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All-Peninsula 2011

Girls Track and Field MVP: Audrey Lichten, Sequim

Boys Soccer MVP: Anthony Brandon, Port Angeles

Tennis MVP: Mallory Maloney, Sequim Special sports section of the

Athlete of the Year Lea Hopson, Sequim

Boys Track and Field MVP: Frank Catelli, Sequim

Peninsula Daily News

â– Friday, June 17, 2011


Friday, June 17, 2011

All-Peninsula Boys Top Marks ’11 100 Meters 1. Taylor Bonneau (Sequim), 11.26; 2. Rickie Porter (PA), 11.42; 3. Shane WhiteEagle (Forks), 11.50. 200 Meters 1. Taylor Bonneau (Sequim), 22.81; 1. Rickie Porter (PA), 22.81; 3. Derek Toepper (Chim.), 23.02. 400 Meters 1. Jayson Brocklesby (Sequim), 51.03; 2. Parley Scott (PA), 51.93; 3. Brendan Dennis (PA), 52.74. 800 Meters 1. Habtamu Rubio (PT), 2:00.24; 2. Brendan Dennis (PA), 2:01.75; 3. Joel Williams (Crescent), 2:03.82. 1600 Meters 1. Habtamu Rubio (PT), 4:24.88; 2. Bereket Piatt (PT), 4:25.20; 3. Alex Jenkins (Sequim), 4:32.55. 3200 Meters 1. Bereket Piatt (PT), 9:29.47; 2. Habtamu Rubio (PT), 9:40.83; 3. Tavish Taylor (PA), 9:47.23. 110m Hurdles 1. Parley Scott (PA), 15.72; 2. Stephan Stilts (Sequim), 16.36; 3. Chris Falkey (Sequim), 16.75. 300m Hurdles 1. Emanuel Herrera (Sequim), 40.49; 2. Stephan Stilts (Sequim), 41.12; 3. Matthew Waldrip (Crescent), 43.69. 4-by-100 Relay 1. Sequim, 43.82; 2. Port Angeles, 44.75; 3. Crescent, 46.01. 4-by-400 Relay 1. Sequim, 3:31.51; 2. Port Angeles, 3:36.41; 3. Chimacum, 3:38.03. Shot Put 1. Frank Catelli (Sequim), 58-1.50; 2. Troy Martin (PA), 53-5.00; 3. Justin Boland (PT), 50-2.00. Discus 1. Troy Martin (PA), 175-8.00; 2. Frank Catelli (Sequim), 155-10.00; 3. Justin Boland (PT), 149-6.00. Javelin 1. Sebastian Ramos (Forks), 166-2.00; 2. Cameron Braithwaite (PA), 165-2.00; 3. Frank Catelli (Sequim), 162-4.00. High Jump 1. Ian Ward (PA), 6-4.00; 2. Jayson Brocklesby (Sequim), 6-2.00; 2. Cameron Braithwaite (PA), 6-2.00. Pole Vault 1. Mack Grinnell (Sequim), 13-0.00; 2. Will Stevenson III (PA), 11-0.00; 3. Hamish Peers (Sequim), 10-6.00. Long Jump 1. Derek Toepper (Chim.), 22-4.50; 2. Cameron Braithwaite (PA), 21-4.25; 3. Titus Pascua (NB), 20-9.00. Triple Jump 1. Derek Toepper (Chim.),42-10.50; 2. Cameron Braithwaite (PA), 40-11.75; 3. Parley Scott (PA), 40-8.75.

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

All-Peninsula Boys Track and Field

Frank Catelli

Taylor Bonneau

Rickie Porter

Titus Pascua

Derek Toepper

Sequim (Junior) Throws — MVP

Sequim (Sophomore) Sprints

Port Angeles (Senior) Sprints

Neah Bay (Junior) Sprints/Long jump

Chimacum (Senior) Sprints/Jumping events

Reached 2A state in all three throwing events, winning the shot put crown.

The Peninsula’s top sprinter in the 100 and 200 reached 2A state in the latter.

Closed out his prep career by reaching 2A state in 200.

Finished second in two events — 100 and long jump — at 1B state.

Reached 1A state in three events, placing 4th in long jump and 5th in triple.

Jayson Brocklesby

Parley Scott

Cameron Braithwaite

Bereket Piatt

Habtamu Rubio

Port Townsend (Senior) Distance running

Port Townsend (Senior) Distance running

Sequim (Sophomore) Sprints/Jumping events

Port Angeles (Senior) Sprints/Jumping events

Port Angeles (Senior) Javelin/Jumping events

Area’s top 400 runner also reached 2A state in high jump.

PA’s all-around athlete finished 12th out of 31 in the state decathlon.

Made 2A state in area-best four events, placing 8th in javelin.

Joel Williams

Stephan Stilts

Troy Martin

Crescent (Junior) Distance running/Javelin

Sequim (Senior) Hurdles

Port Angeles (Senior) Throwing events

Took second at 1B state in 800 and was part of two runner-up relays.

Reached 2A state in 300 hurdles and was part of seventhplace relay team.

Will compete for WSU after topping PA discus record and taking 2nd at 2A state.

Closed out prep career with top-five finishes in 1,600 and 3,200 at 1A state.

Tops in 800 and 1,600 in the area, PT star had two top-four marks at 1A state.

Sebastian Ramos

Mack Grinnell

Forks (Senior) Javelin

Shattered Forks record in javelin and reached 1A state.

Sequim (Junior) Pole vault

The Peninsula’s top pole vaulter eventually reached 2A state.

Athletes were selected by the Peninsula Daily News sports staff based on their marks and state placements this season.

