t be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip.” Have a great week The team at Social Services

Correction Grant “Grunty” Wyllie, who died in a mineshaft near Whitianga recently, had two sons, not a son and a daughter, as we reported in our last issue.

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a cat makes a house your home...

Whitianga daily weather information - October Day & Date

Temp °C High

Temp °C Low

Rain mm

Wind Kph

Wednesday 17

23 – 4.00 pm

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41 - 4.30 pm

Thursday 18

20 – 2.00 pm

14 – 7.00 am

9.8 mm

51 – 2.30 pm

Friday 19

19 – 4.30 pm

11 – 2.30 am

0.6 mm

43 – 2.30 pm

Saturday 20

20 – 3.00 pm

5 – 7.00 am


24 – 12.30 pm

Sunday 21

16 – 11.30 am

8 – 2.30 am

24.0 mm

29 - 3.30 pm

Monday 22

20 – 12.30 pm

14 – 7.00 am

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33 – 12.30 pm

Tuesday 23

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Out and about on the Peninsula

Scott Simpson, MP for Coromandel (left), officially opened the new building at the Coromandel Museum on Saturday with the help of Coromandel School of Mines & Historical Society president Sue Wright. The new building houses the collection of the Coromandel Silver Band, as well as new displays on the history of the Post Offices of the Coromandel region, Walter Callaway and the Whangapoua Hall. Photo: Raewyn McKinney

Above: Fast and furious action from Sunday's bathtub racing with competitors and spectators undaunted by the less than pleasant weather. There was quite a bit of excitement on the water with collisions, turnovers and spills, says one of the organisers Michelle Ellwood. The event raised just on $2000 for

Whitianga Coastguard and Hotwater Beach Surf Lifesaving. Left: The Stig, aka Nic Coulter, chose a relatively low tech option for the birdman competition. Photos: Michelle Ellwood

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The Peninsula Post  25 October 2012

Do or Di: enjoy hits from the 1950s Exam & assessment The musical hits of the 1950s live again in a show in Coromandel town early next month. Singer Anna Rugis came up with the idea for the acclaimed Do or Di, featuring divas Doris Day and Dinah Shore and their chart-topping songs. She and fellow performer Linn Lorkin perform the women’s hits in a show that spoofs the television game show format of the ‘50s, with the audience trying to guess who had which hit. The show, which is being toured by Arts On Tour New Zealand, has had some great reviews. Anna and Linn are accompanied by Herschel Herscher on piano and accordion. Linn also plays the piano.

Anna Rugis is a New Zealand born singer who began her career as a backup singer for Cat Stephens, Cliff Richard, The Kinks and Van Morrison in the UK. She is also a composer and a poet. Linn Lorkin has performed at Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London and regularly tours in Europe, US and Australia as the lead singer in New Zealand groups, The Jews Brothers Band and French Toast. She sings in several languages and has recorded 12 albums for her own label, Rouge Records, including five CDs of original songs and two of French chansons. Her show, Hey Piano Lady, gained four stars at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year and an invitation to appear again this year.

NZ Listener music writer William Dart describes her as a national treasure. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Herschel Herscher was a pianist, accordionist, arranger and bandleader with various well-known New York Latin music groups before moving to New Zealand in 1985. He founded the Nairobi Trio, The Jews Brothers Band, French Toast (with partner Linn Lorkin) and Charanga Amadeus, which performs Cuban music from the 1950s. Do or Di, which is the Coromandel Music Society’s final concert for 2012, is on at the Anglican Church Hall on Friday, November 2 at 7.30pm.

FRESH results for local dancers FRUIT & VEGE

Thirteen-year-old Georgia Bernhard (above) received 98% in her Grade 4 Tap in the annual British Ballet Organisation exams. She was also given a Performance in Dance Award by the Head of BBO New Zealand, Mrs Prue Gooch. Results of annual British Ballet Organisation Ballet, Tap and Urban Exams and Assessments supplied by Lisa Gifford Dancing:

Anna Rugis (left) Herschel Herscher and Linn Lorkin recreate some of the hits of the 1950s in Do or Di.

