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2017 Annual Report

transforming lives 

Peninsula Bridge provides year-round academic and social-emotional support to highly motivated, low-income students on the Peninsula from 5th grade through college graduation in a comprehensive 12-year program. We prepare students—one at a time—to meet the challenges of academic achievement and teach them the skills necessary to succeed in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

what’s inside Letter from the Co-Executive Directors Measures of Success

Middle School Academy

High School Academy

College Success Program

Honor Roll of Donors
 Financial Statement

letter from the co-executive directors 

fast facts

Dear Friends, As we begin preparing for another amazing year at Peninsula Bridge, we find ourselves reflecting on the successes and achievements of 2017. Your support has helped propel us from a five-week summer program to a comprehensive 12-year college access and completion powerhouse.

Almost half of children in California live in or near poverty. (PPIC 2015). 100% of Peninsula Bridge students are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Our students receive robust academic and social-emotional support from 5th grade through college. We added our fourth Middle School Academy program site this year and expanded our High School Academy as our first cohort of 18 seniors applied to college in the fall. In July, Peninsula Bridge merged with Building Futures Now, a non-profit in East Palo Alto that has long been operating on parallel paths with similar goals. With the combined organization, we now have a more robust

process of engagement and support for our 615 students and their families. We look forward to providing continued academic, career, and

College graduation rates for students from lowsocioeconomic backgrounds are 14% compared to 60% of students from high-SES backgrounds. (NCES 2015).

social-emotional support to our students enrolling in four-year colleges. With a 95% student retention rate, our positive outcomes across the 

board demonstrate that this expanded holistic long-term approach is successful.

We can achieve even more impressive results for our students and

Peninsula Bridge aims for at least a 90% college graduation rate for our students.

families when we leverage each other's strengths and work together to address the achievement and opportunity gaps in our communities.

Thank you for your commitment and support of our students. 2017 was

By 2020, 65% of all jobs in the economy will require postsecondary education and training beyond high school. (Georgetown Public Policy Institute 2014).

a historic year filled with tremendous growth and success. Together, we are transforming lives and increasing each student’s success in school, life, and career.

Thank you for your partnership. We couldn't do it without you.

Randi Shafton
 Co-Executive Director

Jocelyn Swisher
 Co-Executive Director

Peninsula Bridge is helping to break the cycle of poverty and greatly increase students’ chance for success in school, life, and career.

Measures of Success

middle school academy


Year-round middle school academic and social-emotional support Our Middle School Academy combines rigorous academics with leadership and non-cognitive skill development for students in 5th grade through 8th grade in a comprehensive year-round program. Our students develop the skills and habits of mind that allow them to successfully navigate new academic environments and social challenges.

positive results for 
 our middle school students 100% of middle school students report an increase in academic motivation, self-confidence, perseverance, social skills, and an increased sense of belonging.

100% are confident that they will go to college.

100% felt supported by the staff and teachers at Peninsula Bridge.

98% of students and families have a better understanding of how to navigate the school system during the transition to high school.

94% of our students improved their math and writing skills during the crucial time over the summer.

About half of all Peninsula Bridge applicants were admitted to private college preparatory middle and high schools with full financial aid.

Students will enter high school with 100 combined hours of STEM (hands-on science and computer science) education. Overall, Peninsula Bridge students reported statistically significant positive change on all of the 14 Holistic Student Assessment subscales (a data-driven tool to promote social-emotional development in school and after school settings): Action Orientation | Emotion Control | Assertiveness | Trust Empathy | Reflection | Optimism | Learning Interest | Critical Thinking | Perseverance | Academic Motivation | School Bonding | Relationships with Peers | Relationships with Adults 90% of Peninsula Bridge students reported experiencing positive change in their Learning Interest. 92% of Peninsula Bridge students reported
 experiencing positive change in their Academic Motivation.

middle school academy 91%

of students improved their reading and writing skills


of students improved their math skills

8th grade academy 96%

“I learned about being courageous in challenging situations.”


