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Word references: <<Plum Nuts>> (1961) Etta James <<Nine>> (2009) Rob Marshall <<My Dear Bomb>> Yohji Yamamoto (2010)

plum issue # o 全集数 2016 summer creative director Qin Peng editor Qin Peng Hunag Sheng Chia

I am interested in the slice of humanity that surround a monster. - Claire Denis

At the same time... You know I plum nuts over you~ - <<Plum Nuts>>

Persona is the second face of you, maybe in some level, human-being are born with sensetive motions. But that's why you have "persona"~

Cat has moustaches...

Iron has rusts...

Air has body...

That is why you are "a person" Standing here Stunning


whisper from blossom

creative director & stylist: Qin Peng photographer: Kirill Kuletski model: Alice V/ Jemima X make up artist: Pernille Nadine hair dresser: Tomoko Fushimi assistant: Sheng Chia Huang

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‘妈妈,妈妈,有没有没有壳的寄居蟹啊?’ ‘没有壳的寄居蟹啊,妈妈没见过呢。寄居蟹肚皮软软的,不住在贝壳里面会 死的’ ‘是吗?但是贝壳坏掉了它怎么办?’ ‘就搬家到别的贝壳里面去咯。’ 那天下雨的时候雨滴很大。放学的路上,你仰着头望向天空,大声叫嚷着,在 雨里打圈圈。你那个时候 10 岁。就是这样,唯一的不同是你已经 60 岁了。 最近我都记不起你的模样。现在想想,那天没有月亮。 你突然想要逃开的时候,记得要联系我。那时候,不管我们各自过着怎样的人 生,我们约好在 38 号门那里不见不散。

但那一天,我们确实飞到了地球的另一边,你还记得吗? 到了那边,我们先要找套阳光充足的公寓。然后,我们要去找个舒服的酒吧。 那里如果有你心仪的女人,我用西班牙语帮你搭讪,把她拉到你身边。那么客 厅就需要有个大沙发了。 ——对啊,要有一张床,100 多本书,电视有没有倒也无所谓,我们不需要浴缸, 有淋浴就够了。准备 3 天需要的衣服,公寓里再放一个旅行箱就完美了。 我们当时就是这样约好的,我们也确实找到了一套有公用厨房的公寓,对不对? 一层走廊响起电话铃声,深夜里我常常被你叫出去,到街角的酒吧去接你。 多年以后,尽管你已经骨瘦如柴,我还是想和你在一起。但,在那之前,你却 任性地自杀,离我而去。 我按照你常常说的,将你的骨灰撒向大海。那片翠绿的海,蔚蓝色,无边无尽。 骨灰盒中那片灰色的微粒子好像被海浪偷走了一般,倏地消失不见。 这片海,本与你我无缘。但它却与你儿时玩耍的那片海相连。 还连着,你以一生为赌注找寻的那片海。 喝酒的时候,我希望有机会可以和偶尔坐在隔桌的陌生人讲述这段故事。 但,我清楚地知道。 等到天荒地老,也等不来你的电话。


I want to be Proust, or the Marquis de Sade, I would like to be Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, but not have to beleve in God from <<Guido's song>>

part 2

yes we R

Creative Director: Qin Peng Styling: Qin Peng Words: Alice Sun Girls: Molly Mcandrew Maria Cvetkovic Carmen Wu Justyna Mysior Photographer: Seongbae Park Hair: Sojeong Kim

This project is for my lovely girls. They are be invited as models but also targets. Each girl has one theme about her habit or persistence, I give them disposable cameras to record their relative life for 2 weeks, let's see their amazing works and natural voices!


Yes we are .

‘I am



will be graduating in one month.'

I am British. My boyfriend is Japanese. We are looking forward to moving to Japan in January next year.’

