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Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

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Tour offers glimpse into some of Jefferson County’s most beautiful kitchens.

Early retirement inspires a business that offers quality, handmade outdoor furniture and decor.

Home & Garden


April 2012 Published by the PENINSULA DAILY NEWS | 360-452-2345 Main office: 305 W. First St., Port Angeles, WA 98362

A home remodel allows a local family to easily gather around the kitchen table for dinners, arts and crafts projects and fun.

John C. Brewer, editor & publisher Brenda Hanrahan, editor Steve Perry, advertising director Jennifer Veneklasen, editor Sue Stoneman, advertising operations manager


Personally selected Western Red Cedar from a local, family-owned lumber mill. Each piece is individually made, hand-sanded and stained with a waterproofing wood preserve to help your furniture endure in the Pacific Northwest climate. We provide custom work, we make the furniture to scale, to fit you!

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Michael Caldwell (360) 808-1772 or (360) 452-7360 Port Angeles, Washington Look for us in Money Tree, online, and at the Port Angeles Famrmers Market

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Creating Beautiful Homes Since 1958

Port Angeles

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Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012


garden | growing herbs A few favorites Selecting herbs to grow in a container on a patio is easy. Think about which herbs you use the most, plant a few in a container with good drainage and find a sunny spot to let them thrive. Harvest herbs throughout the growing season and plant the mature plants in your landscape as autumn nears.

English thyme A member of the mint family, thyme is a perennial shrub, whose woody stems are covered with small fragrant leaves and flowers. Thyme is used to flavor meats, soups and stews. While very flavorful, thyme does not overpower and blends well with other herbs and spices. It retains its flavor when dried better than many other herbs.



Rosemary is a strong scented perennial shrub with pale flowers and evergreen leaves. It has been used in culinary applications, aromatherapy, as a preservative and as medicine. It pairs well with butter for a rich spread. It also compliments poultry and potato dishes. Rosemary can easily be dried for use throughout the winter.

Salad burnet Add the fresh leaves of this dainty plant for a nutty and slightly sharp cucumber flavor to garnishes, salads, herb butters and soft cheeses or sprinkle on vegetables. Add burnet at the start of cooking casseroles and creamy soups. Use to flavor vinegar, salad dressing or drinks. Also has medicinal properties including easing sunburn pain.

make growing herbs easy

Growing herbs in containers on a sunny patio or deck is easy and economical. Fresh herbs enhance a variety of culinary dishes, offer medicinal properties ranging from easing the pain of a sunburn to freshening breath and reducing blood pressure to aiding digestion. In addition, herbs add a little green to a sunny spot on your patio, deck or even a front stoop. “Herbs can easily be grown in containers as long as the container drains well, has access to sunshine and water and herbs are harvested throughout the growing season,” says Ji Douglas, nursery manager at Sunny Farms Farm Store in Sequim. Ji suggests planting herbs your family already uses on a regular basis. “Plant something that you like and use, but don’t be afraid to branch out to try new herbs,” he says. Sun is an essential ingredient for herbs grown in containers. Most culinary herbs come from the Mediterranean and other sun-drenched regions, so they will need at least eight hours of sun each day. Good drainage and a properly sized container are crucial for growing healthy herbs. “The shape or type of container doesn’t matter to a plant, but the size and its drainage ability does,” Ji explains. “You can plant herbs in almost anything that will hold soil — clay, glazed, metal or plastic pots — just make sure your container has a large drainage hole because herbs can’t stand to have their roots sitting in too-wet soil.” It’s often better to combine two or more plants in a large pot than to use several little pots, Ji says. “Placing three 4-inch or 3.5-inch herbs in a large pot is a great way to grow herbs in a small space,” he says. “Don’t be afraid to mix herbs and have the container look a little empty at first. “It is better to let herbs grow into a container. They will be healthier and last longer in the container if they have room to grow.” Less densely planted containers can also be used for more than a year when properly cared for because herbs will not become root-bound. “A stuffed container is good for a few months, but if you leave space for the herbs to grow they will fill in nicely and provide fresh-cut herbs for a few seasons,” Ji says. Selecting a quality potting soil is also important for container-based herbs. People wanting to grow organic herbs should pay close attention when selecting plants and soil to make sure both are certified organic products. “Some soils labeled organic contain synthetic materials or pesticides,” Ji says. “Look for organic products certified by the state or the Organic Materials Review Institute to make sure you are actually using an organic product.”

People can start herbs from seed. Herb seedlings may not look like much for the first few weeks, but once warm weather arrives they will thrive. In addition to combining herbs in the same pot, people can mix in edible flowers including pansies, nasturtiums and marigolds. “While most herbs are hardy once established, it is important to slowly introduce herbs that have been in a greenhouse to an outdoor location,” Ji says. “Historically, the last frost date locally was April 14, but just to be safe, bring herbs into the house or your garage at night if the temperature drops or make sure your container is in a sheltered location from frost.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 >>

Parsley Add raw parsley to salads. Finely chop and sprinkle over sandwiches, egg dishes, fish, boiled potatoes and vegetable soups. Add to mayonnaise and other sauces. When cooked, parsley enhances other flavors, but add at the end of cooking time. Chew raw parsley to freshen breath and to promote healthy skin. Dries well and keeps flavor.