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011


Chris Tucker/Peninsula Daily News

Sequim junior Frank Catelli threw himself into an elite class in the shot put this spring after altering his throwing style.

Making the perfect adjustment Catelli transforming into elite thrower for Sequim By Matt Schubert

Peninsula Daily News

SEQUIM — One adjustment can go a long way in track and field. Just look at Frank Catelli. The Sequim junior once best known for his cannon right arm as a backup quarterback became even more notable for his shot put throws this spring, thanks in part to a midseason alteration of his throwing style. In the course of four

weeks, he went from routinely throwing in the high 40s to breaking a 24-year-old school record with a toss of 58 feet, 1½ inches, and eventually winning the Class 2A state title. Think what he could do with another 12 months. “Frank has a lot of potential, even if you consider how far he grew just from his sophomore to his junior year, increasing almost 16 feet in the shot put,” Sequim coach Brad Moore said.

“Clearly, he took great strides to get the technique down, but he could still be even better.” Yes, even after qualifying for state in all three throwing events and winning one of them, Catelli may have only scratched the surface of his abilities. An all-league defensive end, starting tight end and backup QB in football — he’ll likely start under center next fall — he has an uncommon blend of strength and quickness at 6-foot-4, 240 pounds. Given more time to perfect his technique, he could learn to harness those physical tools to produce true toplevel marks.

Moore himself envisions Catelli possibly going past 60 feet in the shot put and eventually challenging 200 feet in the discus if he puts his mind to it. “All he has to do is master the technique of it, and that just takes a lot of throws,” Moore said. “It takes a long time to really get [the discus] down to where you are really good at it. A kid like him, who’s been throwing for a year and a half, the potential is going to be there.” By his own admission, Catelli didn’t give track and field his full attention until almost midway through this season.

He missed several practices during the first few weeks because of a spring break trip and commitments to the Sequim talent show. “Once I actually started practicing things, I just started going,” he said. Indeed, Catelli began popping off big throws in the shot put as the season hit the stretch run in May. It wasn’t just a renewed focus, however, that brought about the dramatic increase in distance. With the help of Sequim throws coach B.J. Schade, Catelli also changed his throwing style from a high-risk, high-reward rotational delivery to a more straight-forward glide.

Boys Track MVP Soon thereafter, he took down Shawn Kendal’s school record (56-2¾), then followed that with a dominant state performance in which he had the four longest throws of the 2A championship. Now colleges are taking notice. “Even right now, throwing 58 feet, he’s already garnered some attention. We got a thing from Stanford for him [after the season],” Moore said. “He has potential to do it. “He’s one of those kids you can show him how to do stuff, and he takes off very quick. It’s fun to see.”


Friday, June 17, 2011

All-Peninsula Girls Top Marks ’11 100 Meters 1. Jolene Millsap (PA), 13.25; 2. Kathryn Moseley (PA), 13.59; 3. Jewel Johnson (PT), 13.71. 200 Meters 1. Jewel Johnson (PT), 27.70; 2. Kathryn Moseley (PA), 27.73; 3. Mandi England (Sequim), 28.16. 400 Meters 1. Kathryn Moseley (PA), 60.54; 2. Jewel Johnson (PT), 63.26; 3. Haleigh Harrison (Sequim), 63.95. 800 Meters 1. Audrey Lichten (Sequim), 2:17.88; 2. Brittany Grant (PT), 2:29.62; 3. Alison Maxwell (PA), 2:34.80. 1600 Meters 1. Audrey Lichten (Sequim), 5:05.68; 2. Alison Maxwell (PA), 5:18.44; 3. Brittany Grant (PT), 5:29.29. 3200 Meters 1. Audrey Lichten (Sequim), 11:30.69; 2. Alison Maxwell (PA), 11:38.93; 3. Brittany Grant (PT), 12:04.63. 100m Hurdles 1. Sarah Hutchison (Sequim), 17.54; 2. Anne Grover (Crescent), 18.11; 2. Courtney Winck (NB), 18.11. 300m Hurdles 1. Haleigh Harrison (Sequim), 48.61; 2. Sarah Hutchison (Sequim), 49.28; 3. Anne Grover (Crescent), 52.33. 4-by-100 Relay 1. Sequim, 51.94; 2. Port Townsend, 53.67; 3. Chimacum, 53.70. 4-by-200 Relay 1. Port Townsend, 1:50.62; 2. Sequim, 1:50.84; 3. Port Angeles 1:55.09. 4-by-400 Relay 1. Sequim, 4:12.77; 2. Port Townsend, 4:13.48; 3. Port Angeles, 4:24.90. Shot Put 1. Sydney Christenson (Forks), 37-4.00; 2. Kirstin Erickson (CB), 30-9.50; 3. Rashaya Donnell (Crescent), 30-4.50. Discus 1. Sydney Christenson (Forks), 96-8.00; 2. Kirstin Erickson (CB), 93-3.00; 3. Theresa Soha (Forks), 90-0.00. Javelin 1. Katelyn Noard (PA), 108-1.00; 2. Rashaya Donnell (Crescent), 90-7.00; 3. Christine Unrue (PT), 86-4.00. High Jump 1. Haleigh Harrison (Sequim), 5-5.00; 2. Patricia Reeves (PT), 4-8.00; 3. Tarah Erickson (PA), 4-6.00; 3. Melissa Willis (CB), 4-6.00; 3. Megan Gambill (PT), 4-6.00; 3. Jennifer Morelos (Sequim), 4-6.00. Long Jump 1. Haleigh Harrison (Sequim), 16-0.00; 2. Courtney Winck (NB), 15-6.00; 2. Jasmine McMullin (Sequim), 15-6.00. Triple Jump 1. Haleigh Harrison (Sequim), 34-10.00; 2. Jasmine McMullin (Sequim), 32-7.00; 3. Tarah Erickson (PA), 31-0.50. Pole Vault 1. Tarah Erickson (PA), 10-3.00; 2. Alison Maxwell (PA), 8-0.00; 3. Lauren Corn (PA), 7-6.00.

