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Keep domestic cats happy with playtime WHEN WE THINK of PET CONNECTION pets who need exercise and playtime, cats do not autoGina Marty matically spring to mind, but they should. Spadafori Becker Our domestic cats don’t need to hunt for a living, but they still have those instincts to chase, climb and hide. Toys, games and other forms of entertainment enrich your cat’s life and burn calories, keeping him happy and healthy. And kitty playtime takes only two or three minutes several times each day. Here are some of our Feed your cat’s hunger bits as “livestock,â€? not pets. favorite ways to keep cats for prey in a nonviolent way In fact, I can think of few active, both physically and by turning on a nature show animals better suited for mentally. condo or apartment living â– Get a move on! Cats or popping in a DVD made especially for cats. than a neutered house rabbit. are attracted by motion. Make sure your TV is They’re about the quietEven the laziest of cats est pet I could think of owngets excited by the bouncing securely placed so it won’t ROUSING SUCCESS ing, for one thing, and beam of a flashlight or laser fall over if your cat decides to leap at the screen in a Pete Bahnsen, a member of Sequim Sunrise Rotary Club, they’re unlikely to cause any pointer. conflict with neighbors. prepares salmon fillets for baking at the Rotary Club of Sequim’s Following the fast, erratic vain attempt to score a They’re small. Even the motion enhances a cat’s abil- meal. recent 44th annual Salmon Bake. The event was a rousing â–  Will play for food. biggest rabbits aren’t much ity to think and move quickly. success, according to organizers. More than 1,000 people attended The pet stores have a varilarger than a cat, and dwarf To give your cat a real the event — so many that organizers ran out of food items just ety of food puzzles — toys rabbits are considerably workout, direct the light before the event’s scheduled 4 p.m. ending. Proceeds will be used smaller. beam up and down stairs or you put food into for your They’re also neat. A daily to fund the Sequim Boys & Girls Club, Dungeness Valley Health walls, encouraging the cat to cat to work out. If you can’t find a food brushing will catch loose run and jump. and Wellness Clinic, Sequim School District teacher grants, hair, and a vacuum will pick Be careful not to shine a puzzle your cat likes, try a dictionaries for all Sequim fourth-graders and more. homemade version. up scattered hay, food pellets laser pointer in his eyes. Put dry food inside an or the occasional stray feces Chasing a pingpong ball empty paper towel roll, and that don’t make it into the down the hall also will get let your cat figure out how litter box. your cat moving. Yes, a litter box: Many Some cats will even bring to get at it. Or get a Wiffle ball and rabbits can be reliably it back to you. insert pieces of kibble. trained to use a box filled â–  Gone fishin’. Other They’ll fall out when your with a little cat litter with radius of Sequim. toys that arouse a cat’s A setup period will be cat bats the ball around. fresh grass hay on top, For more information or desire to chase are fishingfrom 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friâ–  Hide and seek. Put changed daily. to participate in the project, pole toys, which have flexiday, Aug. 31. The one downside I can phone Centennial Commit- ble handles attached to lines an empty paper sack or a Food and drink will be think of is that rabbits will tee Chair and Sequim City with furry or feathery lures cardboard box with a little available at the show. packing paper inside it on engage in destructive chewGeneral admission is $5 Clerk Karen Kuznek-Reese at the end. the floor, and let your cat ing if left to choose their own at 360-683-3149 or email Dangle it over your cat’s for adults and $7 for famiexplore. SEQUIM — The city of recreation. head or drag it in front of lies; kids 17 and younger He’ll love the dark interiSequim is making prepara- are admitted free but must Even this problem is eashim and watch him become ors and crinkly noises. tions to take part in the ily solved by “rabbit-proofa