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Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

home | ideas


inspirations The 15th annual AAUW Kitchen Tour, “A Day in the Country,” is a day to explore eight spectacular kitchens in the Chimacum Valley/Tri-Area. The tour is sponsored by AAUW (American Association of University Women) Port Townsend and its philanthropic arm, the University Women’s Foundation of Jefferson County. It will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 28. Proceeds from the tour support education programs in East Jefferson County. On this self-guided tour, you can expect to see light-drenched kitchens with views of landscaped gardens, Little Oak Bay, Discovery Bay, the Olympics and the pastoral Chimacum Valley. Many of these kitchens open to a great room, creating a warm and inviting space for friends and family to gather. While styles range from contemporary to traditional arts and crafts, these kitchens share fine design and expert craftsmanship — the result of a close collaboration between the owners and area contractors, architects and designers. Effectively contrasting materials with glistening stainless steel against stone, an extraordinary range of pantry styles, granite and porcelain are showcased on the tour, as well as a variety of beautiful woods including tigerwood, African bubinga, maple, hemlock, fir and oak. The Hospitality Center (located at Chimacum Creek Primary School, 313 Ness’ Corner Road, Port Hadlock) will open at 9:30 a.m. for passports which include detailed descriptions of the kitchens, free refreshments, raffle baskets and kitchen-design seminars.


More than 20 years ago, the owners of this Port Hadlock home renovated and greatly expanded an 800-square-foot cottage into a comfortable and charming retreat that remains forward thinking in its design. The 27 feet of countertop includes an island with a prep sink, a built-in composting bin and a four-basket recycling drawer. ABOVE: The cabinetry, part of the original kitchen, was refinished and refitted with glass insets. On the walls are displays of hand-painted Turkish plates, photographs from the owners’ travels and a ceramic clock and wood-handled tools from the owner’s mother’s 1920s Michigan kitchen. FAR LEFT: A majestic, blue, cast-iron stove with four ovens, each maintaining its own constant temperature, is from England.

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LEFT: A shallow, illuminated pantry holds a storehouse of supplies in a charming display of clear-glass jars.


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Finding the space to create a home office

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There’s no doubt that we’re a connected society — and connected like never before through email, social networks, video conference technology, instant messaging, smart phones, the list goes on. While this influx in connectivity has made it easier to do business, it has also blurred the lines between work and home life, resulting with many of us working in our homes at least a few hours each week. If your kitchen countertop has become your go-to place for paying bills, responding to emails and conducting business, it may be time to consider adding a dedicated office space in your home.

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Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012



This year’s raffle items include chocolate and seafood extravaganzas, a Seattle hotel and dining experience, cooking classes and a golf and resort experience. Tickets cost $14 in advance and $18 the day of the tour. Tickets can be purchased at the following locations: n In Port Townsend at: Dream City Market and Cafe, 23 Kala Square Place; Kitchen & Bath Studio, 2009 Fourth St.; What’s Cookin,’ 844 Water St.; and Personalize It, 1007 Water St. n In Sequim at: Over the Fence, 112 E. Washington St. n In Port Ludlow at: Dana Pointe Interiors, 62 Village Way. n In Chimacum, at the Corner Farmstand. For more information about the “A Day in the Country” tour, phone 360-379-6454, visit www., or access “Port Townsend Kitchen Tour” on Facebook. — by AAUW Port Townsend


A butcher table, farmhouse sink and Wedgewood stove share the kitchen space with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and quarter-sawn, soft-touch oak drawers and cabinets in this Chimacum Valley kitchen. A screen door leads to a walk­-in pantry with shelves of canned goods and a working space with a marble slab for pastry making.


Two of the kitchens on the 2012 AAUW tour share sunlight and views of Little Oak Bay with adjoining great rooms. The unique recessed ceiling boxes in this kitchen create tonal dimension and a visual separation between the two areas. A pantry under the staircase with walls of shelves. Roll-out cabinets and work space offers plenty of storage. The window seat enclosure at the far end of the kitchen doubles as an eating nook with a coffee table that pops up for dining.

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Sequim 1320 W. Sequim Washington St. Sequim, WA 98382St. 1320 W. Washington 360-683-5599 Sequim, WA 98382 360-683-5599

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Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

Look what

we found

The North Olympic Peninsula is dotted with some amazing home and garden shops. Here are just a few finds from some of our favorite local stores.

SOMETHING FOR YOUR WALLS Bring a little country into your home with this rooster-inspired piece of art. Roosters are a symbol of life on a farm, but have become popular home decor even in urban kitchens, living rooms and more. A variety of different images are available for $38.75 at Olympic Stationers, 122 E. Front St. in Port Angeles. Phone 360-457-6111. BIG GREEN EGG May is National Barbecue Month so it is time to start thinking about enjoying a cookout with family and friends. The Big Green Egg has the ability to cook at temperatures at more than 600 degrees or hold them as low as 200 degrees. You can grill, bake, smoke or roast a variety of foods. The egg’s ceramic shell is strong and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures so you don’t have to worry about it cracking if you heat it up on a cold Northwest day. Available in five sizes — mini, small, medium, large and extra large — prices range from $550 to $1,167. A variety of accessories and cooking inserts are also available to enhance your cooking experience. Big Green Egg is available at EverWarm Hearth & Home, 257151 U.S. Highway 101 in Port Angeles. Phone 360-452-3366.

LIGHTHOUSE BIRD FEEDER Birds will love this decorative, yet functional nautical-themed bird feeder by Belle Fleur. The feeder features multiple perches, and can hold up to 2.1 pounds of seed. The lantern-style roof keeps seed dry and a tray catches overflow seed. The feeder is available for $39.99 at Sunset Do it Best Hardware, 518 Marine Drive in Port Angeles. Phone 360-457-3369.

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Show Sale New Plants! New Soil! Special Deals & Giveaways!



