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Forget the boring ties or socks on Father’s Day. These days you can express your love and appreciation for your father and all he does for you with far more imaginative gifts, like tandem skydives or white water rafting. If however your father is more Sofa Man than adrenalin junkie, there are few better gifts to give him than a good book. Books can take Dad places, deliver amazing experiences and cater for every interest and passion, from true crime to travel or sport. Books never wear out or go out of fashion but are gifts that can be kept and savoured. Whether it’s pure entertainment, white knuckle drama, enlightenment or just a funny, relaxing read he’s after, giving Dad a book means giving him something really special.

Or, Dad could go on a Michael Palin-esque boy’s own adventure in the little known islands of Bass Strait, with ABC radio presenter Michael Veitch. This wonderfully moody, beautifully written odyssey follows Michael as he braves wild weather and seas and a few hairy flights to seek out mysteries, myths, history and murder on an amazing journey through The Forgotten Islands.

Such as The Price of Life, the gripping account of a true-life kidnapping of the Australian photo-journalist Nigel Brennan by a gang of violent criminals in Somalia. One of the hottest books around at the moment, it reads like a pacey thriller. You not only experience the dramatic and terrifying sequence of events through Nigel’s eyes, but share the roller-coaster ride experienced by his family, a group of remarkable Queenslanders who never gave up hope of bringing Nigel home alive. Don’t miss it.

Jam-packed with hold-ups, shoot-outs and hostages, Bushrangers by award-winning author, Evan McHugh, dishes up a colourful, vibrant slice of our own history, with skilfully honed portraits of Australia’s earliest ‘most wanted,’ including Captain Moonlite and Ned Kelly.

Clive Cussler is the master of adventure. The Race, his latest page-turner starring brilliant investigator and crack shot, Isaac Bell, has that trademark anything-goes quality of an Indiana Jones movie and a plot that races away, taking you with it. Tom Clancy, famous for ripping reads of international intrigue, explosive action and huge, pulsating bestsellers like The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games, introduces a new hero, an ex-Navy SEAL, in his latest thriller, the unputdownable Against All Enemies. You think you know them, but how well do you really know your good friends? That question is at the heart of Gamble, by Felix Francis who like his father the late Dick Francis, takes us deep into the world of horse-racing with his addictive murder mysteries. Vroom! If Dad is a petrol head, then V8 Supercars, an exciting and detailed history of the sport, the key players, race circuits in Australia and overseas, controversies, disputes and on-track clashes, will put a smile on his face on Father’s Day. DK’s Grow Something To Eat Everyday is perfect for Dads who like gardening with tangible results – or might like to try it. This book with its simple tips and advice on what to grow when in a handy month-by-month format, will have him proudly putting something home-grown on the dinner table, 365 days a year And even better if he can cook the food himself. DK’s Barbecue will inspire Dad with great barbecue tips on everything from how to build a fire, use the tools, mix a marinade and cook with recipes for delicious steaks, chops, ribs, fish and poultry –minus the usual burnt offerings. Kim Terakes’ 25 year advertising career was really just an excuse to dine in restaurants every day. Since the late 1980s he has devoted himself exclusively to writing about food. With Kim’s The Great Asian Cookbook, Dad can learn how to whip up a terrific salt and pepper squid, or a yummy pad Thai, even roll his own sushi. And he’ll become an expert at the quick, mid-week stir-fry. Like many modern Dads, UK chef Jamie Oliver is not only very involved in raising his children, Poppy, Daisy, Petal and Buddy, he knows what it’s like to have to come home and feed the hordes. Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals is full of recipes that show even the busiest Dad how he can have delicious meals on the table in no time, without having to resort to toasted cheese sandwiches. (Well, hardly ever).

By giving Dad a Popular Penguin that includes classics such as On the Road by Jack Kerouac, Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, he can have the joy of re-discovering or finally catching up with a great book he’s always wanted to read. And, you could match a copy of a Popular Penguin with gifts that bear the classy orange, black and white Penguin livery such as Penguin mugs, stylish luggage tags, cardholders and key rings. There’s even a Bookchase board game for some literary fun. Collingwood. You love them or hate them. If your Dad is a proud member of the black and white ‘army’ then you know just how much he’d LOVE a copy of The Mightiest Magpies: The Story of Every Collingwood Premiership. Full of great photographs and vivid detail, down to the teams, the games, the dramas, the victories and the heroes, it’s the greatest story ever told – if you barrack for the Pies. Billy Brownless, former Cats champion, loveable larrikin and father of Lucy, Ruby, Oscar and Max, has written Billy’s Dictionary for Blokes. Like Billy, it’s hilarious, explaining the meaning of words like ‘frothy’ and ‘hammered,’ preserving phrases like ‘hunky dory’ and ‘fair suck of the sauce bottle’ so they don’t go down the gurgler and providing this definition of the word Dad: ‘Person whose job it is to belittle you when you’re growing up and embarrass you with their behaviour in front of your friends. Things you vow never to do to your own kids but end up doing in exactly the same way.’ And we apologise in advance, for Billy’s ‘Dad’ joke: Kid: ‘Dad, I’m hungry!’ Dad: ‘Hi Hungry, I’m Dad.’

To all Dads from everyone at Penguin, we wish you great reading and a very Happy Father’s Day! Love reading? Then you need Read More, the free e-newsletter that gives you a backstage pass into the world of Penguin.


o wonder this book has been a huge best seller, for it really does show

how to avoid the lure of take-away and instead, put delicious, healthy meals on the table within half an hour of the frantic rush home. It’s not just the way Jamie gets you organised, it’s the chef’s short-cuts that are gold and the forensically well planned meals that you have smoothly multi-tasking without a big mess or too many arguments about who cleans up.


