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Friends will come from afar

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Adopting mega-events, Penghu has started to leap forward


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The new bright spot of marine economy in Penghu— yacht entertaining industry

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August-October 2017 Events in Penghu County

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The world sees the beautiful Penghu

The Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) is an international NGO supported by UNESCO. Penghu applied for the admission in 2012 and was awarded official membership with the grant from members and the Council of MBBW. In the 2016 World Congress held in Puerto Galera Bay in Philippines, Penghu successfully won the bid of hosting the 2018 World Congress, which is the largest and highest-level international conference in Penghu. Distinguished guests from 40 Bay areas and 24 countries will gather together in Penghu. We will show vitality, health, passion and friendliness of Penghu Bay to the world. In July 2016, the preparatory committee was established. The strategic concept lies in the construction of "borderless multi-sharing carnival platform" based on organizing the world congress as the core. The platform targets on global marketing and create the brand value to integrate the public, private and third sector, and to build partnership to bring in the resources in need. Multiple activities and economic benefits will thus be shared and created, penetrating major constructions in

Penghu County. This will improve Penghu's visibility and the world will see Taiwan. Penghu is a healthy and happy island. The World Congress of MBBW serves as the platform for advocating the protection of marine resources and international exchange, as well as a grand gathering that residents in Penghu expect. In the future, we will hold activities associated with the World Congress, including Global Marine Areas and Harbor Cities Forum, Top Yacht Life Show, International Marine Cuisine Festival, Marine Economy and Sustainable Development Forum, Global Tourism Charity Queen Pageant and Global Food Sourcing Fair. To Penghu, 2018 will be the year of beaming and shining. 2 4

Penghu has the unique marine ecology, natural scener y and culture. With safe tourist environment and friendly and hospitable residents, Penghu is taken as a natural treasure. We have accelerated the construction of sewage system and cleaning of sea bottom nets. We are also restoring marine ecological resources for protection and sustainability and have attempted to secure funding from our central government. We endeavor to increase Penghu's competitiveness and present our abundant and multiple cultures and landscapes to the world through global marketing campaigns. This is a great opportunity for Penghu to connect with the world. We are preparing for the grand gathering and sincerely invite our friends to participate in the activities of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World carnival and World Congress. We will show the friendliness and beauty of Penghu to the world— the world will see the beautiful Penghu.

Magistrate of Penghu County

Chen, Kuang-Fu

5 3


Friends will come from afar.

Thinking back to the process of applying for admission to the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, Penghu is looking forward to the visit of our international friends with delight in 2018.

To know the Most Beautiful Bays in the World and its members

The Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) was established in 1997, and the general headquarters is in Vannes of Mid France. The MBBW is an international NGO supported by UNESCO. The mission statement is to protect the resources, ecology and natural heritage of bay areas; respect the culture, history and local life of bay areas; ensure the economic development of bay areas; consider and resolve the protection and economic development of global bay areas, and balanced development of tourism and travel. The major endeavor objective was made to protect natural and cultural resources of global bay areas, encourage people to contemplate the necessity of tourism management and environmental (natural landscape) protection, and contribute to the landscape and economic development in each bay area. The Most Beautiful Bays in the World is distributed over Asia, Europe, Africa and America, in 24 countries and 40 bay areas.

Asia/ 7 member countries and 12 bays Japan- Miyazu- Ine Bay, Suruga Bay, Toyama Bay, Matsushima Vietnam- Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang Bay, Lang Co-Hue Bay Philippines- Puerto Galera Bay China- Qingdao Bay Taiwan- Penghu Bay South Korea- Yeosu Bay Cambodia- Bay of Cambodia Japan-Toyama Bay 46

Africa / 5 member countries and 6 bays Morocco- Agadir Bay, Al Hoceima Bay Sénégal- Sine Saloum Mozambique- Pemba Bay Madagascar- Diego Suarez Bay Cape Verde- Mindelo Bay

