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INSIDE THIS ISSUE: • Big Band Radio Hour • Comedy of Tenors • Penfield Good Neighbor Day • Summer Swim Lessons • Summer Day Camps • Youth Soccer League




Thank You, Teachers! ThankYou, You,Teachers! Teachers! Thank 60 teachers attended teachers attended 6060 teachers attended Master Kim's Bully Master Kim's Bully Master Kim's Bully Prevention Night, 27 Prevention Night, Prevention Night, 2727 from our Penfield from our Penfield from our Penfield Schools. Each teacher Schools.Each Each teacher Schools. teacher broke a board for Bully broke a board for Bully broke a board for Bully Awareness. The Awareness. The Awareness. The purpose ofof this annual purpose this annual purpose of this annual event is to show event is to show event is to show children that everyone children that everyone children that everyone in our community isis in our community in our community is working together and working together and working together and are here to help. are here to help. are here to help.

377-2000 377-2000

Master Kim's Taekwondo 2017 Bully Awareness Night Master Kim's Taekwondo2017 2017Bully BullyAwareness AwarenessNight Night Master Kim's Taekwondo

Back Row: L. Dancy, J. Hermon, A. Milella, Spogen, Amann, Back Row: Dancy, Hermon, Milella,R.R. R.Spogen, Spogen,S.S. S.Amann, Amann, Back Row: L.L. Dancy, J.J. Hermon, A.A. Milella, S.S.Frederick, C. Finke, J. Palmer, K. Marshall, L. LaFountain, DaRin, Frederick, Finke, Palmer, Marshall,L.L.LaFountain, LaFountain,L.L. L.DaRin, DaRin, S. Frederick, C.C. Finke, J.J. Palmer, K.K. Marshall, C.C.Sheehan, J. Corbett, M. McAlpine, L. Brown, S. Welsh, L. Scanlon Sheehan, Corbett, McAlpine, Brown,S.S.Welsh, Welsh,L.L.Scanlon Scanlon C. Sheehan, J. J. Corbett, M.M. McAlpine, L.L. Brown, Front Row: T. Greeno, J. Sanders, A. Statt, Plummer, Auer, Front Row: Greeno, Sanders, Statt,H.H. H.Plummer, Plummer,M.M. M.Auer, Auer, Front Row: T. T. Greeno, J.J. Sanders, A.A. Statt, J.J.Barone, K. Rice, K. Osgood, S. Meehan, B. Balash Barone, Rice, Osgood, Meehan,B.B.Balash Balash J. Barone, K.K. Rice, K.K. Osgood, S.S. Meehan,

1601 Penfield Road, Rochester, NY 14625 1601 Penfield Road, Rochester, NY14625 14625 1601 Penfield Road, Rochester, NY Tops Panorama Plaza, next to Party City Tops Panorama Plaza, next to Party City Tops Panorama Plaza, next to Party City

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(585) 385-2808 (585) (585)385-2808 385-2808 1802 Penfield Road, Penfield, NY 14526 1802 Penfield 1802 PenfieldRoad, Road,Penfield, Penfield,NY NY14526 14526

Hours: 11:00 AM -- 9:30 PM Hours: Hours:MM M- -Th - Th Th11:00 11:00AM AM- 9:30 9:30PM PM F & Sa 11:00 AM 10:30 PM • Su 11:30 AM -- 9:30 PM FF && SaSa 11:00 AM 11:00 AM- 10:30 - 10:30PM PM• •SuSu11:30 11:30AM AM- 9:30 9:30PM PM 2

Winter/Spring 2018

Penfield Recreation |

Find Your Wellness! Be Well

Be Active

Music to Grow Horseback Riding Babysitting Classes AARP Driving Handmade Holiday Cards Painting DEAR Programs Family Yoga Meditation MANY, MANY MORE!

Youth & Adult Swim Lessons Youth Parkour Adult Yoga Youth Dance Youth & Adult Judo Line Dancing Zumba Pickleball Indoor Cycling MANY, MANY MORE!

Enjoy Life

Guided Trail Hikes Penfield Players Senior Lunches GEVA trips Rotary Big Band Good Neighbor Day Pool Noodle Games Trails Passport Family Open Swim MANY, MANY MORE!

We are pleased to offer a wide range of programs and hope that you’re able to participate in a number of our activities this season! Wherever you go, we hope you will always

Be Active, Be Well and Enjoy Life!


20 Years of Generosity =






Families Each Week


Different Families Each Year


Different People Each Year

Together we are making a difference in Penfield. 1618 Jackson Road, Penfield, NY 14526 ! ! 585-234-0799 Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Winter/Spring 2018


General Information GENERAL INFORMATION 1985 Baird Rd. • Penfield, NY 14526

(585) 340-8655 • Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

PENFIELD TOWN BOARD Tony LaFountain.....................................................Supervisor Linda Kohl.........................................................Councilwoman Paula Metzler..................................................Councilwoman Andy Moore.......................................................... Councilman Rob Quinn.............................................................. Councilman


RECREATION STAFF Chris Bilow..............................................Recreation Director Linanne Conroy, CPRP..............................Assistant Director Steve Orsini................................................Assistant Director Pam Mount......................................... Recreation Supervisor Sabrina Renner............................. Special Events Assistant Paula Colombo................................................................. Clerk Anne Coller....................................................................... Clerk

PARKS & FACILITIES STAFF Tim Masterton................................................ Parks Foreman Jim Kreckman............................................Facilities Foreman

TRAILS COMMITTEE Nels Carman Jr., Chair Dick Adamus Terry Bruce Fran Cioppa Eleanor Hartquist

Ed Lindskoog Aileen Reis Denny Tripp Ginny Wilterdink

COMMUNITY VICTORY GARDEN COMMITTEE Nancy Marrer, Chair Gloria Barnes Gordy Barnes Carol Boyer Dave Boyer Dot Brenneis Lisa Ford

Bonnie Hawk Larry Krech Chris Mandel Greg Smith Gary Vincelli Phyllis Vincelli Mark Whitmire

Our Mission: To enhance the quality of life for the residents of Penfield by providing a variety of beneficial recreation and wellness programs, facilities and services. 4

Winter/Spring 2018

TABLE OF CONTENTS General Information............................................................................ 4 Recreation Director’s Message........................................................ 5 Supervisor’s Message........................................................................ 5 Community Information...................................................................... 6 Community Events............................................................................... 7 Penfield Players............................................................................ 7 Aquatic Programs...........................................................................8-11 Summer Swim Lessons............................................................. 11 Youth Programs.............................................................................12-24 Arts & Crafts...........................................................................12-13 Dance......................................................................................13-14 Education................................................................................14-17 Music.......................................................................................17-18 Sports & Recreation Activities............................................18-20 Day Camps..............................................................................21-22 Youth Soccer League............................................................23-24 Adult Programs.............................................................................25-33 Arts & Crafts................................................................................ 25 Dance......................................................................................25-26 Adult Education.....................................................................26-28 Dog Obedience.................................................................... 26 Fitness, Health & Wellness..................................................28-30 Sports & Recreation.............................................................30-32 Performing Arts.....................................................................32-33 Van Trips...................................................................................... 33 DEAR (Daytime Education at Recreation)............................................34-42 Mondays at DEAR.................................................................34-35 Tuesdays at DEAR.................................................................35-36 Wednesdays at DEAR...........................................................36-38 Thursdays at DEAR.................................................................... 38 Thursday Lecture Series......................................................38-40 Fridays at DEAR.......................................................................... 40 Big Band Radio Hour................................................................. 41 General Info For Adults 55+...................................................... 42 Osher Pilot Program................................................................... 42 Penfield Public Library..................................................................... 43 Scenic Treks....................................................................................... 44 Town Parks......................................................................................... 45 Reference Numbers & Information................................................ 46 Registration Info. & Forms..........................................................46-47

Registration Begins January 2nd Penfield Recreation |

Message From The Director & Supervisor

Director’s Message Happy winter! As much as I enjoy the snow and the various activities that are possible during the winter months, I secretly am hoping for a quick and mild winter! The Town of Penfield was proud to help the JACK Foundation create and build the JACK’s Place Playground in Rothfuss Park. The blue, dinosaur-themed playground has been a hot spot for the community, and everyone who has been at the site feels a connection to Jack. We are greatly appreciative of the opportunity to house JACK’s Place and look forward to creating an environment for families to gather. In 2018 the Recreation department will begin to update the Recreation Masterplan. This process will help the staff of the Department focus on the type of programs we should be offering the community moving forward. The process will also involve an inventory of the existing parks,

and recreation facilities in Penfield. This practice will provide the Town an opportunity to address any areas that may need to be updated or added. Community input will be collected so please stay connected with the Recreation Department ( for upcoming opportunities. I am happy to announce that the Recreation Department has partnered with RIT’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute for a series of programs this winter/spring. This is one more addition to an already exciting and varied DEAR program schedule. This opportunity to partner with RIT’s Osher will provide an opportunity for existing members to participate in new programming. It will also provide an opportunity for new participants in our own DEAR program! This is a win/win partnership and one that I am happy we are able to provide to the Penfield community and beyond! Have a healthy winter and spring! I look forward to meeting more residents at various programs and events. Feel free to contact me any time to discuss your ideas for how we can make Penfield even better!

Christopher K. Bilow Recreation Director

Supervisor’s Message

It is hard to believe that another year has come and gone and we are planning for 2018. Our Recreation Department had another banner year with program offerings for all of our residents. Participation numbers are at an all-time high and we are introducing a number of new and unique programs in 2018. Our team stands ready to explore new opportunities to serve you in the New Year. I would like to recognize and thank Director Chris and staff members Steve, Linanne, Pam, Sabrina, Anne, and Paula for all of their hard work and support they provide each and every season. I would also like to recognize Christine Doyle who recently retired from the department and thank her for her many years for service to our community…best wishes and enjoy your retirement! There has been a lot of activity in town during 2017 that I want to touch on briefly. Panorama Plaza is undergoing a facelift to freshen up the plaza. Planet Fitness opened up in the former Panera/Dollar Store location. Across the street, the former dry-cleaners has begun to be cleaned up and an office building has been approved for the site. Up the road, Ellison Heights Apartments are well underway and will be competed in late summer. The Hampton Inn officially opened in June and has enjoyed a high occupancy rate, and the Marriott Courtyard has been renovated inside and out. The intersection at Routes 441/250 continues to evolve with a new addition to Heathwood Senior Living to support a broader group of our senior population. Aldi has completed its addition/renovation to provide more selections for our residents, and Eyesite has moved to their new location next to Summit Credit Union. The Empire Blvd. corridor is active as the former Walmart building has been remodeled to include Burlington, The Shoe Department, and soon a new location for Planet Fitness. Additionally, storefronts in Bay Towne Plaza are starting to fill up with WhichCraft Brewery and Body Fuel Restaurant as two of the first new businesses. Chili’s opened up across the street from Applebee’s, and the Dollar Tree recently hosted a ribboncutting for the opening of their newest store on the corner of Empire Blvd. and Bay Road. In the Four Corners area, Joey’s Pasta House is putting the finishing touches on their addition and remodeling project. The small house adjacent to Philbrick Park is soon to be razed and a new oral surgeon’s office will be built with plans to be open in the summer. Also look for a new Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

dental office at the intersection of Five Mile Line Road and Liberty Street. We are beginning to see interest in the Browncroft Blvd/Blossom Road area with a Carm’s Pizzeria proposed at the former Valero Gas Station. Several other businesses are interested in locating in this general area. The new Mixed Use Zoning District has been completed along the Rt. 250 corridor running from the YMCA north to Penfield Center Road. The 2018 budget process has been completed and the tax rate will remain at $2.69/$1,000 of assessed value. Finally, we received the last approvals for our solar array project after considerable work with NYSERDA, RG&E and the developer of the system. Construction will begin in the spring. Reminder: Winter parking rules are in effect from November 15 through April 1. This means NO PARKING is allowed on any roadway in Penfield from 2:00 to 7:00 AM to allow our Public Works crews to safely and effectively plow and salt roadways. As we head into the holiday season please consider supporting all of our local businesses. We are fortunate that many Penfield businesses want to stay in our community and expand, and other businesses wish to relocate to Penfield. Business organizations are a vital cornerstone to all successful communities. When we support our businesses, they, in-turn, support the Penfield community by sponsoring sports teams, service organizations, the food shelf, church groups, senior living facilities, and more. Healthy businesses make for a healthy community! I was recently honored to be re-elected as your Town Supervisor for the next two years; thank you for your support and trust in overseeing the day-to-day operations of this great Town. The reason we have been so successful is because of our dedicated employees who come to work each day to help make Penfield a great place to live and raise a family. These individuals are all professionals in their own right and are recognized as the benchmark across the county. Many are out dealing with emergencies all times of the day and night and in all kinds of weather. It is these men and women who make my job easy and why I enjoy coming to work each day…thank you team Penfield! As we see 2017 coming to an end and 2018 on the horizon, I want to wish all of our residents a very happy holiday season filled with peace, happiness, and good health. I look forward to seeing you around the town at any of our upcoming community events planned as we close 2017 or at any of the great events we have lined up for 2018. Please stop me to say hello and let me know what we could be doing better or differently to make Penfield the best it can be!


(585) 340-8631 Winter/Spring 2018



Penfield Community Victory Garden is a space for the Penfield community to do organic gardening. The garden is run completely by volunteers and donations. It is located on 3 acres of Town-owned land at 1748 Five Mile Line Rd. Bed rentals are available beginning the first day of program registration each January. More information is available at; click on Penfield Community Garden.


Residents of Penfield with disabilities may be interested in SportsNet. SportsNet is a program which provides recreation, fitness and sports opportunities for people with physical disabilities. For more info, call the SportsNet office at 334-6000 ext.1120.


Stay informed with Penfield Recreation’s E-News. Once a week you can receive the latest news and updates from Penfield Recreation. Learn about new programs and upcoming events. Be the first to know! To sign up for this newsletter go to


Local, non-profit community theater group, sponsored by Penfield Recreation. The group performs a variety of shows per year. For current production information see page 7 or visit www.


The Pops Band, conducted by Ken Scott, performs throughout the Penfield/Rochester area year-round. For an upto-date performance schedule, please contact the Recreation Dept. at 340-8655. Please contact John Jorgensen, band manager, at 385-1392 for more information about the band.


Penfield Public Library is located at 1985 Baird Rd. Penfield Public Library is now a Safe Place community partner. Young people seeking assistance with housing, safety or other crisis situations will be connected at the Library with outreach workers from the Center for Youth, who will assess the needs of the young person in question and access necessary services.


Penfield Television provides Public, Education and Government communications for the Town of Penfield through Spectrum cable and online services. Penfield TV is available on channels 12, 15, 1303 and 1304 through a digital set-top box. Digital televisions, or converter boxes, that have a cable connection, receive Penfield TV via 5.12, and 5.15. LIVE meeting productions are also streamed at All recorded town meetings, community events and submitted school district programming is available on-demand via You Tube or Vimeo at “Town of Penfield Television.”  Learn more about PenfieldTV at, by email at or by calling (585) 340-8661. Follow us on Twitter: @PenfieldTV; and Facebook: Town of Penfield Television.


Margaret Revelle, Receiver of Taxes can be reached at 340-8625 for any questions you might have. Also, check out the Tax Department web page at 6

Winter/Spring 2018


Your Town Clerk’s office provides many services to the Penfield community. Be sure to visit the office at the Town Hall for the following: • Issuance of Marriage Licenses (by appointment), Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Permits, Handicap Parking Hangers, and Dog Licenses. We now offer online dog license renewals -, click on Town Clerk’s Office. • Notary Services • Marriage Ceremonies • Items for Sale: Penfield Landmark Prints (assorted prices), Penfield Landmark Notecards $1.50, Penfield Caps $10, Penfield Blankets $40. Books: Memories of Penfield $15, Penfield Past $15, Images of Early Penfield $12.50, Calvin Wooster Owen: Diary of a Nineteenth-Century American $34.50/$49.50. For more information, contact Amy Steklof at 340-8629.


Meeting rooms and kitchen area are available to Penfield community non-profit groups and organizations on a permit, space available basis. Hours: Mon - Thurs, 8:00 am - 10:00 pm; Fri, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sat, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; and Sun, 2:00 5:00 pm. Warning: Vehicle parking violations at the NYS Police facilities near the Justice Courts at the Community Center will be ticketed and towed.


Applications continuously accepted for the following positions: School-Year Lifeguard/WSI, Program Specialist and volunteers. Applications are available at the Recreation Department Office, 1985 Baird Road, Penfield, NY 14526.


We appreciate the continuous support & cooperation of the Penfield and Webster School Districts, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Monroe County Office of Aging, NYS Office of Aging, Penfield Fire Company, Penfield Volunteer Ambulance, Zone A Monroe County Sheriff, NYS Police, Arts Cultural Council for Greater Rochester, Lifespan, Penfield-Perinton Kiwanis, Penfield Rotary Club, Penfield Business Chamber, and our many local groups & organizations. The program is funded by the NYS Office of Children & Family Services through the Rochester-Monroe County Youth Bureau. The Penfield Recreation Department continues to maintain its commitment to quality and excellent service for our residents through involvement and membership in the Genesee Valley Recreation & Parks Society, New York State Recreation & Parks Society and the National Recreation & Parks Association.

Our facilities, programs and services continually strive to meet ADA guidelines; if you have any special needs, please let us know. Penfield Recreation |

Community Events

penfield players Your Community Theatre Our Winter Readers’ Theatre – Free to the public!

2018 Spring Stage Show

FOOLS by Neil Simon


Saturday, February 24 and Sunday, February 25 2:00 pm • Penfield Community Center

Leon Tolchinsky is ecstatic. He’s landed a terrific teaching job in an idyllic Russian hamlet. When he arrives he finds people sweeping dust from the stoops back into their houses and people milking upside down to get more cream. The town has been cursed with Chronic Stupidity for 200 years and Leon’s job is to break the curse. No one tells him that if he stays over 24 hours and fails to break the curse, he too becomes Stupid. But, he has fallen in love with a girl so Stupid that she has only recently learned how to sit down. Fools follows Leon Steponovich Tolchinsky, a schoolteacher who takes a new job educating Sophia, the daughter of Doctor Zubritsky and his wife, Lenya. Leon soon learns that there is a curse on the village that makes everyone stupid, but complications ensue when Leon falls in love with his pupil. Fools is another winner by Neil Simon!

Dates: April 27-28; May 4-5-6; & May 11-12

One hotel suite, four tenors, two wives, three girlfriends, and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, everything that can go wrong does, including clandestine love affairs, romantic misunderstandings and enormous operatic egos threatening to cancel the entire concert. It’s 1930s Paris and the stage is set for the concert of the century—as long as producer Henry Saunders can keep Italian superstar Tito Merelli and his hot-blooded wife Maria from causing runaway chaos. Prepare for an uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks, and madcap delight. Filled with the crackling one-liners and frantic farce that made Lend Me a Tenor a huge hit in an earlier time. Look for more information on our website:

Thank you

to all sponsors of the Penfield Amphitheater 2017 Season!

Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Winter/Spring 2018


Aquatics Swim Lessons - Red Cross Levels 1-6 (Ages 6-14) Penfield Recreation certified staff


AQUATICS Swim Lessons - Tiny Tadpoles (Ages 4-5) Penfield Recreation certified staff

WINTER SWIM LESSONS Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 111242-A Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 12:15-12:45PM $71 111242-B Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 12:50-1:20PM $71 Ages 4-5 (7 lessons, no class 2/24) Penfield High School Pool

SPRING SWIM LESSONS Reg. No. Day 211242-A Wed 211242-B Wed Ages 4-5 (7 lessons)

Date Time Fee Apr 11-May 23 5:45-6:15PM $71 Apr 11-May 23 6:25-6:55PM $71 Penfield High School Pool

211242-C Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 211242-D Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 Ages 4-5 (7 lessons, no class 5/26)

11:30AM-12:00PM $71 12:10-12:40PM $71 Penfield High School Pool

Water safety and basic swimming skills are taught in a playful manner to encourage a love for swimming! (Ratio - 1 instructor per 4 children.) Parent allowed in pool area on observation days: 2/10 & 5/5 for Saturday classes and 5/2 for Wednesday classes. Instructors are lifeguard, first aid and CPR certified.

Private Swim Lessons Private swim lessons for ages 4 and up will be offered during our family open swim program for the winter/spring season at the Penfield High School pool. The fee will be $20 per half-hour lesson. Lessons will be instructed by the Penfield Recreation winter/spring aquatic staff and scheduled first come, first served, based on instructor availability. To make a reservation for your lesson, please call 249-6881 beginning January 5 and leave a message with the following information: • Your name • Your child’s name • Preferred time (Friday evening or Saturday afternoon Jan.-May) for your lesson • Number of lessons you would like • Approximate Red Cross swim level of your child • What specific skill(s) you wish to improve • Telephone numbers where you can be reached in the evening & on Saturdays 8

Winter/Spring 2018

Reg. No. Level Day Date Time Fee 111250-A Level 1 Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 12:15-12:50PM $61 111250-B Level 2 Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 12:50-1:25PM $61 111250-C Level 3 Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 12:50-1:35PM $71 111250-D Level 1 Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 1:35-2:10PM $61 111250-E Level 2 Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 1:35-2:10PM $61 111250-F Level 4 Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 1:35-2:20PM $71 111250-G Level 3 Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 2:25-3:10PM $71 111250-H Level 4 Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 2:25-3:10PM $71 111250-I Lvl. 5&6* Sat Jan 20-Mar 10 2:25-3:10PM $71 Ages 6-14 (7 lessons, no class 2/24) Penfield High School Pool 111252-A Level 2 Wed Jan 17-Mar 7 7:00-7:35PM $61 111252-B Level 3 Wed Jan 17-Mar 7 7:00-7:45PM $71 111252-C Level 4 Wed Jan 17-Mar 7 7:00-7:45PM $71 111252-D Lvl. 5&6* Wed Jan 17-Mar 7 7:00-7:45PM $71 Ages 6-14 (7 lessons, no class 2/21) Penfield High School Pool

SPRING SWIM LESSONS Reg. No. Level Day Date Time Fee 211250-A Level 1 Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 11:30AM-12:05PM $61 211250-B Level 2 Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 12:10-12:45PM $61 211250-C Level 3 Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 12:10-12:55PM $71 211250-D Level 1 Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 1:00-1:35PM $61 211250-E Level 2 Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 1:00-1:35PM $61 211250-F Level 4 Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 1:00-1:45PM $71 211250-G Level 3 Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 1:50-2:35PM $71 211250-H Level 4 Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 1:50-2:35PM $71 211250-I Level 5&6* Sat Apr 14-Jun 2 1:50-2:35PM $71 Ages 6-14 (7 lessons, no class 5/26) Penfield High School Pool 211252-A Level 1 Wed Apr 11-May 23 5:45-6:20PM $61 211252-B Level 2 Wed Apr 11-May 23 5:45-6:20PM $61 211252-C Level 1 Wed Apr 11-May 23 6:25-7:00PM $61 211252-D Level 2 Wed Apr 11-May 23 6:25-7:00PM $61 211252-E Level 3 Wed Apr 11-May 23 7:00-7:45PM $71 211252-F Level 4 Wed Apr 11-May 23 7:00-7:45PM $71 211252-G Level 5&6* Wed Apr 11-May 23 7:00-7:45PM $71 Ages 6-14 (7 lessons) Penfield High School Pool (*Level 6 – Personal Water Safety or Fitness Swimmer – indicate which program on your registration form.)

