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oing out for dinner was such a simple and relaxing thing to do… before I had kids. Now the mere suggestion leaves me rocking, foetus-like, in a corner. The brand new team at Safety Beach dining spot, The New Atrium, believe that they have solved every parent’s dilemma and invited my clan of chaos to discover why they believe it’s the go-to venue for family eating.

The New Atrium has had a revamp with new management, new staff, a new chef and an all-new menu. In case you missed it, there’s a lot of new going on here! This was my first visit to the venue and I was agog at the grand driveway with hedge & water-feature roundabout at the entrance as we drove in; it all looked a bit too fancy for my family to be allowed entry. The building sits beside the local golf course and is towered over by palm trees. We stepped in through the sliding doors and were welcomed immediately by a lovely, friendly waiter. She chatted to the kids and guided us to our table, which looked a little strange. It had regular chairs on one side and a bench seat on the other, though not against a wall. The kids clambered straight onto the bench and showed me why this different approach had been taken; it was made especially for the height-challenged youthful customers. The bench had been built extra high so that children could feel like a part of the group, sitting naturally at the table and not having to be isolated in a high chair. My kids loved this. Brilliant!


Peninsula Kids – Autumn 2017

Honestly though, they only managed to stay in their seat for a matter of seconds because they spotted the centerpiece of The New Atrium’s kid-friendly setup: an enormous Kids Zone. It is a large room filled with a huge plastic structure just right for climbing, crawling, sliding and playing all over. Imagine four or five McDonalds play-areas mashed together. What more does a parent really need than a safe, contained space where the tiny terrors can go completely mental, without annoying all of the other diners? And, if your kids are older than mine, there is also a coin-operated anteroom with a two-player Daytona machine, air hockey table and claw-challenge games. With the sounds of our tiny clones gleefully occupied, Phenom-A-Mum and I settled in to the dining space, looking up to find a huge dome stretching over the top of the tables. It is really nice to sit in a room flooded with daylight, but protected from harsh sunlight by the hanging shades. The magic of the outside in the comfort of being inside.

What comes next? What else? Food! Looking at the brand new menu on offer, I discovered that it covered traditional fare of starters, salads, pizza, pasta, meat & seafood; The kind of menu filled with familiar and comforting foods like chicken parma, roast of the day and a seafood basket . This worried me. I’ve encountered these dishes before in ‘family-dining’ establishments and ended up eating pretty crappy food that seemed as if the bulk had come from the freezer section of Aldi. The same goes with the kids'

Autumn 2017  

Peninsula Kids Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017  

Peninsula Kids Autumn 2017