@ photo by Molly

Hey, Molly. Are you mixed? No. Everyone asks me that. They think I am not British, but actually I am. I think it’s probably because of my hair. You have a lot of photos of small dots. Why do you like them? I am obsessed with Yayoi Kusama. When she had an exhibition at the Tate Modern years old, I didn’t know about her then. I went to her exhibition and I was like ‘wow’. That started my love for polka dots. After that I started to buy loads and loads of clothes, everything polka dots. So I have a collection of polka dot clothes now. Can you accept a polka dot room? Yes, definitely. I hope Yayoi Kusama will come to my house. Maybe for some people if they are in a room with dots, they might feel a bit crazy. But they make me happy. My primary school teacher from ten years ago is obsessed with ladybugs. Everything inside her house is ladybugs; ladybug clothes, ladybug furniture, and ladybug teacups. I think she also helps me to love polka dots. Can you accept a polka dot world? My friend asked me a few weeks ago, if I can create a world and live in it, what would I do? I said polka dots. Everyone will have polka dot skin; there will be polka dot trees, and polka dot houses in different colors and sizes. Everything will be in the shape of a circle as well. I’d love to live in that world. Do you use them in your design work? All my textiles are made up of little pieces, tiny dots. I like weaving all the dots together. Even my skin has a lot of freckles. It’s like I have polka dot skin. So I feel like when I was born, I was supposed to embrace polka dots. Can you use one word to describe yourself? Calm. My friends think I can make the atmosphere in a room more uplifting, which is quite sweet. They always say ‘oh, we love having you around’, ‘you make us feel so happy’. What is the best thing about being you? I think there are two things. Number one, I can get along with anyone. There isn’t anyone that I don’t like or I can ever hate in this world. Number two, I have naturally polka dot skin. Not everyone has this. If you were a color what would you be? Yellow. Because yellow is a warming color. Red is really hot, and orange is kind of in between, while yellow is soft and it makes me happy. I used to wear yellow eye make up all the time. My friend calls me Yellow. If you had a magical power, what would it be? I want to have a magic wand. Then, every time I wave it, I can make things polka dot. If I see someone looking sad, I can make them covered with polka dots; then they would definitely be happy. The polka dots would look different depending on different people. If I wave my wand above you, and you just fall in love, then I can see you are in love with the color. You don’t need to tell me this. If wave my wand above someone else, and they have black polka dots, maybe they are a little bit depressed. What item would you take with you to space? A grey cat with blue eyes. A giant matcha cheesecake. If you could be anyone for a week, who would it be? A man called David Attenborough. For me he is the most beautiful person. He is a 90 year old man and he makes documentaries about nature. When I was little I used to watch him on TV all the time. He talks about nature, wildlife, insects, and animals. He just knows so much about it. And they way he talks is so beautiful. He is such a nice person from what I can see on TV. I want to see what he sees. Can you describe a recent dream? It’s a weird dream. It’s quite scary. I’ve had this dream four times now. Basically, I am walking on the street back in my hometown. And then I see a man walking towards me who catches my eye. Suddenly, he runs towards me and tries to steal my purse. I can still picture his face now; it’s so scary.

@ photo by Molly

''My name is Maria. I am from Serbia. I work as a model and an actress, and I am also a

painter.'' I love meditation, dancing, swimming, and taking care of kids.’

Your topic is full of energy, why? Because I am full of energy all the time! I always have my own party by myself at home. I put music on, and I dance. All the neighbors complain because they think there are a lot of people in my room. Actually , it’s just me. Two days ago when I was listening to opera very loudly, Potter, who live downstairs, knocked on my door and said, ‘Ok, seriously, who is there?’. I said, ‘just me. Come and join!’ He looked around my apartment and said, ‘you know what, you don’t need to turn down your music. Just do your thing. It’s fine.’ (Big laugh). Then he left and I was like ‘YE!!!!!!!’ You love music? Yes. Opera, Hip-hop, R&B. Serbian traditional music is the worse. They are really wired. For example, $% £@^&* … (singing). This song is about a guy who loves a girl; he is jealous of everything she does. He is jealous of wind because it blows her hair. He is jealous of water because she uses it to clean her face. I hope somebody can sing that to me. So…which kind of photos are you going to take? I will take these tomorrow. I will start with the first coffee after I wake up and then all the vitamin pills I have. After that, I want to take photos of me going to the pilates studio, maybe also shoot the machines and the instructor. At noon, I will take a walk in the park. In the afternoon, I am expecting a little girl who is a friend of mine. I am taking care of her. I also have a meeting tomorrow so I might take photos of the clients. Then I will have a deep work out session at home, so I can take photos of the ball I always jump on and the running machine in my room. After that I will talk to my trainer who always checks my process. Also, many things can happen in the day that I can record with the camera. Wait, do you always have so many plans for one day? OMG, yes! Usually I use a pen and paper to write down what do I need to do the next day. When that day arrives, I do all those things. On the way, if I still have some spare time, I go to park and chill there. If the weather is good, there are always people singing. I will join them and we will sing together. Can you always finish your to do list? Yes, not always-always, but 99% yes. For example, sometimes if I am too tired then I just let it go. Before I was fighting complete everything, but now? No. Were you were born this full of energy? Yes, everybody thinks I am wired, even my parents! But they have gotten used to me. What if I told you that you couldn’t do anything for one day?