Classes are for children ages 6-14. Lesson levels range from Red Cross Learn to Swim basics to advanced skills. Limited enrollment. Detailed description of skill taught in each level available at the Recreation Dept. or Each swimmer’s skills are checked on the first day to be sure that they are placed in the proper level. Parent allowed in pool area on observation days: 2/10 & 5/5 for Saturday classes and 2/7 & 5/2 for Wednesday classes. Instructors are lifeguard, first aid, and CPR certified.

Penfield Recreation |

Aquatics Lifeguarding Course with Waterfront Module

Joel Freeman, Certified Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor

CHALLENGE COURSE Reg. No. Day Date 111240-A* Sat Jan 6 Ages 15 & up (1 class)

Time Fee 12:00-5:00PM $75 Penfield High School Pool

This class is for currently certified Lifeguards looking to recertify. Please bring proof of certification to class. *Registration starts 12/4 for residents and non-residents.

FULL COURSE Reg. No. Day Date 111240-B Mon-Fri Feb 19-Feb 23 Ages 15 & up (5 classes)

Time Fee 12:00-5:00PM $200 Penfield High School Pool

Class will meet at the Penfield High School pool. This course certifies a person to serve as a pool and waterfront lifeguard. Instruction also includes training in First Aid, CPR and AED for a total program. (It’s recommended that you have a minimum of Level 5 swimming skills.) Lifeguard books and materials will be available to pick up at Recreation Office when you register. Read lifeguard book prior to first class. Bring suit, goggles, towel, lifeguard book and materials to all class sessions. (Swimming requirements during course include a 2-minute tread water with no hands, a timed surface dive 7-10 feet, retrieving a 10 lb. object, then swimming 20 yards with object held by both hands, pool guard swims 300 yards and waterfront swims 550-yard swim using freestyle and breast strokes.) Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate in lifeguarding, first aid, and CPR/AED for the professional rescuer, valid for two years. Fee includes book and supplies. Bring a snack and water each day. You must attend all sessions and successfully complete all requirements to become a Certified Lifeguard.

Springboard Diving

Joel Freeman, Diving Coach Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 111226-A Tue-Fri Feb 20-Feb 23 11:00AM-12:00PM $54 Ages 8-18 (4 classes) Penfield High School Pool 211226-A Sat Ages 8-18 (4 classes)

Mar 3-Mar 24 11:00AM-12:00PM $54 Penfield High School Pool

211226-B Sat Ages 8-18 (4 classes)

Apr 28-May 19 3:00-4:00PM $54 Penfield High School Pool

This course involves the use of one-meter springboards. Instruction is individualized so that each student may progress at his or her own rate. The diver will be encouraged to go as far as he/she desires at each level. Parent observation is encouraged. Instruction will include: front approaches, back approaches, inward and twisting dives. Beginner and experienced divers welcome.

Adult Swim Lessons

Penfield Recreation Certified Staff Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 231215-A Sat Apr 28-May 19 3:00-3:45PM $52 Ages 18 & up (4 classes) Penfield High School Pool

It’s never too late to learn how to swim. This class is for adults looking to learn how to swim or to improve on their swimming skills. All abilities and ages are welcome. Basic swimming skills will be taught. Participants will be encouraged to go at their own pace. Flotation belts will be available for those needing more support in the water. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Splash into Family OPEN Swim & Lap Swim Come and play, swim, and exercise while enjoying our spacious pool divided to suit your needs; the shallow end with the 4 x 4 tot dock for the little ones, the deep end for water-walking or play, and two lanes for lap swimmers. Swimmers who pass the deep end test can also enjoy the 1-meter boards in the diving well! Pool rules state: • All swimmers must be completely toilet trained. • All hair must be secured back. • A swimming adult must accompany any swimmer in the pool who measures less than 50” from chin to toe, and under the age of 10. • An adult must be on deck if swimmer exceeds the height requirement, but is under the age of 10.

DATES: ________DECEMBER BREAK WEEK________ Wednesday & Thursday • 12/27, 12/28 • 2:00-4:00PM ________FEBRUARY BREAK WEEK________ Tuesday & Thursday • 2/20, 2/22 • 2:00-4:00PM ______________WINTER______________ Fridays • 1/12, 1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 3/2, 3/9 • 7:30-9:00PM ______________SPRING______________ Fridays • 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 6/1, 6/8 • 7:00-8:30PM Penfield High School Pool Fee: $2.00 per person - pay at pool OR PURCHASE A WINTER/SPRING FAMILY FUN PASS FOR $40.00 ALLOWS UP TO 4 SWIMMERS ENTRY TO FAMILY SWIM FOR ENTIRE WINTER/SPRING SEASON. PASSES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT REC. OFFICE OR AT POOL DURING FAMILY SWIM. Winter/Spring 2018


Aquatics Lap Swim/Water Walking Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 131210-A Mon Jan 15-Mar 19 8:00-9:00PM $45 Ages 18 & up (no class 2/19) Penfield High School Pool 231210-A Mon Apr 9-Jun 4 Ages 18 & up (no class 5/28)

8:00-9:00PM $40 Penfield High School Pool

131210-B Wed Jan 10-Mar 14 8:00-9:00PM $45 Ages 18 & up (no class 2/21) Penfield High School Pool 231210-B Wed Ages 18 & up

Apr 11-Jun 6

8:00-9:00PM $45 Penfield High School Pool

131210-C Mon & Wed Jan 10-Mar 19 8:00-9:00PM $72 Ages 18 & up (no class 2/19 & 2/21) Penfield High School Pool 231210-C Mon & Wed Apr 9-Jun 6 Ages 18 & up (no class 5/28)

8:00-9:00PM $68 Penfield High School Pool

Get a terrific total body workout swimming laps in a 25-yard pool in a quiet atmosphere. One lane is available for water walking (please indicate when registering if you intend to water walk). Two extra days have been added into the schedule in case of unforeseen cancellation. (This is not an instructional program.)

Competitive Swimming Intro

Sea Dragons Swim Club Coaches Reg. No. Day Date 211230-A Tue & Thu Apr 10-May 3 Ages 6-18 (8 lessons)

Time Fee 7:00-8:00PM $42 Penfield High School Pool

An opportunity for youth to experience the fun of competitive swimming in a noncompetitive atmosphere. Must be able to swim one lap of the pool on front and back using any stroke. This program is operated in conjunction with Sea Dragons Swim Club. Caps & goggles (for additional fee) available at pool.

Swim Lessons - Parent/Child Ages 6 months - 36 months Reg. No. Day Date 101233-A Sun Jan 14-Mar 4 101233-B Tue Jan 16-Mar 6 201233-A Sun Apr 8-May 27 201233-B Tue Apr 10-May 29 Ages 6-36 mo. (8 lessons) 

Time Fee 12:45-1:15PM $120 6:30-7:00PM $120 12:45-1:15PM $120 6:30-7:00PM $120 Penfield Sport & Fitness 667 Panorama Trail W.

Come and enjoy this time in the water with your little one. Learn how to be safe in and around the water with your child. Classes include supervised water activities such as getting into the pool the safe way, underwater exploration readiness, back floats, arm movements, rolling over and much, much more. Lessons are held in 20-yard pool, kept at 89°F. Locker rooms available next to pool, & free child care provided. Pool staff are CPR, First Aid & Lifeguard certified. Classes require parent participation.

Swim Lessons – Age 3 Reg. No. Day 101234-A Sun 101234-B Sun 201234-A Sun 201234-B Sun Age 3 (8 lessons) 

Date Jan 14-Mar 4 Jan 14-Mar 4 Apr 8-May 27 Apr 8-May 27

Time Fee 10:25-10:55AM $120 12:45-1:15PM $120 10:25-10:55AM $120 12:45-1:15PM $120 Penfield Sport & Fitness 667 Panorama Trail W.

Our pre-beginner program for children age 3 is designed as an introduction to swimming and water enjoyment. The student instructor ratio for this class is 5 to 1, with a lifeguard on deck. Pool is 89° F with a parent viewing area. Instructors are Lifeguard, First Aid, and CPR certified. Locker rooms available next to pool, & free child care provided.

Aqua Pre-Natal Yoga

PSF Instructor Reg. No. Day 131221-A Mon 231221-A Mon 6 classes 

Date Time Fee Jan 15-Feb 19 7:00-8:00PM $69 Mar 5-Apr 9 7:00-8:00PM $69 Penfield Sport & Fitness 667 Panorama Trail W.

231221-B Mon Apr 23-Jun 4 6 classes (no class 5/28) 

7:00-8:00PM $69 Penfield Sport & Fitness 667 Panorama Trail W.

Aqua Pre-Natal Yoga is aimed to help increase your stamina with stretches and breathing techniques. It will include strength and flexibility moves. The 89°F salt pool is the perfect environment to help increase your range of motion. Full club privileges are included for the duration of the class. Participants need their doctor’s written approval prior to starting the class. Please fax it to 585-586-4232 attention Gail Buckner, or bring it to the first class. Call 586-7777 with questions.

Water Yoga

Bonnie Sunderville Reg. No. Day 131222-A Thu 231222-A Thu 8 classes

Date Time Fee Jan 11-Mar 1 8:15-9:00AM $79 Apr 5-May 24 8:15-9:00AM $79 Penfield Sport & Fitness, 667 Panorama Trail W.

A class that presents Yoga poses in our 89°F salt-pure pool that enhances strength, increases range of motion, improves balance, and includes relaxation techniques.


Winter/Spring 2018

Penfield Recreation |

Summer Swim Lessons Summer Swim Lessons Red Cross Levels 1 - 6 (Ages 6-14) Session Day Date Fee Session 1 Mon-Thu June 25-28 and (8 lessons) Mon-Fri July 2-6 (no class 7/4) $55 Session 2 (8 lessons)

Mon-Thu July 9-19

Session 3 Mon-Fri July 23-27 (5 lessons)

$55 Lvl. 1-2 $34 Lvl. 3-6 $44

REGISTRATION: Summer Swim Lessons (Level 1-6 & Tiny Tadpole) resident registration begins on January 2. (Non-resident registration begins January 9.) AGES 4-14 Red Cross Levels 1-6: 8 lessons • Tadpoles: 4 lessons




8:00 - 8:35 AM Level 1...............#311250-A Level 2...............#311250-B Level 3...............#311250-C Level 4.............. #311250-D Level 5 & 6.......#311250-E

8:00 - 8:35 AM Level 1...............#311270-A Level 2...............#311270-B Level 3...............#311270-C Level 4.............. #311270-D Level 5 & 6.......#311270-E

8:00 - 8:35 AM Level 1...............#311290-A Level 2...............#311290-B

Tadpole 1A........#311242-A Tadpole 1B........#311242-B

Tadpole 2A.......#311242-M Tadpole 2B....... #311242-N

8:35 - 9:10 AM Level 1...............#311251-A Level 2...............#311251-B Level 3...............#311251-C Level 4.............. #311251-D Level 5 & 6.......#311251-E

8:35 - 9:10 AM Level 1...............#311271-A Level 2...............#311271-B Level 3...............#311271-C Level 4.............. #311271-D Level 5 & 6.......#311271-E

Tadpole 1A........#311242-C Tadpole 1B....... #311242-D

Tadpole 2A....... #311242-O Tadpole 2B........ #311242-P

9:10 - 9:45 AM Level 1...............#311252-A Level 2...............#311252-B Level 3...............#311252-C Level 4.............. #311252-D Level 5 & 6.......#311252-E

9:10 - 9:45 AM Level 1...............#311272-A Level 2...............#311272-B Level 3...............#311272-C Level 4.............. #311272-D Level 5 & 6.......#311272-E

Tadpole 1A........#311242-E Tadpole 1B........ #311242-F

Tadpole 2A....... #311242-Q Tadpole 2B........#311242-R

9:45 - 10:20 AM Level 1...............#311253-A Level 2...............#311253-B Level 3...............#311253-C Level 4.............. #311253-D Level 5 & 6.......#311253-E

9:45 - 10:20 AM Level 1...............#311273-A Level 2...............#311273-B Level 3...............#311273-C Level 4.............. #311273-D Level 5 & 6.......#311273-E

Tadpole 1A....... #311242-G Tadpole 1B....... #311242-H

Tadpole 2A........ #311242-S Tadpole 2B........ #311242-T

10:20 - 10:55 AM Level 1...............#311254-A Level 2...............#311254-B Level 3...............#311254-C Level 4.............. #311254-D Level 5 & 6.......#311254-E

10:20 - 10:55 AM Level 1...............#311274-A Level 2...............#311274-B Level 3...............#311274-C Level 4.............. #311274-D Level 5 & 6.......#311274-E

SEE GRID FOR COURSE #S Ages 4-5 (4 lessons) Penfield HS Pool

Tadpole 1A......... #311242-I Tadpole 1B......... #311242-J

Tadpole 2A........#311242-U Tadpole 2B........#311242-V

Water safety and basic swimming skills are taught in a playful manner to encourage a love for swimming! Lessons are held Monday through Thursday (except Session 1B) for 35 minutes starting at 8:00AM (see grid for times and course #). Parent observation day is Wednesday for all sessions except Session 1B is Thursday. (Ratio - 1 instructor per 4 children.)

10:55 - 11:30 AM Level 1...............#311255-A Level 2...............#311255-B Level 3...............#311255-C Level 4.............. #311255-D Level 5 & 6.......#311255-E

10:55 - 11:30 AM Level 1...............#311275-A Level 2...............#311275-B Level 3...............#311275-C Level 4.............. #311275-D Level 5 & 6.......#311275-E

Tadpole 1A........#311242-K Tadpole 1B........#311242-L

Tadpole 2A...... #311242-W Tadpole 2B........#311242-X

SEE GRID FOR COURSE #S Ages 6-14 Penfield HS Pool (Must have completed Kindergarten)

Non-swimmer through advanced swimmer levels (see dates above). Lessons are held mornings starting at 8:00 AM (see grid for times and course #’s). Session 1 & 2 are 35-minute lessons each, 8 classes held within a two week period. Session 3 is a more intense week of lessons, with five classes (35-minute lessons for Levels 1 & 2 and 45-minute lessons for Levels 3 - 6). Note: Level 6 is either Personal Water Safety (P) or Fitness Swimmer (F) - Indicate which level on registration form. PARENT OBSERVATION DAYS ARE: Session 1 - 7/3 • Session 2 - 7/18 • Session 3 - 7/25 If you also register for PCC Day Camp, Day Camp Staff will walk your child to swim lessons each day (see page 21).

We will be offering again this summer a 5-day session with extended time to fit swim lessons into your busy summer. Enjoy the benefits in an intense swim week - 7/23-7/27 (see Session 3 above). Summer Swim Lessons Tiny Tadpoles (Ages 4-5) Session Day Date Fee Session 1A Mon-Thu June 25-28 $39 Session 1B Mon-Fri July 2-6 (no class 7/4) $39 Session 2A Session 2B

Mon-Thu July 9-12 Mon-Thu July 16-19

$39 $39

Session 3A

Mon-Thu July 23-26


RESERVE YOUR SPOT! Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Tadpole 3A.........#311242-2 8:00 - 8:45 AM Level 3...............#311290-C Level 4.............. #311290-D Level 5 & 6.......#311290-E 8:45 - 9:20 AM Level 1...............#311291-A Level 2...............#311291-B Tadpole 3A.........#311242-3 8:45 - 9:30 AM Level 3...............#311291-C Level 4.............. #311291-D Level 5 & 6.......#311291-E 9:30 - 10:05 AM Level 1...............#311292-A Level 2...............#311292-B Tadpole 3A.........#311242-4 9:30 - 10:15 AM Level 3...............#311292-C Level 4.............. #311292-D Level 5 & 6.......#311292-E 10:15 - 10:50 AM Level 1...............#311293-A Level 2...............#311293-B Tadpole 3A......... #311242-5 10:15 - 11:00 AM Level 3...............#311293-C Level 4.............. #311293-D Level 5 & 6.......#311293-E 11:00 - 11:35 AM Level 1...............#311294-A Level 2...............#311294-B Tadpole 3A.........#311242-6 11:00 - 11:45 AM Level 3...............#311294-C Level 4.............. #311294-D Level 5 & 6.......#311294-E

Winter/Spring 2018


Youth Programs


Single Servings


Valentine’s Day

Sherry Murray

Reg. No. Day 112412-05 Thu Ages 2-6 with adult

Jewelry Designing

Collavanni McLeod, Coloring on Canvas, LLC Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 112445-A Fri Feb 9 4:30-5:45PM $25 Ages 5 & up (1 class) Penfield Community Center

Join us in making one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces with renowned jewelry designer Collavanni. Each child will come away with a bracelet or necklace. Collavanni will teach the art of jewelry design with a fun upbeat spin for kids. Color, shapes, and the belief that everyone can create something amazing; no matter their age. Supplies will include high quality glass beads, clay beads, resin beads & findings. Children will learn how to properly use professional jewelry making tools. Fee includes all materials.

Enchanted Wonderland Pixie Oasis

Collavanni McLeod, Coloring on Canvas, LLC Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 212490-A Sat Mar 24 1:00-2:30PM $25 Parent/Child 4+ (parent must participate) Penfield Community Center 212490-B Sat Ages 7+ (1 class)

Mar 24

1:00-2:30PM $25 Penfield Community Center

Create your very own miniature oasis to lure in pixie fairies, dragons, and garden gnomes. You will be designing your very own magical Pixie house. The Pixies love color, magic & creativity. We will guide you through the process of creating the most charming little Pixie house that you can hang in your garden or place in your home. Where ever you place the house the Pixies will come to dance & play. Supplies include an array of unfinished wooden houses to choose from, quality acrylic paints with a rainbow of colors, paint pens for detailing the house, gems, moss, twigs, stones in many colors and shapes, and much more. Fee includes all materials.

Kids in the Kitchen

Sherry Murray Reg. No. Day 112412-01 Fri

Fee $50

112412-02 Fri Feb 16-Mar 23 10:00-11:00AM (no class 2/23, 3/9)


Apr 13-May 4 May 11-Jun 1

10:00-11:00AM $50 10:00-11:00AM $50 Penfield Community Center

Does your little one love to help in the kitchen? In this class toddlers and preschoolers will be able to make their own snacks by following simple instructions. They will be encouraged to mix, measure, create, and taste new foods. Adults will learn some creative ways to serve old favorites. Each week will center on an age-appropriate theme. We will also read a story, and rotate through 4-5 stations with crafts and activities to do together. Children will practice following directions, listening to a teacher, taking turns, and using classroom materials appropriately in a relaxed environment with their caregiver present. Colors, numbers, and shapes will be discussed as well. This fun class is led by a preschool teacher with a BS in Early Childhood Education and a Monroe County Food Handling Certificate. 12

Winter/Spring 2018

Time Fee 6:00-7:00PM $15 Penfield Community Center

Let’s celebrate together! We’ll read “Valentine’s Day” and make our own mail in the “post office.” Everyone will mix their own frozen strawberry heart snack, experiment in the fizzy love potion, create their own mailbox and leave happy! Please bring 8 simple Valentines to exchange with friends.

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Reg. No. Day 112412-06 Thu Ages 2-6 with adult

Date Mar 1

Time Fee 6:00-7:00PM $15 Penfield Community Center

Let’s celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by reading “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” and eating our own green eggs and ham and an Oobleck smoothie! We’ll also make a giant hat, and learn how to make green by mixing paint and printing. We’ll explore our own oobleck and play some games together.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Reg. No. Day 112412-07 Thu Ages 2-6 with adult

Date Apr 19

Time Fee 6:00-7:00PM $15 Penfield Community Center

In this fun class we will follow the adventures of the main character in “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” We will bake cookies, paint with tissue paper, and make a mouse puppet and a necklace out of straws.

Spring Reg. No. Day 112412-08 Thu Ages 2-6 with adult

Date May 10

Time Fee 6:00-7:00PM $15 Penfield Community Center

Let’s celebrate the change of seasons by learning about the colors of the rainbow. We’ll make our own sculptures, windsock and butterfly. Then we’ll snack on painted toast and homemade butter.

Doll Fashion Show Time 10:00-11:00AM

112412-03 Fri 112412-04 Fri Ages 2-6 with adult

Date Jan 19-Feb 9

Date Feb 8

Reg. No. Day 112412-09 Tue Ages 6+ with adult

Date Mar 20

Time Fee 6:00-7:00PM $18 Penfield Community Center

Bring your doll for a fun night of dress up. We’ll assemble a pretty no-sew dress from tulle and ribbon, a tiara and beaded jewels for the dolls. We’ll take fun pictures together and walk the runway.

Camping Reg. No. Day 112412-10 Tue Ages 6+ with adult

Date Apr 24

Time Fee 6:00-7:00PM $18 Penfield Community Center

Does your doll love adventure? We’ll set up miniature camp fires and assemble toy sized S’mores, then use some cozy fleece to create a miniature sleeping bag. Note: Each class will include materials to create a project for your child and their doll to enjoy. Bring your favorite doll and a sharp pair of scissors to class. Projects will be sized for 18 inch dolls. Adult participation is required.


Youth Programs Masterpieces - Art for Tiny Artists

Lindsey Hall, Art Education Reg. No. Day Date 112416-01 Wed Jan 17-Feb 7 112416-02 Wed Feb 28-Mar 21 112416-03 Wed Apr 11-May 2 112416-04 Wed May 9-May 30 Ages 2-6 (children ages 2-3 please bring parent)

Tap, Ballet & Tumbling

Time Fee 9:30-10:15AM $44 9:30-10:15AM $44 9:30-10:15AM $44 9:30-10:15AM $44 Penfield Community Center

Does your child like to get messy and creative? This class will introduce young children to the world of art! Your little artist will explore a variety of art styles and materials to create their own masterpieces...or just have fun exploring! We work on developing fine motor skills with projects inspired by the seasons, famous artists, stories, or other fun themes. Each week we will create something different and projects will change each session. This class will be taught by an art teacher with an MS in Art Education. Wear a smock and a smile and get ready for some fun! Children ages 2-3 bring a parent/caregiver. All materials provided.

Masterpieces - Acrylic Painting

Lindsey Hall, Art Education Reg. No. Day Date Time 112416-05 Mon Jan 22-Feb 12 4:30-5:15PM 112416-06 Mon Feb 26-Mar 19 4:30-5:15PM 112416-07 Mon Mar 26-Apr 23 4:30-5:15PM (no class 4/2) 112416-08 Mon Ages 6-10

Mar 9-June 15 4:30-5:15PM $124 (no class 3/30, 4/6, 5/25) Penfield Community Center

Children will develop skills in the area of tap, ballet, and tumbling. Ballet shoes recommended along with a pair of hardsole shoes for tap.

