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What to Expect from a Hearing Test The fear of the unknown keeps people from doing many things in life, but don’t let it keep you from having a hearing test. Your doctor may perform a hearing screening, but a hearing evaluation or hearing test should be performed by a qualified audiologist. The purpose of the evaluation is to ascertain the level of hearing loss, find the cause and offer hearing aid advice. The complete evaluation may include all or a combination of the following tests: 1. Tympanometry Test – Measures how the eardrum responds to a change in sound and pressure. 2. Pure Tone Test – You’ll listen to a series of tones through headphones as the hearing specialist determines the softest level at which you can hear at least 50 percent of the time. 3. SRT Test – Is a test during which you’ll be directed to repeat two-syllable words that are given at increasingly lower levels. 4. MCL Test – Determines how loud you prefer sounds to be. The UCL test is the counterpoint to the MCL; it determines which tones are too loud. 5. Word Recognition Test – You will listen to and repeat a set of syllables at a hearing level that’s comfortable to establish which types of hearing devices might improve your hearing. Peninsula Hearing Center (619) 569-1937 San Diego, CA (858) 768-0454 La Jolla, CA

6. Bone Conduction – The audiologist will test your hearing level while stimulating the bone behind your ear. All the tests are painless and require little effort on the part of the patient. If you’re feeling left out due to hearing loss see a hearing specialist, and learn which hearing accessories could get you back into the conversation. Call us today or visit our website or watch our videos on YouTube.

Peninsula Hearing Center (619) 569-1937 San Diego, CA (858) 768-0454 La Jolla, CA

What to Expect from a Hearing Test