Morocco- Agadir Bay

Europe / 7 member countries and 13 bays Turkey- Bodrum Bay Portugal- Bay of Horta, Setubal Bay Montenegro- Boka Kotorska France- Bay of La Baule, Girolata & Porto Gulf, Mont Saint-Michel Bay, Bay of the Somme, Gulf of Morbihan – Bay of Quiberon Greece- Grikos Bay – Patmos Spain- Bay of Roses, Santander Bay Croatia- Sakarun Bay

Spain- Bay of Roses

America / 5 member countries and 9 bays Canada- Bay of Chaleur, Tadoussac Bay Brazil- All Saints Bay, Praia do Rosa Bay Dominican Republic- Samana and Rincon Bays Mexico- Banderas Bay – Puerto Vallarta Colombia- Cartagena de Indias Martinique(French overseas territory) -Bay of Fort De France Guadalupe(French overseas territory) - Saintes Bay

Canada- Tadoussac Bay

Brazil- Praia do Rosa Bay 75

Japan- Matsushima

Montenegro- Boka Kotorska

The process of Penghu's admission was toilsome but worthwhile In 2010, Taiwan's Ambassador to

the MBBW. In particular, the picture of the

the connection. the executive officer

amazed the participants because the twin

France Lu Ching-Long helped build of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World

recognized the efforts of Penghu to protect natural resources and invited

twin hearts stone weir in Chimei Township heart stone weir is similar to the heartshaped logo of the MBBW.

In November 2012, the Chair Galip

Penghu to apply for the admission

GĂźr and Secretary-general Michel Bujold

Taipei en France transmitting his remarks

on-the-spot investigation. The focus

through Bureau de ReprĂŠsentation de

to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2012, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the MBBW World Congress hosted by

Greece and Turkey invited Penghu County

government to participate in the 2012 World Congress held in Bodrum in Turkey

went to Penghu for the second-stage

of the investigation was on natural environmental conser vation, the

preservation of cultural assets, and the promotion of a low carbon island.

After the investigation, praising and

and Patmas in Greece in the name of Taiwan, Penghu Bay.

In 12 September 2012, Penghu

completed the application presentation in which the information on the bay value, environmental protection action plan and environmental policy is included. The

presentation was praised by members of

appreciating the effects of preserving

the stone weir, historic spots, basalt landscape terrain, and conserving marine

resources, The Council of the MBBW in 68

Cape Verde- Mindelo Bay


Paris discussed approving of Taiwan, Peng hu Bay selected as an official member on 12 November 2012. In March

2014, in the International Tourism Fair

held in Berlin, Germany, Penghu received the certificate from the Chair of the MBBW, Galip GĂźr and became an official member.

Since 2010 when the MBBW invited

Penghu to represent Taiwan to apply for the membership through Bureau

de ReprĂŠsentation de Taipei en France, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Penghu

has spent three years completing the procedure for admission.

I n 2 0 1 6 , t o co n c r e t i z e Pe n g h u ' s

membership, Deputy Magistrate Lin, JieShin led the Taiwan's delegation to attend

the World Congress in Philippines to strive for hosting the 2018 MBBW World

Congress, which was supported by the Council and all members.

Mexico- Banderas Bay

Hosting the 2018 World Congress

bridges Penghu and the world.

Delegations from 40 bay areas, cities

and countries, and industry-academia

o rga n i zat i ona l rep resentatives will come to Penghu. We hope that more international people's recognition of the

beautiful Penghu Bay can help promote

our international tourism and prosper the local areas.

Brazil- Praia do Rosa Bay 97


Adopting mega-events, Penghu has started to leap forward

The strategy of city transformation– mega-events

Against the trend of globalization, regional development based on regions or cities has been an important issue. Because of the significance of city marketing operation, the strategy of mega-events has transformed quite a few cities into international metropolises. For example, Los Angeles hosted Olympics in 1984, transforming Los Angeles into a portal facing Pacific countries. Since then, this business model has become a strategy to promote local economic

development. Sports events, international exhibition and annual organizational conferences such as Taichung World Floral Expo and Edinburgh International Festival are an important media to demonstrate the city force and enhancing tourism. After joining the MBBW in 2012, Penghu won the bid for hosting the 2018 World Congress. Recognizing the added value of the World Congress, Penghu County Government uses the concept of mega-events to connect multiple activities with different industries and hold "the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Carnival" in the month when the World Congress is held to integrate large-scale activities such as exhibitions, forums, public performance, parades, and street performance.

