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Starting Primary School



o your little one is all grown up and ready for “big”school? When did that happen? It only seems like yesterday that you were holding their little hand on that nervous drive home from hospital, right? You have done the research and the planning and now their first day of primary school is looming, and that is a huge transition for the whole family.

For our first-time-mums this transition can bring up all sorts of feelings and questions like “What will I do with my time now?" For our Mum’s that have been there once or twice before, there are often cries of “Thank God”. Nonetheless, even our most even-tempered of children and relaxed families will be feeling some sort of nerves. The change that comes with this transition is inevitable and change can bring about a whole range of stress and anxiety-related issues that can be easily managed if we are aware of them and prepare adequately. Below are some tips to make the transition a little easier for the whole family.

Make sure they are familiar with the school. If your child has been attending public kindergarten then they may have had an excursion to see their new primary school. If not, then make a trip to the school so that you can show them around. Most schools will have their offices open about one week prior to school starting so contact them to see if they can arrange a tour for you and your child. Make sure your child knows where their classroom is, where the toilets are, the office and what their teachers name is for a good start. Also show your child where you will drop them off and pick them up each day (or where they are to go for After School Care if appropriate). If your child is attending a primary school where they know very few or no other students, try and arrange a play date with other kids in your child’s class. This can be beneficial for both of you so that you too can meet other parents and there may be even a chance to talk about car pooling and/or sharing after school care. continued next page...


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