Motto in our house: He or she who cooks does not wash up



A fabulous idea this – not just another gardening book but one that that results in having you putting something homegrown, fresh and flavoursome on the table, 365 days a year! It’s the ultimate grow-toeat manual with simple, handy tips on what

to grow when from vegetables and plants, to herbs and fruit. The success lies in planning apparently, hence the at-a-glance crop planner to organise those of us gardeners who finish up with either 55 lettuces or none at all and a lot of very fat snails.


THRILLS, CHILLS & SPILLS Everyone thinks they do it well, but if you think of all the over-cooked, dried out meals, not to mention charred ones, you’ve been served at a barbecue, you know that’s not true. This book is the ultimate guide to creating the best barbecued feast ever. And it includes the important fundamentals such as the best way to build a fire and use the tools, as well as great recipes for flavoursome marinades, rubs, relishes and salsas. Buy this and turn into a barbecue King – or Queen.

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An A-Z of essential words for the mode rn man

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Until now there have only been two types of dictionaries. Big, boring ones and pocketsized boring ones, about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

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Billy’s devised a dictionary with words you can actually use like frothy, hammered and with translations of ‘chick’ words and new-fangled teenage words. Like Billy, this book is deeply Australian, completely ridiculous and very funny.


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Intrigued by exotic stories of the islands Bass Strait th of at he heard a s a boy grow in Tasmania, ing up Michael Veit ch sets out to this forgotten explore part of Austr alia, one “tha seems to hav t almost e slipped off th e e d g e of the map But what beg ins as a perso .� nal o st

ormy childho dyssey, involv od and lurid ing a somew tales of a sea hat turns into hig monster, quic h adventure. kly With evocati a wonderful ve w sense of rom ance, this form riting, wit and and actor tak er television es you to bea comic utiful and da down legend ngerous place s, mysteries a s, tracks nd shipwreck risky flights, s, endures w shocking sea ild seas, sickness and some fascina injury to une ting stories. arth


flavours healthiness ease & affordability

Australians are eating and loving Asian food for its flavours, healthiness, ease and affordability, but more often than not they’re not cooking it at home. This book, beautifully illustrated with clear, simple instructions, shows you how to whip up a Pad Thai, roll your own sushi and cook such classics as Beef Pho, Green Curry Chicken and San Choi Bau in your own kitchen in no time, using fresh ingredients. Goodbye takeaway.

Another fine thriller by bestselling author


he character Detective Isaac Bell, a tall, lean, charismatic detective, who pursues baddies in early twentieth century America, is drawn into the world of flying, by intrepid aviatrix, Josephine Frost who is entering a race to become the first person to cross America in under 50 days. But her personal life is in a tailspin: Her business magnate husband has just killed her lover and then tries to kill her, which is where Detective Bell comes in and the fun of the ‘chase’ begins.

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thriller Clancy is famous for his heart-stopping thrillers that are frighteningly close to reality. He delivers in spades with this gripping, adrenalin charged tale that introduces a new hero, ex-Navy SEAL Maxwell Moore who arrives at a rendezvous to take charge of a high ranking Taliban

captive only to see it take a horrific turn. Before you catch your breath, the story races off from the remote, war-scarred landscapes of the Middle East to the Mexican border where a drug cartel has forged an unholy alliance with the Taliban.

gripping adrenalin charged tale


aving barracked for Collingwood all his life, the author understands the great passion and love the fans have for this football club. This book is for them. It celebrates every flag, the heroes, the controversies, the teams, the times. It’s for those who’ve followed their beloved Magpies through thick and thin, screamed themselves hoarse and tasted the bitter disappointments as well as the ultimate joy, a Premiership win.

est e young h t f o one jockey, s s whose la c orld ational w N d n a r rillerthe G near f the th ners of o in w n r o until a e s t v r r e o e h g s n u lly cut ecent elix, yo ears r most r as crue u w While F fo r e e e h ystery r r t a m e c t d o r n w a rder first gend, co o is his ent. Mu id le c writer le c b hot for n a m s l a a is G t a , f is ls h e ov nd of rse ancis n good frie t of cou e a S e at the n . Dick Fr e h ic if w terr nk rang up, la ’s b it t d in n d soun n at po ort – a solo eff nt reaso g to the e r in a c a p r p a e e. of hors e-cours wel c ld je r a f r o o e w e h r e s t Ain in th the fla famous ves and o o r h e g m r erin nd a fo of thund es arou lv o v e r it d silks, coloure

Australia’s earliest outlaws, a cast of roguish characters who blazed their way into our history, are captured wonderfully by Evan McHugh. With a great eye for the treasure in the small detail and a dramatist’s eye for the big colourful stuff, McHugh relives the incredible stories of the men and women who achieved fame for their daring exploits. There are heroic figures like Cash and Company, the prince of bushrangers, Matthew Brady, Bold Jack Donohue, brave Ben Hall, Captain Thunderbolt and of course, Ned Kelly. There are also the out and out villains and more shoot-outs than at the O.K. Corral.


THRILLS, CHILLS & SPILLS The ultimate book for any V8 fan. An

Full of great photos and information on

exciting and detailed history of the sport

everything from driver training, fitness

so far, it chronicles everything, the key

and gear to what’s in the cockpit and what

players, race circuits here and overseas,

happens during a pit stop, this is a ‘must’ for

the controversies, loyalty debates, team

all fans.

ownership disputes and on-track clashes.

To bag t*e s

Pass card port & hold ers Mug



PENGUIN ME Travel pouch



Luggage tag

Key rin

gs Note



Tea towel * s


Mini Notebooks* Boardgame


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