Urban One - Indaria BainbridgeDavies, Maria Davenhill (Award for Awesome Style & Musicality), Cerys Green; Urban Three Nadine Bakker 78, Trinity Holmes 82 (Outstanding Performance Award), Paige Prime 80; Junior

Urban Performance - Emily Grindrod Silver Medal, Sarah Morcom Gold Medal, Piper Wight Bronze Medal; Urban Six - Kyla Abrahamson 84, Georgia Bernhard 88 (Award of Excellence) Taimania Hinds 85, Ra Kuchlein 81, Franci Mathew 82, Joseph Morcom 86 (Award for Awesome Style & Musicality), Iris Ronald 80, Connor StoyelWiggens 79, Baylee Wooldridge 83. Intermediate Urban Performance - Stevie MacFarlane Gold Medal (award for Outstanding Performance), Ayana PiperHealion Gold Medal, Cosette O’Connell Silver Medal, Makiko Noguchi Gold Medal, Caitlin Stoyel-Wiggens Silver Medal; Hip Hop Level Three - Erika Duerre 86, Michaela Duerre 85, Taimania Hinds 82, Joseph Morcom 82, Tiana Smith 89 (Award for Awesome Style & Musicality), Rhianna Thompson 90 (Award of Excellence); Junior Musical Theatre - Kyla Abrahamson 80, Taimania Hinds 81, Franci Mathew 83. Scholars One Ballet - Indaira Bainbridge-Davies (Award of Excellence), Kiara Martin, Courtney Till, Elizabeth Till; Scholars Two Ballet – Indaria Bainbridge-Davies 88 (Award for Awesome Style & Musicality), Maria Davenhill 83, Cerys Green 81; BBO Grade Five Ballet – Distinction – Michaela Duerre, Aleisha Oliver, Erika Duerre, Merit – Zoe van der Putten, Isabel Lunn; BBO Grade Five Ballet Assessment – Franci Mathew. BBO Grade 2 Tap – Distinction – Grace Mansell, Jordan Brear, Merit – Emma Hinds-Senior, Nadine Bakker; BBO Grade Four Tap – Disinction – Georgia Bernhard, Franci Mathew, Jonika Edecombe, Baylee Wooldridge, Kyla Abrahamson; BBO Grade Five Tap – Franci Mathew.

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Local help wanted for Great Walk The council is looking for help from locals all over the region to put together the Great Peninsula Walk. “The 'first cut' of the Coromandel-wide walkway is being drafted and we want to hear from anyone keen to get involved,” says Whangamata area manager Garry Towler who’s heading up the project. “Our Peninsula Walk will take in sections designed for cyclists where possible and we hope to market it as the 10th Great Walk of New Zealand.”

Mercury Bay Club Bistro Restaurant

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Open 7 days a week from 11am until close

Whitianga man Ross Liggins has organised three tramps of different fitness levels on Sunday, November 4 so Mercury Bay locals can take part in the hike4hunger, organised by a charity called The Hunger Project (THP). The group is encouraging Kiwis to do tramps within a month of World Food Day (Oct 16) to raise awareness of the global food problem of the over one billion chronically hungry worldwide and to help fund solutions that are working in Africa, India, Bangladesh

18 gaming machines Live entertainment fortnightly Friday evenings Darts Pool Snooker Indoor Bowls Tai Chi Yoga Dancing Subsidised taxi service available for all members

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Hot Water Beach

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featuring Beach Culcha Sun 28 October, 1pm



in track construction or maintenance so I can join some more dots." The track includes sections of existing DOC tracks between Whangamata and Whitianga. It is unlikely to be a continuous track, but will allow for local employment opportunities through operators of shuttle vans, kayaking and other initiatives. "We're not at a detailed level yet but I'm preparing a report to the council and by mid-November we plan to start mapping."

