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Sunday, November 7, 2010 — (J)

Distress Continued from A1 The idea was prompted by the real estate office’s seminars on buying foreclosed homes, he said. “We’re just trying to bring a different approach to educate the public,” Hegge said. The tour was informal, with the participants left mostly to view the homes on their own and ask questions.

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Chance for two key posts lost Appropriation, defense chairs won’t go to Dicks Peninsula Daily News news services

WASHINGTON — Last week’s GOP takeover of the U.S. House will deny Democratic Rep. Norm Dicks not one but two highly coveted chairmanships. Rental property It also will hand leadership reins to a pair of David and Roberta Rodgers of Diamond Point have Republican members from owned rentals off and on Eastern Washington. since the 1970s, and were looking for an opportunity State not shut out to start again. One, incoming Natural One home, a small two- Resources Committee bedroom home near Hart- Chairman Rep. Doc Hastnagel Building Supply, ings of Pasco, believes in seemed promising, said balancing protection for David Rodgers, 73. lands with tapping them for It only needed modest economic benefit. work and was small enough The other, Rep. Cathy to be able to rent at a mod- McMorris Rodgers of Spoest price. kane, is expected to become But he said he might try chairwoman of the Workhis luck in Arizona, where a force Protection Subcomfriend of his bought a house for $35,000. “There’s some surprising deals down there,” he added. While most of the houses on the tour were at least a Continued from A1 few decades old, there were few signs of their previous The Salish is the sister owners. ship of the Chetzemoka, But in one — a three- which is slated to start regbedroom, one-story house constructed only two years ular service Monday, Nov. ago — the few pieces of fur- 15 on the Port Townsendniture yet to be removed, a Coupeville route after a celTV stand and computer ebratory inaugural sailing desk, provided a solemn next Sunday, Nov. 14. The Salish was intended reminder that someone recently called the O Street to provide full service on house their home. the Port Townsend-CoupeLike David and Roberta ville route, which has strugRodgers, Timmons said he gled with one-boat service doesn’t take the foreclosure for three years, since the situation lightly. aging Steel Electrics — two “It’s sad to see people of which plied the route — lose their homes,” he said. But, with every cycle in were retired because of corthe housing market, some- rosion. one’s loss can be another person’s gain. And it isn’t Realignment of ferries necessary to already be a Instead, under one of the property owner to get a options the state ferry sysjump ahead. tem has proposed to accomplish a 4 percent cut for Buying first homes next year, a series of realignTimmons said depressed ment of ferries on various housing prices have allowed routes would send the Salthree of his former tenants ish to the San Juan Islands to purchase their first to replace the 87-car Everhome. green State. “There is opportunity,” The Evergreen State he said. would be shifted to the Hegge said it can be a good time for people to buy Fauntleroy-Vashon Islandtheir first home if they can. Southworth route, to replace But, he added, “It the Issaquah, a 124-car vesdepends on the house you sel that would be moved to are looking at. the Seattle-Bremerton “Just because it’s a fore- route. closure doesn’t mean it’s a good deal.” New role for Issaquah A home inspection is key, The Issaquah would Hegge said, and patience replace a 144-car Super helps as well. The tours will be held class ferry on the Seattleagain in spring in both Bremerton ferry route in Sequim and Port Angeles, the fall, winter, and spring, he said. as well as a Super class For more information, ferry on the Anacortes-San Coldwell Banker Town & Juan Islands ferry route in Country Real Estate can be the summer. contacted at 360-683-6000. That would permit the ________ “de-crewing” of one of the Reporter Tom Callis can be state’s four 144-car Super reached at 360-417-3532 or at class” ferries. tom.callis@peninsuladailynews. The vessel would not be com.

mittee, one of five panels under the House Committee on Education and Labor. McMorris Rodgers also is running for re-election as vice chairwoman of the House Republican Conference. The election’s power shift likely will signal marked changes in legislative priorities. Hastings, who cruised to victory for his ninth term, is ranking member of the Natural Resources Committee and thus in line to succeed Chairman Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.V. The committee oversees energy, land use, environment and natural-resources issues. Hastings supports drilling for more oil, allowing firearms in national parks

Norm Dicks Election changed fortunes and protecting privateproperty rights. He opposes expanded authority for the Environmental Protection Agency. The League of Conservation Voters awarded Hastings a lifetime voting score of 2 percent. That means “whenever he was given a chance to protect the environment or open spaces, he at every possible opportunity sided

with corporate interests and oil companies,” said Tiernan Sittenfeld, the group’s legislative director. Meanwhile, Republican control of the House will derail Dicks’ hopes of chairing both the powerful Appropriations Committee and its Subcommittee on Defense. The Belfair Democrat, whose district includes Jefferson and Clallam counties, took the helm of the defense subcommittee earlier this year after the death of Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania. Three months later, Dicks found himself in line for the possible chairmanship of the entire Appropriations Committee when Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., announced he would not seek re-election. Tuesday’s elections dashed that scenario. Dicks instead will serve as the ranking Democrat, providing a crucial — but diminished — voice on

spending decisions. Dicks, who won re-election Tuesday, said he was disappointed but resigned. This will be the third time in his 17 terms in the House that the party in power has changed hands. Dicks said he does not foresee major changes under Rep. Bill Young, R-Fla., who would take chairmanship of the defense appropriations subcommittee. The two worked together to help trim $7 billion from the 2011 defense budget without major disagreements, Dicks said. Bigger shifts, Dicks said, might be afoot for the full appropriations committee. Two Republicans, Rep. Jerry Lewis of California and Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky are vying to succeed Obey. “The Republicans campaigned on making significant cuts to discretionary domestic spending,” Dicks said.