Hip Hop

Jodi Marcello, American Dance Academy Reg. No. Day Date Time 102830-07 Fri Jan 19-Mar 2 5:15-6:00PM (no class 2/23) 102830-08 Fri Ages 8-14

Fee $59

Mar 9-Jun 15 5:15-6:00PM $124 (no class 3/30, 4/6, 5/25) Penfield Community Center

Boys and girls - enjoy learning the latest dance moves while getting a great work out! Dance the afternoon away meeting new friends and having a great time.


Tap, Ballet & Jazz Level II

Do you love to paint? Would you like to improve your painting skills and impress your friends and family with your own acrylic painting? Then this class is for you! We will study master painters and learn basic acrylic painting techniques and skills. We will paint on real canvas and I will take you through a step-by-step process to create a unique painting inspired by various artistic styles. Get ready to create your own masterpieces! All materials provided.


Jodi Marcello, American Dance Academy Reg. No. Day Date Time 102830-09 Fri Jan 19-Mar 2 4:30-5:15PM (no class 2/23) 102830-10 Fri Ages 7-11

Fee $59

Mar 9-Jun 15 4:30-5:15PM $124 (no class 3/30, 4/6, 5/25) Penfield Community Center

Students with previous dance experience or permission from instructor will further develop their techniques in tap and ballet. Jazz dance will begin at this level in lieu of tumbling. Tap and ballet shoes needed. *NOTE: 12 week session includes dance recital Friday, June 15 for all Friday classes. Recital costume fee of $45 will be collected by instructor.

Intro to Movement and Tumbling

Creative Movement

Fee $59

102830-02 Fri

Mar 9-Jun 15 9:30-10:10AM (no class 3/30, 4/6, 5/25)


102830-03 Fri

Jan 19-Mar 2 3:45-4:25PM (no class 2/23)


102830-04 Fri Ages 3-5

Mar 9-Jun 15 3:45-4:25PM $124 (no class 3/30, 4/6, 5/25) Penfield Community Center

Children will be introduced to very basic tap & ballet movement. Participants will focus on group activities to include dance movement, tumbling, and dance exercise. Music for class is geared towards the preschool child. Ballet shoes recommended. Boys welcome! Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

102830-06 Fri Ages 5-9

Fee $59

Fee $44 $44

Apr 30-May 21 4:30-5:15PM $44 Penfield Community Center

Jodi Marcello, American Dance Academy Reg. No. Day Date Time 102830-01 Fri Jan 19-Mar 2 9:30-10:10AM (no class 2/23)

Jodi Marcello, American Dance Academy Reg. No. Day Date Time 102830-05 Fri Jan 19-Mar 2 4:30-5:15PM (no class 2/23)

Jodi Marcello, American Dance Academy Reg. No. Day Date Time 102830-11 Thu Jan 18-Mar 1 6:20-6:55PM (no class 2/22)

Fee $59

102830-12 Thu

Mar 8-Apr 26 6:20-6:55PM (no class 3/29, 4/5)


102830-13 Thu Ages 2-5 with parent

May 3-Jun 14 6:20-6:55PM $59 (no class 5/24) Penfield Community Center

Creative and fun parent-child class! Students will be introduced to beginner dance, movement, and tumbling. Music and movement are geared to the preschool child. Boys and girls are welcome. Ballet slippers or sneakers recommended.

Winter/Spring 2018


Youth Programs Jazzy Dance (December Break)

Katie Keller, Dance Instructor and Choreographer Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 419041-A Wed-Fri Dec 27-29 9:15-11:15AM $28 Grades K-6 (3 classes) Penfield Community Center Gym

Three days of fun. Join us as we “turn up the sound.” Get moving and put together some fun dance routines. Focus will be on fun, learning, and improving fundamental dance skills. Please wear workout clothes. Bring drink and snack. Register immediately for this program.

EDUCATION Safety First for Children

Domenic Danesi, Ready to Respond Training Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 116810-A Fri Feb 23 3:30-5:00PM $40 216810-A Mon Apr 2 3:30-5:00PM $40 Ages 7-13 Penfield Community Center

This course will teach students how to answer the door, make a 911 call, fire safety, house rules, stranger danger, internet safety, and some basic first aid. The program includes take-home reference information for the children. Bring a snack. Questions - please call Domenic at 281-4208.

Red Cross Babysitting

Domenic Danesi, Red Cross instructor Reg. No. Day Date 116610-A Fri Feb 23 216610-A Mon Apr 2 Ages 11-15

Time Fee 9:00am-3:00PM $75 9:00am-3:00PM $75 Penfield Community Center

This course is designed to provide youth (ages 11-15), who are planning to babysit, with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly care for children and infants. This training will help participants to develop leadership skills; learn how to develop a babysitting business; keep themselves and others safe, and help children behave. Through hands-on practice, the successful candidate will receive certification as an American Red Cross babysitter (certificate will be emailed). Brown bag lunches are encouraged. Questions - please call Domenic at 281-4208.

Scrubby Bear – Don’t Get Sick, Wash Up Quick!


Anne Marie Messner, Generation Ready Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 116820-A Mon Feb 19 10:00-10:45AM $10 Ages 2-5 with parent Penfield Community Center 216820-A Sat Ages 4-7 with parent

Mar 10

10:00-10:45AM $10 Penfield Community Center

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most important thing you can do to keep from getting sick is to wash your hands. Now more than ever, even with flu shots available this winter season, it is important that children know the importance of washing their hands, and how to wash their hands properly. This 45-minute presentation teaches children (and Mom or Dad, too!) how germs are spread, how to prevent the spread of disease, and to properly wash their hands.

Jedi Training

Drew Beeman, Progressive Early Learning Reg. No. Day Date Time SESSION 1 113648-A Thu Jan 25-Feb 15 4:30-5:30PM 113648-B Fri Jan 26-Feb 16 4:30-5:30PM

Fee $50 $50

SESSION 2 113648-C Wed 113648-D Thu

Feb 28-Mar 21 4:30-5:30PM Mar 1-Mar 22 4:30-5:30PM

$50 $50

SESSION 3 213648-A Wed

Mar 28-Apr 25 4:30-5:30PM (no class 4/4)


SESSION 4 213648-B Fri

Apr 13-May 4



SATURDAYS 113648-E Sat Feb 3 10:30AM-12:00PM $20 213648-C Sat Mar 10 10:30AM-12:00PM $20 Ages 4-10, adult participation required Penfield Community Center

This Jedi Training class mixes reality and fantasy, mindfulness and meditation, seriousness and fun! Your little padawan will learn the skills necessary for Jedi. They will learn to focus and clear their minds; to concentrate and “feel the Force”. They will practice selfregulation and emotional regulation skills. They will learn how to respond, not to react. They will learn basic lightsaber skills, and gain control and mastery over their bodies. They will also construct their own lightsaber from everyday household objects! This class is taught by “Jedi Master” Drew, with help from “Master Yoda.”

Jedi Training Camp

Drew Beeman, Progressive Early Learning Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 113649-A Mon-Fri Feb 19-Feb 23 4:30-5:30PM $60 Ages 4-10, adult participation required Penfield Community Center

Spend your Winter Break studying to be a Jedi! This Jedi Training class mixes reality and fantasy, mindfulness and meditation, seriousness and fun! Your little padawan will learn the skills necessary for Jedi. They will learn to focus and clear their minds; to concentrate and “feel the Force.” They will practice self-regulation and emotional regulation skills. They will learn how to respond, not to react. They will learn basic lightsaber skills, and gain control and mastery over their bodies. They will also construct their own lightsaber from everyday household objects! This class is taught by “Jedi Master” Drew, with help from “Master Yoda.” 14

Winter/Spring 2018

Penfield Recreation |

Youth Programs STEAM Powered Play

Drew Beeman, Progressive Early Learning Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 113645-A Wed Jan 24-Feb 14 4:30-5:30PM $50 Ages 15 mo.-8 yr. (4 classes) Penfield Community Center Must be accompanied by an adult 113645-B Thu Mar 29-Apr 26 4:30-5:30PM $50 Ages 15 mo.-8 yr. (4 classes, no class 4/5) Penfield Community Center Must be accompanied by an adult 113645-C Fri May 11-May 25 4:30-5:30PM $35 Ages 15 mo.-8 yr. (3 classes) Penfield Community Center Must be accompanied by an adult

This class provides a fun, meaningful, and relevant playful learning experience for young children. We provide materials and activities that lay the foundation for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) learning. Children will learn concepts and practice skills through hands-on exploration and play, such as creative problem solving, critical thinking, self-regulation, premath and science, sensory experience, construction, and more! We provide experiences with blocks and loose parts, process-oriented art, sensory and science, dramatic/pretend play, and language and literacy. Class size is limited!

Sensory Science

Drew Beeman, Progressive Early Learning Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 113646-A Fri Mar 2-23 4:30-5:30PM $50 113646-B Wed May 2-23 4:30-5:30PM $50 113646-C Thu May 3-24 4:30-5:30PM $50 Ages 15 mo.-8 yr. (4 classes) Penfield Community Center Must be accompanied by an adult

This sensory and science class will thrill your young explorer! Children will explore a variety of materials with their senses— slimy things, ooey-gooey things, wet things, and more! They will experience chemistry and physics as they play and explore the natural materials provided. Things will go fizzle and pop, fast and slow, roll and fly! Children will learn concepts such as absorption, displacement, measurement, cause and effect, sensory and tactile awareness, solid, liquid, suspension, drainage, conservation, volume, mass, saturation, estimation‌. and they will think they are just playing!

In order to further promote our programs, participants may be photographed or video taped during a program. If you do NOT want photos or video taken of those listed on registration form please contact the Recreation office.

We meet our students where they are, to get them where they need to go. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Winter/Spring 2018


Youth Programs Nature Explorers

Earthworks Institute instructor Reg. No. Day Date Time 118080-A Mon Feb 12-Mar 26 4:00-6:00PM (no class 2/19) 218080-A Mon Ages 5-7 (6 classes)

Running Wild

Fee $60

Apr 9-May 21 4:00-6:00PM $60 (no class 4/23) Harris Whalen Park, 2126 Penfield Rd.

Designed especially for young learners, this class brings your child into a world where they are free to discover and feel at home in the woods. Learning without knowing they are even in a class, young children will receive a unique education on the concepts of basic wilderness safety, hiking, ecology, navigation, food and hydration, shelters, and leave-no-trace practices to build their connection to the great outdoors. Kids have a natural curiosity that just can’t be contained! On these hikes, your child can expect hands-on activities, songs, games and stories to create a deep connection to the elements of nature as well as to build skills and memorable experiences to last a lifetime. Harris Whalen Park is located off of Route 441, across from Wegmans.


Winter/Spring 2018

Earthworks Institute instructor Reg. No. Day Date Time 118080-B Mon Feb 12-Mar 26 4:00-6:00PM (no class 2/19) 218080-B Mon Ages 8-11 (6 classes)

Fee $60

Apr 9-May 21 4:00-6:00PM $60 (no class 4/23) Harris Whalen Park, 2126 Penfield Rd.

A unique survival skills program, Running Wild is designed to teach ancient knowledge and understanding of the natural world combined with unique instruction on the time-honored techniques of wilderness living. Expect your child to learn about the wonders of their environment and all its natural processes through immersion in a full sensory experience with nature. Earthworks staff encourage kids to explore while working closely with peers to practice wilderness skills such as shelter building, fire making, wild crafting, identification of flora and fauna, use of plants for food and medicine, purification of water, natural navigation, responsible tool use and more. Our curriculum combines unique outdoor games with challenges that give children the confidence to discover the outdoors in a safe and meaningful way. Our goal is to activate each child’s curiosity and love for learning while fostering personal growth, social responsibility and bonds that last a lifetime. Harris Whalen Park is located off of Route 441, across from Wegmans.

Penfield Recreation |

Youth Programs

MUSIC Music to Grow

102830-16 (parent and 1 child) Thu Mar 8-Apr 26 7:00-8:00PM (no class 3/29, 4/5) 102830-17 additional family member 102830-18 (parent and 1 child) Thu May 3- Jun 14 7:00-8:00PM (no class 5/24) 102830-19 additional family member Child and parent

Date Jan 17-Feb 7

Time 6:30-7:05PM

Fee $36

105640-02 Wed

Mar 14-Apr 18 6:30-7:05PM (no class 4/4)


105640-03 Wed May 2-May 30 6:30-7:05PM $45 Ages 22 mo.-3½ years Penfield Community Center (with adult participation)

Family Yoga

Jodi Marcello, American Dance Academy Reg. No. Day Date Time 102830-14 (parent and 1 child) Thu Jan 18-Mar 1 7:00-8:00PM (no class 2/22) 102830-15 additional family member

Barb Bonisteel Reg. No. Day 105640-01 Wed

Fee $120 $36 

Does your child love music? They will love this! Music is motivating and fun, therefore it provides a great opportunity to socialize, build confidence and make choices. There will be a variety of musical experiences including singing, moving and instrument playing. NEW activities and songs are presented each session.

Music, Instruments and Fun!


Barb Bonisteel Reg. No. Day 105640-04 Wed

Date Jan 17-Feb 7

Time 5:45-6:20PM

Fee $36

105640-05 Wed

Mar 14-Apr 18 5:45-6:20PM (no class 4/4)





105640-06 Wed May 2-May 30 5:45-6:20PM $45 Ages 3½-5 (without adult) Penfield Community Center

Penfield Community Center

Music, fun and rhythm instruments! Each week your child will experience a variety of musical activities incorporating movement, instrument play, musical games, musical story time and singing. Parachute, puppets, scarves and more! New activities and songs presented each session!

Come explore the benefits of yoga with your family. From sun salutations and standing poses, to partner exercises, work to strengthen your body and your mind. Build muscle strength and flexibility, and learn mental relaxation techniques. All levels welcome. This is a structured class in a fun and inspiring environment. Each participant will need a yoga mat.

Music to Grow for ALL!

Lisa Magliato Reg. No. Day 105430-01 Mon

Date Time Jan 22-Feb 26 9:30-10:30AM (no class 2/19)

Fee $59

Barb Bonisteel Reg. No. Day Date 105640-07 Wed Feb 14 105640-08 Wed Apr 25 Ages 6 mo.-5 years (with adult)

105430-02 Tue 105430-03 Wed

Jan 16-Feb 13 11:30AM-12:30PM Jan 17-Feb 14 10:15-11:15AM

$59 $59

Can’t join us for class each week? Do you have an infant, toddler or older child that loves music? Then this one-time class is for you and your child! Come out for an evening of singing, instrument play, movement, and musical fun! New songs and activities in each class!

105430-04 Mon

Mar 5-Apr 9 (no class 4/2)


Music Adventures Goes to the Beach!

105430-05 Tue 105430-06 Wed

Feb 27-Mar 27 11:30AM-12:30PM Feb 28-Mar 28 10:15-11:15AM

$59 $59

105430-07 Mon

Apr 16-May 21 9:30-10:30AM (no class 4/23)


Wiggles, Giggles and Jiggles with Miss Lisa


105430-08 Tue Apr 10-May 15 11:30AM-12:30PM $69 105430-09 Wed Apr 11-May 16 10:15-11:15AM $69 Ages 2-4 (with caregiver) Penfield Community Center

Fun movement activities, music, games, stories and rhymes that promote gross motor skills, following directions, decision making, self-confidence and social interaction for both child and caregiver. A peanut-free snack is provided. Bring sneakers and water. Come join the fun! As always new activities mixed in with the old favorites!! Babies in front packs are welcome. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Time Fee 6:00-6:35PM $9 6:00-6:35PM $9 Penfield Community Center

Barb Bonisteel Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 105640-09 Wed Jun 6-June 20 6:00-7:00PM $38 Ages 3½-5 (without adult) Penfield Community Center

It’s never too early to visit the beach! Each class will take your child on a musical adventure through instrument play, movement, storytime, puppets, AND a weekly craft while we sing and celebrate summertime fun at the beach! Craft materials included.


Wellness Partner Winter/Spring 2018


Youth Programs Music Picnic with Miss Mandy!

Mandy Elliot, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist & Certified Music Therapist Reg. No. Day Date Time 112417-01 Thu Jan 18-Feb 8 10:00-10:45AM 112417-02 Thu Jan 18-Feb 8 10:00-10:45AM

Gymnastics Camp at GTC

Fee $46 first child $23 sibling

112417-03 Thu 112417-04 Thu

Mar 1-Mar 22 Mar 1-Mar 22

10:00-10:45AM $46 first child 10:00-10:45AM $23 sibling

112417-05 Thu 112417-06 Thu

Apr 12-May 3 Apr 12-May 3

10:00-10:45AM $46 first child 10:00-10:45AM $23 sibling

112417-07 Thu May 10- May 31 10:00-10:45AM $46 first child 112417-08 Thu May 10- May 31 10:00-10:45AM $23 sibling Ages 6 mo.-5 years with adult Penfield Community Center

Miss Mandy’s Music Picnic has something for everyone and is family friendly! Grab your basket of instruments/surprises (provided), roll out your favorite blanket (bring one along!), and get ready to sing, dance, play, and learn. Songs, musical games, puppets, sign language, and more! Experiences are adapted for all levels. Each session enjoy a totally new experience!

SPORTS & RECREATION ACTIVITIES Fish Outta Water – Pool Noodle Games

Dorothy Brenneis Reg. No. Day 119040-A Mon 119040-B Mon 119040-C Mon Ages 6-8

Date Jan 15 Feb 5 Mar 12

NEW Time Fee 6:00-7:00PM $10 6:00-7:00PM $10 6:00-7:00PM $10 Penfield Community Center

Pool Noodles are not only fun in the summer, but also to play these action-packed games! Join us to meet new friends and play some fun games such as Centipede, Straw Grab, Team Tag, and Solo Tag. It’s all just for fun! For this program children do not need to bring Noodles—just sneakers and water bottle.

Beginner Gymnastics

Gymnastics Training Center staff Reg. No. Day Date Time 114610-A Mon Feb 5-Mar 19 4:00-4:45PM (no class 2/19)

Fee $68

Beginner is the Level 1 USA tumbling program. Skills stressed in tumbling: forward roll through cartwheels, as well as floor exercise combinations. No equipment will be utilized. Uniform requirements: girls – leotard, boys – gym shorts & t-shirt. Children are barefooted. Parent observation day – final class for each level. Children must be of age BEFORE the first class.


Winter/Spring 2018

Time Fee 9:00AM-12:00PM $150 1:00-4:00PM $150 9:00AM-5:00PM $250 Gymnastics Training Center 2051 Fairport Nine Mile Point Rd.

The Gymnastics Training Center (GTC) Camp is a fun-filled & active day that includes instruction on all gymnastics events (except the trampoline). Other games and physical challenges will be included to keep you moving, learning & engaged. Bring a lunch & two healthy snacks for full day, and a healthy snack for half day. Girls please wear a leotard and tights, boys t-shirt and gym shorts. Questions, call GTC at 388-8686.

Horseback Riding Intro

Amy McWherter Reg. No. Day 215810-A Mon 215810-B Wed Ages 7+ (5 classes)

Date Time Fee Apr 16-May 14 6:30-8:00PM $200 Apr 18-May 16 4:00-5:30PM $200 TrueNorth Equestrian Center, 3476 Atlantic Ave.

This is a comprehensive five-week program giving the student an overview of the basic principles and techniques of the Equestrian sport. The riding lasts an hour and the additional half hour is spent learning the care of horses (grooming, tacking up, blanketing) and equipment. Questions, call True North Equestrian Center at 203-0330 or go to

Intro to Ice Skating and Hockey

Perinton Youth Hockey staff Reg. No. Day Date 117820-A Sun Jan 7-Feb 11 Ages 4-8 (boys & girls, 6 classes) 

Time Fee 8:00-9:00AM $80 Rochester Ice Center 80 Lyndon Rd, Fairport

*Registration starts 12/4/17 A fun, safe, basic introduction to the sport of ice skating and hockey for new and/or inexperienced skaters. Emphasis will be on balance, forward skating, having fun, and becoming comfortable on the ice. Helmet, hockey pants, and protective pads are provided for use through Perinton Youth Hockey (participants need to provide their own skates). A hockey jersey and stick are provided for the participant to keep at the end of the session. Questions call George at 729-6404. Rochester Ice Center is formerly Thomas Creek Ice Arena.

Junior Golf

214610-A Mon Apr 9-May 14 4:00-4:45PM $68 Ages 5-12 (boys & girls, 6 classes) Gymnastics Training Center  2051 Fairport Nine Mile Point Rd.


Gymnastics Training Center staff Reg. No. Day Date 214620-A Mon-Fri Apr 2-6 214620-B Mon-Fri Apr 2-6 214620-C Mon-Fri Apr 2-6 Ages 5-12 (boys & girls, 5 classes) 

Eagle Vale PGA Professional Instructor Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 214410-A Sat Apr 21-May 12 9:30-10:30AM $89 214410-B Sat Apr 21-May 12 10:30-11:30AM $89 Ages 5-10 (4 classes) Eagle Vale Golf Club, 4344 Nine Mile Point Rd. 214410-C Sat Apr 21-May 12 11:30AM-12:30PM $89 Ages 11-16 (4 classes) Eagle Vale Golf Club, 4344 Nine Mile Point Rd.

Our expansive Teaching Center allows us to utilize multiple stations of activity where we integrate agility, balance, throwing and catching, alongside standard golf fundamentals to keep kids enthused, interested, and focused. The goal is to have kids fall in love with the game of golf, but also be able to excel in other sports and activities in which they want to explore. Please call (585) 377-5200 or visit for more information. (Fee includes balls & golf clubs, if needed.) Penfield Recreation |

Youth Programs Judo for Youth

Heiko Rommelman Jr., 2008 PAN-AM - Gold Medalist Reg. No. Day Date Time 115010-A Sat Jan 13-Mar 17 2:00-3:00PM 115010-C each additional family member 215010-A Sat Apr 7-Jun 16 2:00-3:00PM (no class 4/21) 215010-C each additional family member Ages 5-10 (10 classes)

Fee $60 $40 $60 $40

Penfield Community Center

Providing participants with the fundamentals of Judo with emphasis on fun! Participation at the beginner level is a prerequisite for the intermediate level. Uniforms required and can be rented for $10.00 and a deposit check (see instructor at 1st class). Classes are taught by members of the Bushido Kai Judo Club. For more information visit

Indoor Lacrosse Boys Instructional Beginner/Intermed.

Penfield Scholastic Varsity and JV Coaches and Players Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 115220-A* Sat Jan 6-Feb 3 12:15-1:30 PM $50 Grades K-6 (5 classes) Bay Trail Gymnasium

Must bring own stick, if equipment is needed please note on registration form. Designed for newer lacrosse players or those who may have developed stick skills on their own but not yet played organized lacrosse. Instruction in all the basics: throwing, catching, ground balls, positions etc., as well as instructions on game flow, transition play and what to expect when entering your first game. Participants must supply their own stick. *Registration begins 12/4/17.

Youth Volleyball

Mike Fusare, PHS Varsity Boys Coach Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 119640-A Sat Jan 27-Feb 17 9:00-10:00AM $22 Grades 4-5 (4 classes) Scribner Road Elementary Gym 119640-B Sat Jan 27-Feb 17 10:15-11:30AM $25 Grades 6-8 (4 classes) Scribner Road Elementary Gym 219640-A Sat Mar 3-24 Grades 4-5 (4 classes)

8:30-9:30AM $22 Scribner Road Elementary Gym

219640-B Sat Mar 3-24 Grades 6-8 (4 classes)

9:45-11:00AM $25 Scribner Road Elementary Gym

Have fun learning how to play volleyball. A combination of skill learning and team play will be emphasized.

