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Nothing Smaller Than Your Elbow: Your Ear Canal is Self-cleaning!

“don’t put anything in your ears that’s smaller than your elbow” This old wives tale is actually true.

There are some very delicate structures at the end of your ear canal, including the eardrum and the three smallest bones in the body

Cleaning your ears can potentially cause damage to the middle ear system

So, if I my elbow doesn’t fit, what do I use to clean my ear canals?

Believe it or not, your ear canals are selfcleaning

If you must, you can use a home remedy of a 50/50 mixture of warm water and white vinegar dropped gently into the ear canal with a bulb syringe

For those who wear a hearing aid, having the ear canals checked regularly by an audiologist is a great way to make sure excess wax doesn’t develop

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