There will be In-house reps with vendor booths

Building partnerships since 1984 (360) 385-1771


901 Ness’ Corner Rd., Port Hadlock, WA 98339

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Home & Garden | April 20, 2012


Ji encourages people to check regularly to see if the container needs water. “Most herbs like to be on the dry side, but like all plants, herbs will not grow without proper watering, so check to make sure your soil is moist, especially as the temperature rises,” he says. “Once plants begin to produce, they need to be harvested regularly.” Harvesting herbs is as simple as lightly pinching or clipping the top leaves off the plant. It is important to harvest only a small amount off the plant while it is young and becoming established. “After the plant has become established, it is important to harvest on a regular basis to promote new growth and prevent blooming which changes the flavor of the leaves,” Ji says. Harvest the oldest stems individually with scissors rather than cutting the entire plant to keep a steady stream of leaves coming. Air drying most fresh herbs at the peak of their flavor preserves the flavor and color of many herbs’ leaves, flowers and seeds. After harvesting and cleaning clippings and when they seem free of excess moisture, gather them into small, loose bunches. Tie herbs with twine and hang upside down to dry from a closet rod, laundry rack or string hung across a room. When drying herbs it is important to provide a dust-free environment and ventilation in a spot without direct sun. If you don’t have good natural air circulation where you will be drying out herbs, place a fan on low to keep the air moving. Many container-grown herbs will need to be fertilized every so often because watering tends to wash nutrients from the pot’s soil. photo by BRENDA HANRAHAN Consider adding a slow-release or organic fertilizer Ji Douglas, Sunny Farms Farm Store nursery manager, holds a newly planted container holding salad when you plant. burnet, thyme and rosemary. Flexible and functional Some potting mixes come with slow-release fertilA home office should izer pellets already mixed in. be comfortable, but not Most culinary herbs are leaves, so avoid using a so casual that it lacks fertilizer made to encourage flowers. structure and function “There are a variety of great organic fertilizers that at the expense of overall are safe for you and your family,” Ji says. productivity. As summer turns to fall, plant perennial herbs in Whether you opt for a your garden or landscape or bring containers inside to desk or a table, be sure to a sunny window. evaluate how much work “Growing herbs adds greenery and fragrance to surface is needed before your home,” Ji says. you make the purchase. “You will save money and know how your herbs Consider how much were grown. Plus, you might discover new herbs you space your computer like that will enhance a meal.” and phone equipment, wires and cords, files and — story and photos by Brenda Hanrahan paperwork and office supplies will occupy. All of these things can quickly swallow space you might need to work comfortably. After you’ve selected the furniture, it’s wise to invest in a high-quality ergonomic chair that can help promote your overall well-being.

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Light and lively Good lighting in a home office is essential. While overhead light is helpful, your desk and work spaces should also feature a few task lights for reading, writing and computer work. Adding a decorative table lamp can help maintain a homier feel. The amount and type of lighting really depends on when you’ll be doing the bulk of your work and can vary drastically throughout the day. Installing light dimmer switches and adding window treatments can keep light adequate. Painting a splash of color on the walls, adding colorful textiles or artwork reflective of your personality will make the space feel inspiring. So, don’t be afraid to take back your kitchen and make a home office.



Orderly and organized It’s easy to let a home office become overrun with paperwork including bills, mail, newspapers and catalogs. Giving thought to smart storage solutions from the get-go will help minimize stress in the long run. The good news is you don’t have to settle for commercial-looking metal file cabinets to store everything. Cabinets have long been used to create stylish, orderly kitchens and baths, and can do the same for a home office. Cabinets need not be limited to the kitchen and the bath. A cabinet can look and function like a high-end furniture-quality desk for a home office at a fraction of the cost.


Whether you telecommute for work or just need a work space to organize personal documents and files, a wellthought home office can help you stay productive, efficient and organized. Before beginning the design process for an office space, think through how the space will be used and ask yourself these questions: n What activities will take place in the space? n Who will be utilizing this area? n What are the storage needs? n What time of day will you be doing most of your work? n Where in your home will you set up the office? n What type of connectivity/technology will be necessary for this office space? Once you have a handle on your needs, you’re ready to start the design process. Here are a few important things to consider when you’re setting up a home office:


Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

recycling | household items IN CLALLAM COUNTY: appliances Appliances can be recycled at the Regional Transfer Station, 3501 W. 18th St. in Port Angeles, for $66.20 a ton, plus a $20 environmental fee for refrigerators and freezers. EcycleNW in Blyn is another resource for recycling your old appliances. Phone 360-681-8645 or go to The Peninsula Daily News offers free classified advertising for items that are free or less than $200. Phone 360-452-8435 or go online to www. to place a classified — someone else may want your old appliances.

CFL lightbulbs Recycling shipping boxes from Consolidated Electrical Distributors, 11 Prospect Place in Port Angeles, can be purchased for disposal of CFLs that contain mercury. Boxes come in various sizes, complete with prepaid postage and are shipped to a facility where they can be properly disposed. For more information, phone 360-452-9705 or go to

Reduce: Because all waste — whether it’s buried in the ground or recycled — has to be disposed of, the first goal in the fight against unnecessary waste is to reduce the amount generated. One way to do this is avoiding single use (disposable) products. Another is to choose items with less packaging when you shop. Reuse: In Clallam County there are many opportunities to reuse item through garage sales, swap meets and resale stores. The website is a free online material exchange for county and city residents. Recycle: Think of recycling and buying products made of recycled materials as a way to reduce pollution and save natural resources. Recycling involves collection, separation, transportation and manufacturing new products. Products manufactured from recycled materials uses less energy and natural resources than traditional manufacturing.