Youth Fencing

Rochester Fencing Club staff Reg. No. Day Date 219015-A Sat May 5-26 Ages 8-12 (4 classes)

Time Fee 4:00-5:00PM $67 Penfield Community Center

Does your child pretend they are a Jedi knight or swashbuckling pirate? Let them experience the thrill and discipline of sword play. They will build self-confidence with targeted exercises and fun games to master footwork, and suit up in regulation fencing gear for drills and bouting—all in the spirit of respect and good sportsmanship. This class is suitable for beginners and those with previous instruction. All safety equipment provided. Sneakers and athletic clothes required. Please bring a water bottle. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots Rochester coaches Reg. No. Day Date



MINI (AGE 2, 1 parent required to participate) 208560-A Mon Apr 9-Jun 4 4:40-5:10PM


CLASSIC (AGES 3-4) 208560-B Mon Apr 9-Jun 4 208560-D Mon Apr 9-Jun 4

$96 $96

PREMIER (AGES 5-7) 208560-C Mon Apr 9-Jun 4 208560-E Mon Apr 9-Jun 4 8 classes (no class 5/28)

5:15-6:00PM 6:05-6:50PM 5:15-6:00PM 6:05-6:50PM

$96 $96 Rothfuss Park

Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Our caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through bestin-class coaching, communication, and curriculum. Our coaches are the best-trained in the business. Our expert approved curriculum is age-appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition, we provide an exceptional customer experience and ongoing communication with parents. Soccer Shots Mini is a high-energy program introducing children to fundamental soccer principles, such as using your feet, dribbling and the basic rules of the game. Through fun games, songs and positive reinforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active. *This program requires one parent to participate with each child. Soccer Shots Classic utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, teamwork and appreciation. Soccer Shots Premier focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Rainbow Ribbons Aesthetic Gymnastics

Miroslava Dimitrova, WNY Aesthetic Group Gymnastics Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 218065-A Sat Mar 24-Apr 28 9:00-10:00AM $65 Ages 4-6 (6 classes) Penfield Community Center 218065-B Sat Ages 7-10 (6 classes)

Mar 24-Apr 28 10:15-11:15AM $65 Penfield Community Center

Explore the graceful art of music, dance, and gymnastics in a fun setting! Children will learn how to trust each other and work as a team while learning artistic routines. The Rainbow Ribbons program will teach children body waves, swings, ballet, gymnastic jumps and leaps, as well as dance steps and lifts. Benefits also include learning the basics of core strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and rhythm. Winter/Spring 2018


Youth Programs Pee Wee Tennis

Mark Banford Reg. No. Day 219291-01 Sat Ages 4-6 (6 classes)

Date May 5-Jun 9

Time Fee 9:00-10:00AM $70 Veterans Memorial Park

This class is designed for children ages 4-6. Fun drills are used to help develop hand-eye coordination, and to become familiar on the tennis court. Participants will also be taught how to hold and swing the racquet. We will also be using the “Quick Start” programs designed by the USTA to help give children of this age more success at this age.

Future Stars Tennis

Mark Banford Reg. No. Day 219291-02 Sat Ages 7-12 (6 classes)

Date May 5-Jun 9

Time Fee 10:00-11:00AM $70 Veterans Memorial Park

This class is designed to cover the technical aspects of tennis that will help develop good tennis habits. We cover proper grips, swing motion and tennis shots. Competitive drilling, and match play are used to reinforce good habits. (Beginner & Adv. Beg.)

Tennis - Intermediate to Advanced

Mark Banford Reg. No. Day Date 219291-03 Sat May 5-Jun 9 Ages 10-18 (6 classes)

Time Fee 11:00AM-12:30PM $110 Veterans Memorial Park

These players have taken tennis lessons and are used to proper tennis skills. Players are thinking about playing high school tennis, and tournaments & want to make tennis one of their primary sports. Technical as well as competitive drilling is covered. (Intermediate & Advanced)

Super Tot Sports with Coach Lisa Date Time Jan 27-Mar 17 10:30-11:15AM (no class 2/17 & 2/24)

218050-A Sat Ages 3-5 (6 classes)

Apr 14-May 19 10:30-11:15AM $66 Penfield Community Center

Fee $66

Super Tot Sports is a fun and positive introduction to sports of all sorts (tennis, soccer, basketball, and more!) All games and activities promote the development of gross motor skills and encourage peer interaction in safe and non-competitive environment. This is not a parent participation class, but parents are welcome to watch. Please bring water and wear sneakers. Come join the team!!

Winter/Spring 2018

Rochester Parkour Instructors Reg. No. Day Date Time 118010-A Mon Jan 8-Mar 12 4:30-5:25PM (no class 1/15 & 2/19)

Fee $160

218010-A Mon Mar 19-May 21 4:30-5:25PM $160 (no class 4/2 & 4/23) Ages 6-9 (8 classes) Rochester Parkour  1344 University Ave, Ste. 6000, Rochester

*Registration begins Dec. 4 for winter session! Perfect for any kid who likes superheroes, Ninja Warrior, or video games! Get ready for fun and fitness in a super 8-week session. We take your children and show them how they can start their own path to becoming their own unique super hero! With a time tested curriculum and our amazing purpose-built facility, your kids will learn how to safely navigate any environment and get excited about becoming stronger and healthier people. Primary focuses will be on developing balance and full body coordination to swing on bars, vault over boxes, and run up walls! Our sessions are completely unique from season to season, so your child can enjoy training to become a Superhero again and again!

Ninja Training at Rochester Parkour

Lisa Magliato Reg. No. Day 118050-A Sat


Superhero Training at Rochester Parkour

Rochester Parkour Instructors Reg. No. Day Date Time 118010-B Fri Jan 12-Mar 23 4:30-5:25PM (no class 1/26, 2/23 & 3/9)

Fee $160

218010-B Fri Apr 13-Jun 1 4:30-5:25PM $160 Ages 10-14 (8 classes) Rochester Parkour  1344 University Ave, Ste. 6000, Rochester

*Registration begins Dec. 4 for winter session! In this 8-week series, your pre-teens and teenagers will learn beneficial physical and mental skills that develop them into better functioning and positive contributors to society. We don’t “just jump off things.” Your kids will develop into stronger, faster, safer, balanced, and highly coordinated humans. This class is perfect for any teenager who likes Obstacle Courses or wants to be America’s next Ninja Warrior! Our sessions are unique from season to season so repeat students are welcome!

Penfield Recreation |

Youth Programs

day camps

Day Camp SESSION I Day Date Mon-Fri Jun 25-Jul 6 (no camp 7/4) 313010-01 313011-01 313012-01

Fee $187

Days 9 days

Harris Whalen Park Scribner Road School *Community Center (PCC)

*Extended Hours - Session I For children enrolled in Community Center location only 313012-05 313012-06

8:00 AM Option - $31 5:00 PM Option - $31

SESSION II Day Date Fee Mon-Fri Jul 9-Jul 20 $208 313010-02 Harris Whalen Park 313011-02 Scribner Road School 313012-02 *Community Center (PCC)

PENFIELD RECREATION’S SUMMER DAY CAMP PROGRAM offers a wide range of activities and experiences. Day Camp will provide each child an opportunity to explore new activities along with the fun and enjoyment of all the past favorites. During the course of the summer, offerings may include: active games, quiet games, arts/crafts, sports activities, field days, specials and an event or two with other day camp sites. Each day camp will also offer unique activities planned by individual site staff. • Each camp session will include a bowling field trip. • Extended Hours Option: available only for children enrolled at the Penfield Community Center camp location. “Extended hours” involves an 8:00 AM drop off option and a 5:00 PM pick up option. Children at the Community Center camp may be registered for one or both extended hour options. • Registration: Register for any or all of the sessions offered. Please note session dates, day camp sites and registration fee (per child) for each session. Please indicate second/third choices on the registration form should you be closed out of your first choice. The Community Center option does fill quickly.

CAMP INFORMATION: • Ages: Completion of Kindergarten-14 years M - F 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM • Lunch hour: 12:00 - 1:00 PM (supervised) Campers must provide their own lunch. • Save 10% on day camps by registering on-line! • Swim Lessons: If registered at PCC, camp staff will walk your child to swim lessons - see page 11 for lesson info. • Refund policy for Day Camp and K-One: A $25.00 non-refundable handling charge will be assessed to all cancellations (each course number). No refund one week prior to program start date. • Note: No camp July 4th.


Harris Whalen Park, Scribner Road School and Penfield Community Center (PCC) Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Days 10 days

*Extended Hours - Session II For children enrolled in Community Center location only 313012-07 313012-08

8:00 AM Option - $31 5:00 PM Option - $31

SESSION III Day Date Fee Mon-Fri Jul 23-Aug 3 $208 313010-03 Harris Whalen Park 313011-03 Scribner Road School 313012-03 Community Center (PCC)

Days 10 days

*Extended Hours - Session III For children enrolled in Community Center location only 313012-09 313012-10

8:00 AM Option - $31 5:00 PM Option - $31

SESSION IV Day Date Fee Mon-Fri Aug 6-Aug 10 $104 313012-04 Community Center (PCC) 313012-11 8:00 AM Option - $16 313012-12 5:00 PM Option - $16

Days 5 days

K-One Day Camp Reg. No.





SESSION I 313013-01 Mon-Fri Jun 25-Jul 6 Grades K-1 (9 days, no camp 7/4)

9:00AM-4:00PM $187 Bay Trail Middle School

SESSION II 313013-02 Mon-Fri Grades K-1 (10 days)

Jul 9-Jul 20

9:00AM-4:00PM $208 Bay Trail Middle School

SESSION III 313013-03 Mon-Fri Grades K-1 (10 days)

Jul 23-Aug 3

9:00AM-4:00PM $208 Bay Trail Middle School

K-One camp is designed for younger first-time campers. Setting offers smaller groups and age range. This camp setting includes many of the activities that are programmed for the K-14 group. Lunch hour: 12:00 - 1:00 PM (supervised); Campers must provide their own lunch.

Winter/Spring 2018


Youth Programs Preschool Day Camp Reg. No.





SESSION I 313014-01 M, W, F Jun 25-Jul 6 Ages 3-5 (5 days, no camp 7/4)

9:00AM-12:00PM $100 Bay Trail Middle School

313014-04 Tue & Thu Jun 26-Jul 5 Ages 3-5 (4 days)

9:00AM-12:00PM $80 Bay Trail Middle School

SESSION II 313014-02 M, W, F Ages 3-5 (6 days)

9:00AM-12:00PM $120 Bay Trail Middle School

Jul 9-Jul 20

313014-05 Tue & Thu Jul 10-Jul 19 Ages 3-5 (4 days)

9:00AM-12:00PM $80 Bay Trail Middle School

SESSION III 313014-03 M, W, F Ages 3-5 (6 days)

Jul 23-Aug 3

9:00AM-12:00PM $120 Bay Trail Middle School

313014-06 Tue & Thu Jul 24-Aug 2 Ages 3-5 (4 days)

9:00AM-12:00PM $80 Bay Trail Middle School

Preschool Day Camp is designed to create an atmosphere where preschoolers are encouraged to participate in games and activities that promote positive interaction and cooperation. Activities are conducted within a playful learning environment. Program offers arts/crafts, games, sports, story time, theme days, and special events. A snack is provided. Preschool camp size is limited; staff to child ratio of 1 to 5.

• Child must be of age by start date of the session. • Children must be toilet trained.


LITTLE BOLTS SOCCER Designed for our youngest soccer players, our Little Bolts  Academy is for girls ranging in age from 4-7 Little Bolts Soccer offers:

• Small player to coach ratio • Games used to learn more about soccer and gain comfort with the ball • Includes 10 class days starting Saturday, February 3, 2018 at Brighton Sports Zone • Program is run by members of the Penfield Strikers Organization along with some of the Penfield Varsity Girls Soccer players

Visit our website for more info: 22

Winter/Spring 2018

Penfield Recreation |

Youth Programs

youth soccer league Ages 6 - 10 June 5 - August 2, 2018 OBJECTIVE: The league is designed to provide youth with a positive opportunity to learn, enjoy, and participate in the sport of soccer. REGISTRATION: Please use 2018 Soccer Registration form to register for this program. Mail-in or drop-off (to Penfield Recreation, 1985 Baird Road) starting January 2, 2018. We will continue to accept registration, as space allows. Additional forms may be obtained at the Recreation office and at FEE: $55.00 per participant (includes uniform of shirt and socks); MUST provide own shin guards. NOTE: Additional fee of $5.00 per registration form for registration forms received AFTER 4/13/18.

***Photo Day - Saturday, June 9***

Course Age Program/ No. Group* Game Night 218510-A 6 Coed Tuesday 218510-B 6 Coed Thursday 218520-A 7 Coed Wednesday 218530-A 8/9/10 Girls Wednesday 218530-B 8/9/10 Boys Tuesday

ALL AGE DIVISIONS: Children will be assigned to a designated team. Teams will have a consistent person(s) who will coach/ facilitate that “team” for the duration of the season. All league/ program activities take place on Penfield town parkland and/or school district properties. Practices are scheduled on a day, time, and location of the individual coach’s discretion. No recreation soccer is played the week of July 2 - July 6. *To qualify for an age group the child must be that age by the end of the program (i.e. - a 6 year-old who will turn 7 before Aug. 2 is eligible for the 7 age group.)

REGISTRATION: Please register one child per form. Additional youth soccer registration forms may be obtained at the Recreation department and on our website at - click Forms. PLEASE REGISTER BY APRIL 13. REFUNDS: All refunds are based upon date of notification to the Penfield Recreation Office. Prior to April 13: subject to a $10.00 processing fee; April 13 - May 1: refund amount $20.00; May 2 - May 21: medical refunds only, (or when wait list exists to fill vacancy); Post May 21: no refund. NOTE: We reserve the right to cancel or limit programs. Refunds for department cancellation are for full amount. The Town of Penfield does not carry medical insurance for program participants. Player headgear remains optional for participation in our soccer league.

PROGRAM OPERATION: 6 Division: Children meet one night per week (choose Tuesday or Thursday) from 6:30 - 7:30 PM. Parents will receive a letter in late May with specific details of when and where the program will operate. Children will take home a program soccer ball at the conclusion of the program. 7 Division: Children meet two times per week. Coaches will hold one practice per week - location, time, and day scheduled at their discretion. Meeting time on Wednesdays is either 6:15 or 7:15 pm, times alternate weekly. Schedule for the entire program will be available on the first meeting night. Halfway into the season, teams will begin play against one another in fun, micro format “games.” 8-10 Divisions: Children will be contacted by their coach in late May; practices will begin at that time. Teams usually play one game per week between the hours of 6:00 and 8:30 pm. Games are generally played on the designated night although some alternate play days may be necessary. Practice locations, days, and times, may vary from week to week and are held at the discretion of the coach.

GENERAL LEAGUE FORMAT: The learning environment of the age divisions of the Penfield Recreation soccer program is structured to progress children through game/activity experiences appropriate to their developing physical and mental abilities. In the 6 & 7 divisions the children play the micro format. 8 and above divisions play regular formatted soccer. REQUESTS: Although we attempt to meet requests for team placement (i.e. play with friend, neighbor, particular coach), THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES! No requests accepted after teams are formed in late April. COACHES: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! Teams are coached by enthusiastic persons who volunteer their time so that children may enjoy the sport. We need your support! If you would like to volunteer your time, please indicate on the registration form. These youth need your support and interest! Before the start of the program all coaches are invited to a coaches meeting on May 15 to discuss their league format. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Winter/Spring 2018


Youth Programs


PARTICIPANT NAME________________________________________________________________________________________________ AGE ____________ DATE OF BIRTH __________ /__________ / __________ GRADE (present) _________




ADDRESS_______________________________________________________ CITY/TOWN___________________________ ZIP _________ HOME PHONE_____________________________________ RESIDENT OF PENFIElD/PENFIElD SCHOOl DIST? YES_____ NO_____ CEll PHONE______________________________________ CARRIER (for texting purposes)_______________________________________ SCHOOl ATTENDING_______________________________________ SCHOOl ClOSEST TO HOME_______________________________ If school names differ, team placement preference would be:

____ with schoolmates

____ with children who live in closer proximity to home

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REQUESTS (May only be made at time of registration; CANNOT be guaranteed) 1. __________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________ WAIVER FOR PARTICIPATION

In consideration of your accepting my entry, and understanding that a certain amount of risk is inherent to some recreational programs, I hereby, for my child, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waiver and release any and all rights and claims for damages I or my child may have against the Town of Penfield and its representatives, successors, and assigns for any and all injuries suffered by myself or my child at any activity sponsored by these groups. Furthermore, in the event a refund is granted for myself or my child for whatever reason with the above stated activity, I do hereby authorize the Town of Penfield to execute a refund voucher on my behalf and submit for payment under the terms and conditions set forth in the Town of Penfield Refund and Registration Policy. Refunds are subject to a processing fee.

SIGNATURE_______________________________________________________ (PARENT/GUARDIAN) DATE ___________ PlEASE NOTE ADDITIONAl INFORMATION HERE (e.g. Special Needs, Physical/Medical Notes, Other):

Check payable to: 3-digit sec. code “Penfield Recreation” VISA / MC / DISC Exp. Date ___/___ Account # __________________________________________ | ___ ___ ___ Cardholder’s Name:______________________________ Authorized Signature _______________________________

Mail or drop off form with payment to: Penfield Recreation, 1985 Baird Road, Penfield NY 14526 (or if paying with credit card you can fax the form to 585-340-8617 or email to


Winter/Spring 2018

Penfield Recreation |

Adult Programs


ARTS & CRAFTS Great Handmade Cards

Maureen Ward, Stampin’ Up! Reg. No. Day Date Thank You Cards 232410-A Tue Mar 20





Birthday Cards 232410-B Tue

Apr 17



All Occasion Cards 232410-C Tue

May 22



The series (all classes above) 232410-D $60  Penfield Community Center

In a world of texts and emails, there is nothing that shows someone you really care like a hand-written card. And if the card is handmade, then it becomes a real treasure! Each month we will make ten cards (five each of two designs). These cards will be made using high quality card stock, stamped images, and embellishments. Please bring a pair of scissors and your favorite paper-craft adhesive (double-sided tape or a tape runner suggested). Envelopes provided and the class is open to all levels. Samples will be on display a month before each class.

Painting and Drawing

Martha Sweeney Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 132460-A Mon Jan 22-Mar 19 9:30AM-12:00PM $64 8 classes (no class 2/19) Penfield Community Center 232460-A Mon 7 classes

Apr 9-May 21 9:30AM-12:00PM $56 Penfield Community Center

Art starts with desire! Come find the artist in you - learn to paint. Choose your own medium (oil, ink, watercolor, pastel, pencil, or acrylic). Plan for a fun-filled adventure. Watercolor supplies provided for the first class. Beginners always welcome.

Let’s Make Miniatures


Collavanni McLeod, Coloring on Canvas, LLC Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 132446-A Sun Jan 28 2:30-4:00PM $25 Ages 18-99 (1 class) Penfield Community Center

Why waste money buying the same old already-made miniature garden accessories! You can learn to make your very own customized pieces for your outdoor & indoor Artistic or Fairy Gardens; and the best part of this class is from now on you can create everything for almost nothing. This class is fun, whimsical & full of creative inspiration. Each class features 2 different creation options. Beginners to Intermediate skill level. Fee includes all tools and polymer clay.

In order to further promote our programs, participants may be photographed or video taped during a program. If you do NOT want photos or video taken of those listed on registration form please contact the Recreation office. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Splash MOB Painting Class

Gloria Kreitzberg Reg. No. Day 132470-01 Mon 132470-02 Mon 132470-03 Mon 132470-04 Mon 132470-05 Mon 132470-06 Mon 

Date Jan 22 Feb 12 Mar 5 Mar 19 Apr 9 Apr 16

Time Fee 6:00-9:00PM $40 6:00-9:00PM $40 6:00-9:00PM $40 6:00-9:00PM $40 6:00-9:00PM $40 6:00-9:00PM $40 Penfield Community Center

Even if you feel you “can’t draw a stick figure,” with the right instruction, you will be AMAZED at the paintings you’ll create. This is a lively group painting class that combines quality painting instruction from a professional artist and illustrator, Gloria Kreitzberg. Splash MOB was featured in The Rochester Business Journal and the Democrat & Chronicle as being a “high energy paint class that elicits enthusiasm”. Our paintings are known for their vibrant ‘splashes’ of color and expressive nature. Students should come 15 minutes early to set up and socialize. (Feel free to bring along a snack) All art materials supplied. Please dress in paint-friendly clothes. To learn more about Splash MOB painting classes, visit Questions contact Gloria at (585) 310-2584.

DANCE Ballroom Party Dancing


Steve Link, former President of USA Dance Chapter #3005 Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 132860-B Thu Jan 18-Feb 15 7:15-8:15PM $45 132860-A Couples $90 5 classes  Penfield Community Center

Many people don’t realize that ballroom dances also include swing and hustle. So if you want to dance to some of that rock and roll and disco music with a partner, come to this class and learn how. Students will learn basic swing and hustle steps, enough to let you get up on the floor at your next party and dance to the music with a partner. Get your dancing shoes on (leather soles preferred) and register today. Couples suggested but not required. Questions, call Steve at 967-6501.

Smooth Ballroom Dance II


Steve Link, former President of USA Dance Chapter #3005 Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 232870-B Thu Mar 1-Mar 29 7:15-8:15PM $45 232870-A Couples $90 5 classes Penfield Community Center

If you have done a little dancing and would like to improve your posture, grace, and style, then this class will surely help. The class will focus on fox trot and waltz while emphasizing proper frame and posture, lead, and follow. The dance steps taught will let you move around the floor while looking good. Get your dancing shoes on (leather soles preferred) and register today. Couples suggested but not required. Questions, call Steve at 967-6501. Winter/Spring 2018


Adult Programs Wedding Dancing

Steve Link, former President of USA Dance Chapter #3005 Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 232850-B Thu Apr 12-May 17 7:15-8:15PM $54 232850-A Couples $108 6 classes Penfield Community Center

The songs most commonly chosen by brides and grooms from today’s popular music lend themselves to specific dances like rumba, fox trot, and nightclub two-step. This class will teach basic steps in those common dances to get you started if you have a wedding or other special event coming up and you want to be on the dance floor. Get your dancing shoes on (leather soles preferred) and register today. Couples suggested but not required. Questions, call Steve at 967-6501.

Learn to Ballroom Dance Flower City Chapter of USA Dance Day Date Sun Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13, Jun 10 6 classes

Time 5:15-6:00PM

Fee Free

Penfield Community Center

Come and learn the fundamentals of ballroom dance at these free classes. Both teens and adults are welcome. Co-sponsored by the Flower City Chapter of USA Dance & Penfield Recreation.