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

All-Peninsula Girls Track and Field

Audrey Lichten

Jewel Johnson

Sequim (Senior) Distance running

Port Townsend (Fr.) Sprints

Kathryn Moseley

Haleigh Harrison

Jasmine McMullin

Port Angeles (Junior) Sprints

Sequim (Sophomore) Jumping events

Sequim (Sophomore) Jumping events

The area leader in all three distance events, Lichten was 2nd in 2A in 1,600.

Was among the Peninsula’s best in all three sprints as a freshman.

Area’s best in 400 also reached 2A state in the event.

Broke own school record in high jump and took 4th in 2A.

Reached 2A bi-district in triple jump.

Courtney Winck

Brittany Grant

Alison Maxwell

Port Townsend (Soph.) Distance running

Port Angeles (Senior) Distance running

Sarah Hutchison

Anne Grover

Neah Bay (Junior) Jumping events

Sequim (Freshman) Hurdles

Crescent (Senior) Hurdles

The Red Devils’ lone female 1B state rep took fifth in the long jump.

Finished one spot short of reaching 1A state in 3,200 and was two shy in 1,600.

Top three in area in four events and was one spot shy of 2A state in 3,200.

Reached 2A state in 300 hurdles as a freshman.

Took fourth at 1B state in 100 hurdles and was part of 2ndplace relay team.

Sydney Christenson

Rashaya Donnell

Kirstin Erickson

Katelyn Noard

Tarah Erickson

Forks (Freshman) Throwing events

Crescent (Senior) Throwing events

Clallam Bay (Senior) Throwing events

Port Angeles (Junior) Javelin

Port Angeles (Junior) Pole vault

Put up area’s top marks in discus and shot put as freshman.

Finished seventh at 1B state in javelin.

Reached 1B state in two events — shot put and discus — and took 7th in both.

Was the Peninsula’s leader in the javelin by nearly 16 feet.

The area leader in the pole vault, Erickson finished fifth at 2A state.

Athletes were selected by the Peninsula Daily News sports staff based on their marks and state placements this season.

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011


Chris Tucker/Peninsula Daily News

Sequim senior Audrey Lichten received a little extra coaching at home from her father, Wolves distance running coach Don Lichten.

Sequim’s Lichten gets extra push Wolves distance runner excels at the family trade By Matt Schubert

Peninsula Daily News

SEQUIM — Audrey Lichten never really had the option of slacking off. With Sequim distance running coach Don Lichten sharing the same roof as the cross country and track star, there was no place to hide during the off-season. “Having my coach at home all the time, he always

knew if I was running or not,” Audrey said. “It wasn’t ever that he forced me to do anything, but it was that little extra push.” Not that Audrey needed all that much coaxing. Much like all of the great Sequim distance runners who came before her — state champions like Stephanie Marcy and Allison Cutting — Audrey always possessed the drive needed to excel,

according to Wolves coach Brad Moore. “They are all kind of the same type of kid,” Moore said of Lichten, Marcy and Cutting. “They are very focused. “You look at [Audrey’s] stats going through the years, and every year it’s improved. That’s because she runs 12 months out of the year. As a distance runner, that’s really the key. “You have to train all year long if you’re going to be a state level distance runner.” A four-time All-Peninsula cross country and track runner, Lichten was most definitely that at Sequim.

After spending much of the past winter honing her closing kick, she also came about as close as one can to winning a state track title. Competing in the final race of her prep career, Lichten went stride for stride with Kingston’s Marina Roberts throughout the Class 2A girls 1,600-meter final. Coming down the closing stretch, Lichten put it all on the line in a furious finish only to place second to Roberts by 0.15 seconds. Combined with a sixthplace mark in the 800, it wasn’t the perfect ending, but it was good enough.

“I guess one of my goals was to win, but even just getting second and putting everything out on the track in that 1,600 still fulfilled my goals,” she said. “Knowing that I put it all out there and gave it my best and got top-two, that was satisfying.” Much like her father, who ran at UC Davis, Audrey plans to compete in college as well. In fact, she will join former Sequim track star Anna LaBeaume at Linfield College in McMinnville, Ore. Lichten said she’ll likely study art and pursue her

Girls Track MVP interest in photography at the Division III school. Moore has little doubt she’ll also work hard to compete on the track, too. Even if dad isn’t around to push her. “If she decided that she wants to continue and work hard to improve, I guarantee she will get better and she will do very well running for Linfield,” he said. “I guarantee you will see her running at the national championships.”


Friday, June 17, 2011

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

All-Peninsula Baseball Players were selected by area baseball coaches and the sports staff of the Peninsula Daily News.

Landon Cray

Isaac Yamamoto Quinn Eldridge

Chimacum (Junior) Pitcher/OF — MVP

Sequim (Senior) Infield

Chimacum (Junior) Infield/Pitcher

Easton Napiontek

Dylan Brown-Bishop

Austin McConnell

Port Angeles (Junior) Infield

Chimacum (Senior) Infield

Chimacum (Junior) Catcher/Pitcher

The three-time Nisqually League MVP led Chimacum to a 1A title, bashing a schoolrecord 9 homers and amassing a 1.16 ERA with 107 strikeouts.

Named a first-team All-Olympic League player for the third straight year after hitting a team-best .456 with 27 runs scored and 21 RBIs.