IN JEFFERSON COUNTY: Go to and click on “solid waste” to get up-to-date information on recycling options in the county. Jefferson County also has an online exchange for reusable building materials and household items at

Home Depot also takes CFLs. Drop them in the orange kiosk located near the return desk. Newer LED bulbs do not contain mercury.

electronics Computers are recycled for free at Goodwills in Port Angeles and Sequim, or EcycleNW in Sequim. Think about donating televisions and other electronics to local charities or thrift shops, or post them on For more information on other ways to recycle electronics, go to or phone 1-800-RECYCLE.

building materials New homes for unused or old building materials can be found by going to www.builtgreenclallam. org where you can download a copy of the Construction Recycling Directory. You can also reach Built Green at 360-452-8160. Two businesses that will take unwanted building materials off your hands are: Around Again, 22 Gilbert Road in Sequim; 360-683-7862 Habitat for Humanity, 728 Front St. in Port Angeles; 360-417-7543

SPRING TO IT: Cleaning tips for creating a healthy home Allergens lurk inside and outside your home, causing more than 40 million Americans with allergies to cough, sneeze and have itchy eyes all year long, especially in springtime. And, for 25 million Americans with asthma it can be even more problematic. You’d assume cleaning your home would help reduce these allergy triggers, but if you’re not cleaning the right way, you could actually be making the problem worse. If your cleaning routine doesn’t specifically focus on allergen removal, you may be only moving dust around, sending allergens and irritating cleaning chemicals into the air. To maximize your cleaning efforts to reduce allergens, consider these simple tips from the nonprofit Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA): • You may think dusting your home will help reduce allergens, but if you use a feather duster that simply lifts the dust off surfaces and into the air, you will actually increase airborne dust particles. Instead, use moist cloths or special dry dusters

NORTHWEST ASBESTOS CONSULTANTS Surveys • Inspections • Testing

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designed to trap and lock dust from hard and soft surfaces. • Certain cleaning products can also contribute to airborne irritants, especially if they contain harsh chemicals, strong odors or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Choose products that contain none of these irritants, but also beware of “green” labels, as some of these solutions may be made with natural allergenic ingredients, such as lemon, coconut or tea-tree oils. • Use a vacuum that has a HEPA filter with tight seams and seals to prevent particles from leaking out while you vacuum. Also, choose a style that requires minimal exposure during canister emptying or bag changes. • Whether you have a cat or dog, pet dander is present in most U.S. homes. pillows. Wash your bedding at least once a week in Your cleaning routine should include frequently 130-degree hot water to kill mites and their eggs. washing linens in your bedroom, where cat or dog • Mold, a common allergy trigger, can grow anydander can settle. where in your home where moisture is present. Place mite-proof bedding on your mattresses and Look for cleaning products that help kill and prevent mold from returning. Also, keep household humidity below 50 percent and fix leaky pipes and cracks to reduce standing puddles of moisture where mold can prosper. • Gather stuffed toys, where dust mites, mold and pet dander can accumulate, and wash them in hot water and dry completely before using again. Place stuffed toys that can’t be washed in the freeza division of Dawson & Caswell, Inc. er for 24 hours, then rinse in cold water to remove dead mites, and dry completely. Do this monthly. GARAGE DOORS & OPENERS • Lots of air passes through window areas, and AUTOMATIC DOOR OPENERS airborne dust and allergens accumulate on all types of window treatments — which are rarely cleaned. SALES • INSTALLATION • REPAIR In the family room and throughout the home, re® place big, heavy linen drapes with more sensible win® Garage Access Systems helps you do things right.® dow treatments such as wood blinds or flat screens that are easy to wipe and keep clean. Keep in mind that while consumers spend nearly 861 E. Hammond • Sequim Mailing Address: $18 billion annually on asthma and allergy mediP.O. Box 1508 • Sequim 98382 cations, they also spend more than $20 billion on state contr. reg # ADVANDSQ44BZ nonmedical consumer products marketed for people LocaLLy owned & operated – Serving you Since 1978! with asthma and allergies such as room air cleaners, bedding, vacuums and more, according to AAFA. While demand for such products continues to grow, there is little ust ontainment regulation governing product claims, the founree stimates dation notes. AAFA’s asthma and allergy friendly certification program helps consumers evaluate and verify the allergenreducing effectiveness of a variety of products, from cleaning supplies, air cleaning devices and vacuums to toys, bedding, home improvement products, paints, clothes Serving the360-912-3000 Olympic Peninsula washers and more. Learn more at www. 360-912-3000 EMAIL: • vandykefloors

Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012


saving energy, saving money Mulch helps save time, water As temperatures inch toward 60 degrees, one of the rites of spring, designed to impress the neighbors, is a fresh layer of mulch. But, did you know that mulch can also help prevent erosion and discourage weeds growing in the garden? Mulch is an invaluable ingredient to a successful growing season­— so much more than shredded bark sprinkled around the base of an ornamental tree each spring. Get the facts on mulch to have a great looking landscape to boot.

What is mulch?

Just like the leaf layer found on a forest floor, mulch is a covering that can benefit both plants and soil. Consider the many different mulch types. Some contain leaves and bark that decompose, breaking down over time, while others are pebbles or shredded tires. The available varieties of materials are diverse and nearly limitless. The varieties of mulch that break down are beneficial to the nutritional make-up, or tilth, of soil. Ingredients commonly used for beneficial mulching materials are: bark or wood chips, leaves, grass clippings, straw or hay, newspaper, pine needles, cocoa shells and compost. When selecting mulch, realize that not all mulches are the same.

Where does mulch come from?



Mattis Jarvegren, Clallam County Public Utility District utility services adviser II, demonstrates how a “Watt Detector” works. The device, which is available for check-out at libraries across Clallam County, helps measure how much energy everyday appliances use.

PUD, library partnership encourages people to test appliances and find energy savings use the device. Mattis said people can have the device up and running in a few minutes by following a few simple instructions provided with the detector kit during check-out. Only appliances that use a standard, 120-volt outlet can be measured, so no ranges or clothes dryers can be measured. The operations manual, which is supplied with the detector explains all safety warnings.