Ballroom Dance Club

Flower City Chapter of USA Dance Day Date Time Fee Sun Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 11, 6:00-9:00PM See Below Apr 8, May 13, Jun 10 6 classes Penfield Community Center Fee: $7-USA Dance Members; $12-Guests; Free-Students with ID

Enjoy dancing to DJ’d ballroom and Latin music. Have fun, get some exercise and meet new friends. Singles and couples of all skill levels are welcome. For more information please contact Suzanne Sabol of the Flower City Chapter of USA Dance by email at or visit Dress code is dressy casual or evening wear (no jeans or sneakers). Please bring dry shoes to change into if the weather is wet.

ADULT EDUCATION Citizen Preparedness Corps – Learn to Prepare Yourself

Dani Beideck, American Red Cross Reg. No. Day Date 136810-A Tue Mar 20 1 class


Time Fee 7:00-8:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

It only takes 90 minutes to learn how to prepare, respond and recover from natural and man-made disasters. In partnership with New York State, the Red Cross will bring Governor Cuomo’s Citizen Preparedness Corps to you. The training will provide the knowledge for you to feel confident in how to prepare, respond to, and recover from natural, man-made, and technological disasters that may occur. For more information, contact Dani Beideck at 241-4477.



Winter/Spring 2018

Wellness Partner

DOG OBEDIENCE Puppy Kindergarten

Kathy Boone Reg. No. Day 155850-A Sat

Date Time Fee Jan 13-Feb 17 11:30AM-12:30PM $90

255850-A Sat 6 classes

Apr 7-May 19 11:30AM-12:30PM $90 (no class 4/21) Penfield Community Center Gym

Start your puppy’s training off right! This six-week class is the start to your puppy’s socialization, focus, and basic training. Your instruction includes housebreaking, problem solving, body language, and the start to your beginning obedience commands. This class is open to dogs eight weeks to six months old. The first class is a discussion on class orientation, diet, exercise, behavior problems, crate training, and socializing…PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG TO THE 1st CLASS.

Introduction to Scent Work

Kathy Boone Reg. No. Day 155850-B Sat 6 classes


Date Time Fee Jan 13-Feb 17 12:30-1:30PM $90 Penfield Community Center Gym

This six-week scent work class is for all breeds (large and small) and ages 6 months and older. Scent work is becoming very popular. Whether you want to compete or do it with your dog just for fun. It is a great way to bond with your dog and get their brain working. This sport is similar to what working detection dogs do to locate a specific scent. All you need is a leash and treats to start. Proof of vaccinations needed.

Beginner Dog Obedience

Kathy Boone Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 255850-B Sat Apr 7-May 19 12:30-1:30PM $90 6 classes (no class 4/21) Penfield Community Center Gym

This six-week class gets down to business with the basics. Teach your canine friend how to take you for a walk without dragging you around. Together you will learn how to focus your dog and all the basic commands: “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “come.” This class is for dogs six months and older. The first class is a discussion on class orientation, diet, exercise, behavior problems, and socializing, etc… PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG TO THE 1st CLASS. Proof of vaccinations needed. Instruction by KB Dog Training. Questions, contact Kathy Boone at 880-5746. Penfield Recreation |

Adult Programs Investing for a Successful Retirement

Brendan O’Kelly, CFP® and Jason Grover, AIF® Financial Advisor & Retirement Planning Specialist Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 134853-01 Wed Jan 24-Feb 14 7:00-9:00PM Single $20 134853-02 Couple $25 4 classes Penfield Community Center

Red Cross Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

Joel Freeman, Red Cross Instructor Reg. No. Day Date 231250-A Mon Mar 12 1 class

Time Fee 6:00-8:00PM $80 Penfield Community Center

This course will prepare you to recognize and care for a variety of first aid, breathing, and cardiac emergencies involving adults, children, and infants and meets OSHA/workplace requirements. Through a combination of self-paced online learning and instructor-led classroom skill sessions you will have the opportunity to practice and demonstrate skill competency required for certification. The online portion features simulation learning, an interactive experience where participants respond to real-world emergencies in a virtual setting. The online portion must be completed prior to attending the classroom skill session and must be taken on a Flash-enabled computer with a high speed Internet connection. Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate valid for two years. Questions - call Joel Freeman at 752-1831. Note: When you register, a link to the on-line portion will be emailed to you. This must be completed before you attend the in-person class.

Remodeling Your Kitchen: Getting Started

Peter Rees, Rees & Company, Inc. Reg. No. Day Date 132450-A Thu Jan 18 132450-B Thu Jan 18

Time 6:30-9:00PM 6:30-9:00PM

232450-A 232450-B 1 class

6:30-9:00PM Singles $16 6:30-9:00PM Couples $27 Penfield Community Center

Thu Thu

Apr 19 Apr 19

Fee Singles $16 Couples $27

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Learn how to plan an efficient kitchen, what to look for in kitchen cabinets, the pros and cons of refacing versus new cabinets, the advantages of different types of countertops, flooring, sinks, and lighting. Learn the elements of basic kitchen design and the best order of having your remodeling work done. Bring all your questions to be answered by a Certified Kitchen Designer. Instructor has 40 years of remodeling experience and is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Support Group for Family Caregivers

Mary Berk, LCSW Reg. No. Day 132488-A Wed 6 classes

Date Feb 28-Apr 4


A workshop offered to help reduce the financial uncertainty and anxiety often connected with retirement. This four-part workshop will guide participants in preparing a household retirement budget and developing a sound financial plan. Explore strategies to maximize social security benefits and learn how to structure your retirement portfolio to provide the income you need in retirement. Acquire key financial knowledge and skills to help build and monitor an individual investment portfolio. Participants will also learn the issues involved with 401(k) rollovers, IRAs, annuities, and other retirement accounts. Finally, the workshop will help you answer many of the tough questions concerning health care costs, long term care, and estate planning. Each participant will receive a course workbook and a CD containing the templates for a personal retirement income plan.

Women, Wealth, and Empowerment

Erica Cummings, CFP® Investment Management Consultant, Family Wealth Advisor Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 134853-03 Thu Mar 8 6:00-8:00PM $8 134853-04 Thu May 3 6:00-8:00PM $8 1 class Penfield Community Center

You have spent a lifetime using your strengths as a woman to make smart decisions about life. It’s time to apply those same strengths to making smart financial decisions for your future. Women will learn: 1: How to apply their unique strengths to make smart decisions in life; 2: How to define their purpose and use it to guide for all financial decisions; 3: What to do now in order to become more engaged in their financial lives.

AARP Smart Driver Course

AARP Instructor Reg. No. Day 143455-01 Tue & Thu 143455-02 Tue & Thu 143455-03 Tue & Thu 143455-04 Tue & Thu 143455-05 Tue & Thu 2 classes per session

Date Jan 16 & 18 Feb 13 & 15 Mar 13 & 15 Apr 17 & 19 May 15 & 17

Time Fee 9:00AM-12:00PM $20/25 9:00AM-12:00PM $20/25 9:00AM-12:00PM $20/25 9:00AM-12:00PM $20/25 9:00AM-12:00PM $20/25 Penfield Community Center

Designed for the mature licensed driver to tune up driving skills, update knowledge of age-related physical changes & adjust driving for these changes. Upon completion, participants may receive up to a 10% multi-year discount on auto insurance & DMV may allow up to a 4-point reduction. You will develop a greater appreciation of driving challenges! $20.00 AARP member / $25.00 non-member. Checks only, payable to AARP.

Time Fee 6:30-8:00PM $50 Penfield Community Center

This six-week support group for family caregivers provides mutual support, resource information, and strategies to empower anyone caring for an ill or frail loved one. The group is informal and members will be encouraged to share concerns, challenges, and successes as they feel comfortable. We ask that participants do their best to attend all six sessions in order to gain maximum benefit from the group experience. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Winter/Spring 2018


Adult Programs


AARP Tax-Aide Income Tax Preparation (Free) The AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program will be offering free income tax return preparation on Wednesdays at Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Road, by appointment only, beginning January 31, 2018. The AARP Tax-Aide Program focus is to provide free income tax preparation services for low to moderate income (<60K) households with a focus on seniors 60 and older. Our volunteer time and resources are limited and our aim is to help as many of those in true need as possible. Those with higher income or complex returns should seek the services of a professional tax preparer. We cannot prepare returns that have schedule C, E, or F, which include inventory or depreciation. Nor can we prepare returns involving K-1s with depreciation, deductible business expenses, rental income, or tax credits. Please understand we are not equipped to handle the more complicated schedule Cs or Ds. It is important that you bring last year’s tax return and all current year supporting documentation with you to your appointment, even if the return was previously prepared through the Tax-Aide program. Items that you must always bring to your tax appointment: 1. Photo ID for you and your spouse, if married filing jointly 2. Social Security cards for yourself, your spouse and any claimed dependents 3. Checkbook or voided check if you want to direct deposit any refund. We CANNOT take routing numbers or account numbers verbally or from any other documents. 4. Proof of health care coverage. If on Medicare, your Social Security statement will normally provide this. Below is a list of tax form mailing deadlines keep in mind that it will take several days before you actually receive them. Use this as a guideline as to when to book your appointment. Tax form mailing deadlines: • W-2, 1099INT, 1099DIV, 1099R - mailing deadline February 1. • 1099B and Consolidate brokerage investment account - mailing deadline February 15 – Some companies may be given an extension to March 15. • K-1s – can be as late as April To make an appointment please contact the Recreation Department early January at 340-8655 x0. Appointments available Wednesdays, January 31 through April 11, 2018.


Therese Bason, Certified Barre Instructor Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 133870-A Sat Jan 13-Mar 24 9:00-10:00AM $88 11 classes Penfield Community Center 233870-A Sat Apr 7-Jun 9 9 classes (no class 5/26)

9:00-10:00AM $72 Penfield Community Center

Barre is a fun, energetic, dance-inspired class that incorporates the fluidity of ballet, the flexibility of Yoga, and the core strengthening of Pilates. It is an easy-to-follow total body workout. This lowimpact program includes cardio, toning, lower-body sculpting and strengthening, and stretching. Light hand weights are used. NO DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! All fitness levels welcome. Please bring a Yoga mat, light hand weights, and a bottle of water. Questions, call Therese at 200-4085.

Pilates Mat with Therese

Therese Bason, Certified IM=X Pilates Instructor Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 133865-A Tue Jan 16-Mar 20 6:00-6:50PM $80 10 classes Penfield Community Center 233865-A Tue Apr 3-Jun 5 6:00-6:50PM $72 9 classes (no class 4/24)  Penfield Community Center

The Pilates Method was designed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. This unique system of body conditioning strengthens and stretches the core muscles (abs, back, hips, and rear). The focus of this mat class is developing core strength, flexibility and balance, and relieving stress. Students learn to be aware of breathing patterns and spinal alignment while working the deep muscles of the core. The benefits include improved posture and range of motion in the joints, injury prevention, increased flexibility, and building a balanced body. No previous Pilates experience is required. Please bring a mat and light hand weights. Questions, call Therese at 200-4085.

Forever Fit

Rosalind Walker, AFAA Certified Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 133840-A* Tue & Thu Jan 2-Mar 29 10:00-11:00AM $49 7 classes  Penfield Community Center 133840-B* Tue & Thu Jan 2-Mar 29 13 classes 

10:00-11:00AM $85 Penfield Community Center

133840-C* Tue & Thu Jan 2-Mar 29 26 classes 

10:00-11:00AM $149 Penfield Community Center

233840-A Tue & Thu Apr 10-Jun 21 10:00-11:00AM $49 7 classes (no class 6/5)  Penfield Community Center 233840-B Tue & Thu Apr 10-Jun 21 10:00-11:00AM $72 11 classes (no class 6/5) Penfield Community Center 233840-C Tue & Thu Apr 10-Jun 21 10:00-11:00AM $121 21 classes (no class 6/5) Penfield Community Center

The time is now to start or continue toward your goal. Join a coed, mixed level, low-impact aerobics class emphasizing stamina, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination. This class is so much fun, you will forget you are working out. Questions – call Rosalind at 370-2480. *Registration starts 12/4 for residents and non-residents. 28

Winter/Spring 2018

Penfield Recreation |

Adult Programs Line Dancing Workout


Boot Camp

Rosalind Walker, AFAA Certified Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 133852-A* Thu Jan 4-Mar 29 6:30-7:25PM $97 13 classes  Penfield Community Center

PS&F Staff Reg. No. Day Date Time 133805-A Tue & Thu Jan 16-Feb 24 5:30-6:15PM and Sat Jan 16-Feb 24 7:15-8:00AM

233852-A Thu Apr 12-Jun 21 6:30-7:25PM $75 10 classes (no class 4/26) Penfield Community Center

233805-A Tue & Thu Apr 3-May 12 5:30-6:15PM and Sat Apr 3-May 12 7:15-8:00AM $99 6 weeks Penfield Sport & Fitness, 667 Panorama Trail W.

Enjoy this fun mind-body workout while dancing your way to better health! This beginner-intermediate class covers many genres of group social line dances from around the world: country western, circle dances, social/party dances, soul line dances, and more. You will learn at least one new dance every week to add to our repertoire for a fun, cardio workout. Not to mention, you’ll boost your brain power by improving your memory skills, strengthen your bones without hurting your joints, and release stress so you feel great. Wear soft-soled shoes, bring a bottle of water, and let’s dance! Questions - call Rosalind at 370-2480. *Registration starts 12/4 for residents and non-residents.


Rosalind Walker, AFAA Certified Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 133867-A* Thu Jan 4-Mar 29 5:30-6:20PM $97 13 classes  Penfield Community Center 233867-A Thu Apr 12-Jun 21 5:30-6:20PM $75 10 classes (no class 4/26)  Penfield Community Center

Looking for a different mind-body class? Look no further! Get a great full-body workout with this unique Pilates-Yoga-Cardio fusion class. Geared towards all fitness levels, improve your flexibility, build strength, and develop control and endurance in the entire body! Please wear sneakers and bring a yoga/exercise mat and a bottle of water. Questions - call Rosalind at 370-2480. *Registration starts 12/4 for residents and non-residents.

Zumba Gold

Rosalind Walker, Certified Zumba Instructor Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 133890-A* Wed Jan 3-Mar 28 9:15-10:00AM $85 13 classes  Penfield Community Center 233890-A Wed 11 classes

Apr 11-Jun 20 9:15-10:00AM $72 Penfield Community Center

Zumba is the fastest growing dance/aerobic craze around! And Zumba Gold is specifically designed to take the exciting Latin and International dance rhythms created in the original Zumba and bring them to the active older adult, the beginner participant, and other special populations who may need modifications for success. This explosive program is low impact, easy to follow, and guaranteed to provide the participant with a safe and effective total body workout! Women and men of all ages enjoy Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, rock & roll, and more and burn calories at the same time. “Ditch the workout and join the party!” Questions call Rosalind at 370-2480. *Registration starts 12/4 for residents and non-residents.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT REGISTRATION STARTS SOON! Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Fee $99

This program is a total body workout! Classes will include running drills, steps, weights and bands. Let the instructor boot you into shape with different and fun challenging exercises. You do have the option to just use your own body weight! You will meet three times a week for six weeks. Questions - call 586-7777.

Personal Training Package

PS&F Certified Personal Trainers Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 133826-A Indicate date/time preference $99  Penfield Sport & Fitness, 667 Panorama Trail W.

Get started on your fitness goals the right way! Our professional staff will evaluate your fitness level. This three-visit package includes: One 90-minute fitness consultation and two 60-minute personal training sessions. Appointments available mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends. When you register, please indicate your time preference and we will contact you by phone to schedule your first visit. Questions - call 586-7777. Offer good for non-members only, once per year, 23 years and older.

Indoor Cycling with Paceline Cycling

Erik and Kathryn Baker Reg. No. Day Date 133875-A Thu Jan 25-Mar 8 Ages 18+ (6 classes, no class 2/22)


Time Fee 6:00-6:45PM $70 Harris Whalen Lodge

133875-B Thu Mar 22-May 3 6:00-6:45PM $70 Ages 18+ (6 classes, no class 4/5) Harris Whalen Lodge

Looking to stay motivated with your New Year’s resolution? Come join Paceline Cycling and their Spinning certified instructors for an indoor cycling class. This is a bike workout to challenge your mind and body. The instructor will guide you through drills that simulate outdoor riding. These drills are meant to build strength, burn fat and make your cardio respiratory systems stronger. Accompanied by energetic music and a motivating atmosphere this class will help you stay fit through the cold months. All abilities are welcome, whether you’re a new or experienced cyclist, we will coach you along the way!


Shelly (Contento) Ball Reg. No. Day 133860-01 Mon 133860-02 Mon 133860-03 Mon 

Date Jan 8-Feb 19 Feb 26-Apr 9 Apr 16-May 21

Time Fee 6:00-7:00PM $42 6:00-7:00PM $42 6:00-7:00PM $36 Penfield Community Center

Come enjoy the workout that feels like a party and is adaptable for everyone! Zumba is a fusion of dance music/moves from around the world, combined with fitness movements. There are no right or wrong steps and no experience or dance ability is needed! Just do what feels comfortable for you and enjoy! Burn up to 900 calories in one hour with instructor, Shelley (Contento) Ball. Shelley has been teaching Zumba, dance, and fitness classes for all levels and populations, both locally and internationally for over 16 years. She is extremely passionate about her classes, her students, and her routines. Come feel the music and get hooked on the energy! Winter/Spring 2018


Adult Programs Arthritis Exercise Program

Maria Herrera Reg. No. Day 163810-A Tue 163810-B Tue 163810-C Tue 8 classes

Date Jan 9-Feb 27 Mar 13-May 1 May 15-Jul 3

Time Fee 10:30-11:30AM $30 10:30-11:30AM $30 10:30-11:30AM $30 Penfield Community Center

A low-impact exercise program designed especially for seniors. Exercises are done at a relaxed pace, with many done from a seated position. Instructors have been trained by the Arthritis Foundation specifically for this program. There is no age requirement. Everyone is welcome.

Healing and Transformative Power of Meditation

Usha Shah Reg. No. Day 163825-A Mon

Date Time Feb 5-Mar 12 6:30-7:45PM (no class 2/19)

Beginner Golf – Intro to Golf

Fee $55

163825-B Mon Mar 26-Apr 23 6:30-7:45PM $55 Ages Teen-Adult (5 classes) Penfield Community Center

Meditation is not just about being quiet, nor is it about the absence of challenges. It is about being the witness or observer of one’s life experiences. Through increasing awareness, we learn to transcend the ego that thrives on drama, pain, and suffering. Meditation develops concentration and promotes deep relaxation, with the brain emitting alpha and theta waves. These waves have the power to calm the mind, relax the body, and balance and harmonize the discordant energies within us. When we allow meditation to become a part of our lives, we are, in reality, reconnecting to the sacred silence that resides in us and allows the inner peace to permeate in our outer life. The sessions will include the use of the crystal singing bowls and how these sounds can expedite one’s healing and transformation.

SPORT & RECREATION On-Course Golf Lessons

Eagle Vale PGA Professional Instructor Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 234455-A Wed Apr 25-May 16 5:00-6:00PM $99 4 classes Eagle Vale Golf Club, 4344 Nine Mile Point Rd

This course is designed for the true beginner golfer. Our PGA professional instructors will gently guide you through the fundamentals of golf. Posture, grip, and alignment will be the starting point of the session working into different swing shapes and styles at the proper time. All aspects of the golf game will be covered from putting, chipping, full swing, to rules and etiquette rounding out the curriculum. Questions - call 377-5200. (Fee includes balls, equipment if needed, and instructional materials.)

Golf for 50+ Reg. No. Day 244450-01 Tue 244450-02 Tue 244450-03 Tue 244450-04 Tue 244450-05 Tue Ages 50 and over

Date May 8 May 15 May 22 May 29 June 5

Time Fee 7:30AM/8:15AM $7 7:30AM/8:15AM $7 7:30AM/8:15AM $7 7:30AM/8:15AM $7 7:30AM/8:15AM $7 Shadow Lake Golf Course

Executive course at Shadow Lake. Foursomes will accommodate both men and women. Foursomes arranged by starter prior to teeoff. Please remember to indicate a separate course # for EACH golf date you wish to participate in on your registration form. You will receive a confirmation letter. TIME: First tee time out 7:30 AM; Last tee time out 8:15 AM

Volleyball Intermediate Co-Ed Play

Marcia Orlandini Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 139610-A Thu Jan 11-Mar 15 7:45-9:45PM $40 9 classes (no class 3/8) Penfield Community Center Gym 239610-A Thu Mar 29-Jun 7 7:45-9:45PM $45 10 classes (no class 4/26) Penfield Community Center Gym

Eagle Vale PGA Professional Instructor Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 234450-A Wed Apr 25-May 16 7:00-8:30PM $129 4 classes Eagle Vale Golf Club, 4344 Nine Mile Point Rd

Competitive play for experienced players - focusing on defensive skills and advanced plays. Limited enrollment.

Lessons are mainly on the golf course, with emphasis placed on getting the golfer around the course in the least amount of time and with the lowest score possible. Golfers will learn how to manage their game, keep up with pace of play and have the most amount of fun possible. Lessons will be done in small groups of 2-6 golfers on the course. Questions - call 377-5200. (Fee includes instructional materials.)

Steve Geier Reg. No. Day 141470-01 Thu 


Winter/Spring 2018

Basketball for 35+ Date Time Fee Jan 18-May 3 7:00-9:00PM $44 Bay Trail School Gym

This is your chance to stay fit and in shape at the age of 35+ while playing pick-up basketball. Supervised play. Please bring both a light and dark colored t-shirt. Penfield Recreation |

Adult Programs Basketball for 50+

Dick Geier Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 141470-02 Sun Jan 14-Apr 29 3:30-5:00PM $38 14 sessions (no play 4/1, 4/22) Penfield Community Center

Come out and enjoy a friendly game of pick-up basketball with emphasis on fun and exercise.

“Billy Ball”

RocSports Day Date Time Fee Mon Mar 5-Apr 23 7:00-9:00PM $600/team Free agent – fee payable to team captain Bay Trail Middle School

Adult Basketball is BACK, but with a twist as RocSports will take over as the official League Coordinator. Now offering league play, “Billy Ball” is looking for teams and players of all skill levels. Games will run on Mondays from 7pm-9pm in the Bay Trail Middle School Gym starting March 5. The league will run for 8 weeks and all teams make the playoffs. Divisions and playoffs will be broken up based on skill level of the team. Each registered team will receive game shirts for their players! Playoff champions will be awarded prizes! Register as a team—minimum 8 players, maximum 10 players. Recreation department will place free agents on teams. Registration forms available on-line at,, or at Penfield Recreation 1985 Baird Road. Questions contact Jim at 278-0654 or Pat at 455-7827 or

Monday Bocce League

Interested in a great leisure time activity? The Monday morning Bocce League plays at Harris Whalen Park June-September. For information on joining, please contact Millie Cama at 727-3410.

Adult Tennis Doubles Leagues

Look for information in the Summer Brochure.