Local hike4hunger next week has options to suit all fitness levels

Fully Licensed Bar

Open Fri & Sat nights

Thames-Coromandel District Council has met with stakeholders including the Department of Conservation and Coastal Walkways and begun the process of outlining potential routes with dots on the map. Mr Towler says the next stage of joining these dots could be made a lot easier with input from locals in the know. "We have identified most of the route along the whole of the eastern Coromandel but we'd still like to hear from local groups involved

8 The Esplanade, Whitianga



and Latin America. This year the hike4hunger will fund projects in Malawi. Mr Liggins says he’s indebted to the Glen, Wells and Simpson families for their generous permission to hike over private land. Those who decide to take part can choose from: Hike 1: From Kuaotunu café through native bush and along forest tracks with stunning views over the Mercury Islands, on down to Otama Beach and back to Kuaotunu (5-6 hours, good fitness required);



Hike 2: Across farmland, following the coast high up to the iconic Whauwhau Beach and return (3-4 hours, moderate fitness required); Hike 3: Ferry Landing to Purangi, along road, track and beach (low to average fitness required). Participation will be by donation and all proceeds from the event will go to The Hunger Project. For registration and further information contact Ross Liggins 07 869 5208 (from Sunday evening) or 021 469 103.


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The Peninsula Post  25 October 2012

Pet Day 2012 - Te Rerenga Sc

Aimee Harnett from Year 8 a who's training her puppy Je us down to Pet Day on Nove

Oasis Skin - LOOK BEAUTIFUL – Looking for a way to get rid of the “extra” rounds? Wanting to get the perfect shape back again for summer? NOW … you can!! The fastest growing trend in medical aesthetics, Body Contouring (also called Body Sculpting and Body Shaping) is here. Oasis Skin now offers a scientifically proven painless way to get rid of that unwanted “flabby” rolls by using high frequency ultrasound and ultrasonic cavitation. Typically patients lose up to 2cm of waistline with the first treatment. Up to 3-5cm with a course of 3 to 5 treatments. Less than an hour per treatment (performed by a health professional). Can be performed on the tummy, love handles, arms, legs, buttocks and ankles.

We also provide: IPL (Intense Pulse Lightning) | Botulinum toxin | Hair Removal Coastal Sanctuary, 14 Victoria St, Whitianga Shop 3, 237 Main Road, Tairua | Shop 9, 52 Jubilee Drive, Pauanui 07 864 7596 | *Please note this is not for weight loss, but to get rid of these unwanted fat areas in spite of doing regular exercise and following a healthy diet.

This is my second pet d Last time I didn’t have a but this time I’ve got lo choose from! At home I a cat called Jazzy, two & Mocha) and a new pupp I would risk my life for m them that much. I spend with them before and af no time to do any homew such a big part of my lif it my work when I leave decided yet whether to horses. I’ve decided to take my Jessie to our school pet day. She’s my three month old, greyhoun cross puppy! I’ve had Jessie for about eight weeks and she was ei when we picked her up. In that time I’ve already trained her to sit whistle and round up the cattle with a point of a finger. I’m still ‘trick’ Jessie is going to perform for the judges on pet day. I thought I was going to have more time to train Jessie in the sc I was so busy working at Castle Rock café, seeing friends, looki horses plus three others, puppy and cat sitting/feeding and reari needed feeding twice a day…I ran out of time! I can’t wait to write again next week and update you on all of Jes

BUSINESS PROFILE Mercury Bay Medical Centre’s new doctor is already familiar with the town

PRP (Platelet rich plasma) (RegenPlasma) treatments are now available on the Coromandel Peninsula. It provides excellent results for treating fine lines on the face, crepey skin around the eyes and neck, skin firming, uneven skin tone and volume loss in the face. A small amount of your own blood is collected in the same way blood is collected for tests at your doctor. This is centrifigued (spun down at high revolutions) to seperate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. The platelets and plasma are then injected with a very fine needle into the areas we want to treat. Since this is your own blood, the risk of side effects is minimal. The platelets contain growth factors that stimulate new collagen and blood vessel production and re-energise your cells into rejuvenating themselves. It takes about one month to see results.