A first-team AllNisqually League hurler two years in a row, Eldridge also hit .346 with 11 doubles, 2 homers, 28 RBIs and 19 runs this spring.

PA’s wiry 1B/SS hit .393 with 20 RBIs and a home run as an honorable mention All-Olympic League selection.

A first-team AllNisqually League first baseman, Brown hit .345 with 14 runs, 19 RBIs and four doubles for the 1A champs.

Named a first-team All-Nisqually League catcher for the second time with a .354 average, seven extra base hits and 21 RBIs.

Cody Sullivan

Drew Rickerson

Devin Manix

A.J. Konopaski

Sequim (Senior) Outfield

Chimacum (Senior) Utility

Port Angeles (Senior) Pitcher/Infield

Brandon Bancroft

Jim Dunn

Port Angeles (Senior) Outfield/Pitcher

A vacuum in CF, the All-Olympic Leaguer was also a big-game pitcher (2.15 ERA, 60 Ks) and explosive bat (.391 BA, 22 runs, 10 extra base hits).

Selected a secondteam All-Olympic League OF, Rickerson hit .375 this season with 12 extra base hits, 21 RBIs and 14 stolen bases.

Played all over the diamond (C, OF and SS) and hit .403 with four homers, 25 RBIs, 34 runs and 22 stolen bases as a first-team All-Nisqually Leaguer.

One of PA’s two aces on the mound, Konopaski had a 3.09 ERA this year with 46 Ks to earn a first-team All-Olympic League selection.

Quilcene (Senior) Pitcher

The senior southpaw was named the Sea-Tac League MVP and finished as Quilcene’s career strikeout leader with 348.

Chimacum Coach of the Year

Dunn took over a powerhouse program and didn’t miss a beat as his Cowboys won Nisqually League and 1A state titles in his 1st year as head coach.

Honorable Mention: Kyle Kelly (Port Townsend); Preston McFarlen (Sequim); Egan Cornachione (Chimacum); Kyler Morgan (Port Angeles); Cameron Leons (Forks); Derek Crain (Port Angeles); Weston Royall (Sequim).

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011


Matt Schubert/Peninsula Daily News

Chimacum junior Landon Cray — PDN baseball MVP for the third straight year — has done just about everything there is to do for a high school player.

Complete package for Cowboys Chimacum standout running out of goals By Matt Schubert

Peninsula Daily News

CHIMACUM — Landon Cray looked admiringly upon his Chimacum Cowboys baseball uniform as he stood on an empty diamond. “I’m going to miss wearing this,” Cray said. Incredulous, his friend couldn’t help but point out the obvious: “You’re only a junior. You’ve got one more year.” Forgive Cray for looking ahead. But after three years

as the centerpiece of Chimacum’s wildly successful baseball program, he’s already accomplished just about everything he could in his high school career. Nisqually League championship? He’s won three. League MVP? Ditto. All-State nod? He’s already got one and will likely receive another when the 2011 team is announced. And after two straight seasons of coming up just short in the Class 1A semi-

finals, Cray and the Cowboys finally got their hands on that elusive state title this spring. At this point, the longtime Tri-Area resident is running out of dragons to slay with one year to go in his high school career at Chimacum. “It’s kind of like a lot of pressure came off us after we got this one,” said Cray, leadoff hitter, center fielder and No. 1 pitcher for the 2011 1A champs. “Winning that title was kind of the end of the line for the high school season. It felt so good. “I enjoyed getting that one more than all the other individual awards . . . just because I got to share the moment with everyone.”

Of course, it’s hard to imagine that moment happening without Cray. A powerful spark plug at the top of Chimacum’s order and the unquestioned ace of a deep pitching staff, he was the most important piece to the team’s success. “We kind of went as he went,” Cowboys head coach Jim Dunn said. Coming off back-to-back MVP seasons, Cray was even better as a junior. His numbers at the plate were positively gaudy — .575 average, 11 doubles, four triples, nine homers and 53 runs in 26 games. He was just as brilliant on the mound — 1.16 ERA with 107 strikeouts and 18

walks in 54 1/3 innings — where the lefty once registered a no-hitter by striking out 20 of 21 batters. “Obviously, his power numbers improved [from Cray’s first two years],” Dunn said, “but I thought as a player he improved more along the lines of pitching. “This year he was remarkable on the mound. His arm was just unreal.” Much of that improvement can be attributed to his work ethic. A member of the Washington Brewers club team in Burien, Cray refines his skills year round. The finished product is a seemingly effortless lefthanded swing and uncanny command of the strike zone

Baseball MVP on the hill with an 80-plus mile-per-hour fastball and array of off-speed pitches. Now he’s got suitors from across the region — including Washington, Washington State, Oregon State and Gonzaga — recruiting him as a center field prospect. “I would think he could [play at that level] with some effort getting stronger and getting faster,” Dunn said. “He just has what it takes. “I don’t think he needs to bulk up by no means, just put on a little strength and weight. His baseball tools? There’s not a lot to tinker with there.”


Friday, June 17, 2011

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

Peninsula Daily News

Competitive to the end Sequim’s Hopson never failed to give everything By Matt Schubert

Peninsula Daily News

SEQUIM — Some might define Lea Hopson’s athletic career at Sequim High School by what she did on the softball diamond. It would certainly be hard not to. As a two-time Olympic League MVP with a pair of league titles, one Class 2A state crown and possible school-record 35 career home runs to her name, she leaves an indelible impression on the diamond. Dig a little deeper, however, in another venue, and you’ll find what truly distinguishes Hopson. For it was on the Sequim basketball court where she suffered through double-digit defeats night after night — and refused to give in. Where she began her varsity career with 43 straight losses, but kept coming back. Where she saw classmate after classmate walk away from the program in frustration until she was the only one left. “They’d be behind 30 points, and she’d be diving for balls,” said Steve Rosales, the girls basketball announcer at Wolves home games. “She never quit.” Indeed, that is the essence of what Lea Hopson was all about for Sequim. No matter the score, no matter the number of people in the stands and no matter the stakes, Hopson always gave the same all-out effort. “She was the only one from her class that stuck it out for four years of that struggle,” Sequim girls basketball coach Stephanie Lewis said. “[Her classmates] all quit because they couldn’t handle the losing. She was in it to finish something she started.” Of course, Hopson did exactly that.

