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Receiver in the Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids One of the most recent additions to the behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid style line is the receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aid. Also known as receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing aids, these combine research and style into one digital device. Practically invisible, others may not know why you are hearing better. Leave them guessing! Sound quality has been reported as the best of the best. Many attribute this improvement in quality of sound to the deep speaker (receiver) placement in the outer ear canal. This means the sound output of the hearing aid is delivered directly to your hearing system without the need to travel down a tube and through the ear mold first. Hearing feels more natural, and less sound is lost during the travelling process. Sound is delivered right to your ear in real time! It is hard to distinguish an open-fit BTE from RIC/RITE. The two hearing aid styles are very similar in appearance with one major exception. In RIC hearing instruments, a small wire runs along the front of the ear and connects to the receiver that fits snugly into the ear canal, instead of a thin tube connecting the hearing aid to the ear mold. Open-fits must funnel sound from the hearing aid through the tube and into the ear. RICs deliver the signal directly to the ear! The closer the signal is to the ear drum, the less sound is lost and sound quality is improved! Both Peninsula Hearing Center (619) 569-1937 San Diego, CA (858) 768-0454 La Jolla, CA

typically use soft flexible dome-like tips to provide comfort and retention. In greater hearing impairments, a custom fit ear mold may be necessary or desired. Your provider will help you determine your best option. Hearing losses from mild to severe can be accommodated with a RIC aid. Soft muted colors, skin tones, matching hair colors, and vibrant bright color choices are available, but do not expect these aids to stand out. So small and low profile, most people will hardly notice them – even after you let them know you are wearing hearing aids! Great for people who worry about the negative stigma of visible hearing aids! If you suspect a decrease in your hearing, contact a local hearing healthcare provider today. Testing will be completed to determine your candidacy for hearing aids and what style will suit you best! Ask questions, get answers today! Call now! RIC hearing aids may be right for you. Call us today or visit our website or watch our videos on YouTube.

Peninsula Hearing Center (619) 569-1937 San Diego, CA (858) 768-0454 La Jolla, CA

RIC Hearing Aids  
RIC Hearing Aids  

Receiver in the Canal (RIC) Hearing Aids Peninsula Hearing Center (619) 569-1937 San Diego, CA (858) 768-0454 La Jolla, CA