Oasis Skin 07 864 7596 www. Coastal Sanctuary, Whitianga

Doctor Emma Stanley reckons she arrived in Whitianga knowing the town pretty well. For about a year, she’s been getting familiar with who and what’s happening in her new home by reading the Peninsula Post online every week. And she started work the same week that Mercury Bay Medical Centre rolled out the radical new operating system that it’s hoped will improve patient care and the doctors’ working lives. Emma says she’s impressed with the tools the practice is using. “The computer system is very good. Even though we’re in an older building, the technology is right up to date and better than what I was using in the UK.” Emma grew up in West Sussex in England and studied medical sciences at Cambridge and clinical medicine at St George’s Hospital, London, with an eye-opening elective in Borneo. She then trained in A&E and general practice in Yorkshire before travelling in South and Central America, where she met her Kiwi husband, Nick. They settled in Brighton in the UK and Emma has been a GP partner there for 10 years, where she also dabbled in medical politics to help improve local health care services. The couple holidayed at Simpsons Beach two years ago and fell in love with the Coromandel Peninsula. On their return home they decided it was time to seek a change of lifestyle and make the move to New Zealand. Emma says she was amazed that she was able to find a job in the place she’d chosen to live, with the beach just on the doorstep. Six-year-old Rosie and seven-year-old Sam are now being settled into their home by

Doctor Emma Stanley Nick, who’s been a house husband for a while. An engineer by trade and a keen kitesurfer and windsurfer, he’s going to look around before he decides on a job or a new business. Emma says she enjoys all aspects of family medicine and is looking forward to working in a smaller practice. “It will be nice to be more of a traditional family doctor, getting to know patients and their families and personalities.” And she says Mercury Bay Medical Centre’s new model of care is exciting and seems like the way forward. “Telephone and email consultations make a lot of sense as people’s lifestyles get more busy.”

The Peninsula Post  25 October 2012 Page 7


at Te Rerenga School, essie, will be counting ember 17.

day at Te Rerenga. a pet to bring oads of pets to I’ve got 31 calves, horses (Seanna py called Jessie. my pets I love d so much time fter school I have work. Animals are fe I want to make school. I haven’t be a vet or train

frisky puppy nd cattle dog ight weeks old t, come to the deciding what

chool holidays but ing after my own ing 31 calves who

ssie’s preparation!

Pink Ribbon total up


The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation’s recent Pink Ribbon Street Appeal in the eastern Coromandel region netted over $4600. Area coordinator Chris Hopkins says it was “an amazing day full of pink glory”, thanks to all the wonderful volunteers. The amount collected was well up on last year’s total.

Full body $50 $40

Offer ends 31 Oct 2012

Receive a free full-size Eight Hour® Cream Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment with an Elizabeth Arden purchase of $69 or more.*

New seafood group A new national seafood industry organisation has been established. New Zealand Seafood Industry Council chairperson Dave Sharp says Seafood New Zealand is the outcome of a comprehensive review undertaken by the council. The new body aims to deliver better value by allowing for greater autonomy of individual sector groups, while still representing the whole industry. Seafood New Zealand has five sector groups aquaculture, deepwater, paua, rock lobster and the emerging inshore finfish sector.

*Offer available at selected pharmacies from 17 October to 4 November 2012 One gift per customer, while stocks last. Qualifying purchase must be made in a single transaction. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Gift sets, value packs, discounted or promotional items cannot be counted towards the qualifying purchase.

28 Albert Street, Whitianga Phone 07 866 4532 Fax 07 866 4538 DEBBIE HARRIS M.P.S.


Dr Emma Stanley

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.00pm Evening Clinic Monday and Wednesday 5.30pm to 7.00pm Weekend Clinics Saturday 9.00am to 11.00am 5.00pm to 6.00pm Sunday 10.00am to 11.00am 5.00pm to 6.00pm On call at all other times IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY PLEASE DIAL 111


14 Victoria Street Whitianga

Phone 866 2679

Don't miss out!!

Appointments are now available with

mercury bay medical centre

Legs or upper body $20

How to make our new system work for you... Karen, Teegan and Alicia are now your first point of contact with your medical centre and they want to help you get the most appropriate medical care. They have quickly learnt that we are unique in Whitianga in that our patients like to speak to people they know and like to make on-the-day appointments rather than booking ahead. On-the-day appointments are dependant on availability and you maybe asked the reason for your visit as the call takers are trained to triage these calls. If you do not wish to disclose why you want an appointment, that is fine. However in some instances, such as a sudden onset, medical emergency or injury, it will help us achieve the best outcome for you. Planning appointments or other requests ahead of time means we’ll be able to reach our goal of fewer visits with better outcomes while reducing costs and saving you time and money. 87 Albert Street Whitianga 07 866 5911 24 hour accident medical care to our enrolled patients and visitors

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The Peninsula Post  25 October 2012

Sport GOLF

Mercury Bay results Women

Results of the first round of match play club champs on October 17: Pam Holland 1, Sue Donovan 2, Ann Blair 3, Lindsay Rogers 4, Sharon Young 5, Debbie Holmes 6. Scramble: Alma Kitchen 1, Raewyn Hill 2. Nearest the pin on No 4: Edith Thompson, nearest the pin on No 10: Sheree Henderson.