Not only was she on the court when the Wolves snapped a losing streak that spanned two-plus seasons, she was also there when they played in their first playoff game in three years following a 9-11 regular season. All of this despite suffering a back injury midway through the season that limited her minutes and still lingers to this day. “Just because you’re losing doesn’t mean you should quit,” Hopson said. “That should just give you more reasons to work harder. “I couldn’t let those girls down after all that work they put in. That’s just my nature.” That dedication helped inspire Rosales to create a $250 scholarship — aptly named the “0-43 scholarship” — to be awarded annually to every graduating Sequim girls basketball player. Since Hopson was the only one to stick out both 0-20 seasons and play a full senior year — even after injuring her back in January — Rosales decided to give her a $500 scholarship. “Lea and this team, they just epitomized what it is to compete,” Rosales said. “It definitely wasn’t about winning.” By contrast, winning was what Hopson’s senior softball season was all about. Featuring a lineup that was loaded from top to bottom, the Wolves didn’t lose a single game on their way to a 28-0 record and 2A state championship. And in the middle of it all was Hopson, starting at shortstop and hitting in the third spot of the order with the same pedal-to-the-metal style she displayed on the basketball court. Except in that realm she was also locking up league titles and MVP awards.

Athlete of the Year




Chris Tucker/Peninsula Daily News

Sequim’s Lea Hopson was named the Peninsula Daily News prep athlete of the year for 2010-11 school year for her work on the softball diamond and the basketball court.

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011


Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News

Sequim’s Lea Hopson front, drives past Port Townsend’s Irina Lyons during a game this winter in Sequim.

Hopson: All out Continued from 8 for one more year before taking up softball and even“You could tell that she’s tually playing for elite played for a long time and travel teams. Now, Hopson lays out for she knows the game,” firstyear Sequim softball coach balls in the field with regularity, dares opposing pitchJoel Lewis said. “Everything she does is ers to throw inside by Chris Tucker/Peninsula Daily News so quick and she practices crowding the plate and refuses to shy away from Sequim’s Lea Hopson takes a cut at the plate during a home game against North Mason in hard. “She’s just one of those contact no matter the situa- Sequim last season. tion. fearless players.” No doubt she’ll be doing The roots of Hopson’s aggressive play can be the same for College of traced all the way back to Southern Idaho, a junior her original home in Santa college in Twin Falls, next spring. She plans to work Rosa, Calif. Forced to play baseball toward a degree there in LEA HOPSON Sport The story in the Rancho Cotati Little construction management. MADE her bones on Whether that leads to a League during her grade the diamond as a twoThe leader of the Wolves’ return to respectability this season, Hopschool years — there was no softball scholarship to a time Olympic League softball program — Hopson four-year school doesn’t son averaged a team-high 12.2 points and 3.5 steals per game as Basketball: MVP, but she was cerdeveloped a style that mir- seem to concern Hopson. the team’s “Spark Award” winner. She also dished out 1.8 assists and tainly no slouch on the She already turned rored what she saw from grabbed 4.3 rebounds while playing nearly half the season with a basketball court. down offers from schools the boys. back injury that limited her minutes toward the end of the year.* Twice she was given “I was the only girl on east of the Rocky MounAll-Olympic League honevery team I played for [in tains because she wanted to ors as a 5-foot-5 guard, stay closer to home. baseball],” Hopson said. Sequim’s lineup was loaded with dangerous hitters, but none scared including a first-team “I don’t really have that “My work ethic developponents quite like Hopson. That was with good reason, given her selection as a senior oped from that because I need [to play for a Division Softball: prolific offensive statistics: .625 average, 13 doubles, seven triples, when Sequim ended a had to work so much harder I school] anyway,” Hopson 12 home runs and 54 RBIs. Once she got on, she was also a terror two-year playoff drought. said. to prove myself to them.” on the base path with 33 stolen bases and 80 runs scored. Here’s a glance at “Pretty much whatever After she moved to her senior year: Sequim in sixth grade, she happens, I’m just kind of * Regular season stats only. continued to play baseball going with the flow.”

Hopson by the numbers


Friday, June 17, 2011

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

All-Peninsula Boys Golf

Mason Moug

Ryan O’Mera

Cody Piper

Sean Anderson

Jordan Negus

Gabriel Tonan

Chimacum Senior — MVP

Sequim Junior

Port Townsend Sophomore

Port Townsend Senior

Port Angeles Junior

Port Townsend Coach of the Year

After leading the Cowboys to a Nisqually League title, Moug took fourth in his third visit to the 1A state tourney.

Match medalist in six Olympic League matches, O’Mera averaged 37.9 strokes per nine holes and took eighth at 2A state.

PT’s top scorer — 37.9-stroke average for 9 holes — reached 1A state for the second year in a row, finishing ninth.

The Redskins’ No. 2 would have been tops on many teams with a 38.9-stroke 9-hole average; made the 1A state cut for 2nd time.

The Rider junior was match medalist 4 times in league play and reached the state tournament for the second straight year.