“I felt supported by the Peninsula Bridge teachers and the teacher assistants.”




“I felt more confident in speaking and/or interview situations because of the skills I learned in this program.” “I was able to collaborate with my classmates and learned new things in the group challenges.”

“I feel that my family and I have a better understanding of what is important for me as I transition into high school.”

Measures of Success

high school academy High school success and college access support

Peninsula Bridge partners closely with students, parents, and high schools to ensure all our students stay on the college path. Our High School Academy provides our students in grades 9-12 with personalized academic counseling, mentoring, and tutoring in addition to weekend workshops on high school success, college and career readiness.


our impact at the high school level
 is clear 

100% of our high school students report they want to go to college and understand

the college landscape.


of 12th graders are enrolled in AP & Honors classes


of 11th graders are enrolled in AP & Honors classes

Our first cohort of 18 seniors applied to colleges this fall and have submitted over 250 total applications with the support of Peninsula Bridge.

Students applied to private and public universities including Harvard, Stanford, Santa Clara University, St. Mary’s, Wesleyan,


Boston College, Loyola-Marymount, University of the Pacific, University of

of high school students are maintaining an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or better. 100% are maintaining a GPA of 2.5 or better.

California campuses, and California State University campuses.


We can’t wait to see where they land!


of high school students participated in summer internships, jobs or academic programs.

of high school students agree with these statements: “I have learned what courses I need to take in high school at Peninsula Bridge.”

“I have gained a better understanding of college requirements in Peninsula Bridge.”

“Because of Peninsula Bridge, I am learning what I need to do to reach my goals.”

“Because of Peninsula Bridge, I am developing a clear vision for my future.”

“Peninsula Bridge has taught me special tricks or habits that help me study.”

“I feel like I belong at Peninsula Bridge.”

Measures of Success

college success program College guidance and mentoring support
 Our team provides guidance and support to our college students, including advice on their majors and how to find campus resources, as well as help with networking and securing jobs.

Our college students are attending University of Colorado Boulder, UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, Chico State, San Diego State, Santa Clara University, Sonoma State, and Stanford University.

100% of our college students participated in summer internships and jobs.





honor roll of donors Every gift helps to make possible the 12-year journey to college graduation for a Peninsula Bridge student. We gratefully acknowledge our 2017 donors:

Benefactors’ Circle ($25,000 or more)

Alan and Marianne Austin Gerri and Laszlo Bock Kathy Chiao-Hao and Kenneth Hao Betsy and Peter Chung Dell Corporation Natalie and Jeff Diller DPR Foundation Google Grousbeck Family Foundation Hewlett Packard Enterprise Intel Foundation The Kimball Foundation Joan Lane Listen for Good Ann Morrical and Matt McWright Tashia and John Morgridge Patricia Murray and Greg Bonfiglio Mindy and Jesse Rogers Sand Hill Foundation Scott Foundation Silver Lake Sobrato Foundation Kelli and Steffan Tomlinson

Terri Bullock

Molly and Chris Dillon

Marcia and Chi-Chao Chang

DLA Piper

Noriko and Norman Chen

Diana and Steve Dohrmann

Abigail and Egon Durban

Penny and Greg Gallo

Kirsten and El Gray

Deborah Conrad and John Galvin

Tabitha Jordan and Adam Weissman

General Catalyst Group

Laura and Gary Lauder

Kristin and Rob Goldman

Kathleen Navarra and Kevin Laughlin

Lori and Brian Goler

Alison and Robert Leupold

Hammarskjold Family Fund

Polly Liu and Edward Han

Anne and Eric Harrison

Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Harvey & Leslie Wagner Foundation