Nine ladies turned out to play a stableford competition on October 11: Div1: Joan Wedge 1, Lorraine Donnelley 2; Div 2: Margret Coysh 1, Jean Hancock 2. Eight ladies turned out to play a stableford competition on October 18: Div 1: Audrey Vickers, Div 2: Margret Coysh.



NZ's toughest cycling event starts in Tairua this year

Judith King 30. Long drive: Janice Bell.

The K2, the country’s toughest cycling event; a gruelling 200km around the Coromandel Peninsula that attracts some of New Zealand’s best riders, starts in Tairua on Saturday morning. More than 1500 riders are expected, attracted by the European-style course and a hefty prize purse. It also has a unique format that sees the event start from a different Coromandel town every year. From this year’s start in Tairua, riders get a short warm up before taking on the 240m high Pumpkin Hill. That’s just a teaser before a brutal 50k with 800m of climbing over the hills of Kuaotunu and Whangapoua to the halfway mark at Coromandel township. Two more 200m climbs out of

Results from mid week competition, October 17: Kevin Smith 38, Alan Bowker 38, Alan Henderson 37, Osman Emer 36, Grant Wedge 36, Lee Hall 36, Norm Ball 35, John Matthews 35. Twos: Peter May, Ken Meads; NAGA: Geoff Lowe. Results from mixed Labour Weekend Scramble, October 20: Men: Wayne Malcolm 43, Keith Denney 40, Alan Henderson 40, Tom Coysh 39, Pat Smith 39, Andrew Fleming 38, Ray Burgess 37, Robert Jones 36, Charles Fussell 36, Murray Bennett 36, Jack Coldicutt 36. Twos: Kelly Barson; long drive, senior: Lee Hall, junior: Muzz Bennett; nearest the pin, senior: John Lister, junior: Brent Watts. Women: Chrissie Smith 38, Janice Bell 36, Alma Kitchen 34, Debbie Holmes 33,

Coromandel gives everyone a new appreciation for the following 30k of flatlands along the Firth of Thames before K2’s signature climb, the 14k long, 425m high Kopu-Hikuai Hill. After Kopu-Hikuai, however, finishers are rewarded with a spectacular final 40k back to the finish line at Tairua. Former winners have included Olympians, national reps and national champions such as Glen Mitchell, Jeremy Yates, Linda Villumsen, Roz Reekie-May, Meshy Holt, Serena Sheridan, Frazer MacMaster and Michael Torkler. With 2011 winner, Torckler, still recovering from a hit-and-run incident in the USA, and four-time winner Jeremy Yates having retired, racing this year is wide open.


A day in the peat bog for MBAS motocross riders

The K2 is more than just a race for line honours. Offering something for riders of all age and ability, options alongside the flagship 200k K2 include the 150k from Whitianga to Tairua, the K1 over 100k from Coromandel township to Tairua, and the Nicholas Browne 50k from Thames to Tairua that is named after keen cyclist Nicholas Browne who died from kidney transplant complications three weeks after riding the 50k option in 2006. The K1 also doubles as the elite women’s race, another wide open affair. Favourites include internationally ranked junior riders, Ashleigh Neave (Nap) and

Georgia Williams (Akld), who finished fifth and eighth in the 2011 event. Organise Andy Reid says starting and finishing at sea level mean riders enjoy as much down as up. “People dwell on K2’s hills but we tell them that it’s 2300 vertical metres of awesome downhills.” Among this year’s starters are television presenter Mary Lambie and Last of the Summer Wine Coromandel competitors, Willem Kalkman (71), Pete Sephton (64) and Phil Brown (62).