Penghu is ready for the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Canival

Although MBBW has the powerful function of creating value and international marketing, the perfect chemical reaction can only be generated with Penghu's soft power. Penghu County Government therefore not only hosts the MBBW World Congress but also holds "the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Carnival" lasting for more than one month based on the brand of the MBBW. Creative activities linked to constructions in the county promote Penghu to the world. The world will see Taiwan. 10 8

The implementation of the 2018 MBBW Carnival and World Congress is based on three core projects. A. The global marketing project: The brand and theme visual image will be presented to the world in a variety of ways. Take the theme song of the World Congress as an example, domestic marketing consists in promoting the song of "Grandma's Penghu Bay". At the International marketing level, foreign language songs will be made from the perspective of Penghu and global vision linked to the sustainability of marine resources. In addition, the artistic installation of the "Countdown clock", the mascot, theme costumes, the official website, Facebook and YouTube will attract the people from different countries to Penghu. B. The World Carnival project: the Carnival activities will continue on for more than one month based on global localization include a range of creative celebratory parades, International Bay Night, and opening and closing ceremonies. Other peripheral activities include the Global Marine Areas and Harbor Cities Forum, Yacht Life Show, and so on. It is particularly worth visiting and traveling in Penghu in this month.

C. Travel award project: We encourage foreign and domestic tourists to come to travel in response to the travel award of Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications. This project aims to provide incentive to prompt overseas travellers to visit Penghu for tourism or business purposes, increase the number of international and domestic tourists coming to Penghu and prosper the local areas.

On the basis of lofty ambition, clear prospect, open-minded attitude, global vision and active mobility, Penghu will establish the inter-departmental preparatory committee to integrate the local, national and international resources. In the upcoming year, the task will continue and we sincerely hope that overseas and domestic friends will join us ,The World Sees, in any form and with any resource. Welcome everyone to participate in the action of "The World Sees Penghu".

9 11


The new bright spot of marine economy in Penghu—

Yacht Entertaining Industry Compared with other places in Taiwan, Penghu has the potential for developing yacht entertaining industry and marine tourism. In 25 May 2016, Penghu County Government and Ya-Peng Yacht Development Company limited signed the renovation and operation contract, the Rehabilitate-Operate-Transferproject in the first fishing harbor in Penghu. Argo Yacht Company invested NT$ 100 million to transform the first fishing harbor in Magong, Penghu into a leisure area—Penghu yacht quay in which 55 boat berths are provided. This is the first offshore-island yacht quay in Taiwan with the berths at the international level. The yacht industry can be divided into yacht design, yacht building, yacht consuming service industry, and yacht associated industry. According to the statistics of Taiwan Yacht Industry Association, the export value till November 2015 was US$ 160 million. Taiwan is the fourth biggest yacht manufacturing country; compared with the scale of US$ 25 billion, however, yacht manufacturing in Taiwan is yet to be developed. The development of yacht industry in Taiwan involves the techniques of yacht building, customized service, and boutique design. Yacht entertainment, nevertheless, has been left behind other countries, giving rise to the mediocre results of the output value. In 1975, Taiwan Government promulgated the Ship Registration Act and passed the Ships Act, completed the Yacht Management Rules and the Management Rules of Crew Training Professional Organization. The Yacht entertaining industry is thus securely based on the laws, which is supposed to encourage the domestic yacht entertainment without hierarchical restriction. However, this is not the case.