Wendy and Tim McAdam

Jacque and John Jarve

Andrea Okamura and Jeffrey Chambers

Barbara Jones

Jill and Thomas Pulley

Lisa and Andy Kearns

Paula and Michael Rantz

Karen and Gregory King

Sarah and Kyle Ryland

Andy and Griffin Koontz

Sheryl Sandberg

Los Altos Community Foundation

Silicon Valley Bank

Andrea and Tim O'Riordan

Hilary Bates and Jerome Simon

Palo Alto Weekly Holiday Fund

WD Foundation

Jill and Geoffrey Parker

Winifred Johnson Clive Foundation

Kristi and Tom Patterson Nancy Paxton and Gaurang Desai

Advisors’ Circle ($5,000 to $9,999)

William K. Bowes Foundation

Jennifer Ayer

Yellow Chair Foundation

Nicole and Jim Batchelder

Yours in Soccer Foundation

Jennie and Doug Bernheim Sandya Bhoajaraj

Leaders’ Circle ($10,000 to $24,999)
 Amazon Web Services

Tina and Jeff Bird Devon and Peter Briger Gina Maya and Richard Capelouto

Qatalyst Susan and Mark Reinstra Connie and Bill Ring Kelly and Mike Ryerson Hassan Sawaf Megan and David Scacco Sandra and David Schmaier Chris and Rob Schumacher Rula Tamer Lisa Westrich and Scott Taylor


The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Cori and Tony Bates

Farah and Jim Champsi

Cindy and Jeff Traum

The Boal Family

Julia and Jim Davidson

Gerri and Rich Wong

The Morrison and Foerster Foundation

Honor Roll of Donors (cont.)

 Directors’ Circle ($1,000 to $4,999)