Guided PT to an Olympic League title with three golfers reaching 1A state and one (Piper) placing in the top 10.

Golfers were selected by area boys golf coaches and the sports staff of the Peninsula Daily News.

Not par for the course Moug rare multi-sport star in world of golf By Brad LaBrie

Peninsula Daily News

CHIMACUM — Mason Moug isn’t your typical statelevel high school golfer. The Chimacum senior is a three-sport athlete who was the quarterback and team leader on the football team in fall, a shooting guard on the basketball squad in winter and the No. 1 player on the golf team in spring. Most star prep golfers are one-sport specialists who spend a lot of time in the offseason honing their skills. At the Class 1A state Matt Schubert/Peninsula Daily News tournament May 24-25 at The Home Course in DuPont, Chimacum’s Mason Moug, a three-sport star for the Cowboys, turned to golf for a change of pace Moug asked his fellow state golfers how many sports and eventually became one of the better sticks they participated in. in the state.

“They all said that they play only golf,” Moug said. Despite having a disadvantage in experience, Moug tied for fourth place at state with a two-day score of 148 on 36 holes, the highest state finish of any North Olympic Peninsula golfer. At state, Moug was going against golfers who compete in tournaments during the weekends in Arizona, Cowboys coach Mitch Black said. “That speaks to the way Mason competes,” Black added. The multitalented Moug, who says he could have been a starter on Chimacum’s state-championship baseball team, went out for golf his freshman year for a change of scenery from baseball.

“I played baseball every year till the eighth grade,” Moug said. “I was burned out from playing all-star baseball every summer.” Since he played golf usually just once a year with his dad for fun, Moug was far from burned out in that sport. The talented athlete caught on to golf quickly, Black said. Moug missed the state cut by two strokes as a freshman and made the trip to state the past three years. He claimed 22nd place as a junior and jumped all the way up to fourth this year. “I knew I could finish at the top because I was in seventh place after the first day last year,” Moug said. “Then I blew up on the second day.” This season Moug was tied for second with a 1-over 73 after the first day and hung in there with a 75 the second day to finish in the top four.

Boys Golf MVP “You could not find a better guy,” Black said. “In four years I have had nothing but positive experiences with him.” The 6-foot-4 Moug, who had a growth spurt from 5-9 at the end of his sophomore year, has a powerful swing. “He hit 16 greens at state,” Black said. “He can just blast it.” Next up for Moug is a communications degree from San Diego Mesa College. He hopes to walk on and play golf at the community college while in San Diego. “I don’t know if I will have time to play golf, though, because I have to balance a job to pay for school,” Moug said. If he does find a team to play for, there’s no doubt that Moug will be competitive.

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011


All-Peninsula Girls Golf

Jennifer Grauberger Port Townsend Senior — MVP

Won medalist honors in all 8 Olympic League matches and took fifth in final 1A state trip.

Kim Duce

Hailey Estes

Dana Fox

Elisa Sallee

Beth Krause

Sequim Senior

Sequim Junior

Port Angeles Freshman

Sequim Sophomore

Port Angeles Coach of the Year

The Olympic League’s second-bestscoring golfer — 47.3 strokes per 9 holes — ended up taking 33rd at 2A state tourney.

Sequim’s No. 2 scorer had the team’s best finish at the 2A state tourney (27th place) in her second straight trip.

Reached 2A state tournament in first year after averaging a team-best 54.5 strokes per 9 holes in Olympic League play.

The last of three Wolves to qualify for state, Sallee also was part of the winning Duke Streeter pairing with Kim Duce.

Guided a young and inexperienced Rider team to a 7-1 league record, with two of her golfers reaching state.

Golfers were selected by area girls golf coaches and the sports staff of the Peninsula Daily News.

Singular performance Grauberger shines as PT’s lone girls golfer By Michael Carman Peninsula Daily News

PORT TOWNSEND — Golf is all about the individual; a game where the outcome of every action depends on the player swinging the club. There are some subtle changes in high school golf, where in most instances players still compete as individuals but team together for a collective score. Unless you’re Port Townsend senior Jenny Grauberger, aka the entire Redskins girls golf team. The lone female member of the team embraced the chance to practice daily

with the Redskins boys team this season, winning match medalist honors in every Olympic League match, claiming league MVP honors with a scoring average six strokes better than her closest competitor and finishing fifth at the Class 1A state tournament in late May. “The harder competition [against the boys team in practice] made me play up, made me play more from the men’s tees, play a longer game and I think it really helped me,” Grauberger said. Port Townsend golf coach and Port Townsend Golf Club Assistant Pro Gabriel Tonan agrees.

“Playing with the varsity boys in practice helped her stay in her game and stay steady out on the course,” Tonan said. “She learned not to try and keep up with them off the tee but to stick with her game and score low.” Although her golf career has lasted a short three years, the improvement shown by Grauberger has been dramatic. After turning out for track and field as a freshman, her father and older brother encouraged her to try her hand at golf her sophomore year. She made a 20-stroke improvement from her sophomore debut at state, lowering her score from a miss-the-cut 101 to rounds of 81 and 82 at this year’s final tournament. Grauberger was also the school’s first female Olympic League golf MVP,

Girls Golf MVP averaging a nine-hole score of 41.6 during her senior year. She’s going to continue to work on the consistency of her game this summer with Gold Mountain teaching pro Ted Naff before heading down to study prelaw and play golf for Division III Willamette University in Salem, Ore. She will join a squad coached by Noah Horstman, an assistant pro at Illahe Hills Golf Course, Willamette’s home course. Now she’ll have someone else to compete against other than the boys. “He’s bringing in a lot of talented freshmen players for next year,” Grauberger said. “I’m really excited about having teammates again.”