Consult The Professionals

Three students represented Mercury Bay Area School at the Patetonga on the Peat School MotoX Competition last Thursday. Noeline Webb rode a Honda CR125R in the girls all in but had to pull out due to issues with her clutch. Cody Bennett (pictured on No 74) entered the beginner’s 125cc-250cc class on his CR125R and came in fifth overall, earning 33 points for MBAS. Leroy Sloane rode his Kawasaki KX250 and in the Intermediate 250 class, coming in 11th overall and claiming 30 points for the school. Phillip Sloane, Daniel Hamilton, Brian Campion and Dion Bennett were on hand to teach technique, encourage and help with all the bike and riding concerns.

Sell yourself with the

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Our next issue is 1 November 2012

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We have a fulltime position available for the right person. Database and computer experience essential (Medtech32 preferred). For an application form, please contact The Practice Manager, Mercury Bay Medical Centre, PO Box 20, Whitianga Applications close 2 November 2012

raffle results mercury bay medical centre 87 albert street whitianga ph 07 866 5911

Sunday 4 November, 10am

There will be 3 hikes to cater for various fitness levels. Hike 1: From Kuaotunu café through native bush and along forest tracks with stunning views over the Mercury Islands, on down to Otama Beach and back to Kuaotunu (5-6 hours - good fitness required) Hike 2: Across farmland, following the coast high up to the iconic Whauwhau Beach and return (3-4 hours - moderate fitness required) Hike 3: Ferry Landing to Purangi, along road, track and beach (low to average fitness required) We are indebted to the Glen, Wells and Simpson families for their generous permission to hike over private land. Thank you. Participation will be by donation and all proceeds go to The Hunger Project For registration and further information please contact Ross Liggins 07 869 5208 (from Sunday evening) or 021 469 103

Notice of Special General Meeting Saturday 10 November 2012 at 2.30pm at the Clubrooms Business of Meeting: 1. Minor rule changes 2. Approval of 2011/12 Annual Accounts 3. Discussion on Club Aircraft Utilization and furture planning. Merilyn Bennet Office Manager

Mercury Bay Co-operating Parish WORSHIP SERVICES

and Kids Friendly Bible Session

St Andrew’s By the Sea Community Church Albert Street Whitianga 9:30 am every Sunday Minister: Rev Mary Petersen ST PATRICK’S CATHOLIC CHURCH

Campbell Street Sunday Mass 8.30am (With Children's Liturgy)

MERCURY BAY LIBRARY HOURS Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9am - 5pm Wed 9.30am - 5pm Sat 9am - 12pm THAMES VALLEY BASKETBALL ASSN Expressions of Interest Coaches/assistant coaches for 2013 season Under 11 - 19 age groups Send CV to: or ph 021 121 1953 by 9 November 2012

Tairua Mass Sunday 10.30am

ST. PETER'S CHURCH FAIR Grocery Hampers: Green C004: Martine Red E037: Saunders Proceeds from this raffle to local Food Bank

death notice

public notices


10am sunday crossroad centre cnr joan gaskell drive & cook drive

Wednesday Mass/Liturgy 12.05pm


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Isabella Street (off Coghill St) Open every Friday 9am – 12pm New members Welcome ~Toys for Hire ~

garage sales 15 MILL Road, Sat 27 Oct, 8am.

MURPHY, Kerry Alexander. Born 14 April 1972, passed 12 October 2012. Beloved son of Audrey & Robin Murphy (deceased). Loving father to Crystal, Jasmine, Matthew, Andrew, Jade and Alex. Loving brother to Zane & Rachelle, Lee, Shaun, John & Debbie. Uncle to Abby, Daniel, Mitchell, Alicia, Hayley, Jamie, Anthony (deceased), Sara, Jesica, Carly (deceased), Patrick (deceased), Amber, Jodi and Ben. “You will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts, may you rest in peace.” A service for Kerry has been held. Messages may be left online at www. or posted to the Murphy family, P O Box 5523, Frankton, Hamilton 3242. Seddon Park Funeral Home.

rabbit needs home Free to GOOD home: 1 Mini Lop female rabbit, light brown, 1 year old, quite shy and does not like other female rabbits, needs a gentle loving home. Ph Anna 021 131 9174 or 07 866 0997.