Alan Herzig

Diane Russell

Becky and Mark Hilderbrand

Heidi Schley

Zabrina and Craig Adas

Bridget Hill

Tom Shannon

Adobe Systems Karen and Ellis Alden

Hsiuling Hsieh Lori and Deke Hunter

Debbie and Mike Shepherd Beth and Bob Shuman

Alys Grace

Claire Jackson

Cynthia Stone and David Schnee

Helen Amick

John and Marcia Goldman Foundation

Sally and Ed Supplee

Marilyn Ruth Austin and Jerry Strom

Maria and Martin Johnson

Jocelyn and Dan Swisher

Dede and Mike Barsotti

Michael Jung

Jeanine and Chris Tonas

Kay and William Bates

Maya and Sanjay Kapoor

David Tsiang

Michael Benevento

Nanci and Scott Kauffman

Christina and Doug Tudor

Michele and Steven Bernard

Chris Kenrick

William Unger

Kelly and Bruce Bligh Agapi and Bruce Burkard

King Philanthropies

The Village Doctor

Brad and Lauren Koenig

Lisa Voge-Levin and Peter Levin

Ellie and Jeff Byrd

Yakov Kronrod

Karen Alexander and Ross Weiner

Aarti and Asheem Chandna

Nancy and Mark Lambert

Hilary and Brian Weisfeld

Jo Frances and Craig Chapman Elisa and Howard Clowes

Julie Lev Rita and Art Levinson

Wells Fargo Foundation Eleanor and John Whalen

Valerie and Mark Constant

Leslie and Gary Little

Patricia and Jim White

Deborah and Mark Costigan

Annamarie and Alan Louie

Bonnie Crater and Christopher Buja

Harriet and Howard Love

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation

Tina and Paul Crisci

Caroline and Graham Low

Beth Cross and Tony Stayner

Raj Marphatia

Christine and Michael Curry

Kelly and Woodson Martin

Kara and Matt Davis

Julia Massa and Aaron Gershenberg

Stephanie and Robert Day

Netilia and John McArthur

Lezlie and Les DeWitt James Diller

Carolyn and Anthony McCusker

Alison and John Draper

Francine Miller and Daniel McLaughlin

Elizabeth and Peter Dumanian

Paulette Meyer and David Friedman

Nahid Aliniazee and Kamal Ahmed

Ellen and Tom Ehrlich Amanda and Ryan Enright

Microsoft Corporation Tim Molak

Jennifer and Todd Barrett Melissa and Richard Beames

Cynthia and William Floyd

Lily and Riaz Moledina

Theresa and Paul Brown

Karin and John Flynn

NGM Biopharmaceuticals

Anne and John Cameron

Mary and Sam Folsom

Sharon Nieh

Karen and Tim Catlin

Molly and Scott Forstall

Jennifer and Brett Nissenberg

Fran Codispoti

Tamara and Eric Free

Jin and Chong Sup Park

Danielle and Joel Conkling

Lisa and Jack Fuchs

Laura Pitchford

Carey and Jamie Dalessandro

Renee and Juan Gala

Amalia and Harvey Popell

Em Tsai and David Gampell Ms. Aiyer and Dr. Ganeshan

Mary and Matthew Powell

Maureen and William Garrett

Abbie Dorosin and Daniel Rich

Judy and Mike Gaulke

Marci and Jim Riley

Karen and Ned Gilhuly Juanita Goggins

Ropes & Gray LLP Anne and Rico Rosales

Amal Hamady

Cathy and Glenn Rosen

Alison and Byron Deeter Diana and Brad Ekstrand Elevate Performance and Physical Therapy Kathy Fitzgerald Marilyn Gildea Susie Hwang and Matt Glickman Susan and John Griffin Howard Haensel Winnifred and Bruce Homer-Smith

Flavia and Steve Herrod

Barbara and Greg Rosston

McDermott Will & Emory

Claudia and Doug Renert

Elizabeth Wolf Margaret and John Worthing Leslie Yang and Eric Chen Debra Meyerson and Steve Zuckerman

Associates’ Circle ($500 to $999)

Honor Roll of Donors (cont.)

Associates’ Circle (cont.) ($500 to $999)

Albert J. Horn Betty and Bob Joss Paige and Michael Kaplan Sheri and Adam King Kathy and Doug Koo Benita Daryani and Samir Kothari Chrissie and John Kremer Ronen Schwartz and Sigal Laufer Ginger and Doug Levick Megan Mahdavi McNair Group Real Estate Advisors Penny and Jim Meier Vivian Moutafian Amelia and Tony Nash Michele and Rob Pilgrim Judi Powell and Dave Olson William Reller Amanda Richey Ginger Roehrig Angela and Joerg Rohde Stephanie Saunders Carrie Shores Petra Silton and Michael Listgarten Richard Sousa Scott Taylor Michael Thibodeaux Zehra Vahanvaty Alayna Van Dervort Laure Woods Susan Woodward and Robert Hall Holly Zuklie

Partners’ Circle (up to $499)

Active Network, LLC AmazonSmile Anne and Peter Astiz Brenda and Regan Avery Donna Badgett Balanced Physique Yeshaya Ballon Sandy Bardas Margaret and Dan Beltramo Angela Birts Janice Bohman and Eric Keller Anna Ranieri and Stephen Boyd Jane Brock-Wilson

Brooks Family Fund Adria and Beau Brown Britta and William Brown Kathy and William Burch Laurie Chase Jean and Albert Chiang Anita and Canice Cole Rhea Coskey Suzanne and Robert Couch Travis Culwell Megan and Richard Dioli Carolyn Feamster Tracy Fell Financial Clarity Mark Fornasiero Nancy Freire Liz and Reed Gaither Julie and Megan Galles Hilary and Robert Giles Rochelle and Eli Ginsberg Stacy Goldman Jacquelyn and Stanley Gottlieb Gould-Jacobson Dermatology Karen and David Gregory Ida and Aaron Gruber Harry Gruner Amika and Nicolas Guillaume Sandra Harrington Salli Harris Rachel Hochstetler Pam Hoffman Patty Holahan Anne Holloway Rachael Horn Paula and Greg Hughes Erin Inan Barbara Gaal and Steve Ingebritsen Stephanie Jackson Bass James Debbie Jones-Ohel Jill and Brian Kasser Myrna and Norman Kasser Nancy Katz Janet Katz Shrut Kirti Melissa Kirven-Brooks Ken Klieman Mike Kurtz Carole and Jeffrey Langston Amy and Mark Lavelle Susan and Roger Lazarus Claire and Matt Ledwith