Philip Watness/for Peninsula Daily News

Port Townsend senior Jennifer Grauberger started playing for the Redskins her sophomore year. By the time she was done, she was the fifth-best golfer in Class 1A.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

All-Peninsula Boys Soccer Players were selected by area boys soccer coaches and the sports staff of the Peninsula Daily News.

Anthony Brandon Port Angeles (Junior) Forward — MVP

Nick Camporini Chris Pieper Sequim (Senior) Forward

Chimacum (Soph.) Forward

Sequim’s “grinder” had a knack for finding The two-time the back of the net, All-Olympic League scoring an area-best 12 forward was a force goals and dishing out up front with 11 goals and nine assists 5 assists as a first-team All-Olympic Leaguer. for the Riders.

The Cowboys forward was given All-Nisqually League honorable mention after scoring a teamhigh three goals as a sophomore.

Chris Shively

Juan Beltran

Port Townsend (Senior) Midfielder

Forks (Senior) Forward/Defender

The senior captain’s play in the middle garnered him a first-team All-Olympic League selection.

The Spartans’ leading scorer — 7 goals and 3 assists — also put in time at sweeper, eventually earning first-team AllSWL recognition.

Wilson Avila-Luna Forks (Senior) Midfielder

Kyle Bingham

Jerry Azanza

Port Angeles (Junior) Midfielder

Sequim (Senior) Midfielder

Named a first-team All-SWL midfielder after scoring three goals and dishing out two assists while playing through injury.

PA’s pint-sized man in the middle played big with six goals and one assist as an honorable mention All-Olympic League player.

The second-team All-Olympic League player had three goals and three assists while guiding the Wolves attack from the midfield.

Renns Bresser

Seiji Thielk

Jack Doryland

Chris Saari

Chimacum (Junior) Defender

Port Townsend (Senior) Defender

Port Angeles (Soph.) Goalkeeper

Port Angeles Coach of the Year

A newbie to the Chimacum program, Bresser was named the Nisqually League defensive player of the year for his work on the back line.

PT’s lanky senior provided solid support on defense as an honorable mention All-Olympic League player.

The Rider keeper had four shutouts and came up with a critical penalty kick save in a victory against archrival Sequim.

Saari’s Riders snapped a nine-year postseason drought, submitting their first 10-win season in 10 years before falling one win shy of state.

Honorable Mention: Max Gunn (Port Townsend); Max Bukovnik (Port Angeles); Byron Boots (Sequim); Irons Ring (Sequim); Gabriel Camarena (Forks); Ali El-Maallam (Port Angeles); Kobi Albright (Chimacum).

Peninsula Daily News

Aiming high on the pitch

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011


PA’s Brandon becomes dangerous scoring threat By Brad LaBrie

Peninsula Daily News

PORT ANGELES — Anthony Brandon isn’t one to sit on his laurels. The junior forward/midfielder for the Port Angeles boys soccer team plans to repeat as an Olympic League first-teamer and repeat as the North Olympic Peninsula MVP next year, then play college soccer on his way to the professional ranks. If anything, you can’t accuse Brandon of not having lofty goals. He has already shown how quickly he can improve, going from four goals and four assists as a sophomore to team captain and a team-leading 11 goals and nine assists a year later, amassing 31 points to claim third for scoring points in league. “Anthony has been easy to coach,” Port Angeles coach Chris Saari said. “He’s selfmotivated, he’s always hustling and he has a great attitude.” A varsity starter as a freshman, Brandon showed right off the bat that he had promise, receiving the Coaches’ Award for hard work, dedication and a positive attitude. “He’s a really good kid,” Saari said. Brandon also gives back to the community, refereeing youth soccer in his free time. Athletically, Brandon has a lot of speed, a fluid shot and strong ball-handling skills. Brandon has improved every year, according to his coach. “His confidence level has gone up, his finishing shot is

better and his teammates around him have gotten better and have been a help,” Saari said. Brandon’s personal improvement has mirrored that of the Roughriders’ team improvement. “We had a really good team this year,” Brandon said. The Riders, who made the playoffs for the first time in nine years, came within a win of the state tournament. “We had a good season. I give thanks to my teammates and my coaches for the season I had,” Brandon said. “My coaches taught me well.” The offensive player of the year for Port Angeles is looking forward to his senior season. “We should have a great year,” he said. Sixteen players are returning, and most of them will be seniors. The Riders are losing just two seniors from this year’s team and five foreign exchange students. Brandon has lofty goals. “I hope to be the top scorer on the Peninsula, I hope to make first-team all-league, be MVP of the Peninsula again and have a great year,” he said. And then on to college. Brandon’s dream school is Colorado, one of two new additions to the Pac-12, but he has other schools in mind if his Division I dream doesn’t come true. “Seattle Pacific is a possibility, and if I stay in town, then I will play for Peninsula College,” he said. Port Angeles High School, though, gets Brandon for one more year.

Soccer MVP

Chris Tucker/Peninsula Daily News

Port Angeles junior Anthony Brandon was the Roughriders’ top scorer this year, netting 11 goals and dishing out nine assists.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

All-Peninsula Softball Players were selected by area softball coaches and the sports staff of the Peninsula Daily News.

Lea Hopson

Kelsey Hinsdale Cindy Miller

Kaylie Castillo

Sequim (Senior) Infield — MVP

Port Angeles (Senior) Infield

Chimacum (Senior) Infield

Sequim (Senior) Infield

Maddy Zbaraschuk Sequim (Senior) Catcher

Hannah Wahto Port Angeles (Junior) Catcher

The two-time Olympic League MVP put up gaudy stats again this spring with a .625 average, 32 extra base hits, 54 RBIs and 80 runs scored.