Ferry: Series of realignments mulled Tax activist Eyman challenges fare plan Peninsula Daily News news services

OLYMPIA — With the passage last week of Initiative 1053, Tim Eyman questions whether the state Transportation Commission can, as planned, raise ferry fares 2.5 percent next year. Eyman, who crafted the initiative, said raising state fees now should fall to the state Legislature under the initiative. While the commission is holding public hearings on the fare proposal, state decommissioned, but simply idled to save personnel and fuel costs. “Savings are achieved through providing service on certain routes using smaller vessels, with a smaller crew size, and lower fuel consumption,” the state ferries system proposal of options says. “This also allows the Super class ferry to be partially de-crewed, which results in additional savings.”

One of several options Moseley “made it clear it wasn’t a proposal, but one of a number of options,” Sandoval said after talking with the ferry systems director. “This wasn’t something they are suggesting strongly for us.” The state Transportation Department has been asked to cut $212 million. The state is facing a $4.5 billion overall budget deficit, the Seattle Post-

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Fare hike considered

sion has also asked the attorney general’s office for an opinion. One question, he said, is whether the prior designation by the Legislature to the commission to set ferry fares and tolls would be enough to override Eyman’s initiative. “Let’s go to court and let the judges decide,” he said. The commission plans to vote on the fare increase next month, after Eyman’s initiative takes effect. 20 weeks, which would mean no service to Sidney, British Columbia; reduced service on San Juan Island ferry routes; and no third vessel on weekends on the Fauntleroy-Vashon IslandSouthworth ferry route. ■  Elimination of extended hours added in fall 2009 at Point DefianceTahlequah. ■  Elimination of latenight service at MukilteoClinton. ■  Cutting a mid-day trip at Bremerton. In addition to service cuts, the ferry service has proposed eliminating seven administrative positions to save about $750,000, plus reducing overtime spending by $680,000, and cutting travel and non-mandatory training, the Seattle PI said, adding that the proposed cuts in ferry service would save about $10.5 million.

News of cuts under consideration comes as the state Transportation Commission considers whether to increase ferry fares by 2.5 percent. Other options for service cuts that the state ferries system listed, which would ________ go into effect in the fall of Managing Editor/News Leah next year, are: Leach can be reached at 360-417■  Extended winter ser- 3531 or leah.leach@peninsula vice levels from 12 weeks to



________ Jefferson County Reporter Charlie Bermant can be reached at 360-385-2335 or charlie.bermant@

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The next ballot count results are due to be released at about noon Wednesday. No outcomes changed in Clallam County’s Friday count of 4,717 outstanding ballots. The election will be certified Tuesday, Nov. 23.



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“Since 1999, we have seen massive increases in fares and the lack of boats being built,” Sandoval said. The Chetzemoka and the Salish, the first of a new Kwa-di Tabil Class of ferries, are the first boats the state has built in more than a decade. “I feel fortunate getting the Chetzemoka, given their situation,” Sandoval said. “We’re happy with our boat,” she added. “Our Chetzemoka will be more reliable in terms of seaworthiness. “That means consistency. People will feel good about planning to come and use

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Lack of boats

this route.” But two-boat service is “critical,” Sandoval said. Not only do the boats bring tourists to Port Townsend, but the route also is a national security route that serves Navy bases, she said. “I don’t blame them,” Sandoval said, “but a funding source needs to be found.” “Moseley, Secretary of State Paula Hammonds and the governor have hard decisions to make,” Sandoval said. “I just need to fight for our community.”

Continued from A1 with 9,018 votes, or 56.27 percent, in favor and Incumbent District 7,009 votes, or 43.73 perCourt Judge Jill Landes of cent, against. Jefferson County offiPort Townsend won another term by defeating chal- cials elected by acclamation lenger John Wood, a Port — without opposition — Townsend attorney by 7,769 were Eldridge, Assessor votes, or 54.26 percent, to Jack Westerman III, Trea6,548 votes, or 45.74 per- surer Judi Morris, Superior Court Clerk Ruth Gordon, cent. Proposition 1, which Sheriff Tony Hernandez increased county sales tax and Jefferson County Pubthree cents on every $10 lic Utility District Commispurchase, was approved sioner Barney Burke.

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Intelligencer said. “I understand the hard spot they are in,” Sandoval said. “The ferries system has not had a substantial funding source since 1999, when I-695 passed.” State Initiative 695 limited vehicle license tab fees, a major source of income for Transportation.

without a vote of the Legislature?” I-1053 says all legislative action raising taxes must be approved by twothirds of the Legislature, and any new or increased fees require majority legislative approval. Transportation Commissioner Dick Ford said he doesn’t know whether the initiative will block the proposed ferry fare increase. “I’m waiting for lawyers to tell me what to think,” said Ford. He said the commis-

Ballots: PT judge wins



Sen. Pam Roach, one of the sponsors of I-1053, has asked Attorney General Rob McKenna for an opinion. In a letter to McKenna, Roach wrote: “The people have made it clear that they want all fee increases in any fiscal year to be specifically approved by the Legislature in a recorded vote. The commission’s plans seem to violate that. “Can the Transportation Commission raise taxes, fares, fees, or tolls