Judo Bushido Kai

Instructor Heiko Rommelman Jr., 2008 PAN-AM - Gold Medalist Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 135020-A Mon & Wed Jan 8-Mar 12 7:15-9:15PM $70 135020-B additional family members $60 19 classes Penfield Community Center 235020-A Mon & Wed Apr 2-Jun 13 7:15-9:15PM $70 235020-B additional family members $60 19 classes (no class 4/23, 4/25, 5/28) Penfield Community Center

Bushido Kai ( is organized for males and females age 10 through adults. Classes are taught by certified instructors, black belts and others. This martial art is taught as a sport, yet is also good self-defense. Uniforms are required and can be rented for $10.00 and a deposit check (see instructor at 1st class).

In order to further promote our programs, participants may be photographed or video taped during a program. If you do NOT want photos or video taken of those listed on registration form please contact the Recreation office.

Hire the team that makes sure you're always the winner; whether you're buying or selling! #3 in the company | #1 in the Penfield Office* LICENSED ASSOCIATE R.E. BROKER TEAM LEADER

C: 585.943.4663 O: 585.248.1064

G lennA dvantage




*Based on statistics from the NYS Alliance of MLS’s for 2016 and data from Nothnagle internal Accounting records. #3 at Nothnagle Realtors.

Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Winter/Spring 2018


Adult Programs Beginning Pickleball

Dick Seils Reg. No. 163820-A 163820-B 163820-C 163820-D 163820-E 163820-F 4 classes

Day Mon Mon Mon Mon Mon Mon

Date Jan 22-Feb 12 Jan 22-Feb 12 Feb 26-Mar 19 Feb 26-Mar 19 Apr 2-23 Apr 2-23

Steel Magnolias

Time Fee 11:30AM-12:30PM $49 3:30-4:30PM $49 11:30AM-12:30PM $49 3:30-4:30PM $49 11:30AM-12:30PM $49 3:30-4:30PM $49 Penfield Community Center

The hottest new sport in the country for all ages including adults 60+. A cross between tennis and ping-pong, Pickleball is a great way for mature athletes to stay fit (full mobility required). This class will introduce the basic rules of play for the game and allow the novice player to get familiar with serving, scoring, rules, and equipment for both singles and doubles play. Students will also be encouraged to attend and play at the open Pickleball program at the PCC gym.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Fee $35

One House Over

Fee $35

When Rafael and Camila Hernandez move in downstairs to help Joanne with her elderly and cantankerous curmudgeon of a father, Joanne breathes a little easier. She needs their help, and they need jobs. But she can’t anticipate the complications that arise when “the help” starts to feel like family…and act like it. A brilliant new comedy by one of today’s hottest playwrights about boundaries, power, privilege, and anxiety in a single backyard. Depart Community Center 12:45PM; return approximately 5:00PM.

Winter/Spring 2018


Fee $46

Spider’s Web

The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the most important literary works of the 20th century. In this powerful new adaptation, Anne Frank emerges from history a bright and talented young girl with the aspirations of any teenager. This impassioned drama about the lives of eight people in hiding from the Nazis in a concealed Amsterdam attic captures the claustrophobic reality of their daily existence. Anne’s story of love, hope, courage and triumph of the human spirit has captivated audiences with its profound message for over 70 years. Depart Community Center 12:45PM; return approximately 5:00PM.


Fee $35

A cult classic gets the BVT touch! Everyone’s favorite musical version of the sci-fi flick, complete with a man-eating plant, a sadistic dentist, and a hilarious doo-wop score. (Lunch on your own) Depart Community Center 10:30AM; return approximately 6:00PM.


Time 12:45PM

Time 12:45PM

Truvy’s motto at her Louisiana beauty shop is: “There is no such thing as natural beauty.” Through clouds of hairspray and over the buzz of blow dryers, six sassy southern spitfires gather every week to gossip, swap recipes and support each other through thick and thin. But those sisterly bonds are about to be tested when M’Lynn and her daughter Shelby face a life-changing event. Heartwarming and humorous, Steel Magnolias is a story of love, loss, and enduring friendship. Depart Community Center 12:45PM; return approximately 5:00PM.

Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman Reg. No. Day Date 249310-01 Wed Jun 20

Ticket Policy: Once tickets are purchased, no refunds. Minimum number required for program.

By Catherine Trieschmann Reg. No. Day Date 149310-02 Wed Apr 25

Date May 30

Little Shop of Horrors


By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, newly adapted by Wendy Kesselman Reg. No. Day Date Time 149310-01 Wed Mar 7 12:45PM

By Robert Harling Reg. No. Day 149310-03 Wed

By Agatha Christie Reg. No. Day 249310-02 Wed

Date Jul 18

Time 10:30AM

Fee $46

Poor Clarissa Halisham-Brown! Her diplomat husband has invited an important guest to their summer home. Too bad the dead body of a shady relation turns up in the drawing room. An evening of near misses, disappearing corpses, and a slew of peculiar suspects makes this whodunit the most comic in Agatha Christie’s canon. (Lunch on your own) Depart Community Center 10:30AM; return approximately 6:00PM.

The Drowsy Chaperone

Music and Lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison Reg. No. Day Date Time 249310-03 Wed Aug 1 10:30AM

Fee $46

Winner of five Tony Awards! Let the world’s biggest musical theater fan introduce you to his favorite long-lost musical, The Drowsy Chaperone. This hilarious romp of a showgirl bride, gangsters dressed as pastry chefs, a misguided Don Juan, and (of course) an intoxicated chaperone, adds up to an evening of madcap delight. (Lunch on your own) Depart Community Center 10:30AM; return approximately 6:00PM.

Penfield Recreation |

Adult Programs Montgomery

World Premiere by Stephen Brown Reg. No. Day Date 249310-04 Wed Aug 15

Time 10:30AM

Fee $46

Two 14-year-old girls hatch an ill-conceived plot to kidnap country music star, Rick Montgomery. Two bumbling desk cops land the case and see it as an opportunity to alter their careers. In this laughout-loud, offbeat comedy, songs will be sung, people will be shot, and the girls will discover the actual difficulty in exacting revenge. (Contains adult language) (Lunch on your own) Depart Community Center 10:30AM; return approximately 6:00PM.

Classical Mystery Tour: 50th Anniversary of the White Album

Jeff Tyzik, conductor; Classical Mystery Tour Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 149330-04 Sat Jun 2 1:00PM $39  Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of two albums that redefined the rock genre — Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The White Album — with the RPO and four musicians in character as The Fab Four! Classical Mystery Tour returns to the RPO performing hits like “Revolution,” “A Day in the Life,” “Penny Lane,” and more, exactly as they were recorded. A must-see for any Beatles fan!

Fully Committed

By Becky Mode Reg. No. Day 249310-05 Wed

Date Aug 29

Time 10:30AM


Fee $46

Starring Tommy Labanaris! A devastatingly funny one-man tour de force that follows a day in the life of an out-of-work actor who mans the red-hot reservation line at Manhattan’s number one restaurant. Coercion, threats, bribes - desperate callers will stop at nothing to land the right table, and Tommy plays all 40 characters! (Some adult language) (Lunch on your own) Depart Community Center 10:30AM; return approximately 6:00PM.

RPO POPS SERIES Broadway’s Ashley Brown

Jeff Tyzik, conductor; Ashley Brown, vocals Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 149330-01 Sat Feb 3 1:00PM $39  Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre

It’s supercalifragilistic! Ashley Brown originated the role of Mary Poppins on Broadway and starred as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Now the “golden-throated” (Time Out Chicago) singer makes her RPO debut with an evening of show tunes, Disney melodies, and other favorites.

Latin Heat with The Mambo Kings

OUT TO LUNCH Tillman’s Historic Village Inn Traveling to Albion – Lunch on your own Reg. No. Day 149450-01 Fri

Date Jan 19

Fee $10

Depart Community Center 11:00AM; return approx. 2:30PM

The Apple Tree Inn Traveling to Brockport – Lunch on your own Reg. No. Day 149450-02 Fri

Date Feb 16

Time 11:00AM

Fee $10

Depart Community Center 11:00AM; return approx. 2:30PM

Rush Creekside Inn Traveling to Rush – Lunch on your own Reg. No. Day 149450-03 Fri

Date Mar 16

Time 11:30AM

Fee $10

Depart Community Center 11:00AM; return approx. 2:30PM

Bistro 11 Traveling to Victor – Lunch on your own

Jeff Tyzik, conductor; The Mambo Kings Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 149330-02 Sat Feb 24 1:00PM $39  Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre

Reg. No. Day 149450-04 Fri

Since their orchestral debut with Jeff Tyzik and the Rochester Philharmonic more than 20 years ago, The Mambo Kings have earned a national reputation for their unique blend of Cuban and jazz rhythms. The perennial favorite returns to the RPO for a night guaranteed to be muy caliente, also featuring Latina vocalist Camille Zamora.

D&R Depot

Date Apr 20

Time 11:30AM

Fee $10

Depart Community Center 11:00AM; return approx. 2:30PM Traveling to Leroy – Lunch on your own Reg. No. Day 149450-05 Fri

Date May 18

Time 11:30 am

Fee $10

Depart Community Center 11:00AM; return approx. 2:30PM

Celtic Celebration with Cathie Ryan


Ward Stare, conductor; Cathie Ryan, vocals Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 149330-03 Sat Mar 17 1:00PM $39  Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre

Maple Tree Inn

You’ll find the luck of the Irish at Kodak Hall on St. Patrick’s Day weekend with Cathie Ryan, “one of the leading voices in Celtic music.” (L.A. Times). The original lead singer with Irish music sensation Cherish the Ladies, Cathie Ryan brings her endearing charm and wit to the RPO for this special engagement.

Reg. No. Day 149450-06 Wed

Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Time 10:30AM

Traveling to Angelica – 55th season of pancakes at their best! Enjoy Cartwright’s Buckwheat Pancakes topped with fresh maple syrup along with maple sundaes. (Fee includes pancakes) Date Mar 7

Time 9:30AM

Fee $26

Depart Community Center 9:30AM; return approx. 2:30PM Winter/Spring 2018


DEAR Programs Stories of Indian Cinema Exhibition in Focus

Pam O’Brien Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 166410-B Fri Feb 16, 23, 1:00-2:30PM Free Mar 2  Penfield Community Center & GEM

DAYTIME EDUCATION AT RECREATION All programs at the Penfield Community Center unless otherwise stated in description. We are excited to offer classes and lectures to our consortium of lifetime learners. Engaging in intellectual, socially viable cognitive activities to help keep our minds sharp and alert while reducing the risk or delaying the onset of age-related concerns. Daytime Education at Recreation at Penfield Community Center has become an important staple to adults who understand the significance of this idea and would like to reshape the way they spend leisure time, meeting new and interesting people along the way. Join the national movement to learn and share life experience with others, exploring the multitude of free programs available in the following pages.


MONDAYS AT DEAR History of Photography – Photographs of Photography and the First Selfie

Pam O’Brien, Docent for the GEM Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 166410-A Mon & Fri Jan 19, 22, 1:00-2:30PM Free at PCC 26, 29 GEM Museum visit Tue, Jan 30 Admission fee for non-members  Penfield Community Center & GEM

The George Eastman Museum is known as “the home of the history of photography” because the museum’s foundation collections are unparalleled in the ability to illustrate the medium’s historical trajectory. GEMs History of Photography Gallery dedicates each new installation into a different facet of photographic history. Join Gallery docent Pam O’Brien as she explores the newest HOP rotation which explores the forerunner of the “selfie”, famous photographers’ self-portraits, and photographs that are about photography itself. We will be looking at the work of several photographers including Gertrude Kasebier, Anne Brigman, Margaret Bouke-White, Lee Friedlander and Gary Winogrand. 34

Winter/Spring 2018

GEM Docent Pam O’Brien will talk about the intriguing story behind the Eastman Museum’s acquisition of the world’s largest collection of contemporary Indian cinema held by any museum or film archive. The Stories of Indian Cinema exhibit features film clips, movie posters, and movie memorabilia from the acquisition as well as photographs by Nandita Raman. Raman’s work entitled Cinema Play House, is a series of photographs depicting India’s slowly disappearing single screen theaters, focusing on the architectural anomalies that set these spaces apart from the larger multiplex theaters that threaten their existence. Once again our local museum has surpassed itself in honoring and rescuing artifacts that would have been lost to posterity without their efforts to preserve film and photography’s rich history. Come and explore the richness of Indian Cinema through the GEM exhibit. Pam will finish the class with a private gallery tour of the exhibit for class participants on March 2. (Please note the museum tour does have an admission fee. It is free to GEM members.)

The Hunley, the World’s First Submarine

John Schmeelk Reg. No. Day 166410-C Mon 

Date Jan 22 & 29

Time Fee 1:00-2:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

The story of the development of the world’s first submarine to sink an enemy vessel. The mystery – still unsolved - of how it got lost then more than a century later found, and what ongoing restoration has discovered and what it has not.

Knitting Refresher Class

Joyce Bossard Reg. No. Day 162640-A Mon (No class 2/19)

Date Jan 22-May 7

Time Fee 1:30-3:30PM $18 Penfield Community Center

Need a little help getting started or an idea for a new project? Join our knitting class on Monday afternoons. Avid knitter Joyce Bossard will be leading the next session of knitting projects. This is a great way to get back into the routine of knitting. Get help casting on, or get a new pattern and some assistance on how to get it started. Even first time knitters can partake in this program. Great fun in a very supportive and friendly environment! Please bring a #8 needle and a skein of worsted weight yarn.

Fake News

Peg Terwilliger Reg. No. Day 166410-AA Mon 

Date Feb 5-12

Time Fee 1:00-2:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

What is good information, what is bad? This class will explore the techniques to obtain and decipher information while looking at the ways throughout modern history information and knowledge has been disseminated.

Penfield Recreation |

DEAR Programs Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America

John Schmeelk Reg. No. Day 166410-D Mon (No class 2/19)

Mah Jongg for Beginners

Time Fee 11:00AM-12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Linda Dinino Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 166610-A Mon Apr 30-May 21 10:00AM-12:00PM $60 (includes Large Print Mah Jongg Card) Penfield Community Center

William Cook Ph.D. will guide us through de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America.” We will see the democratic society developing in the USA as he saw it in 1831-32. Did he get it right? Have we followed the path he saw? How did he expect France to benefit from our experience? Listen, learn, and argue with us.

Learn the basic skills to play the American version of Mah Jongg. This exciting, stimulating and challenging game, is a great way to keep those brain cells motivated. It’s not called the game of a thousand intelligences for nothing. Come see why so many people around the world are addicted to this very ancient pastime.

Date Feb 5-Mar 19

The Chamber Music of Mozart

Joan Albany Reg. No. Day 166410-E Mon (No class 2/19)

Date Feb 5-Apr 2

Time Fee 10:00-11:00AM Free Penfield Community Center

Sit back and enjoy the life story and the music of the world’s most iconic musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Professor Greenberg provides a biographical look at his world through his letters and accounts from those who knew him and an analytical listening to the chamber music he gave to the world.

Mysteries of Microbes

John Schmeelk Reg. No. Day 166410-F Mon 

Date Time Fee Mar 26-Apr 30 11:00AM-12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Microbes are both friend and foe. We have evolved together, changing relationships that have forced mankind to develop defense strategies, altering our existence along the way. Learn how invisible life has helped change history.

Native People of North America – Great Course

Moira Fallon Reg. No. Day 166410-G Mon 

Date Feb 26-Apr 2

Time Fee 1:00-2:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Showcasing rare, historic artifacts and images from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, National Anthropological Archives, National Portrait Gallery, American Art Museum and Smithsonian Institution Archives, every lecture of this fascinating course helps disprove myths and stereotypes that many people take as fact. Narrating along with these dazzling visuals, you’ll hear Great Course Professor Cobb present a different account of—or some new perspectives on—the story of the Westward Expansion—the pioneer trails, the Gold Rush, the Transcontinental Railroad—to discover the stories of the American Indian people who fought and negotiated to preserve their ancestral lands. Professor Cobb debunks many of the myths that you’ve taken as fact by providing the alternative side of the story. A comprehensive and sobering examination of Native America.

The Vietnam War Lost and Loss

Nels Carman Reg. No. Day 166410-H Mon 

Date Apr 9-May 14

Time Fee 1:00-2:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Using our forty-year look-back lens we will discuss the haunting sacrifice of 58,000 American lives derived from a murky policy entanglement of post WWII and the Cold War beliefs surrounding control of South East Asian governments. The story reverberates through five presidential administrations as well as all levels of family and society today. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Strategies & Skills Class/Siamese Mah Jongg

Linda Dinino Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 166610-B Mon Mar 26 10:00AM-1:00PM $30 (includes Large Print Mah Jongg Card) Penfield Community Center

This is an exciting class for all of you who already play Mah Jongg. You not only get to sharpen your existing skills, but you will learn new strategies. Bring your Mah Jongg card, and notepad with you. In addition, I will teach you Siamese Mah Jongg - a way to play with just two people. You won’t have to worry about playing three- or four-handed anymore. You don’t want to miss this single three-hour session. Have a friend sign up with you!

TUESDAYS AT DEAR Writing Fiction

Pat Costa Viglucci Reg. No. Day 166410-I Tue 

Date Jan 16-May 1

Time Fee 1:00-2:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Has writing been on your bucket list? Here is a great way to get started with local author Pat Costa Viglucci. Pat will lay out the basics including plot, conflict, developing characters, dialogue and setting, discussing one main element each class. You will be encouraged to write and share with others to assist with the writing process and gather ideas and suggestions along the way. This program is not just for novice writers, but for anyone who may need an ear or some confidence to continue writing.

Volunteers Needed for The Seward Family Digital Archive

U of R Rare Books and Special Collections Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 166410-J Tue Jan 24 10:00AM-12:00PM Free (continues every other week) Penfield Community Center

Committed volunteer transcribers are needed to join the Seward Family Digital Archive, facilitated through University of Rochester Rare Books and Special Collections. The Seward Family Digital Archive is an ongoing initiative to transcribe and annotate documents from the William Henry Seward collection of handwritten documents that were found in boxes in the attic of the Seward Family home in Auburn, NY. This collection of approximately 375,000 pages includes both personal and professional notes composed from the late 1700s into the 1800s. The cursive handwriting in which the correspondence is written is foreign for many of today’s college students to decipher, so “… an intergenerational team of ‘citizen archivists’—led by Thomas Slaughter, the Arthur R. Miller Professor of History, and with the wide-ranging support of librarians at the River Campus Libraries—is working to bring to light the extensive holding of family papers in the collection.” The DEAR program is looking for people to join the project team, offering their time and expertise to the project at the Penfield Community Center. Winter/Spring 2018


DEAR Programs Art of Northern Renaissance 16th Century

Richard Gough Reg. No. Day 166410-K Tue 6 classes

Date Feb 6-Mar 13

Time Fee 1:00-2:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Some of the most provocative, creative, and vivid art of the Renaissance was created in Northern Europe. The use of symbolism became a vehicle in which to convey ideas about religion, human intimacy and social constructs. This region is also responsible for the use of oil paints which would ultimately change the face of art, providing a startling crisp sharpness of line and color. The art of the Northern Renaissance is truly some of the most spectacular and infamous work in art history. Join Rick Gough as you explore the work of such artists as Albrecht Dürer, Hieronymus Bosch, Jan van Eyck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder and more. Learn how to interpret the images and understand the tangible ideas and techniques of this beautiful art. This is a continuation of the course offered last fall.

Travel Tips, Adventures, and What It’s Like to Ride an Elephant

Marcia Lewis Reg. No. Day 166410-L Tue 3 classes

Date Jan 16-30

Time Fee 1:00PM Free Penfield Community Center

Come and learn some travel tips that you can use whether you’re going to the mall or a foreign country. Join me the second week for stories that are funny and interesting as I recount what it is like to travel around the world, live in different countries, exchange houses with compete strangers, and ride an elephant up a mountainous path. In the third session we will explore the great travel destination that is very close to home – Chautauqua Institution.

Brain Games

Diane Robbins Reg. No. Day 166410-BB Tue 

Date Mar 20-27

Time Fee 1:00-2:00PM Free Penfield Community Center

What do you know that you can’t believe you know? Have fun figuring it out, challenging yourself along the way as we play some of the fun brain games collected from Diane’s vacation cruising.

WEDNESDAYS AT DEAR Memoir Writing in the Local History Room

Kathy Kanauer Reg. No. Day 166410-M Wed 166410-N Wed 

Date Time Fee Jan 17-Feb 21 1:00-2:30PM Free Mar 7-Apr 11 1:00-2:30PM Free Local History Room at Penfield Community Center

Conveying personal stories, experiences and memories through writing or recording is one of the most important documents you can leave to your family and community. Your story is unique onto you and can help document a way of life possibly for centuries to come. This program will help get you started and give you that much needed excuse to start documenting. Put this class on your to-do list for the summer and find interesting ways to get started and stay motivated.



Hero drivers needed immediately! BRI-PEN Senior Rides

Call 340-8674 36

Winter/Spring 2018

Penfield Recreation |

DEAR Programs Marvels & Myths of Rochester – Tea with D

Donovan Shilling Reg. No. Day 166410-O Wed 4 classes

Date Time Fee Jan 10, Feb 14, 1:00-2:00PM Free Mar 14, Apr 11 Penfield Community Center

Join us for Tea with D the second Wednesday of the month for a PowerPoint presentation specifically drawn from Rochester history. Donovan Shilling is a local author who writes about local people, places, and things. He has an extensive collection of Rochester memorabilia and often brings artifacts with him, offering not only a unique presentation but also a portable museum. Registration is required for this program as we do serve tea and delectables.

The Early Days of the Erie Canal

Lisa Hibner Reg. No. Day 166410-P Wed 2 classes

Date Jan 17 & 24

Time Fee 10:30AM-12:00PM Free Penfield Community Center

2017 marked the start of the Bicentennial years of the Erie Canal. On April 15, 1817, the New York State legislature voted to build the Erie and Champlain canals. Dignitaries turned the first shovel of soil in Rome on July 4 of that same year, marking the start of Erie Canal construction. Eight years later, the canal opened from Albany to Buffalo. This course will give an overview of the construction of the Erie Canal, including inventions and influences on New York State and its cities. In addition, you will enjoy hearing some first-hand observations about a personal trip on the Erie Canal from a journal written in 1830 by a man named William Upjohn, who immigrated with his family to America from Shaftesbury, England. The presenter’s husband is one of his descendants and the family lives in Penfield. (This class is a repeat of the fall course)

Classics in British Literature

Bill Haley Reg. No. Day 166410-Q Wed 4 classes

Date Time Fee Jan 31, Feb 28, 11:00AM-12:30PM Free Mar 28, Apr 25 Penfield Community Center

Work your way through the classics with us as we study the classics of English literature. The lectures provide an overview of the specific authors, the political and social constraints of the time that influenced their work, and of course an overview of the literary publication. This session we will be looking at the following literature: Note: If you are new to this course, please stop by the Recreation office in advance to obtain the readings handout for the first session. Jan: The Scots: Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott suggested reading: Tam O’Shanter (handout) Feb: William Wordsworth and S.T. Coleridge suggested reading: preface to lyrical ballads (handout) Mar: George Gordon, Lord Byron suggested reading: selected poems (handout) Apr: John Keats and P.B. Shelley suggested reading: selected poems (handout)

Rise of a New Europe

John Schmeelk Reg. No. Day 166410-R Wed 2 classes

Date Jan 24 & 31

Time Fee 1:45-3:15PM Free Penfield Community Center

Three events in two centuries that shattered ancient European patterns and helped to set the stage for a civilization. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Understanding Modern Art

Pam Mount Reg. No. Day 166410-S Wed 3 classes

Date Feb 7-Feb 21

Time Fee 11:00AM-12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Step into the world of line, color, style and conjecture, where the power of interpretation can be given or taken away in the name of art. Modern art began its evolution with the invention of photography, an inevitable force that has grounded itself in our contemporary world. This class will introduce our audience to the early pioneers, and will take viewers through the many genres and artists who created them.

