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6th León Leal St. Malpartida de Plasencia 10004 Cáceres, Spain 7th June 2010

Dear Dave, Hello! How are you? I hope you're feeling better after that cold that kept you in bed for a week! I'm ok, but -you know.- allergy is kinda starting to give me hell these days. Anyway! As I promised, I'm writing this letter to tell you about Bon Jovi's concert last Friday! OMG! It was extremely good! Awsome! You already know that the idea of going to a festival such as Rock in Rio was not particularly attractive for me. I usually prefer going to specific concerts rather than having to see one hundred groups before BJ, but this RIR was really well organised. The only bad thing was that it was really hot in Madrid. It was about 30 degrees in the afternoon so, by the time BJ appeared on the stage, we were exhausted. However, as soon as Jon opened his arms and said “Buenas noches Madrid!!!”, the audicence went crazy! They opened the concert with Blood on Blood and closed it with Livin' On a Prayer. However, my favourite moment was when they played Bad Medicine,, since Jon used his extremely powerful voice to keep everybody bouncing and singing. You know the way it goes with him, he's always trying to play with the audience and have a good time! And I had the best of times because, as you can see in this picture I was right in front of Jon and Richie was quite near too! I'll email you some really good pictures as soon as I select them.

Tell me how you're doing or if you've been to a concert recently. Did you see them in London in the end? Love, Sam PS: The concert was broadcast live by channel 1 here in Spain and guess who appears in the video!!!

bonjovi letter  

Letter to a friend telling about the last concert in RIR.

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