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The Peninsula Post  25 October 2012

classifieds classifieds classifieds classifieds classifieds classifieds public notices

Lesley Preece

Mercury Bay Library Thank you all for your patience regarding our two day closure last week. We have been replacing our library computer system and we were not able to transact books during the switch over. Our new system is far more powerful - one of the immediate improvements you'll notice is a better public searching interface, with the book covers displayed. Your subject searches will now also return relevant magazine, journal or newspaper articles - as well as books. We have been offering online databases containing journals and newspapers for some time - but integrating them into the cataloue makes then far more usable. Another simple but useful improvement is that if you take out a copy of book out that you've already had, you'll get an alert that you've taken it out previously. Great news for all those incurable book fiends! Congratualtions to the three winners of the Books in Fun Places photo draw. The junior winner is Tasha Lailey, the intermediate winner is Hannah Trebes, and the adult winner is Elizabeth Nicholls. If you have not already done so, please call into the library to collect your prizes. A selction of new books you might enjoy....

Bangers to bacon: a New Zealand guide to making, cooking and using sausages and cured meats By Jeremy Schmid (2012)

Travels of Hochstetter and Haast in New Zealand 1858 - 1860 By Mike Johnston & Sascha Nolden (2012)

The food and cooking of Russia By Elena Makhonko (2012)

Basic maths for dummies By Colin Beveridge (2011)

Casper Candlewacks in attack of the braniacs By Ivan Brett (2012)

Welcome home, Anna Hibiscus! By Atinuke (2012)

LIBRARY HOURS Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am - 5pm Wednesday 9.30am - 5pm, Saturday 9am - 12pm

Erin Kropidlowski

MBAS Board of Trustees You are welcome to come to our meetings Hello and once again it is my pleasure to report to you just some of the things that have been happening in our school. Firstly, I would like to explain the composition of our board of trustees: it is composed of the principal, parent representatives, a staff representative and a student representative. The elections for the parent or community reps are voted for by the parents of our school while the elections for the staff and students reps are voted by the staff and students respectively. We have just held student and staff elections. This year we had 5 students vying for the position of student’s representative and there was vigorous campaigning around the campus. We are happy to announce two new members to our Board; Hannah McClennan, our new Student Representative

and Fiona Watts, our new Staff representative. We farewell Charles Hamilton and Sue Ting who were wonderful people to work with and we thank them for their many contributions to our team. We are making progress on our new gym and intend to be underway by the end of November. A huge Thank You to Bob Schibli and Andrea Brown who work long hours tirelessly to ensure that the difficulties in the new payroll system initiated by the Ministry last month are minimal for our school. I had the absolute pleasure

to be invited to the year 13 Restaurant, also held in the last week of term 3. To fulfil NCEA requirements, year 13 students in hospitality had to plan and execute a menu that included starters, entrée, mains and dessert. The complex menus included very challenging dishes to make that were beautifully presented to the customers. Our waiting staff were friendly and efficient in their service and I believe we all left with very full tummies and happy taste buds! Finally we are continually looking for ways to improve our communication with you and would like you to know that you are most welcome to come along to our meetings which are held every third Thursday each month. Public input is welcome at the beginning of the meeting so if you have ideas or feedback you are most welcome to come along and share. Erin Kropidlowski BOT Chair

District & regional councils both report surpluses but big difference in figures Both Thames-Coromandel District and Waikato Regional Councils have reported surpluses for 2011-2012 but there’s a big difference in the two figures. Thames-Coromandel District Council has reported a $344,000 surplus, after lower expenditure and revenue than expected. Spending has been cut through restructuring and cost saving, while income fell because rates were cut. The average rate in the district fell by close to 1%. Debt rose by 4.4%. Chief Executive David Hammond praised his staff for producing a great outcome in a year in which the council experienced the most upheaval it has had since 1989, through its restructure and change of operations to an empowerment model. "Overall the council has lower expenditure and revenue than expected,

meaning only a very moderate budget surplus. We are battling through the recession prudently. "Our reductions in costs and rate funding requirement are an understood reality, but we are also creating an environment which has certainty and consistency of both costs and regulations for our existing and new businesses.” Mr Hammond says he’d like to improve the council’s level of service (72%) and also understand the gap between budgeted and actual spend better. Waikato Regional Council has reported an operating surplus of $5.9 million. After transfers to reserves and allowing for carry-over of funds to finish work started but not finished last year - the surplus provides $1.17 million of unallocated operating funds for use in the future.

