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Peninsula Voices Continued from A10 interactions, civil engineers can do their part in making Most people will take our world a better place. the shortest route, which is Civil engineering is diagonally across the park- essentially the design of ing area. the large objects that do There aren’t many not move. places more dangerous for This includes bridges, a pedestrian than a store building roads, and water parking lot. systems. Because of the distance While this may seem between the store and bus like a narrow field, in stops, elderly shoppers, the issues of travel and access handicapped and some to resources, the applicaemployees will have even tions of civil engineering more of a problem can be of great benefit. Also affected are Civil engineers working employees who work the with non-governmental night shift and rely on the organizations could provide remote areas with access to bus for transportation. aid by providing roads and Let’s make it safe and bridges and even fabricatwithin reach of all who ing cheap, useful and would like to shop there, whether they arrive by car durable buildings. In this way, the engior bus. neers could play a large What will it take for part in assisting those in Clallam Transit to reconsider and change its sched- need. Even though they are ule to make a stop in front not directly providing the services, they are allowing of the store? Alice Donnelly, easier allocation of such Port Angeles assistance. There are more direct ways of assistance as well. Engineers can help Many developing In discussions of civil nations are in need of engineering, one issue that structural redesign and I have encountered is if the reconstruction of various discipline can be impleroads, buildings and mented in worldwide bridges. efforts to improve the lives If civil engineers were of those who endure povpushed to work across borerty and the cultures in ders, improving different great need during this con- aspects of each circumstance, they could prevent temporary age. While some have argued vast amounts of damage that civil engineering does from earthquakes, floods and other disasters. not possess the correct There are many things applications, I believe that that civil engineers can do through implicit

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to provide assistance to developing Third World countries. Although the discipline might seem narrow, we only have to get our engineers and motivate them into action. Jonathon Waldrip, Port Angeles Waldrip is an undergraduate in civil engineering at Washington State University.

Power of one Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at a fundraising event in late October said: “Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century, and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive . . .” This reflects a world view that seems to be ascendent in government and even in religion. Individuality is scorned, and we are encouraged to depend on the collective. A contrary view has been applied by individuals who have actually had great ideas and invented things. Consider Edison, Westinghouse and the Wright brothers. Mr. Edison, an early school dropout, is recognized as the most prolific American inventor. Mr. Westinghouse, after dropping out of Union

College, provided a quantum improvement in the safety of railroad travel with his invention of the air braking system. Later he became Mr. Edison’s rival in developing electrical power generation and distribution systems. When the Wright brothers, neither having finished high school, decided to take on the monumental challenge of building an aircraft, they had to apply the technologies of airfoils, structures and engines. Less than two decades after the invention of the gasoline engine, they chose that device and then designed and built their own engine when they could not buy one to their specifications. They applied the theory of airfoils and invented the airplane propeller. They chose a configuration for their flyer, developed a method to control its flight, designed and fabricated the aircraft, tested their concepts first with kites and then with gliders and learned to fly their machine without killing themselves. To deride the value of individual enterprise and achievement is deceitful and destructive. We need cooperation, but we are enriched by individual achievement and a competitive marketplace. Ken Bockman, Port Angeles

Sunday, November 7, 2010


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Tea party failures It was evident for months that a considerable change was coming to Congress. Nearly everyone correctly supposed the Republicans would take control of the House in the mid-term elections. And with a bit of luck, they could have snagged the Senate, too. Unfortunately for them, they had hopes for a bigger success than they received from several of the tea party candidates. More than a couple of the newcomers were rank amateurs and had never previously run for office. And their inexperience was more than obvious by their occasional questionable remarks and campaign advertisements. Evidently before the primaries, the Republicans had wrongly considered their party members were cinches to win. So they didn’t think it was necessary to support them like they should have. It can be assumed that an unexpected consequence of this political negligence was that the tea partiers beat out some of their more able candidates with their own contenders. Sadly for them, though, the average voter didn’t accept some of their Senate nominees’ backgrounds, and they went down to defeat. As those seats were for

six years, not two like the House’s, presumably, most of those who voted were not willing to take a chance for that long on amateurish unknowns. Otherwise, it’s reasonable to assume the Republicans would have swept the Senate, too. Bill Ray, Sequim

Our ‘blue’ state The people have spoken with a forked tongue in this state. Unfortunately, we live in a state with a hue of the deepest blue. Democrats are entrenched, and it will most likely take an eruption of Mount Rainier to dislodge them. Can’t we somehow move King County to San Francisco? However, as I write this, the issue of control of the state Legislature is in doubt, and hope springs eternal. Nationally, the election is a complete repudiation of the Obama agenda. That is an inarguable fact. However, at its peril, the White House has refused to accept it. I am thankful that the United States Congress will now be in a position to save us from having even more left-wing idiocy shoved down our throats. Ethan Harris, Sequim

Peninsula Daily News Rants & Raves Compiled By Lee Zurcher A REMINDER: Pleaser send rants about news events — such as the election results, the Oct. 25 death of a deer that was being chased by dogs at Diamond Point, bus service to the corner of East Kolonels Way and U.S. Highway 101 near the new Walmart in Port Angeles — as signed letters to the editor. Many thanks!

Rave of the Week A BIG RAVE to all the sports fans who attended the Port Angeles-Sequim football game last Friday. The enthusiasm and spirit seemed like old times! Yes, Port Angeles lost big time, but there is always next year. Go Roughriders!