Jill Lee and Malcolm Hobbs Darcy and Mark Leschly Jill and Barry Levenfeld Ursula Levi Wendy Liau and Kang Lin Wei Shirley Mantell Friedman D'Arcy Mead Matthew Mettille Megan R. Miller Tina and Chris Molumphy Laurel Morris-Wessler Wallace Murfit Firouzeh and Robin Murray Gregg Newmark Lisa Nishimi Susan Oser Lea Stublarec and Curt Peterson Phyllis Oreskovic and Raja Petrakian Domicile Properties Anne Putney Barton Reed Glenn Douglas Rennels Daniel Richards Nkia Richardson Robin Roberts Walter Robinson Daphne Rocha Karen Rosenthal Sarah E. Rosston Julia and Simon Roy Raul Ruiz Kari and Chris Rust Anna Schipper Antoinette and James Short Louise and Charles Silverberg Madeline and Issac Stein Studio Rincon LLC Lina T. Swisher Victoria Thorp Julia and Tom Woosnam Loretta and Arthur Traum April and George Triantis Sandra Tsai Jennifer Vettel Marilyn Voelke and Kelly Monaghan Jeanne and Leonard Ware Judy and Donald Williams Katherine and Howard Wolf Marlene and Bob Wolff Peggy and Al Zappelli

business council Peninsula Bridge’s Business Council consists of business leaders who share a passion for Peninsula Bridge’s mission and who volunteer their time, energy, and financial resources to ensure Peninsula Bridge is an enduring resource for students, families, and schools on the Peninsula. Arcus Bioscience

Amazon Web Services


Goodwin Procter

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Latham & Watkins


Partner Fund Management 
 Quotient Technology

Ropes & Gray

Silicon Valley Bank

Silver Lake

Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

2017 financial statement *  

revenue Individuals












Total Revenue

$2,915,431 Corporation 13% In-kind/Other 2%

Individuals 38%

Foundations 47%

expenses Programs






General & Admin



Total Expenses

$2,156,590 General & Admin 14%

Programs 74%

*Unaudited financials. Will have final numbers in Spring 2018.

Development 12%

board of directors Alan Austin
 Board Chair
 Retired Managing Director,
 Silver Lake Nicole Batchelder
 Community Volunteer

Gerri Bock
 Community Volunteer Farah Champsi
 Managing Director, InterWest Healthcare Partners

Aarti Chandna
 Impact Investor and Strategy Consultant Chi-Chao Chang
 Chief Technology Officer, GoFundMe

Peter Dumanian
 Business Development, Cloudflare

Patricia Murray
 Retired Sr. Vice President, Intel

Abby Durban
 Community Volunteer

Brian O'Kelly
 Sr. Superintendent, 
 DPR Construction

Julie Galles
 Head of School, 
 St. Matthew’s Episcopal Penny Howe Gallo
 Of Counsel, 
 DLA Piper Amika Guillaume
 East Palo Alto Academy Than Healy
 Head of School, 
 Menlo School

Leslie DeWitt

Nanci Kauffman
 Head of School, 
 Castilleja School

Richard Dioli
 Director of Schools, 
 Sacred Heart Schools

Tim Molak
 Head of School, 
 Woodside Priory

John Draper
 Philanthropy Advisor,
 Crystal Springs Uplands School

Mark Mordell
 Chief Executive Officer, 

Peninsula Bridge

Andy Pelletier
 Head of Private Banking, 
 Silicon Valley Bank Amy C. Richards 
 Head of School,
 Crystal Springs Uplands School Diane Rosenberg
 Head of School, 
 Nueva Randi Shafton, 
 Co-Executive Director,
 Peninsula Bridge Jocelyn Swisher
 Co-Executive Director,
 Peninsula Bridge Cindy Traum
 Community Volunteer

P.O. Box 963
 Menlo Park, CA 94026

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Peninsula Bridge Annual Report 2017  

Peninsula Bridge Annual Report 2017