silent stalker: ears forbe accompanied by an Book group meets Boxes are extra fun when 9/11 National Day of Seringâ€? the living area — blockward, rear twitching, then adult. you have two cats, providing PORT ANGELES — vice and Remembrance on pouncing on his prey, rolling the perfect way to play hide- ing off attractive chewing Guards will be on duty Moby-Duck: The True Story Saturday, Sept. 8. and kicking to “killâ€? it. at all times from the night areas, putting power cords and-seek. of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Members of the City His amazing flips and of Aug. 31 until 4 p.m. Sept. into protective covers — and Use your imagination to Sea and of the BeachcombCouncil and city staff will spins in pursuit of the lure 2. offering safe chewing alterkeep your cat busy. ers, Oceanographers, Envijoin together with commuwill keep your kitten — and For more information, natives. When you close the door ronmentalists, and Fools, nity volunteers to particiyou — entertained for hours. on your cat, you need to phone Don Roberts at 360I’d make the case to the Including the Author, Who pate in a morning of comJust remember to put it 457-1846 or email donr@ association to expand its pet make the indoors more Went in Search of Them, by munity service projects away when you’re not rules to include rabbits. interesting. Donovan Hohn, will be disthroughout the city. around to supervise: You If it won’t, you should Fortunately, doing so cussed by the Reading The 9/11 National Day don’t want your cat swallow- strengthens the bond have no problem finding Help injured troops PALS book discussion of Service and Rememing the string and developanother complex that will between you and your pet. group Wednesday, Aug. 29. PORT ANGELES — brance was established into ing a dangerous intestinal welcome a responsible The Reading Pals group law by the Edward M. Ken- Donations are sought for obstruction. homeowner with such a Q&A — with Gina nedy Serve America Act in will meet at the Port Angean Injured Troops Marine â–  Live-action enterquiet pet. Spadafori 2009 and is consistent with Event, a fishing trip for 30 les Library, 2210 S. Peatainment. A peaceful way _________ United We Serve, President wounded, active-duty milibody St., at 6:30 p.m. to give your cat a taste of Q: Our condo associaObama’s overall call for vol- tary members and 10 supWhen Hohn heard of the Pet Connection the hunt is to set a bird tion allows small dogs, unteers to “be part of build- port personnel from Sept. mysterious loss of thouappears every Sunday and feeder just outside the wincats and birds, but no ing a new foundation for sands of rubber duckies at 13-15. is produced by a team of dow. rabbits, guinea pigs or America.â€? sea, he figured he would The Elks Naval Lodge pet-care experts headed by The birds stay safely out“exoticâ€? pets. Community service proj- No. 353 of Port Angeles is interview a few oceanograveterinarian Dr. Marty doors and get a meal out of I’m renting a place, ects are to be implemented sponsoring the event. phers, talk to a few beachBecker and journalist Gina the deal, while your cat’s life and I would like to buy. on or near Sept. 11 in Elks members are seek- combers and read up on Spadafori. The two are the is made more interesting on Right now, I have my observance of the National ing 15 to 20 boats, operaArctic science and geograauthors of several best-sellhis side of the window. pet rabbit “in secret,â€? but Day of Service and Remem- tors and crew, and monephy. ing pet-care books. This is a great way to I’m not going to buy a brance. Hohn’s accidental odystary donations to cover 500 Email them at pet encourage your cat to do a place if I can’t have the Those interested in volsey pulled him into the gallons of fuel, 40 state or little jumping and to appeal pet of my choice and stay unteering to help can Saltwater Fishing Licenses, secretive world of shipping visit www.petconnection. to his birder nature. compliant. phone City Clerk Karen conglomerates, the daring bait and 320 meals for the com. How can I get this â–  Kitty brain candy. Kuznek-Reese at 360-683work of Arctic researchers, trip. Or write to them c/o rule