. . . and other Raves MAJOR RAVE! I had cataract surgery on both of my eyes at Northwest Eye Surgeons (Sequim) and had amazing experiences with the most professional and gracious staff. The only name I recall is Dr. Niemeyer. He was wonderful and did a great job. They are without exception the greatest group of really terrific, talented people. Thank you.

generous attendees of the 5th annual Dia de Muertos dinner and auction sponsored by the Mujeres de Maiz Opportunity Foundation (Sequim). The donations of time, effort and money made this event a huge success! A RAVE FOR the two ladies who drive around the high school during lunchtime providing security. They do a great job and keep the neighborhood safe around the high school. A RAVE OF gratitude to Glen Bourm of Lazy Acres on Dryke Road in Sequim who stopped and helped my husband and me when our car overheated on Old Olympic Highway last Saturday. Glen left and came back with water for our radiator. He was so helpful and friendly. We’re really lucky to have such a good neighbor. A VERY BIG rave to Ruddell Auto Mall and Mr. Howard Ruddell (Port Angeles) for going above and beyond in helping us obtain a new car when the first new car we purchased from another dealer turned out to be a lemon.

KUDOS TO THE Sequim parent test-driving for a Port Angeles High School athletic department fundraiser at Civic A BIG RAVE to Olympic The- Field last Sunday. That’s America’s finest. atre Arts in Sequim for the Halloween Bash Oct. 30. WE SHOULD ALL be grateIt was a fantastic, fun party, and everyone there put in a lot of ful for those hundreds of political phone calls and mailings. hard work to make a successful Next year, instead of doing our evening. Also, they did a great job homework and examining facts, putting together a very creative we can tally the messages and haunted house. vote for the opponent of the candidate with the most messages. A HUGE RAVE to the hardWhat a time-saver. working volunteers and the

RAVE FOR BUSINESSES who made the Fitness and Wellness Expo benefitting Healthy Families and Operation Uplift a success: Advocare, Charming Consignments, Safeguard Global, Gateway Massage, Klahane Gym, Juice Plus, Angeles Academy of Hair and Nails, Phoenix Martial Arts, Skin Spa, Electric Beach, Xocai Healthy Chocolate, Patti’s Off Peabody Hair Design, Jokey’s Landscaping, Sequim Strong Men, MaxGXL.

but also very dangerous. Two years in a row now, my son has almost gotten a burn to the face because of careless people holding cigarettes in crowds of children at headheight.

end of Dempsey Road in Joyce Nov. 3. It was not dead. You didn’t even stop, as it dragged itself off the road. Shame on you. I hope your car was very damaged. It made me sick!

. . . and other Rants

NEPOTISM AND CRONYISM are alive and thriving on the North Olympic Peninsula when it comes to hiring practices.

HUGE RANT TO the political phone calls being made during this election season. Why are they allowed to A PROFOUND THANK invade the privacy of our home YOU rave for Dr. Jensen (Port with numerous phone calls per Angeles) and assistant Melissa day? Why are they not subject to for your quiet compassion regardthe National Do-Not-Call Regising a home visit for a green-eyed try? kitty. Freedom of speech for them, It meant a lot. but no freedom from being harassed in our own home. TO ALL THE people who gave out treats on Halloween, ’RIDERS FANS BOOING thank you. Sequim High School Wolves: Poor As a 65-year-old kid walking form. with my grandchildren, I thorWolves cheer-squad leading a oughly enjoyed the evening. cheer while the Colors were still What a treat! on the field: Poorer form. And thank you again. ’Rider fans leaving in the OUR HEARTFELT THANKS to Duffy, of Port Angeles, who came out and repaired a leak in our roof at no charge! That would never have happened where we came from. Another reason to love our town. WHAT A GREAT college fair at Port Angeles High School! More than 500 students attended! Thanks to Mr. Nolan and Ms. Robertson for organizing this!

Rant of the Week A RANT TO all of the people who feel they must smoke while taking their children trick-ortreating downtown. It is not only inappropriate,

third quarter: Poorest form. Those players left their hearts on the field. You took yours with you!

A RANT TO the new Sequim Little League football team which advertised it was “all about the kids.” Why are there so many benchwarmers? MEGA RANT TO the bicyclists who think they have the right of way and do not stop at stop signs. If your health is top priority, try making it safe, too. Maybe the sheriff will sit at the corner of Hendrickson and Priest roads (Sequim) and give out tickets all day long! THIS IS A sad rant to the person who hit the deer at the

A BIG DOUBLE rant to the slob who dumped a huge load of trash and garbage (including a deer(?) carcass) along the roadside at the intersection of Laird and Elwha River roads (Port Angeles). Shame on you! RANTS TO THE city of Sequim and its approval of a ridiculous entrance into a new Taco Bell. The driveway is not wide enough to allow easy turning in, and it’s dangerous to those who try to use the street, and there’s a back-up out of Taco Bell. _________ (CLIP AND SAVE) To participate, call our Rants & Raves hotline at 360-417-3506 (works 24 hours a day), e-mail us at or drop us a postcard, 305 W. First St., Port Angeles, WA 98362. Keep comments brief — 50 words or less. And, please, no libel, no responses to letters to the editor or news stories; no personal attacks on individuals or on businesses identified by name; no thank you notes to your favorite restaurant, dry-cleaner, grandchild (we simply don’t have enough room for those); no inaccurate information or unverified rumors; no calls for boycotts; no political endorsements; no charity fund appeals; no commercial pitches. Also, only one rant or rave per writer. Don’t forget to tell us where things happen — Port Angeles, Chimacum, Sequim, etc.