Sunday is my spare day. I call it my ‘zen day’. I do my nails, put on nice music, and light my candles which smell very good. No TV and no cell phone; I am not available on Sunday. Nobody can reach me. Usually I stay at home. If I want to go out I will go to a pub. I don’t go to clubbing that much. There is no point. If I try to go out and dance I will probably be tired, because I have already danced in my flat. I might just go to sleep in the club. How about I told you that you couldn’t do anything for the next week, will you freak out? No. I just need to prepare a lot of music and a book. If you tell me I need to stay in the room then I will need a window. Nothing else. What if I send you to an island without anyone else there? That’s my wish! I want to go there and stay forever. But I would keep myself busy for sure. For example, I would try to make some furniture using branches and leaves. What item would you take with you to space? I will bring a kaleidoscope. Can you be friends with lazy people? Not really. I have a feeling that I need to help them. I am like ‘let’s do this. Let’s go here and let’s go there.’ They said, ‘you are crazy. Don’t bother me.’ I put on some happy songs and tell them it’s a beautiful day, but they said ‘tomorrow will be like this as well.’ But it’s never the same! I try to help them, but then I get tired because it takes a lot of energy. So I go back home and sleep. I become one of them! Can you tell me something special about you? I am really wired. I rarely sleep in a normal way. Sometimes I move pillows away; sometimes I sleep near rivers, and sometimes on the floor. I don’t want to do the same thing everyday. There are no rules for me. If I want to go somewhere today, it doesn’t have to be logical. For example, there are two shops where I can buy food; one is near my place while the other one is far away. Sometimes I go to the farther one, something that people don’t understand. There is no logic. Something nice always happens to me on my way there. Once a little boy even gave me flowers, it so nice! It makes my week. Many people think too much. It doesn’t need to be someone’s birthday for you to celebrate. No. You can celebrate today.

I want to be Proust, or the Marquis de Sade, I would like to be Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, but not have to beleve in God from <<Guido's song>>

''I am Carmen. I am from China. I am a menswear designer.

''I love painting, dancing, collage ,cool stuff and cool guys.''

@ photo by Carmen

What is your magic food when you are trying to lose weight? It is a kind of syrup which can be added with fresh lemon slices to your drinks. It tastes good, just like black ice tea. The syrup can stimulate your bowel movements, and is helpful for clean bowel function. When I was slimming, I ate only one meal per two days. I lost almost six kilograms in one month. Drinking two litres of syrup everyday made me feel less hungry. However, I missed the flavour and texture of normal food. Have you reached your ideal weight? No. My ideal body weight is under fifty kilograms. I am currently above my desired weight. How long have you been trying to lose weight? My whole life has been about losing weight. I claimed to lose weight all the time. This is the third time that I have taken it very seriously. All my decisions are related to boys. The first time I decided to lose weight was because I had a crush on someone, though he didn’t know me. I wanted to be with him after I became slim. The second time, I had a long-distance relationship with a foreigner. Before we met in person, I was fighting my body by dieting for a whole month. This slimming regime stemmed from my break-up with my ex-boyfriend. I thought, ‘Go to Hell. I will be gorgeous.’ However, we are now back together. When I am comfortably in love, I get fat. Are you picky about your partner’s body? Absolutely. I don’t have a perfect shape, so I tend to pay more attention to this. For me, body shape is the most important aspect in a partner. When will you give up losing weight? Never. It is a lifelong pursuit. I may take a break when I am pregnant. What about the impact of body built on your life? My friends began to distance themselves from me, as I rejected their invitations to go out for meals. Sometimes I went to restaurants with them and drank my syrup. It is difficult to say no all the time, especially during holidays. Which kinds of food do you miss the most? Very many. I miss different foods at different times. The dish I miss the most is scrambled eggs with tomatoes. If all the food in the world were momentarily free of calories, what would you eat for dinner? I would eat junk food and fried chicken. I would also eat chocolate ice cream mixed with cream every day. I love all the foods which make me fat.

Have there been any changes in your bowel movements? They're totally different. During weight-loss days, my bowel movements became easier and more regular. My mood also improved as I could feel that I was becoming more and more slim day by day. From a physical point of view, my body is cleaner because of detoxification. From a psychological perspective, I would be more confident in myself if I became skinny. If I am doing an assignment, and at the same time trying to lose weight, I feel less stressed as I know that the assignment is only a small part of my life. There is something else in my life: losing weight. Can you use three words to describe yourself? Chubby, humorous, talented. Oh... please delete one of those words and replace it with ‘beautiful’. What is the best thing about you? Because I am slightly overweight, everybody thinks I am adorable; as such, they treat me very nicely. If I were a beautiful girl, they would be jealous of me and treat me worse. I also have a free and leisurely spirit. You could also call it self-centred. Unfortunately, I am overly concerned about losing weight. I care about what other people think of my appearance. If you were a colour, which would you be? Red or blue. Blue is a little bit shallow. I don’t want to be a shallow person. If you had magical powers, what would they be? Super speed. I think I am too slow. Which item would you take with you to outer space? I would bring a mobile phone with me so that I could take photos. Sounds tacky, right? If space is boring I can still use a microblog. If you could be anyone for a week, who would it be?