Evolution of Man – The Latest Discoveries

Nels Carman Reg. No. Day 166410-T Wed 2 classes

Date Apr 11 & 18

Time Fee 10:00-11:30AM Free Penfield Community Center

The quality haul of multiple complete hominid fossils at Rising Star Cave South Africa 2013 shook up the paleo anthropology world. Finding fossils of any value is rare regardless of the ever more constant and competitive searches by internationally funded teams. For Lee Bergen’s team, the fossil bonanza of Homo Naledi puts him in the spotlight now – that is until… the next fossil cave discovery.

Wednesday Tea Salon 

Day Date Wed Ongoing

Time Fee 1:00-2:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Tea with new and old friends every Wednesday at 1:00 in the senior lounge. The first Wednesday of the month we have a book review with Kim Catalanello from the Penfield Public Library, the second Wednesday is Tea with D, a history talk by local author and Rochester historian Donovan Shilling (registration required), the third Wednesday is our monthly book club discussion, and the last Wednesday of the month is an anything goes social tea. Tea is always served in china with a delectable dessert.

Orchids at Your Windowsill

Lisa Hibner Reg. No. Day 166410-U Wed 1 class

Date Mar 7

Time Fee 11:00AM-12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Orchids may be considered weeds in Central America, but in the United States, an orchid in flower is a cause to celebrate. Too few gardeners experience these delightful blooms in their homes because of overblown myths of how difficult they are to tend, and overly high prices at florist shops. But orchids will thrive on any bright windowsill, and a flowering-size plant can be had for under $30 from many chain or grocery stores today. The orchid family includes about 30,000 species and orchids do not have easy names, so the novice is often overwhelmed. This class will give you information on the orchid’s most commonly grown in our northern houses, on our windowsills. Three factors are essential for successfully growing orchids on those windowsills—amount of available light, temperature, and proper watering techniques. In this class, you will learn some of the characteristics of orchids, which orchids might be most successful in your house, how to take care of them, tips on how to get them to bloom again, and how to combat common pests. The presenter has been growing orchids at her windowsills since 1973. Winter/Spring 2018


DEAR Programs Solutions for Preserving and Sharing Digital Family Memories

Allen Hibner Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 166410-Z Thu Jan 18-25 2:00-3:30PM Free Feb 1 2:00-4:00PM 3 classes Penfield Community Center

Religious History on the Silver Screen

Jack Kowiak Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 166410-V Wed & Thu Mar 14, 15, 21, 10:30AM-12:00PM Free 22, Apr 4, 5 6 classes Penfield Community Center

Sit back, enjoy a feature film, have some popcorn, and learn a little religious history along the way. Each class will feature a Hollywood movie that relates an important aspect of religious history. Three new Hollywood movies have been selected for this session. Each film will be accompanied by a short lecture on the religious history topics portrayed in the film.

The Adams Family

John Shmeelk Reg. No. Day 166410-W Wed 3 classes

Date Apr 25-May 9

Time Fee 1:00-2:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

A four part story on one of the most remarkable of all American families, the Adams. Featuring Abigale, John and John Q in his many careers—highlighting his post presidential contributions.

THURSDAYS AT DEAR Finding the Evidence - Forensic Science

Rosemary Irwin Reg. No. Day 166410-X Thu 7 classes

Date Jan 18-Mar 1

Time Fee 10:00-11:30AM Free Penfield Community Center

An introduction to the principles of forensic science and a look at some case studies that will give you a new appreciation for law enforcement, which in recent decades has seen a revolution in its ability to determine who committed a crime, how it was done, and often, why.

The Nature of Matter, Part 2 – Great Course

Frank LoVecchio & John Schmeelk Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 166410-Y Thu Mar 29-May 10 10:00-11:30AM Free 6 classes (no class 4/5) Penfield Community Center

This great course will continue to explain the fascinating ways in which matter exists in our world. We will explore the basic structure of molecules and how their properties create every familiar thing we wear, use, touch, and see. Interesting and insightful stories about the discovery of these materials will also be told. You will learn how new materials created throughout the ages have impacted the behavior of civilizations. Finally, we will glimpse into the future to discuss what new materials may lie just beyond the horizon to dazzle us and enhance our lives. These sessions can be enjoyed independently of previous sessions. 38

Winter/Spring 2018

Most of us have many old videotapes, 8mm & 16mm films, cassette tapes and hundreds or even thousands of photographic prints tucked away in boxes or photo albums. We may even have hundreds or thousands of digital photos now stored on our hard drives or old CD disks. The other piece of this equation is that we all long to “tell our stories.” We all want future generations to know that our lives mattered while we were here and alive. The problem is that it can be overwhelming to know how to translate all the media we have into meaningful and touching digital productions for those future generations. Let’s face it—the future of all of our media going forward is digital. Allan Hibner embarked on a path to find and implement his own solutions to preserve his family’s treasured memories. This threeday presentation will demonstrate the process he developed which included transfer, preservation, and production. A fascinating look and many useful tips on how you can create your own time capsule of family memories before they are lost to the ages.

The Creative Brain

France McCloskey Reg. No. Day 166410-ZZ Thu 6 classes

Date Feb 8-Mar 15

Time Fee 1:30-3:00PM Free Penfield Community Center

Our brains are capable of infinite creativity. Finding connections that are readily available is the key to invention. Learn how our brains engage in everyday creativity and spend some leisure time actually being creative in this hands on interactive program.


Preserving Cinema

Rosemary Irwin Reg. No. Day 164010-01 Thu 164010-02 Thu 

Date Jan 11 Jan 11

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

The cinema was invented in the Victorian era, but for the first four decades of its existence almost no effort was made to preserve the millions of feet of celluloid that rolled through the cameras and projectors of the world. Starting in the 1930s, heroes of film preservation overcame obstacles and indifference to save the film classics we treasure to this day. The story of film preservation is as thrilling, heartbreaking, and heroic as the stories in the films themselves. This lecture celebrates film preservation heroes and their accomplishments. Penfield Recreation |

DEAR Programs Photo Icons – The Work of Fashion Photographer Richard Avedon and Architectural Photographer Julian Schulman

Pam O’Brien, Docent, George Eastman Museum Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 164010-03 Thu Jan 18 Lunch 11:45AM $6 164010-04 Thu Jan 18 Lecture 12:30PM Free  Penfield Community Center

George Eastman Museum Docent Pam O’Brien has created an extraordinary presentation on two of the most iconic photographers of the 20th Century Julian Shulman and Richard Avedon. Both created a genre of photographic art that transcends time and set the standards for architecture and fashion around the world. This onehour talk will highlight their extraordinary careers.

Recycle Recycle Recycle

Tina Verno Stevens, Environmental Educator Monroe County DES Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 164010-05 Thu Jan 25 Lunch 11:45AM $6 164010-06 Thu Jan 25 Lecture 12:30PM Free  Penfield Community Center

An opportunity to learn the “who, what, where, and why” of the recycling game. Tina Stevens of the Monroe County Department of Environmental Services will be here to give us a detailed look at the history and future of the recycling program in Monroe County. She will explain the mechanics involved in processing billions of articles that pass through Waste Management.

The Rochester Sodus Bay Trolley

Kathy Kanauer, Penfield Town Historian Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 164010-07 Thu Feb 1 Lunch 11:45AM $6 164010-08 Thu Feb 1 Lecture 12:30PM Free  Penfield Community Center

The Rochester and Sodus Bay Railway was an electric interurban railway connecting Rochester with the shores of Lake Ontario at Sodus Point at the beginning of the 20th Century. Local Town Historian Kathy Kanauer will be our guest speaker as she shares the interesting history of this early transportation line, whose remnants can still be found along the original path.

The Conservation Legacy of Irene Gossin and the Preserve that will Honor Her Name

Mindy Maclaren Reg. No. Day 164010-09 Thu 164010-10 Thu 

Date Feb 8 Feb 8

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

The Irene Gossin Nature Preserve honors the important work of citizen activist, environmental advocate, and pivotal Democratic politician, Irene Lound Gossin. Mindy MacLaren, founder of the Irene L. Gossin Nature Preserve, will speak about Irene’s career as an environmental and community leader, as well as the inspiration she had on Mindy and her journey to preserve a piece of Penfield for future residents. This is an extraordinary story of friendship, dedication, and conservation.

Volunteer for DEAR

• Facilitate a new class • Join the planning/advisory committee • Donate to our ongoing efforts to keep DEAR free. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Never Caught A Book By Erica Armstrong Dunbar

John Schmeelk Reg. No. Day 164010-11 Thu 164010-12 Thu 

Date Feb 15 Feb 15

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

A startling and eye-opening look into America’s First Family, Never Caught is the powerful narrative of Ona Judge, George and Martha Washington’s runaway slave who risked it all to escape the nation’s capital and reach freedom.

An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back

Rosemary Irwin Reg. No. Day 164010-13 Thu 164010-14 Thu 

Date Feb 22 Feb 22

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Elizabeth Rosenthal, an emergency room doctor by training and later, a full time journalist, wrote a lengthy, well-received series for the New York Times about the high cost of American healthcare. With the series, she hoped to “start a very loud conversation” about costs and incentives in the US healthcare system. This lecture/ discussion will address the complex business, science, economics of our health care system as described by Rosenthal and the challenges of navigating this system today. {Her book is called AN AMERICAN SICKNESS How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take It Back and the series of NYT articles, “Paying Until It Hurts”.}

Author Visit – Stanley Swan, Undertakings of an Undertaker: The Stories of Being Laid to Rest

Stanley Swan Reg. No. Day 164010-15 Thu 164010-16 Thu 

Date Mar 1 Mar 1

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Could these remains, yet to be identified, be one of the victims of Rochester’s Genesee River killer? Did the mourner in the chapel with the casket and the deceased actually think there was an apparition present? Is it legal to bury a man with no pants? Would a man really drive his deceased wife to a mortuary instead of calling the authorities? Those ashes seeping from the fractured urn...imagined or real? The black cat visiting the deceased man’s wake...a family friend or fiend? These are just some of the intriguing, unusual, and funny stories to be found in Undertakings of an Undertaker: True Stories of Being Laid to Rest. Author Stanley Swan spent 37 years in funeral service, making notes from day one, and he has now penned them to paper and put them into print for others to see.

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

Jack Kowiak Reg. No. Day 164010-17 Thu 164010-18 Thu 

Date Mar 8 Mar 8

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

How much do you know about the real St. Patrick? Why do we eat soda bread and corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day? We will answer these and many more questions as we explore the origins and traditions of this fun March holiday. Winter/Spring 2018


DEAR Programs Making Films with Local Film Maker Nick DiBella

Nick DiBella Reg. No. Day 164010-19 Thu 164010-20 Thu 

Date Mar 15 Mar 15

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Nicholas is an award winning writer and director whose self-taught knowledge in filmmaking began at the Eastman Kodak Company where he created films for Kodak’s Entertainment Division. His 1997 screenplays Runnin’ Home and Address Unknown were produced for cable TV and his 1998 spec script, Chasing Bobby Jones, was sold to Warner Bros. This lecture will be a departure from our usual format. At 12:30 we will dim the lights and view Nick’s highly acclaimed 2011 film King’s Faith, starring Emmy Award winning actors Lynn Whitfield and James McDaniel. Following the film we will have a question and answer session, discussing the film-making process and his success as a director, screenwriter, and producer.

Pioneering Reporting of Nellie Bly

Kathy Kanauer Reg. No. Day 164010-21 Thu 164010-22 Thu 

Date Mar 22 Mar 22

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Western NY Postcard Club

Michael Bloch Reg. No. Day Date 164010-27 Thu Apr 12 164010-28 

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Postcards are collected by historical societies, libraries, and genealogical societies because of their importance in research - such as how a city looked at a particular time in history, as well as social history. Worldwide, deltiology is the third largest collecting hobby after stamp collecting and coin/banknote collecting. Postcard clubs may be found in many countries; and these clubs, as well as related organizations, frequently host postcard shows. Stop by to hear about this interesting hobby, how cards are collected, what cards are collected and about the local postcard club in Western NY which originated in 1975.


France McCloskey Reg. No. Day 166410-YY Fri 

Date Jan 26-Mar 2

Time Fee 2:30-4:00PM Free Penfield Community Center

Nellie Bly was an American journalist known for her pioneering reporting, including her 1887 expose on the conditions of asylum patients at Blackwell’s Island in New York City and her trip around the world in 1889. An interesting account of one of America’s first true heroines who helped pave the way for women in the 19th century.

Don’t want to forget what you learned in Brain Work 1 - how to keep your brain young? Brain Work 2 provides opportunities for participants to learn and practice how to take and apply brain science information for improving and enhancing memory. Come learn about the many types of memory, engage in fun activities to learn various memory strategies, and explore some of the new brain science research on defining and improving memory. France has a BA in Cognitive Science/Psychology, and a MA in Adult Learning.

That is Such a Cliche

Brain Work 1

Sandy Wurzer Reg. No. Day 164010-23 Thu 164010-24 Thu 

Date Mar 29 Mar 29

Time Fee Lunch 11:45AM $6 Lecture 12:30PM Free Penfield Community Center

Not to beat around the bush, but have you ever wondered where some of the more bizarre clichés have come from? “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” “It’s a dog eat dog world,” “All dressed up with nowhere to go?” This one-hour presentation will give you the origins of these time-honored sayings, as well as an opportunity to learn some new ones “to boot.”

The Seward Family Digital Archive

Thomas P. Slaughter, Arthur R. Miller Professor of History University of Rochester Reg. No. Day Date Time Fee 164010-25 Thu Apr 5 Lunch 11:45AM $6 164010-26 Thu Apr 5 Lecture 12:30PM Free  Penfield Community Center

Thomas P. Slaughter, Arthur R. Miller Professor of History; Editor, Reviews in American History; Director, Seward Family Archive Project at the U of R will join us to talk about the family of William Henry Seward, Governor of NY, US Senator, and Secretary of State (1801-1872), based on the surviving correspondence of about 5,000 letters at the University of Rochester. He will also talk about this fascinating project of transcribing the letters and documents left to the University of Rochester. 40

Winter/Spring 2018

France McCloskey Reg. No. Day 166410-XX Fri 

Date Mar 9-Apr 20

Time Fee 2:30-4:00PM Free Penfield Community Center

Penfield DEAR programs are all about promoting a healthy brain. But how do you make the most out of your curious mind? This class will use engaging activities, brain games and mental exercises to explain the science behind how the brain works and teach you how to maximize your brain’s overall potential at any age. France has a BA in Cognitive Science/Psychology, and a MA in Adult Learning.

Dinner and a Movie (FUNdraising Event for DEAR) Reg. No. Day 166410-DD Fri 

Date Apr 6

Time Fee 5:00PM $20 Penfield Community Center

The latest craze across the country, enjoying a meal and a film all at the same time. This special event will feature appetizers, dinner and desert all in the theme of whatever the film might be. Call the Recreation Dept. for film title. The film is free, dinner is $20. Registration is required.

Friday films

Free recently released titles. Please call for film titles. 1/26, 2/23, 3/23 • 2:00-4:00PM • Penfield Community Center Penfield Recreation |

DEAR Programs



ROTARY BIG BAND Tuesday, February 6th

Penfield Community Center Dinner 6:00 PM Big Band Radio Hour 7:30 PM New Live Episode of Nick Falcon Private Eye! Live 1940s Radio Hour/Dinner Dance

Tickets $25 FUNdraising Event for DEAR Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

Winter/Spring 2018


DEAR Programs


NEW PILOT PROGRAM! Daytime Education at Recreation welcomes RIT’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute on Fridays at Penfield Community Center, 1985 Baird Rd.

Games for the Brain / Lunch

Exercise your mind, meet new people every Tuesday! Stop by the community room every Tuesday around 9:30 AM to enjoy a cup of coffee and a variety of spirited games. Stop by and join a table or start a new game on your own. There is always complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and if you stay long enough (most do), a homemade sit down lunch is served at noon for only $4.00. At 1:00 PM join us in the game room to play challenging games where everyone participates. Second Tuesday of the month is Bingo!

Tuesday Lunch

Every Tuesday, lunch is available at Penfield Community Center for only $4.00. This is not an ordinary lunch. The menus are carefully selected, cooked on the premises that day and use the freshest ingredients. Lunch tickets must be purchased 24 hours in advance as we shop the morning of the lunch. Menus for “Tuesday Lunch” are available at the Community Center and on-line at Sample lunch: Grilled Chicken Provolone, with pesto, sundried tomato spread topped with baby spinach, blueberry cucumber salad; Individual pizzas topped with smoked mozzarella, roasted vegetables, warm pasta bruschetta salad with balsamic glaze, fresh basil; Marinated pork tenderloin sandwich on French bread topped with a crunchy Asian coleslaw, mustard chive sauce. (Lunches must be ordered 24 hours in advance.)

Bridge on Thursdays

Contact Jackie Fisher at 662-5657 or Bud Johnson at 265-3968 if you are interested in playing Bridge on Thursday mornings at Penfield Community Center.

Nels Carman Big Band Night

The first Tuesday of each month the Penfield Rotary Band will play two hours of your favorite big band sounds for dancing and listening. Tuesdays - 7:30 - 9:30 PM Jan 2, Feb 6, Mar 6, Apr 3, May 1, Jun 5 Fee: $1.00 - Pay at the door  Penfield Community Center


Eldersource Care Management Services, a collaborative of LIFESPAN and Catholic Family Center, features one telephone number entry into age-related services and professional social workers who guide older adults and care-givers through the complex long-term care system. For information call 325-2800. An Eldersource case worker will be at the Penfield Community Center the last Tuesday of every month.

Membership to Osher is required to attend these classes. See below for details of how you can attend! Are you already an Osher student? Register as usual using the Osher protocol. The location for the classes below will be Penfield Community Center and not the Henrietta campus. Not a member of Osher but would like to attend the classes below? Register as an Associate member for $30 by calling (585) 292-8989 for a membership form. Your membership entitles you to register for the classes offered on Fridays at Penfield Community Center on the dates specified, as well as an invitation to attend any of the Thursday lectures at the Henrietta Osher site. (The Associate membership does not extend to the classes at the Henrietta campus, only the lecture series). Associate members cannot register through the recreation department or online. The courses in this pilot program are open to Full and Associate Osher members only.

Views of the Civil War EraW42P This will not be the typical chronological look at the Civil War, but rather different ways that one might view the time period. We will discuss the abolitionists; John Brown: America’s original terrorist?; filling the ranks (women and men in the Civil War); the Civil War in motion pictures; and reunion and reconciliation at the end of the war. Chuck Sparnecht has taught United States history at Penfield High School, Nazareth College, St. John Fisher College, RIT, and now at Osher. He finds the era of the Civil War the most fascinating time of all American history. Friday: Five Weeks:

9:30 – 11:00 am January 12 – February 9

Winston Churchill: His Life, Times, and LegacyW44P This class presents a study of one of the most influential individuals of the 20th century, Winston Churchill. He was revered as well as reviled and experienced both stunning successes and conspicuous failures. This class explores a complex leader whose impact endures. Friday: Ten Weeks:

11:15 am – 12:45 pm January 12 – March 16

Nancy Aumann is retired Associate Dean Emerita at SUNY Cortland, historian of modern Europe, and has taught several courses at Osher over the years.