10 12

According to quite a few of yacht players, the lack of leisure planning around the quay cannot offer any added value. After going ashore, there are few places to visit. The capacity of the quay is insufficient, leading to the vicious circle of the difficulties of the yacht entertaining industry in Taiwan. Overall planning from the government is however urgently expected. The business opportunity of marine economy in Penghu is hence perceived. The first offshore-island yacht quay has been built since last year. In 22 June this year, the opening operation was celebrated and a series of four-day Penghu Yacht Life Festival activities were held, which were purposely designed to be similar to those ones have held in Western countries. Simulating the ones held in Western countries, the activities included sea picnic, night fireworks, the adventure in uninhabited islands, water slide, sea swimming pool, SUP, and water scooter. This festival brought the sea entertaining life style less known by Taiwanese people to Penghu. In a near future, based on Penghu's yacht quay with berths at the international level, people in Taiwan can visit Penghu to experience beautiful sea life rather than go to San Francisco Bay or Ha Long Bay. The construction of the quay will redefine Penghu's position in the domestic yacht industrial chain, highlight the advantages, and develop yacht charter, tourism, leisure, travelling and peripheral industries. We expect that Penghu will leap forward and construct a new beautiful wonderland for developing marine economy.

11 13

August-October 2017


Events in Penghu County Events


Penghu local musical— Sparkling 2017- Umbrella and Song Celebration in Penghu Bay


five townships and one city

Cultural Affairs Bureau, Penghu County Government


Jiang-mei old barracks area in Baisha township

Baisha Township Hall


Longmen Fishing Harbor

Tourism Department, Penghu County Government

Shanshui Beach

Tourism Department, Penghu County Government


Tourism Department, Penghu County Government, Penghu County Physical Education and Sports Development Association

The 2017 promotional activity of agricultural and fishery special products in Baisha township— Seaweed and Oyster Season Island-hopping Carnival— Traveling on the Blue Highway in Penghu Island-hopping Carnival— Glaring Chinese Valentine's Day Island-hopping Carnival— 2017 Run Toward the Most Beautiful Bay in the world Athletes' Night(Fireworks) 2017 Run Toward the Most Beautiful Bay in the world

Island-hopping Carnival— Tumble! MaGong

14 12

Island-hopping Carnival— MinDai! Penghu Rock Festival 2017 Penghu Autumn Festival— 2017 the First Tourism Cup Table Tennis Championships





Pengnan, Magong City


Magong Ancient Castle, Penghu New Bay Area, Guanyinting Recreation Area

Host organization

Education Department, Penghu County Government, Penghu County Physical Education and Sports Development Association

Tourism Department, Penghu County Government


Historical relics Park, Guanyinting Recreation Area

Tourism Department, Penghu County Government, Promotion Association of Performing Arts, Penghu County


Magong downtown area

Penghu National Scenic Area Administration Court




Host organization

2017 Penghu Autumn Festival Sports— Marine Cuisine Festival in Penghu

2017/09/22 2017/10/12 2017/10/29

Magong downtown area

Penghu National Scenic Area Administration Court

2017 Penghu Autumn Festival— Taiwan summer solstice 235 "Hi Pescadores love me" music concert


Guanyinting Recreation Area

Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C. Republic of China (Taiwan)

2017 Penghu Autumn Festival— 2017 Challenging Pescadores Lighthouse 101K Cycling


Penghu island

Island-hopping Carnival— 2017 IRONMAN International Triathlon Athletes' Night (Fireworks)

Penghu National Scenic Area Administration Court, Penghu Bike Association


2017 IRONMAN International Triathlon


Guanyinting Recreation Area

Penghu Island

Tourism Department, Penghu County Government, Taiwan Endurance Sports Association Education Department, Penghu County Government, Taiwan Endurance Sports Association

Penghu National Scenic Area Administration Court, Education Department , Penghu County Government, Chinese Taipei Woodball Association

2017 Penghu Autumn Festival— National Beach Woodball Championships and National Weng Lu Shou Cup Woodball Championships


Magong City, Husi Township

Penghu International Marathon— The most Beautiful Bays in the World


Magong City, Taiwan All Sports Husi Township, Association Baisha Township


National Penghu University of National Central Science and University Technology

Cross-strait Marine Environmental Monitoring Symposium 2017 Penghu Autumn Festival— 2017 Penghu Winter Swimming


Shihli Beach

Penghu National Scenic Area Administration Court, Magong City Office, Penghu Country

15 13