Any super model with an absolutely perfect body.

''My name is Justyna. I am a fashion stylist from


When Em asked me to take part in this project, I realised that I don’t have any specific obsessions in my life. That’s the problem.''

Can you use a word to describe yourself? Not one; rather a collection. There are different elements of my persona. Sometimes I feel like a small child; other times I feel quite old. Sometimes I like going out and spending a lot of time with other people, while sometimes I prefer to be alone. There are many contradictory aspects of my character. Nothing is completely coherent. If you were a colour, which would you be? I would be like natural colours, like white, black, grey and sometimes brown.

If you had a magical power, what would it be? I would like to have the power of longevity. Which personal item would you take to outer space? My koala teddy bear which is now twenty-eight years old. I got it for my fourth birthday. It has been with through thick and thin. If you could be anyone for a week, who would it be? I would rather just be myself. I love my life. I am trying to create my own environment and my own world. I enjoy the fact that I can walk, I can see, I can hear and I can do the things I love. I really appreciate all these small things. I wouldn’t change a thing. What makes you happy today? If I call my mother and she says ‘Hello’, ‘I love you ’, ‘Everything is fine’. That is happiness for me. Can you describe a recent dream? I cannot remember my recent dreams. Sometimes my dreams are a continuation of what happened in the day, though sometimes the scenery is different. I recall a dream I had years ago; I was observing myself in the dream. It was really strange, as I dreamed about myself watching myself walking, dancing and spinning around. It was very unlike my regular dreams.

Do you consider having no obsession to be an ‘occupational hazard’ for a stylist? Yes. In terms of my choice of clothes, it really depends on my mood and how I feel. It’s more of a subconscious choice. I don’t really consider my attire in the morning; instead I just grab something from the wardrobe. The influences in my clothing are manifold. I have a collection of vintage clothes, modern items, hand-me-downs from my mother, and various accessories. I like to mix them together. How is your shoot going? It is a different experience for me. I have never used a disposable camera before. When shooting in the studio, we use digital cameras so we can simultaneously view and edit the photos. The disposable camera is more fun, because you have to wait to see the final result. I took some close-up shots of the knitwear I have, and also the environment I work in. These were all small things, such as a window and the umbrella used in the studio. Not obvious things which can be easily seen. Can you remember the first and last image you took with your camera? The first, no. The last I can remember I took at home, and was of part of a garment. I seem to recall that it was a leather jacket with knitted embroideries. Is there anything you would never want to take a close-up shot of? No. I think you can find an interesting angle even if the subject is not something you are particularly interested in. You can find potential in anything. If you had one last chance to do something which would represent your entire life, which object would you choose? I would choose the first brick of my house. It is the symbol of the building and represents having a place in this world. It has more meaning for me than anything else. The house could be here in the UK, in Poland, or somewhere else. If you could choose one celebrity to take a portrait of, who would it be? I wouldn’t choose a person. It would be something small which belongs to the person. I would prefer to spend some time with the person and find something interesting with which to create a image. Which part of the body do you like most? Hands. Close-ups of eyes are also interesting. If you had a pair of ‘close-up’ glasses, where would you want to go? Portugal. If you had a tattoo, what would it look like? Small and invisible. People wouldn't be able to see it. It would be just for myself. What is your star sign? Capricorn.

@ photo by Justyna

@ photo by Justyna

Part 3 So hard to pretend a girl

Styling: Qin Peng Photographer: Sheng Chia Huang Model: Alice Sun

Part 4 Creative director:

Self Portrait Painter

Qin Peng Styling: Qin Peng Photographer: Eliska Kyselkoa Make up artist: Sojeong Kim Hair Dresser: Michael Moon Model: Mila Melnilk

The queen in the story "snow white" has her mirror, she always get the evil feedback from it, but not from herself. so, should we blame her?

There are only 10 pages left!!

Every one is the self portrait painter. We followed the self- will and chose the way to express self during life time, that's why people own the individual soul and personalities. At the meantime, people also have the power to select which side of the "real me" they want to show off or not, it's same like you choose the painting technique for your final art work.

Special thanks : Sheng Chia Huang Molly Mcandrew Alice Sun Sophia Zhong

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