Measurements conducted over long periods will accurately reflect true usage of the appliance, Mattis says. For example, if a television is used four hours a day, it is important to measure the 20 hours a day the appliance is not in use to get a true projection of the cost. The PDF will provide a list of the most common appliances and the average cost associated with these appliances. Using the detector Tracking savings allows you to see how People who check out a detector are directed on your appliances measure how to download a PDF of up compared to the averthe comprehensive appli- age costs, Mattis says. If your appliance is ance worksheet to record aging and becoming less your findings and track efficient, this guide may potential savings. show you the cost savings These projections are you could experience if based on real time and you replace it. historical measurements For information about of actual consumption of checking out a free detecthe appliance. tor, visit a branch of the The longer the appliance remains plugged in, North Olympic Library System or visit www.nols. the more accurate the org or phone the PUD projection will be. at 360-452-9771 or visit This is especially true for appliances that cycle on and off. Examples — story by Brenda include refrigerators and Hanrahan televisions.

Why do I need it?

Leaves and bark mulch benefits run much deeper than beauty. n A mulch layer can moderate the soil temperature reducing the effects of extreme heat or cold. n Soil condition may be improved by the decomposing matter from mulch that provides plants with added nutrition. n Mulching a garden creates the ideal environment for earthworms and beneficial organisms. n If heavy rains or soil erosion is an issue, mulch can help reduce these effects. n Weeds will find it more difficult to grow in a mulched area, as the mulch helps to block weed growth and access to the sun.

When should I use mulch?

Mulch can be applied anytime, but it is best to spread it out early in the growing season, before weeds have had a chance to get established. Remove existing weeds, and spread a two to three inch layer around landscaping plants, in the vegetable garden or along walkways. If recent rains have made the garden too muddy, mulch is also a great way to create a dry path through the muck and keep your feet from sliding around. The proper application of mulch helps create a naturally weed-free environment to maximize your garden’s growth. — provided by ARA Content

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device made by P3 International Corporation. The device is used to measure the amount of electricity various household appliances use. It calculates how much money or energy is being spent on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis. It measures energy use in watts and translates that into kilowatt hours (kWh), the same unit of measure used on your electric bills. For example, 1000 watts equals 1 kilowatt; a 100-watt device running for 10 hours equals 1 kWh. The watt detector is compatible with any electrical outlet and will measure kilowatt hours used and calculate the associated costs over a period of time. When power to the detector is interrupted, the display will go blank and the unit will stop measuring energy consumption and elapsed time, Mattis explains. However, all accumulated measurements including kilowatt hours, elapsed time and actual total cost will be retained. This allows users to take measurements anywhere and relocate the watt detector to a more convenient location to read the display. When the unit is plugged back in, the Changes to make: display will become active n Unplugging small and the accumulated data appliances. n Upgrading to Energy can be retrieved by using the keys. Star products. Data should be ren Replacing incandescent bulbs with Compact trieved immediately as the elapsed time counter Fluorescent Lamps will restart and potential(CFLs). ly skew the data as time n Reducing overall with no load elapses. energy consumption. The detector should be “These units are really programmed prior to use. very simple to use,” Confirm current utility Mattis says. rates before starting to “They really help people understand energy usage in their homes.” The detectors allow users to see how much it costs to leave on appliances, computers and printers and to see how much money devices such as phone chargers can waste when they are left in an outlet after completing a charge. Have you ever wondered how much energy your appliances are actually using? You’ve probably read information from manufacturers about the average energy output an appliance uses. But can you trust the information? An easy way to measure the actual output of an appliance is to check out a “Kill A Watt” detector from your local library. Clallam County Public Utility District recently partnered with the North Olympic Library System to offer residents a way to measure how much energy their appliances use. “By using a watt detector, you can reduce the amount of electricity you use and lower your utility bills if you make a few small changes,” says Mattis Jarvegren, Clallam County Public Utility District utility services adviser II. Sixteen detector kits are available for checkout to library patrons at Clallam County libraries. Checking out a detector is free, but a library card is required. Studies show that people using electricity monitors will save between 5 percent and 20 percent on their bill by watching their energy use and making effective changes, Mattis says.

From recycling last week’s newspapers or collecting grass clippings after mowing, to composting garden and kitchen waste, inexpensive mulch materials are readily available. The lumber and arborist industries often sell chipped wood products inexpensively. These wood chips tend to break down slowly and are often used on garden paths and walkways. Many gardeners prefer the look of the woodchip or bark mulches that are available through local garden centers. Whether these mulches are sold by the bag or by the truckload, they tend to be partially composted and add a great, finished appearance to the garden while breaking down over time to add organic matter to the soil.

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The detector is a



What is a watt detector?

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Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

home renovations | before

remodel blends aesthetics with function

Accessibility was on the top of Paul and Pam Cunningham’s priority list when they remodeled their Port Angeles kitchen and bathroom. With an active lifestyle and two young daughters, one in a wheelchair, the couple used tasteful practicality when updating their 1960s ranch-style home. At the suggestion of their friend and cabinetmaker, Jesse Bay of Jesse Bay Cabinetry in Port Angeles, the Cunninghams hired Alicia Brewin

to take their ideas and form a cohesive design. In order to accommodate the family’s unique and active needs, Alicia helped create a floor plan that was open and accessible. The Cunninghams had researched books on accessibility and gathered inspiration from magazines like Dwell and Atomic Ranch, but knew they needed help bringing all their wants, needs and ideas together. Alicia incorporated the couple’s love for mid-

century, modern design into their remodel. From the early conceptual stages, emphasis was placed on creating a kitchen and living space that would last and be tailored to Poppy, 9, who uses a wheelchair. The Cunninghams wanted to create a kitchen and bathroom that would not only accommodate the whole family, but also increase their daughter’s independence. Paul describes their old U-shaped kitchen as “closed off.” A peninsula and overhead cabinets that obstructed light and divided the kitchen also restricted the family’s, especially Poppy’s, ability to maneuver around the space. The area had to be opened up and the half-walls and dark interior, characteristic of a ranch-style home, taken out. As the design scheme formed, focus was put on incorporating environmentally-conscious materials. Custom bamboo cabinets — one of Paul’s favorite elements, along with accessibility, modern design and clean lines — were used throughout the kitchen. MORE PHOTOS ON PAGE 11, STORY CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 >>

ABOVE: Before the remodel, the Cunningham’s U-shaped kitchen was closed off and had a dark interior characteristic of 1960’s homes. LEFT: A peninsula and overhead cabinets in the old kitchen obstructed light and restricted the family’s mobility.