changed? — via The rapid movements of 4139 or contact volunteer the lunatic risks of maverFishing boat operators email Universal/UClick, 1130 birds, meerkats, aquarium coordinator Linda Cherry can phone Charles Gagnon ick sailors and the shadowy A: Your condo association Walnut St., Kansas City, fish and other prey animals at 360-582-2447 or lcherry@ at 360-457-8341. world of Chinese toy factois probably thinking of rabare like crack for cats. MO 64106. For more information on ries. Moby-Duck is a far-rangfinancial contributions, ing, delightfully narrated Roosevelt reunion phone 360-457-3355. masterwork of adventure, Donations also may be PORT ANGELES — science, exploration and sent to the Elks Naval The Roosevelt High School Lodge, 131 E. First St., Port much more. Class of 1945 will hold a Print copies of MobyAngeles, WA 98362. reunion at Smugglers Duck are available at the Landing, 115 E. Railroad library while supplies last. Milk can artists Ave., from noon to 4 p.m. The text is also available SEQUIM — The Sequim Saturday, Sept. 8. as a downloadable e-book. Centennial Committee is Anyone associated with Preregistration for this the class, including spouses looking for artists to paint program is not required, of deceased class members, or decorate vintage milk A HEALTH FOOD STORE FOR PETS! and drop-ins are always cans to be displayed as part may attend. welcome. The class has met every of the upcoming Sequim For more information, Centennial Celebration. year for the past decade to visit and click The milk cans have been share stories and reminisce. on “Eventsâ€? and “Port Angedonated by local residents, Attendees pay for their les,â€? phone Lorrie Kovell at and most have been own food and drinks. 360-417-8514 or email cleaned and prepped for the For more information, phone Betty Tucker Abbott artist. There are a total of 14 at 360-452-9183. Energy lunch set milk cans donated, and PORT TOWNSEND — Gun show vendors nine still are available. CHOOSE FROM THESE HIGH QUALITY BRANDS & FORMULAS The milk cans will be Graeme Sackrison will SEQUIM — The Pacific displayed throughout the present “Thurston Energy: Opti-Balance formulas Alaska Naturals Homeopet homeopathics Northwest Shooting Park city during the Centennial Lessons Learned in ResiOmega 3’s Organic Pet Super Food Iceland Pure Omega 3’s Association will hold a gun Celebration, which kicks off dential and Commercial formulas Animals Apawthacary show at the Sequim Prairie Oct. 27. In Clover formulas Energy Efficiencyâ€? at the herbals PetroMalt formulas Grange’s Macleay Hall, 290 The cans will be aucJefferson County Energy Liquid Health formulas Animal Essentials products “Petzlifeâ€? Macleay Road, from 9 a.m. tioned off at the Centennial Lunch at 12:30 p.m. Tues“Missing Linkâ€? to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, Grand Finale on Nov. 2, Bach formulas “Phenocaneâ€? day. “NK9â€? and from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 2013. The event will be held at “Plaque-Offâ€? Bixbi functional treats Sunday, Sept. 2. Nature’s Logic Names of donors and the Port Townsend Com“Prozymeâ€? “CocoTherapyâ€? Vendor tables are avail- artists will be placed on the munity Center, 620 Tyler š.WWL.WZ\QĂ…MZÂş “SeaCureâ€? Dale Edgar able for $35 for both days cans. St., Natur-Vet Formulas functional treats Solid Gold Seameal or $25 for one day. At one time, the SequimSackrison is the board Nordic Naturals Omega 3’s “DGPâ€? (Dog Gone Pain) Tomlyn Laxatone Display tables for clubs Dungeness Valley was the chair for the Thurston Clior individual for-profit pro- largest dairy center in the NUPRO “Goldâ€? mate Action Team. “Enzymes Pro+â€? Transfer Factor/4Life grams are $20 each day. state, with several hundred Attendees should bring Ultra-Pet formulas NUPRO “Silver for Jointsâ€? “Glyco Flex IIâ€? There is no charge for dairy farms. a brown-bag lunch to the nonprofit shooting organiAt the industry peak, it free event. -ONDAY &RIDAY  3ATURDAY s77ASHINGTON 3EQUIM zations that wish to staff a was believed there were For more information,   sWWWBESTFRIENDNUTRITIONCOM 9,000 cows within a 5-mile visit display table.



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