The Lesser Knowns: Artists in the Shadows of FameW41P History leaves some very talented artists and art movements in the shadows of the more famous winners of Fame. We will explore the Symbolists, Pre-Raphaelites, Futurists, and others who have fallen victim to changing tastes, politics, and prejudices. Enrollment Limit: 45. Rose Welch is a retired teacher of the visual arts from the Penfield Central School District. She continues in her exploration of fine art and fine craft. Friday: Five Weeks: 42

Winter/Spring 2018

9:30 – 11:00 am February 16 – March 16

Penfield Recreation |

penfield public library REGISTRATION: Penfield town or school district residents are able to register first, then all others may register one week later *This program is sponsored by the Friends of Penfield Public Library. OPEN HOUSE FOR PENFIELD AREA PRESCHOOLS Sat, Jan 13; 10:30AM -12:30PM Representatives from area preschools will be available to chat with parents and provide information about their curriculum and programs. Children are welcome. No registration is required. *MAGIC SHOW with “The Magic Guy” Mon, Jan 15 (no school); 11:00 - 11:45AM For children ages 4 & up (children younger than 7 must be accompanied by an adult) Register: Residents 1/4 • Others 1/11

WINTER BREAK: Feb 19 – 23 *SAIL ON OVER to PENFIELD LIBRARY and JOIN THE HAPPY PIRATES! Mon, Feb 19; 11:00 - 11:45AM For children of all ages, accompanied by an adult Register: Residents 2/5 • Others 2/12 *STUFFED ANIMAL PET SHOW Tues, Feb 20; 11:00 - 11:45AM For ages 3 – 8, accompanied by an adult Register: Residents 2/6 • Others 2/13

*LIBRARY LEGO LAB Mon, Jan 15 (no school); 2:30 - 3:45PM For children ages 6-11 years Register: Residents 1/4 • Others 1/11

MEET TINKER BELL and a NEVERLAND PIRATE AT PENFIELD LIBRARY! Wed, Feb 21; 11:00 - 11:45AM Register: Residents 2/7 • Others 2/14

*CREATE A MOTHER GOOSE BOOK Sat, Jan 27; 10:30AM - 12:00PM For ages 3 – 6, accompanied by an adult Register: Residents 1/12 • Others 1/19

*FAMILY GAME DAY Thurs, Feb 22; 2:00 - 3:00PM For ages 4 and up, accompanied by an adult (Children under 4 will be unable to attend) Register: Residents 2/8 • Others 2/15

CRAFTY FUN DAYS Wednesdays 4:15 - 5:15PM Stories and a theme-related craft for children in kindergarten through fourth grade will occur; Wednesdays; January 31, February 28, March 28 and April 25. Online registration available, beginning Wednesday, January 17, 2018. Please, register separately for each class. *TAKE YOUR CHILD TO THE LIBRARY DAY: SUPERHEROES! Sat, Feb 3; 10:30 - 11:15AM For children ages 2-5, accompanied by an adult Register: Residents 1/19 • Others 1/26 *VALENTINE PARTY for CHILD & DAD (or other favorite male adult) Sat, Feb 10; 11:00AM - 12:00PM For children in grades K – 5, accompanied by an adult Register: Residents 1/26 • Others 2/2

*LIBRARY LEGO LAB Fri, Feb 23; 10:30 - 11:45AM For children ages 6-11 years Register: Residents 2/9 • Others 2/16 *CURIOUS GEORGE IS COMING TO THE LIBRARY! Sat, March 10; 11:00AM - 12:00PM OR 1:45 - 2:45PM For children ages 3 – 8, accompanied by an adult Register: Residents 2/23 • Others 3/2

SPRING BREAK: April 2 – 6 TALES FOR TAILS Mon, April 2; 10:30 - 11:30AM For children ages 3 and up and their families (Children 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult. No REGISTRATION required) *LIBRARY LEGO LAB Tues, April 3; 10:30 - 11:45AM For children ages 6 – 11 years Register: Residents 3/20 • Others 3/27 *DOLL’S SPRING TEA PARTY Wed, April 4; 2:00 - 3:15PM For children in grades K – 5 Register: Residents 3/21 • Others 3/28 *FAMILY GAME DAY Thurs, April 5; 2:00 - 3:00PM For ages 4 and up, accompanied by an adult (Children under 4 will be unable to attend) Register: Residents 3/22 • Others 3/29 *STUFFED ANIMAL SLEEPOVER Thurs, April 5; 6:45 - 7:30PM For children ages 3 - 8 Register: Residents 3/22 • Others 3/29 *SCRAP ART Fri April 6; 2:00 - 3:00PM For children in grades K – 5 Register: Residents 3/23 • Others 3/30

Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

NAZARETH STORYBAND Sat, April 14; 11:00 - 11:45AM For children ages 4 and up, accompanied by a parent Register: Residents 3/30 • Others 4/6 *TEDDY BEAR PICNIC Mon, April 30; 11:00 - 11:45AM For ages 3 – 6, accompanied by an adult Register: Residents 4/16 • Others 4/23 MUFFINS WITH MOM STORYTIME Thurs, May 10; 11:00 - 11:45AM For ages 3 - 8, accompanied by mom and/or grandma Register: Residents 4/26 • Others 5/3 MINIATURE HORSES Mon, May 21; 10:30 - 11:30AM For ages 3 - 6, accompanied by an adult Register: Residents 5/7 • Others 5/14 REGISTRATION FOR PENFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY STORYTIMES Registration for storytimes begins Thursday, January 4, 2018 for Penfield town or school district residents. Register in person or by telephone at 340-8720. *Please note: due to the volume of calls the first day of registration, we may experience phone difficulties. If possible, it’s best to stop by the library early January 4 to register. (Online registration is not available) *BABY “LAP SIT” STORYTIME Fridays, 10:30 - 10:55AM Stories, songs, and finger plays for infants to prewalkers will run February 16 – May 4, 2018. (No storytimes February 23, March 30, and April 6) WEE WALKERS PLAYTIME Fridays, 11:30AM - 12:15PM A special weekly class for children 12-23 months old and their parents/caregivers will run Fridays, February 16 – May 4, 2018. Enjoy some playtime & socialization with your child through activities, songs and rhymes that stimulate your child’s growing mind! (*No playtime February 23, March 30, and April 6) TERRIFIC TWOS Mon, Tues, or Wed, 9:40 - 10:05AM A weekly storytime session of stories, songs, and fingerplays for children aged 2 will run the week of January 29 through May 8. (No storytimes during winter break, February 19, 20 & 21; March 19, 20; and spring break, April 2, 3, 4.) Parent or caregiver must attend with the child, sibling may also attend. PRESCHOOL *New Class Wednesdays, 11:00 - 11:30AM A weekly storytime of stories, songs, and fingerplays for preschoolers 3, 4, and 5 years old who are able to attend without a parent/ caregiver. This session will run from January 24 through April 18. (No storytime during winter break, February 21 and spring break, April 4) We reserve the right to cancel a storytime if fewer than 10 children register for it. Daytime preschool storytimes that began in September will continue through April. There is no need to re-register.

Winter/Spring 2018


Scenic Treks

penfield trails

scenic treks The Penfield Trails Committee invites Penfield and area residents to participate in a series of guided hikes. All events are held rain or shine. For more information and to pre-register, call Penfield Recreation at 340-8655, option 0. Monthly hikes and trail map information are on the Recreation website - click on “Penfield Trails.” All groups must pre-register. Ages: Adults & Children 8 years & up (Children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.) No pets please. Note: Please wear appropriate footwear (hiking boots/shoes) for occasional steep terrain & slippery conditions. Fee: Free! (please pre-register) **Penfield Trails Committee is always seeking volunteers to serve on its planning committee, as well as do manual labor for trails maintenance. For more information, please call Penfield Recreation at (585) 340-8655.

Ellison Park Saturday, January 13 • 10:00am-12:00pm

Dust off your cross country skis or snowshoes and join us for an exhilarating trip through this very scenic park. If there isn’t any snow, a hike will take place. We will follow the predominately flat portions of Ellison Park on the north side of Blossom Road. Look for the hike signs! Meet at north side of parking lot off of Blossom Road. Please bring your cross country ski equipment or snowshoes.

Indoor Hike Saturday, February 10 • 10:00am-12:00pm

Open to the public. Calling all hikers! Come and meet the staff behind all of the Penfield town hiking programs. Outdoor adventure featured speaker - TBA. Look for the hike signs! Meet at the Penfield Town Hall Auditorium, 3100 Atlantic Avenue.

West Side of Webster Park Saturday, March 10 • 10:00am-12:00pm

Join us as we partner with Friends of Webster Trails to explore the wooded trails on the west side of Webster Park. Look for the hike signs!

Penfield has beautiful, scenic trails! Names and trail head locations are listed below, but much more information can be found at

Abraham Lincoln Park Trails: West end of Smith Road, off Empire Blvd. Park in cul-desac on Smith Rd., walk down road to Bay. Channing H. Philbrick Park Trail: Off Rt. 441 in park along Irondequoit Creek. Trail begins at the kiosk. Parking available.

Ellison Park South Entrance Trails:

Western edge of town along Irondequoit Creek on south side of Blossom Rd., east of Spruce Shelter. Parking available.

Harris Whalen Park Trail: Access from park across from

Wegmans entrance on Rt. 441. Trail head and parking near water tower at top of hill.

Honey Creek Trail: West end of Motts Ln. off Five Mile Line Rd., opposite GrandeVie Senior Living Community.

Irondequoit Creek Panorama Plaza Trail: Behind Tops Market

at Panorama Plaza. Look for trailhead kiosk/picnic area at Panorama Valley Park.

Irondequoit Creek Waterway: Launch boat at LaSalle’s Landing Park off Empire Blvd. or at Ellison Park.

Irondequoit Creek Wetlands East Trail: Trail begins at the east

end of Old Browncroft Blvd.

Rifle Range Trail: Ellison Park, south side of Empire Blvd., just east of Irondequoit Creek.

Rothfuss Park Trail: Begins at the south end of the park at Five Mile Line Road.

Schaufelberger Park/Historic Sidewalk Trail: Park at public

parking lot behind the Penfield Fire Station on Five Mile Line Rd. Cross the street to visit Schaufelberger Park...the former site of a service station and auto dealer.

Meet at the parking lot on the south side of Lake Road at the Campground entrance road.

Sherwood Fields Park Trail: 2514 Penfield Road, next to East Penfield Fire Hall. Parking lot entrance is off fire hall driveway. Trail begins at parking lot.

Channing H. Philbrick Park Saturday, April 14 • 10:00am-12:00pm

Thousand Acre Swamp: Jackson Rd. between Atlantic Ave. and Plank Rd. Entrance is next to Penfield Ambulance.

Celebrate Daniel Penfield’s selection of “The Hollow” as the best mill site in all 97,000 square miles of the Genesee lands in 1795. Look for the hike signs! Meet at the kiosk on the north side of the bridge.

Harris Whalen Park Saturday, May 12 • 9:00-11:00am

Hike through the woods to discover exciting spring flowers. Also learn about park history and geology. Look for the hike signs! Meet at the upper pavilion.

Pick up your passport and take it with you on these hikes! Passports available at Penfield Rec or either Penfield Wegmans store (Rt. 441 or Empire Blvd.)


Trail: Veterans’ Memorial Park behind Penfield Town Hall. The trail is located west of the tennis courts near the Dolomite Lodge.

Veterans’ Memorial Park Nature & Fitness Trails: Geographic center

of town, access from Atlantic Ave. and Jackson Rd. Parking available.

Wild Iris Path: West end

of Coachman Dr. and Brougham Dr.

View trail maps on our website 44

Winter/Spring 2018

Penfield Recreation |

Town Parks

Town Parks

All Town of Penfield Parks are handicapped accessible and open from 6:00am to 10:00pm.

Permits and Reservations

All persons/groups wishing to reserve use of park shelters and/ or ball fields must obtain a permit. All park permits are processed through the Penfield Recreation Department. You must be 21 years or older, and come to the recreation office in person to sign a permit and pay related fees, or go on-line at www. Online reservations receive a 10% discount. Permit acceptance for the year 2018 began November 29 online and in-person. Check our website for more info. Drinking of alcohol is allowed in Town picnic areas only with a permit. No amplified music allowed. For more info., call the recreation office at 340-8655 x0. R = Penfield resident, NR = non-resident

Channing H. Philbrick Park Open Shelter seats 50; max. 70

Fee: $22 (R) / $33 (NR) • Available: May 1 - Oct. 30

Harris Whalen Park Open Shelter seats 80; max. 100

Fee: $33 (R) / $44 (NR) • Available: May 1 - Oct. 30 (Closed 6/30, 7/1)

Enclosed Lodge seats 90; max. 90

Weekdays (M-Th) - $110 (R) / $165 (NR) Weekends (F-Su) - $165 (R) / $220 (NR) [Exception: 11/22-11/25 - $220 (R) / $275 (NR)]

Available Jan. 1 - Dec. 31

(Closed: M-F 6/25-8/3, 6/30-7/1, 11/5-11/6, 12/25)

Veterans’ Memorial Park Open Shelter seats 60; max. 80

Fee: $22 (R) / $33 (NR) Available: May 1 - Oct. 30

Enclosed Dolomite Lodge* seats 90; max. 90

Weekdays (M-Th) - $165 (R) / $275 (NR) Weekends (F-Su) - $220 (R) / $330 (NR) [Exception: 11/22-11/25 - $275 (R) / $385 (NR)] *Does not include gazebo rental

Available Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 (Closed: 11/5, 11/6, 12/25)

Athletic Fields All reservations are through the Penfield Recreation Department. Please contact us at 340-8655 x0 for more information and reservation procedures.

Lodge/Shelter Refund Policy Enclosed Lodges - $50 cancellation fee (60 days notice required on enclosed lodge cancellations. No refund issued with less than 60 days notice.) Open Shelters - $10 cancellation fee (14 days notice required on open shelter cancellations. No refund issued with less than 14 days notice.) For complete park refund policy - see park permit available at and Recreation Office. Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 

park security Our Town facilities are monitored daily by security officers. If you have a park problem, they may be reached at 340-8618 or 329-0131. For emergencies, please call 911. The park ordinance is strictly enforced with appearance tickets. Please Note: Vandalism in any park is expensive and senseless. Help us keep the Town of Penfield parks beautiful. Also remember not to park in handicap zones, emergency or fire lanes, as tickets are issued regularly.

CHANNING H. PHILBRICK PARK Off Rt. 441 at Penfield Road. Open pavilion, grills, playground, seasonal public restrooms, green areas, handicapped fishing access, kiosk & hiking trail along Irondequoit Creek.

GREENWOOD PARK Scribner and Embury Roads. Seasonal park - ball diamond, tennis/pickleball & basketball courts, playground, green areas. HARRIS WHALEN PARK Off Rt. 441. Open pavilion and enclosed heated lodge (available by permit), grills, nature trails, playground, softball diamonds, lighted tennis courts (5/110/30), basketball & bocce courts and public restrooms. HERITAGE PARK Four Corners (Five Mile Line Road and Rt. 441) between Fire Hall and Baptist Church. LASALLE’S LANDING PARK On the south end of Irondequoit

Bay and Irondequoit Creek off Empire Blvd. Fishing access and NEW canoe/kayak launch. Provides wonderful views of Irondequoit Bay.

PANORAMA VALLEY PARK Off Panorama Trail, behind Tops Plaza. Includes picnic pavilion, access to Irondequoit Creek and canoe/kayak launch.

ROTHFUSS PARK 1648 Five Mile Line Rd. 70-acre multiuse park built on former farmland with 4 full-sized rectangular athletic fields, paved and stone walking paths with QR F.I.T. Trail, playground, picnic pavilions, seasonal public restrooms, and JACK’s Place. SCHAUFELBERGER PARK This decorative park sits in the heart of Penfield’s Historic Four Corners.

SHERWOOD FIELDS PARK 2514 Penfield Rd. (located east of

fire hall) 82-acre passive park, primary walking trails through field areas, work on secondary trails through wetland and wooded wildlife habitat areas ongoing. No restrooms.


Open pavilion and enclosed heated Dolomite Lodge, outdoor amphitheater, lighted tennis and basketball courts (5/1-10/30), baseball, softball, multi-use fields, Veterans’ Memorial, walkways, playground area, nature trails, Tot Trail, arboretum, public restrooms and picnic facilities. Abraham Lincoln Park, Ellison Park and Lucien Morin Park are Monroe County parks located in Penfield. For more information on these, please visit

Reserve on-line for a 10% discount on park shelter fees! Winter/Spring 2018



Monroe County Parks 753-PARK(7275)

Penfield Art Association

Penfield Business Chamber 348-8360

Penfield Cub/Boy Scouts 244-4210

Penfield Girl Scouts Millwheel Unit • 248-8559

Penfield Ecumenical Food Shelf 234-0799

Penfield Little League 377-1854

Penfield Players • 340-8655

Penfield Pops Community Band • 385-1392

Penfield Public Library • 340-8720

Penfield Rangers Soccer Club

Registration Information

Registration Starts January 2 MAIL IN/DROP OFF/FAX/SCAN 1. You must complete a separate registration form for each household. Be sure to fill in the course #’s on your form, and sign the waiver. We cannot process your registration if your form is incomplete or unsigned. 2. MAIL IN/DROP OFF - You may either mail in or drop off your registration. The drop-box is located next to the Recreation Office door and may be used during building hours, M-Th 8AM - 10PM, Fr 8AM - 6PM, Sa 9AM - 5PM, Su 2-5PM. The drop-box will be emptied and processed throughout the day (M-F) along with the U.S. Mail delivery. 3. FAX/SCAN - You may also fax or scan your completed registration form with a credit card payment only. Fax form to 585-340-8617 or scan and e-mail form to 4. PAYMENT - CHECKS - Make check payable to “Penfield Recreation” (unless otherwise noted). Returned check fee is $20.00. VISA, MASTERCARD & DISCOVER - List cardholder’s name, card number and expiration date. Authorization required for Visa, MasterCard and Discover. 5. Registration begins January 2* for Penfield town and school district residents, and January 9* for non-residents (*unless otherwise noted). Registrations may be submitted prior to the registration start date, but will not be processed until then. 6. A receipt will be e-mailed or mailed to you once your registration has been processed. Please note, the receipt will say whether you have been placed in your first or second choice. If a class has filled, your check will be returned, and/or a full refund processed (see registration procedures #4 above).

ON-LINE (WEB) 1. In order to use Penfield Recreation’s on-line registration system, WebTrac, you must create an account at Click Registration, then click Need an account - click here. 2. Once the Information Form is completed and submitted to the Recreation Office, a user name and password will be issued to your household. 3. With a user name and password, you will be able to access WebTrac. Go on-line to the Penfield Recreation web site,, click on Registration, log in, select your classes, place them in your shopping cart, and “check out” using Visa, MasterCard or Discover to complete the transaction on our secured site. You can print a receipt for your records. 4. Registration begins January 2* for Penfield town and school district residents, and January 9* for non-residents (*unless otherwise noted). All programs are available for on-line registration unless otherwise noted, in which case they are mail-in/ drop-off or fax/scan registration only.

Fee/Refund/Transfer Policy (Please Read Carefully)

Penfield Strikers Soccer Club

Fees: Fees are due at time of registration. No exceptions. Refunds: Refunds are available as noted below, unless otherwise stated in the program description. All refund requests must be submitted to the Penfield Recreation Office. 1. If a class is cancelled, total amount will be refunded. 2. You may withdraw up to one week prior to the start of a class; a refund will be granted less $10.00 processing fee per person/per course. (N.B.: certain courses may also be non-refundable or involve a portion of non-refundable monies.) As a courtesy, please notify the Recreation Department if you are dropping out of a class so that we may activate from a waiting list. Thank you! 3. Within one week of a program’s start date, or after a program has begun, medical (only) refunds will be granted. A doctor’s written statement must accompany your request. The refund amount is subject to a $10.00 processing fee and will be pro-rated based upon the date of your notification to the Recreation Office, not the date of your injury/illness. 4. If refund is more than 180 days from initial registration date and it was paid by credit card, refund will be issued by check only. 5. Absolutely no refunds after a program has ended. Transfers: You may transfer up to one week prior to the start of class. No transfers once a class has begun.

Penfield Symphony Orchestra 872-0774

Penfield Youth Basketball • 377-4919

Penfield Youth Football & Cheer

Penfield Youth Lacrosse Club

Sea Dragons Swim Club

SportsNet (rec/sports for

people with disabilities) 334-6000x1120

Thousand Acre Swamp 546-8030 x7934

Youth Wrestling 750-8337


Winter/Spring 2018

These policies apply to ALL Recreation Programs.

The Town of Penfield does not carry medical insurance for program participants. The Town of Penfield reserves the right to limit, cancel or change program elements. The Town of Penfield reserves the right to confirm age and/or residence of registrants.

PENFIELD RECREATION • 1985 BAIRD ROAD • PENFIELD, NY 14526 • 340-8655 *Please be advised that the programs, facilities & fees set forth in this publication are subject to change based on facility availability & budget considerations.

Penfield Recreation |


Penfield RecReation PRogRam RegistRation foRm (*Fill out form completely including signature; please print*) (*Fill out form completely including signature; please print*)






NAME (Primary Adult)enfield ______________________________________ NAME (Secondary Adult, optional)_____________________________ ecReation RogRam egistRation oRm

(*Fill out form completely including signature; please print*)

ADDRESS ________________________________________________

NAME (Primary Adult) ______________________________________

CITY_______________________________ ZIP _________________

ADDRESS ________________________________________________

ADDRESS ________________________________________________ NAME (Secondary Adult, optional)_____________________________

CITY_______________________________ ZIP _________________

ADDRESS ________________________________________________

HOME #_______________________ WORK #___________________

HOME #_______________________ WORK #___________________

EMERGENCY #____________________CELL #_________________

EMERGENCY #____________________CELL #_________________

Cell Carrier (for texting purposes) ______________________________

Cell Carrier (for texting purposes) ______________________________

EMAIL ___________________________________________________

EMAIL ___________________________________________________

CITY_______________________________ ZIP _________________ HOME #_______________________ WORK #___________________ EMERGENCY #____________________CELL #_________________

Cell Carrier (for texting purposes) ______________________________

CITY_______________________________ ZIP _________________ HOME #_______________________ WORK #___________________ EMERGENCY #____________________CELL #_________________

Cell Carrier (for texting purposes) ______________________________

EMAIL ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Resident of Penfield or Penfield School District? Y N Are youEMAIL interested in receiving a weekly newsletter via email? Y N

Resident of Penfield or Penfield School District? Y N

Are you interested in receiving a weekly newsletter via email? Y N

Participant Name

Grade Birth Date Gender Course #

Program Name


Participant Name

Grade Birth Date Gender Course #

Program Name


Please mail or droP off at Penfield recreation, Please mail or droP off at Penfield recreation, 1985 Baird road, Penfield nY 14526 1985 Baird road, Penfield nY 14526

Total Enclosed $__________

Total Enclosed $__________

Waiver for Participation - In consideration of your accepting my entry, and understanding that a certain amount of risk is inherent to some recreational programs, I Waiver for Participation - In consideration of your accepting my entry, and understanding that a certain amount of risk is inherent to some recreational programs, I hereby, for my child, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waiver and release any and all rights and claims for damages I or my child may have against the Town of hereby, for my child, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waiver and release any and all rights and claims for damages I or my child may have against the Town of Penfield Penfieldand andits itsrepresentatives, representatives,successors, successors,and andassigns assignsfor forany anyand andall allinjuries injuriessuffered sufferedby bymyself myselfor ormy mychild childat atany anyactivity activitysponsored sponsoredby bythese thesegroups. groups. Furthermore, Furthermore, in inthe theevent eventaarefund refundisisgranted grantedfor formyself myselfor ormy mychild childfor forwhatever whateverreason reasonwith withthe theabove abovestated statedactivity, activity,IIdo dohereby herebyauthorize authorizethe theTown Townof ofPenfield Penfieldto toexecute executeaarefund refund voucher voucheron onmy mybehalf behalfand andsubmit submitfor forpayment paymentunder underthe theterms termsand andconditions conditionsset setforth forthin inthe theTown Townof ofPenfield PenfieldRefund Refundand andRegistration RegistrationPolicy. Policy. Refunds Refundsare aresubject subjectto to aaprocessing processingfee. fee.


SIGNATURE SIGNATURE _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________{PARENT/GUARDIAN/SELF {PARENT/GUARDIAN/SELF(IF (IFOVER OVER18)} 18)} PLEASE LIST LISTANY ANYADDITIONAL ADDITIONALINFORMATION INFORMATION HERE HERE (e.g. (e.g. Special Special Needs/Medical Needs/Medical Notes/Requests/Other): Notes/Requests/Other): PLEASE

Check payable to: Check payable to: “Penfield Recreation”

“Penfield Recreation”

3-Digit 3-Digit Security Code Security Code

VISA / MC / DISC Exp. Date ___/___ Account # ___________________________________|| ___ ___ ___

VISA / MC / DISC Exp. Date ___/___ Account # ___________________________________|| ___ ___ ___

Cardholder’s Name:_______________________ Authorized Signature _______________________________

Cardholder’s Name:_______________________ Authorized Signature _______________________________

Penfield Recreation - Be Active, Be Well, Enjoy Life!

Penfield Recreation - Be Active, Be Well, EnjoyWinter/Spring Life! 2018

Penfield Recreation | 585-340-8655 


Penfield Recreation 1985 Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526

PR SRT STD U. S. POSTAGE PAID Penfield, NY Permit No. 7

This booklet is published by the Penfield Town Board. Town Supervisor: Tony LaFountain Board Members: Linda Kohl, Paula Metzler, Andy Moore, Rob Quinn

Volunteers needed for the 4th annual Terry Rothfuss Memorial Good Neighbor Day to help seniors, veterans, or those who are disabled to do light yardwork and spring clean-up. We need volunteers of all ages, so bring the whole family! Know someone who could use an extra hand? Let us know! We will bring scrap to the Penfield drop-off, rake our flower beds, plant flowers, fix lawn damage from plows, and much more! Terry Rothfuss was a farmer in East Penfield who was a friend to all. He was always ready and willing to help anyone at any time. When he passed away in 2014, there was a huge hole left in the community. His friends and family want to carry on Terryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s legacy of friendship by continuing to help their community and inspire others to do the same.

To sign up, call Sabrina at 340-8651, or email

Penfield Recreation Winter/Spring 2018  
Penfield Recreation Winter/Spring 2018  

Wellness programs for the whole family.