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Spinwith Your Meter Backwards clean and reliable solar energy.with Spin Your Meter Backwards clean andand reliable solar with clean reliable solarenergy. energy.

Olympic 27 years

Mark calendar your calendarnow now forfor the Jefferson your the Jefferson Solar Home Tour - July 14, 2012 Solar Home Tour - July 14, 2012 Mark your calendar now for the Jefferson

Solar Home Tour - July 14, 2012

Power Trip Energy Corp has installed Power Trip Energy Corp has installed over 250 grid-tied over 250 grid-tied solar PV systems on solar PV Systems on the Olympic Peninsula since 2003. the Olympic Peninsula since 2003.

Remodels/Additions Turn-Key Construction 260 Kala Point Drive Port Townsend, WA 98368 260 Kala Point Drive Port Townsend, WA 98368

260 Kala Point Drive Port Townsend, WA 98368 360-385-7156 . 360-385-7156 .



Electrical Lic # POWERTE964JN Power Trip 360-643-3080

Energy Corp


Electrical Lic # POWERTE964JN


260 Kala Point Drive Port Townsend, WA 98368 360-385-7156 .


360-385-7156 .

Power Trip Energy Corp has installed over 250 grid-tied solar PV systems on 360-643-3080 the Olympic Peninsula since 2003. GC Lic #POWERTE934QE Electrical Lic # POWERTE964JN

Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012


home renovations | after Photos (2) by AXEL WILKINSON

LEFT: Bamboo cabinets as well as glass and metal accents add decorative elements to this clean, modern kitchen design.

BELOW: The kitchen island in the Cunningham home was thoughtfully designed at table height so that Poppy, 9, can fit her wheelchair underneath it. Fiona, 8, (shown at right) can join her sister there to do school work and art projects or have a snack. Here the girls are shown coloring with their friend Kaiya Ochs.

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Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

home renovations | after << REMODEL CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10

Photos (2) by AXEL WILKINSON

LEFT: A bathroom designed for sisters, 8 and 9, is playfully tiled in floor to ceiling glass mosaics and accented by bamboo counter tops with a high-gloss varnish.

“They’re sustainable and easy to care for,” Paul says of the cabinets. Kitchen storage was also expertly maximized to make good use of the relatively small space. Glass and metal accent an inviting workspace and add a decorative element to the kitchen. “Quartz countertops flow over work surfaces and down to the attractively colored terrazzo-tiled floor that allows ease of movement for Poppy not only in her wheelchair but whatever scooter she is using at the time,” Alicia says. Walls were moved back so that a dining nook was no longer necessary. Instead, they incorporated a walnut table into the island work station. The island was thoughtfully placed at table height so that Poppy can roll up to it and so she and her sister Fiona, 8, can use it do schoolwork and art projects or have a snack right in the hub of the home. The kitchen allows Pam to prepare evening meals amid the hustle and bustle of kids, animals and life. The girls also have easy access to a drawer-style microwave placed slightly lower than waist height. The now ADA-compliant kitchen boasts exceptional style paired with perfectly tailored function.

BELOW: Customized storage space and room for a computer work station was woven into the kitchen’s design scheme.

GIRLS’ BATHROOM Before the remodel, the laundry room hosted not only the washer and dryer, but crafts, storage and miscellaneous items all within a space that shared a toilet and sink. With two girls well on their way to their teenage years, the laundry room needed to become a bigger, more functional bathroom to meet their needs. It was playfully tiled in floor to ceiling glass mosaics reminiscent of the 1950s. A bamboo counter finished the look with a highgloss varnish that added a special touch to the colorful and practical bathroom. Space beneath the bathroom sink was opened up so that Poppy could fit her wheelchair beneath it, and the bathtub fitted with grab bars to make transferring easier for her. An exit was added to the laundry room so that on rainy days, Poppy can wheel herself directly into the space and into her dry, indoor scooter without tracking mud into the house, Alicia says. The entire project took four months to complete, during which time the Cunninghams lived downstairs in their daylight basement. AWARD-WINNING DESIGN Alicia was awarded first place in the kitchen category of the Seattle Design Center’s 13th annual Northwest Design Awards competition for her work on the Cunningham’s kitchen. Designing for more than 30 years, Alicia has been involved in interior design for both the residential and commercial fields. She has refined her skills on projects ranging from restoring historic homes to

designing modern medical centers. Moving her design firm, Alicia Interiors, from the East Coast to Port Angeles seven years ago, Alicia says she views each new client as a unique and exciting opportunity to promote beautiful and practical design into their life. For more information on her designs, visit www. — story by Jennifer Veneklasen

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122 E. Front St., Port Angeles

Master Gardeners offer free walks through demonstration garden in Sequim Veteran Master Gardeners Jeanette Stehr-Green and Bill Wrobel will lead free monthly walks through the Clallam County Master Gardener Demonstration Garden at 2711 Woodcock Road in Sequim. The walks will be offered the second Saturday of each month through October. During the monthly strolls, Wrobel and StehrGreen will identify plants and varieties that grow well in the Pacific Northwest, remind gardeners of what chores need to be performed each month in a typical home garden, demonstrate how to perform gardening tasks and answer questions and diagnose problems. The sessions are part of the Class Act at Woodcock Garden educational series. Wrobel and Stehr-Green will be joined by other Master Gardeners with expertise in growing specific ornamental plants, fruits, vegetables or herbs. In addition to these walks, the Class Act Series will present more relevant gardening issues two other Saturdays each month. Wrobel has been a Master Gardener since 1984, and Stehr-Green has been a Master Gardener since 2003. Together, they have more than 60 years of gardening experience in their own gardens.


