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CEESA Band and Choir Festival

May Horoscope

- Annie May


the band and choir separated and began practicing. Though the different schools had never played or sand with each other, the pieces began to come together quite quickly, and passing students stopped to listen in the hallways. Thursday and Friday flew by quite fast, and before anyone could play a C major scale, the concert day had arrived. After a trip to red square in the morning everyone went back to practicing. Solos were played over

he weekend of the final week of Aprilwas an important one for AAS because the High School hosted its first combined CEESA band and choir festival. Participants from six different schools arrived on Wednesday, and everyone was excited for the next day. AAS welcomed the CEESA guests with famous tunes from the jazz band, and an original song from Mr. Nelson. After some housekeeping rules were read out

and over, reeds were changed, and harmonies were created. An area of concern was the combined band and choir piece, “Moscow Nights”. Directors were not sure that the choir would be heard over the powerful band. Finally, dinner was served, and everyone changed into their concert attire. The Bolshoi began to fill up with people and the choir took the stage. Their beautiful voices kept the attention of the audience and a definite favorite was

Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. As the choir stepped down, members from the jazz band elective and some CEESA guests played a couple quick pieces for the audience while the band set up backstage. A tuning note was played and the curtain was opened. Everyone looked professional and the pieces were played with expertise. The audience especially loved “Selections from Wicked” that included famous songs from the musical. As “Moscow

Nights” was introduced, the choir took their places at the back of the Bolshoi, and the theatre was filled with sounds of Russian folk music. The band and choir received a tremendous amount of applause and everyone will agree that this festival was a great success.


- Sophi Løge

agittarius: Your good spirits, great energy and awesome attitude mean that you can keep positive till the end of the school year! Capricorn: People are on your case about every last thing. Just roll with it and see if they

help. are willing to accept a rain check or something Pisces: You’ve got less than what they opinions -- who think they need. doesn’t? Keep them to yourself to risk alienatAquarius: You need ing the people who’ve to deal with someone got your back. close -- someone who needs you more than they know how to say. Aires: You feel the heat - even in Moscow - and It may be a good time you can feel yourself for you to step up and pushing through to ask if they need your

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- Alexander Rakovshik

Cancer: Never forget that your mind creates your reality. Leo: There is nothing you cannot handle. There is nothing you cannot do. This time of

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Sophomore class

Teacher Auction

Timur Karimov and Alexei Juniors versus Sophomor joined by an enthusiastic Ms.Smith Artukh of the junior class

- Sasha Parodi


s you may recall, it was only a few weeks ago that the Student Council held the annual, and extremely popular, teach auction. An event that is looked forward to by students every year, this year’s auction offered the services and culinary delights of Ms. Hogwood, Mr. Spense, Ms. Rob-

ertson, Mr. Mooney, Mr. Kuijlaars, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Khan, Mr. Doyle, Ms. Nelson, Mr. A, Mr. Smith, Ms. Mamina and Mr. Sexton. But for a price, of course. With half of the proceeds going to charity, and the second half towards the annual game of laser tag at the end of the school year that

is hosted for the grade which wins the most spirit points (the seniors, in our case), and as one of the only fundraisers that StuCo holds during the year – the auction was an enormous success, meeting, and perhaps even surpassing the desired sum for both the charity donation and the laser tag. The process itself was


definitely a highlight of the year, the hilarious hosts and their interaction with those who bided, elicited many laughs from the audience. The proposals were not without their surprises, with some new, interesting, entertaining and highly unexpected offers added into the mix. An event that is waited

for by everyone, the auction is always a wonderful 40 minutes of the school year. It is undeniable, that this year’s auction was incredibly successful, and a tough act to follow.


Taurus: Spell out what it is you are planning to do over the next few days and make sure everyone knows that you are serious about your ambitions. Gemini: It’s time to get serious about something you have been putting off for weeks, maybe even for months. All you have to do is act.


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something really great. Now is the time for you to burn the competition and make a real name for yourself!



year makes you even more dynamic and decisive than usual. Be extraordinary. Virgo: You will be extremely active over the next week as you strive to complete the various tasks you started in recent weeks. You know what you want and you know how to get it! Libra: Stop dreaming about what you would like to do and actually start doing it. The only thing that is holding you back is the idea that you need to be perfect. Scorpio: You have every right to take your time in decision making: mistakes happen when people move too fast.

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