Final decisions are yet to be made on how these funds will be used. Chairperson Peter Buckley says the council’s strong financial position and achievements in the areas of community partnerships, environmental management, regional development and safe and resilient communities showed the council was performing well and providing the community value for money. “While these results reflect a wide variety of factors, including some spending not going ahead as planned last year, the council’s ongoing tight focus on cost control has also played a key part in producing this result,” Mr Buckley says. “Extra surpluses, such as the one we generated last year, can play a part in containing future rate rises.”

The Peninsula Post  25 October 2012 Page 11


Police notebook Sergeant Andrew Morrison says

Disappointingly we attended five disorder incidents this week, with two assaults and a wilful damage incident related to this behaviour. In the past we have experienced an increase in crime over the summer period, but this doesn't have to be repeated! If everyone stands up for what is reasonable when it comes to parties and behaviour then the community will be a better place. Often we get to a party and the occupants tell us how

they only have a noisy/ inconsiderate party very occasionally as an excuse for their behaviour. Unfortunately this excuse is pretty hollow if everyone decides to have a similar party. Please think of your community.


18yr old local man for theft ex-car and unlawfully interferes with a motor vehicle x 3, 16/10.


19 year old local man for driving with excess breath alcohol 524/400, 19/10. Motor vehicle crash, SH25 Whenuakite. Driver of a car

lost control on a moderate bend and crashed into a bank. Minor injuries resulted, 21/10.


Two domestic incidents were attended this week. On October 15 a couple were arguing about their relationship and police attended to calm the situation, while also that day we offered parenting advice to a woman at a Tudor Grove address. On October 16 a local man was apprehended for breaking into cars around town and enquiries indicate that he may have committed

other unreported thefts. Please let us know if your car was broken into over the weekend October 13 so that we can deal with this man’s actions fully. A scooter was unlawfully taken from Blacksmith Lane on October 16 and it was later located off Cook Drive. Enquiries are continuing with a named suspect. A 10ft aluminium dingy was stolen from Robinson Road and diesel was stolen from a digger on Moewai Road, October 19. A trellis gate was kicked in on Monk Street, October 21.


Results of the Cathedral Pairs played on October 16: North-South: Annette Cox, Maggie Urlich 59.79 1; Maureen France, Robyn Hogg 56.83 2; Faye Smith, Chris Rendle 54.23 3. East-West: Peter France, Alva Gibson 60.42 1; Susan Patterson, Val Thompson 57.74 2; Ngaire O’Brien, Trudy Burnham 56.55 3.

Mercury Bay

Results from games played at the Whitianga club rooms on October 17. North/South: Augusta Canegallo and Robyn Hogg 1, Bob Schibli and Dave Dylla 2, Maritza Kocsis and Mary Masters 3. East/West: Norma Loomes and Val Thompsom 1, Myra Hoogwerf and Maggie Urlich 2, Alison Tichbon and Martin Lewis 3.

If there's a story to tell , contact Shenagh Gleeson phone 07 866 0001

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A/H: 07 866 5866

Contact Jim 0274 872 606 Mercury Bay Commercial Cleaners joinery

Kitchens Timber Joinery Free measure and quote 7 days a week, by appointment We are reqularly in Coromandel PENINSULA JOINERY Albert Street, Thames Phone 07 868 6323

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To find out about our great deal for advertisers in this section, email Lisa or Sue on or phone us on 866 0001 Our next issue is 1 November 2012

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Your favourite ever pet photo This week, our last for pet photos, we couldn't go past the ultimate in cute - a boy and his buddy. Draeos Brett sent in this photo of himself and pet budgie, Budgerina.

November's theme is your favourite ever birthday party picture. Email your image to news@ with your name, address, a daytime phone number. Please make sure any people in the photo are named and tell us why it's your favourite pic. Remember one entry per photographer per week. Each month our prizewinner will receive an 8 x 12 photo block of their image, thanks to Stephensons Unichem Pharmacy and Fujifilm Image Service.


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