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Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

Home &



Garden Specials

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Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

garden | outdoor decor From a hobby


a business Following an early retirement a Port Angeles man decided to make a few cedar lawn chairs for friends and family. Soon, he was taking orders and setting up a home-based workshop for his business.



The distinctive aroma of freshly-cut cedar, the sound of a saw and a puff of smoke from a wood stove chimney are commonplace in a little workshop in west Port Angeles. When Mike Caldwell retired from being a delivery driver for Franz Bakery a handful of years ago, he had plans to make a couple of Adirondack chairs for a few family members and close friends. “I have always enjoyed woodworking and particularly enjoy working with cedar,” Mike says. “I had been occasionally making chairs for family and close friends for 23 years, but after I retired I needed something to do that I enjoyed to keep me busy.” With more time to plan and learn through experience, Mike began expanding his chair designs to rockers and two-seaters, and added some built-in tables to his offerings. “I am self-taught, and get better every time I make something,” Mike says. “The last chair I make is always the best.” Soon, Mike was taking orders thanks to excellent word-of-mouth referrals, and had named his business Mike’s Cedar Works. The product line also expanded to include picnic tables, plant stands, arbors, pergolas with a built-in bench, side tables, planters, trellises, elevated dog bowls and more. Mike has sold products at area festivals and events, but calls the Port Angeles Farmers Market, located in The Gateway center at the corner of Front and Lincoln streets, his storefront. Mike primarily works with cedar cut and milled by longtime friend, Richard Loomis, but he can work with any type of wood if a customer makes a request. All items are handmade, and everything can be custom-built to meet the specifications a client wants. “One of the most popular requests I receive is to make chairs more comfortable for shorter folks or extremely tall people,” he says. “Prebuilt chairs are often made for people with longer legs, but not for people with really long legs, which doesn’t work for short or really tall people.” Single chairs start at $135 and single Adirondack chairs range in price from $175 to $200 depending on style and custom features. Rocking chairs start at $200, and a double rocker costs about $240. “People tell me all the time that I am underpricing my products,” Mike says. “I was born and raised in Port Angeles, and I want local people to be able to

Mike Caldwell works on a cedar chair in his Port Angeles workshop. After a short retirement, Mike started Mike’s Cedar Works, which offers homemade, custom-built lawn furniture and more.

afford to purchase handmade, quality goods.” All products are sanded and stained and ready to stand up to any rainfall amount the Northwest throws at it. “Cedar is a tough wood anyway, but once you stain it, the water literally beads and rolls off it,” Mike says. “What I make is built to last outdoors and pretty enough to go inside with the rest of your furnishings.” Mike finds inspiration from catalogs and stores, but relies mostly on what customers request and what is practical and useful in everyday life. “I am a practical person and strive to make daily life as easy and as comfortable as possible,” he says. “I saw elevated dog bowls in a store that help older and big dogs eat more comfortably, and thought my dog, Ginger, would like the idea. I went home and made one, and now offer them as a product others can buy. Ginger loves hers, and the bowls I make are better built and cheaper than what stores offer.” For more information about Mike’s Cedar Works, visit or phone Mike at 360-808-1772. — story by Brenda Hanrahan

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RIGHT: An Adirondack chair Mike Caldwell of Mike’s Cedar Works made waits for an occupant.



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Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012


deck | creating an oasis


decking made for the Peninsula


moisture we receive, the green decking they sell in California would not work well in our area.” Redwood features strength five times greater than plastic composite lumber, which means it doesn’t split as easily, Ron says. In addition, redwood can span greater distances without bending, so it requires a third less of the substructure material of a composite product, Ron explains. Less substructure means less material, labor and cost are required to build a redwood deck. Homeowners, contractors and architects have prized redwood for its natural warmth, color and character. Each redwood deck board contains a texture and grain pattern all its own, Ron says. “Plastic composite lumber manufacturers try to match the look and feel of real redwood, but simply cannot match its natural beauty,” he says. Redwood is naturally durable, featuring resistance to decay and insects that comes from

the tannins in redwood heartwood. “Maintained properly, a redwood deck can easily last 25 years and even 50 years,” Ron says. “The life of a deck is an important factor when considering your overall cost. “When you purchase redwood, you instantly know that you are buying something that will last for years to come. “And the initial cost of the product is comparable to cedar and composite decking, so using redwood makes financial sense.” Pricing for redwood decking starts at $1.92 for a linear foot. “You won’t have to take out a home loan to build or replace an existing deck, and you end up with a great product when you choose redwood,” Ron says. With minimal ongoing effort, the original beauty of a redwood deck can be easily maintained. Unlike plastic composite lumber, which can stain and fade, a redwood deck can be restored to its natural color with a few steps

and materials. And, at the end of its useful life, redwood decking is recyclable and biodegradable, staying out of local landfills. Redwood lumber from well-managed forestlands offers a number of sustainable or “green” benefits, Ron says. Producers such as Humboldt Redwood maintain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification from the

forestlands through manufacturing and distribution. Regarded as one of the toughest standards for exemplary forestry management in the world, the FSC product labeling system provides a credible link between responsible forest management and products containing wood. “Humboldt Redwood manages 400,000 acres of redwoods and are well

known for practicing environmentally sound practices,” Ron says. “For every redwood they cut, 10 more go into the ground.” For more information about redwood decking, phone Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. at 360457-8581 or Hartnagel Building Supply at 360452-8933.