Named a first-team All-Olympic Leaguer for the third straight year, Hinsdale hit .500 with 5 home runs, 6 doubles, 30 RBIs and 20 runs scored.

The Wolves’ second baseman set the table near the top of the order — .414 average, 51 runs, 10 stolen bases — as a first-team All-Olympic Leaguer.

A first-team AllNisqually League selection for the second year in a row, Castillo hit a teambest .452 with 17 RBIs and 3 doubles.

Rylleigh Zbaraschuk

Sheri Adams

Sarah Bacchus

Demiree Briones Stacy Webb

Joel Lewis

Port Angeles (Senior) Outfield

Quilcene (Senior) Catcher/Pitcher

Sequim (Junior) Pitcher

Sequim Coach of the Year

Sequim (Sophomore) Outfield

Seeing limited action because of Sequim’s leadoff injuries, Adams hit hitter hit .600 with .457 with 8 RBIs and 62 runs, 33 RBIs, 17 6 doubles and earned stolen bases and 6 homers as a first-team 2nd-team All-Olympic All-Olympic Leaguer. League honors.

The Ranger captain was named co-SeaTac League MVP after hitting .553 with four homers and racking up 46 Ks with a 7-2 record pitching.

The first-team All-Olympic League hurler was 24-0 this spring with a 1.98 ERA and 115 Ks. She also hit .522 with 40 RBIs and 4 homers.

The first-team AllOlympic Leaguer will play for UM-St. Louis after hitting a teambest .682 with 9 homers and 63 RBIs.

Port Angeles (Senior) Pitcher

PA’s three-time All-Olympic League pitcher had a 2.84 ERA in her final season with a 15-5 record and 131 Ks in 123 innings pitched.

PA’s backstop was named a first-team All-Olympic League player after hitting .556 with four homers, 36 RBIs and 34 runs scored.

Lewis’ first year as head coach turned out to be one for the ages as Sequim went a perfect 28-0 on the way to its first state title.

Honorable Mention: Meleny Fors (Port Angeles); Cydney Nelson (Chimacum); Columbia Haupt (Sequim); Sammy Rae (Quilcene); Alyssa Feldewert (Forks); Natassja Savidge (Chimacum); Cailey Snyder (Chimacum); Emily Drake (Port Angeles); Alexas Besand (Sequim); Courtnie Paul (Forks); Bridget Galle (Chimacum); Kaitlyn Cadero (Chimacum); Mariah Frazier (Port Angeles); Bailey Rhodefer (Sequim).

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

All-Peninsula Boys Tennis

Friday, June 17, 2011

All-Peninsula Girls Tennis

Mallory Maloney

Micah Roos

Stacy Hanson

Sequim (Senior) Singles ­— MVP

Port Angeles (Senior) Singles

Qualified for 2A state tourney in final season and came one win shy of placing.

Sequim (Junior) Doubles

Reached 2A state for the fourth straight year, placing seventh.


Katerina Chan Sequim (Junior) Doubles

Reached 2A state for the second straight year with Chan in doubles.

Made second straight 2A state appearance with Hanson.

Alexis Corn

Laney Boyd

Port Angeles (Senior) Doubles

Port Angeles (Senior) Doubles

Chris Tucker/Peninsula Daily News

Sequim senior Mallory Maloney ended his prep tennis career having placed at state three years in a row.

Stately status Byron Boots

Michael Lee

Sequim (Junior) Doubles

Sequim (Senior) Doubles

Part of Sequim’s 2A state doubles team that came within one win of placing.

The other half of Sequim’s 2A state doubles tandem that went 1-2 in Seattle.

Hayden McCartney

A.J. Konopaski

Port Angeles (Junior) Doubles

Started a state baseball game and qualified for state doubles play in same weekend.

Half of the PA doubles tandem that reached 2A state.

Port Angeles (Senior) Doubles

Maloney’s run at Sequim ends where it began Peninsula Daily News

SEQUIM — An era ended at Sequim when the tennis season ended last month. Mallory Maloney, who has been one of the top players on the boys tennis team for four years, graduated. Maloney has been at or near the top of the ladder all four years, with each season culminating with a trip to the Class 2A state tournament. He placed at state three times, twice in doubles with partner Reed Gunstone, and this year in singles. A career doubles player, Maloney had to move to singles when Gunstone graduated in 2010. But Maloney, who also golfs, never completely left doubles behind. “Doubles is more net play while singles is more stroke play,” Maloney said. “Net play was my strength in singles.”

Tennis MVP Tennis is Maloney’s first love even though he said he enjoys playing golf, too. Last year, he just missed the first-day cut at state but was hoping for another shot at Day 2 this year. He never got it, however, because the district golf tournament was scheduled on the same day as its tennis counterpart. He said opting for tennis, a sport he knew he’d make state in, was a no-brainer. “It was frustrating, though,” Maloney said. His next step is Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif., where he plans to focus on his studies. Maloney said it would be fruitless to compete for a spot against the school’s top-tier players, some from Romania and Russia. “They have a really good club tennis team I will join,” he said. “They play other school club teams that are competitive.” No matter what Maloney does in college, the Sequim boys tennis program will never be the same.

PA’s top singles player part of the year, Corn teamed up with Boyd and nearly made state.

One half of the Riders’ top doubles tandem, she came within a win of 2A state.

Shayla Bohman

Mark Textor

Port Angeles (Fr.) Singles

Guided Sequim boys to second straight league title and had 5 players reach 2A state.

Finished sixth in the Olympic League singles tournament.

Sequim Coach of the Year

Peninsula Daily News

All-Peninsula Spring 2011

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