— story by Brenda Hanrahan. Photo by Humboldt Redwood


Clallam County PUD and the North Olympic Library System (NOLS) are partnering to offer residents a way to measure energy use in their homes. Residents are now able to check out a Kill-a-Watt™ Energy Detector Toolkit at any NOLS library for up to a week at a time. The Kill-A-Watt™ device is used to measure the amount of electricity various household appliances use. It calculates how much money or energy is being spent on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis, allowing you more control over your energy usage!

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electing materials to build a deck on the North Olympic Peninsula often sparks a debate. Some people swear native cedar is the only type of wood to use in the wet Great Northwest. Others argue using a composite material is the logical choice. You want something that looks attractive, yet is hardy enough to withstand the saturating rains that inundate the region during the winter and spring months. “Redwood is a great option for people living on the Peninsula,” says Ron Sande, purchasing manager for Lumber Traders Inc., which operates Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co. and Hartnagel Building Supply. “Naturally beautiful and strong, redwood decking costs about the same as native cedar, but redwood lasts longer and looks better, especially when it is stained.” The Port Angelesbased businesses recently became exclusive Humboldt Redwood dealers and stock a common grade of 2-inch by 6-inch redwood decking in 8, 10, 12 and 16-foot lengths.” In addition, smaller lengths of redwood are available for handrails. The covered yard at Angeles Millwork & Lumber Co., 1601 S. C St., is fully stocked with redwood decking. Supplies for delivery or pick-up can also be made at Hartnagel Building Supply, 3111 E. U.S. Highway 101. “We offer a kiln-dried product, meaning it is not a ‘green’ or wet product, so it is ready for installation,” Ron explains. “With all of the

Clallam Public Utility District and the North Olympic Library System your partners in conservation!




Peninsula Daily News

Home & Garden | April 20, 2012

including CAUTION,


and DANGER. Labels won’t tell you if a chemical is a danger to fish or animals or harmful to local water supplies. Chemicals can concentrate up the food chain to a toxic level for larger animals, and can have long term harmful effects with low exposures over a long period. Always properly dispose of toxic cleaners and pesticides. PESTICIDES can contain chemicals that are hazardous in large quantities. Pesticides usually contain deadly, toxic poisons – HANDLE WITH CARE or better yet, use natural non-toxic alternatives. MORE FERTILIZER DOES NOT MEAN GREEN GRASS! Fertilizer runoff also feeds stream & lake algae blooms that die off, decompose and suffocate fish.


Moderate Risk Waste Facility

Hours of Operation Wed & Sat, 11am - 4pm At No Extra Charge To All Residents The MRW does not accept:

latex paint • leaking or empty containers asbestos • explosives • compressed gas containers • business waste

“Household Hazardous Wastes” include: Pesticides & Weed Killer Oil-based Paints & Stains, Thinners & Solvents Hobby Chemicals Cleaning Supplies Old Gasoline & Used Motor Oil Anti-Freeze & Car Batteries

TRANSFER STATION (360) 417-4875

Press 3 for HHW info










Always read lawn care and pesticide labels carefully. Look for key words











CREATE YOUR OWN COMPOST. Leaves, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds decompose to form a nutrient rich mixture that feeds the soil, retains moisture, prevents erosions, improves plant growth and reduces the need for fertilizer and pesticides. Dispose of used oil, anti-freeze and old paint responsibly. Don’t pour down a street grate, on the road, or on the ground – it will end up in our water supply! Take these Household Hazardous Waste materials to the Moderate Risk Waste Facility. Apply pesticides early in the growing season, not when flowers are in bloom. Bees can pick up the pesticides and carry it back to their hive and kill off the entire colony. No bees-no honey-no pollination-no flowers-no fruit. Leave your lawn clippings on your lawn, they can provide up to 25% of needed lawn fertilizer as the cut grass decomposes. And in times of water conservation, let the lawn take it’s natural course because Brown is the New Green!

RECYCLING (360) 417-4874

What is Household Hazardous Waste? (HHW?)


any products used in and around the home contain hazardous chemicals, including auto products (oil, antifreeze, car bateries), paints, pesticides, fertilizers, degreasers, cleaning agents, solvents, and aerosols. These products become household hazardous waste when you no longer need or want them. How can you tell if something is hazardous?


Look for key words “Poison”, “Danger”, “Warning” or “Caution” on the product label

A Hazardous Product has at least one of the following properties:


Poisonous, or causes long-term illness. Examples would include pesticides, paint thinners, many auto products and some cleaners. Look for warnings like “Use only in well ventilated areas”, “Harmful or fatal if swallowed”.


Burns easily. Examples include paint thinners and other solvents. Look for warnings on the product label like “Do not use near heat or flame”, “Combustible”, “Do not smoke while using this product”.


Eats through materials (acid, for example). Oven, drain and toilet cleaners, auto batteries are common corrosive products. Look for words on the product label like “Causes severe burns on contact”, “Can burn eyes, skin, throat”.


Can spontaneously ignite or create poisonous vapors when mixed with other products (so NEVER mix household products) or can explode when exposed to heat, air or water.

Disposal Options For HHW In Clallam County Household Hazardous Waste can be taken to the Moderate Risk Waste Facility located at 3501 West 18th Street, Port Angeles. The facility is open Wednesday and Saturdays from 11am - 4pm and the service is free! The facility does not accept business waste, latex paints, flourescent tubes and electronic or pharmaceutical wastes at this time. Auto oil and antifreeze can be taken to any transfer station during operating hours. Auto batteries can be taken to the Regional Transfer Station in Port Angeles, during regular hours. Disposal of oil, antifreeze and car batteries is free of charge. Latex paints are not considered hazardous waste and can be solidified and disposed as regular garbage. Consider giving extra paint away or using the the website to find someone who might be able to use it.


For more information, please call Clallam County Environmental Health at (360) 417-2258 or the City of Port Angeles Transfer Station information Line at (360) 417-4874

Home and Garden, Spring 2012  
Home and Garden, Spring 2012  

Home and Garden, Spring 2012