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keep the faith • comin’ back love is • november • west is from the east haven’t ever left • grace

Keep the Faith Hebrews 4: 14-16 To the lonely, and the brokenhearted, disappointed at how you and your dreams won’t get started, and you’ve all but parted ways, keep the faith. Late at night or even when the sun’s high, when it seems you’ve lost your way to fight like you had in pastimes, you feel you’ve gone astray, keep the faith. We can’t always have the reasons for every sorrow, there’s enough grace for today and tomorrow. Keep the faith. Don’t walk away. No one likes to carry heavy burdens, through undercurrents of shaky times and the circumstances, where courage suffocates, but keep the faith. It’s when we’re pressed and desperate for changes, and the world seems dangerous we’ll recall the many instances when our Jesus made it safe, and kept our faith. Every fear can’t stand up to the love of God. Every fear don’t stand a chance against Love. Don’t walk afraid.

Comin’ Back Philippians 4:13 I’ve been battered and bruised, thought I’d lose it all. Knocked flat on my back. Was like I’d just been trampled on. Pushed around by the voices that try to hold me. They come around just to say, “You will never last!” They swell in a chorus, but I cannot entertain thoughts like that. It’s a dissonant chorus. I will not entertain thoughts like that. I’ll keep comin’ back, comin’ back strong, comin’ back with the strength of the Lord Been told many a time by those who’ve walked this road before, “The battle’s in the mind once you found a life worth dying for.” Oh, I need You to help me see like a child sees. Help me overtake my fears so I can believe. I’ll keep comin’ back ‘till we all make it home. I fear the Lord; I believe those voices can’t do anything.

Love Is I’m slamming the front door shut on the house I built myself, and I’m never going back again because I’m headed to a new place. It’ll take a whole lot of faith. But there’s a me that I gotta be. Love is where I’m headed. Faith is how I am getting there. I’ll overcome, not only survive. And I’m takin’ you with me, even if we are stumbling. With forgiveness we can work it out. Two is always better than one, then together we’ll see kingdom come and the promise of abundant life. It’s the things dreams are made of, and I don’t have to be afraid of what may come. Through the wind and the waves, I can hear my Lord say “come.”

November The great big sky, it really tried to say love walked away. We disagree, agreeably; here, I’ll set the stage: It happened one November day, the clouds so high above. They watched and waited while below I grieved what was lost. Rain come. I need a flooding of hope to carry on from what has come apart at the seams. What came so unexpected sure made it hard to breathe, but I know that I’ll remember... it read, her letter said, “I cannot keep this up. I think I need to go and live my life without us.” Fair enough, because I had asked her let me know sooner than late. I guess she did, but I could’ve sworn that’s not what she’d say.

...just how Momma listened, while she sat at home. I was by a sycamore tree, trembling with my cell phone. She listened while I could only cry, but I felt so at home. She reminded me the Lord was by my side, and I heard His words, “Good job, well done. You gave it all you could. Now, let me wrap my arms around you, son.” “I know, son, you’ll remember because the pain you felt was real, but what happened in November is I proved Myself to heal. What happened in November is that you really learned to love, because You knew that playing it safe was not enough for what happened in November.” I’m thankful for November.

West Is From the East Psalm 103:12 Jesus, break the fears that rush through my knees each time I see a goal so clearly, and I collapse beneath the weight to do it right the first time, to make the crowd stand to their feet when I know I’ve missed a thousand tries and had a thousand chances and kept them all in their seats. Start me over, press reset. Hang this jewel tight around my neck, (please) quiet the racket in my head. So one day I can tell another how my Heavenly Father holds my failures as far away at least as West is from the East. I’ve been given things: talents, hopes, and dreams that no ear or eye has ever heard or seen, but there’s days I don’t believe. Don’t let me leave here until I let go of the things that keep me still, when I know that I should run. When I know I can run. Because You’re starting me over and pressing reset, hanging this jewel tight around my neck, quieting the racket in my head. Hey, look today, I’m telling another and pressing reset... He holds your failures as far away at least as West is from the East.

You Haven’t Ever Left Oh my God, hear my prayer today. I know You’re there, just like yesterday. My enemies aren’t that far behind, but they make me think “Fear’s on every side.” They speak of my insecurities. They keep on tryin’ to poke little holes in my beliefs, but I cannot stand on the sidelines while they all declare war on my mind. So recall to my mind, Spirit, all You’ve put inside, every word that I need to turn me from the lies. Hear my prayer, I know You’re there, You haven’t ever left before. Breath of Life, I believe You’ll give the words I need. To face and bear the weight of what’s in front of me all the while. To never lose a real child-like belief. When pressures come, the price can seem too high, but I know for sure, giving up never earned a dime. Breath of Life, I believe You’ll give the words I need to be alright.

Grace Romans 8:1, 38–39 It’s the first thing I think about, love to talk about when I think of you. And this thing will never shy away or run away no matter what I do. On the days when my life is more bloodied than clean, from the wreckage where I cannot deny the blame is on me But when the world must turn its head away because it cannot bear my black and blues. You turn your head to me and say “You know I love you.” It’s the last thing expected by one who’s done a crime and caused so much pain. It’s the sentence You’ve rearranged with a sudden change and an unexpected rhyme. On the days when I was weeping all the way through the night from the fears that stole my sleeping, that told me “Your wrongs will never be made right…” that’s not true, that’s not right.

This album became a reality through necessity,

Max Butler—thank you for your vision, willingness and

prayer, and many peoples’ generous hearts. By

veteran insight throughout the whole process. Peter

necessity, I mean that my method of laptop-to-mic

Canton—for your humility, musical simplicity, and heart.

recording was going to have to end at some point

Tim Mooney & Closer Studios–for making the whole

when my Mom said, “Kev–great songs, but I can’t

recording experience quite enjoyable and professional.

hear the lyrics.” Something slightly more pro would

Thanks for staying so late into the night! Steven

have to be attempted. By prayer, I mean that the

Ramsey—for helping pass the late nights of RA life

Lord really impressed on me through times of prayer

with me while starting the whole musical collaboration

that now was the right time. And where do I start as

process in a dorm stairwell. I’m glad you could use

far as peoples’ generous contributions

your talent on this record. Mike Busbee—for believing

to making this all possible…

in me, musically and spiritually. You’ve taught me so much and have always pushed me toward my potential. Your fingerprints are all over this album.

Dalton Brand—for bringing even more life out of

Tommy Linn—for teaching me perseverance and

every mix. Ben Lawless—for your enthusiasm in

how to prioritize one’s passion for God over one’s

bringing your design creativity and heart to this

passion for music. Nic & Emmy Heywood—for

collection of songs. Thanks for jumping on board!

allowing me to be a part of your lives. God had

Will Ranish—for contributing your Web skills and

something really amazing up His sleeve when He put

your willingness to explore every possibility. Anne

us together! Pastors Roger & Heather Thrower—for

Lilly—for being such a great encouragement to me by

showing me the love of Jesus and what it means

contributing your teaching ability, heart, and years

to emphasize the importance of character before

of vocal experience. Andrew & Adrian Sanders—for

gifting/talent. Mom, Dad, Shawna/John, Brian/Kim,

your solid friendship. I’m a blessed guy to have

& Adam—I love you all. You’re all gifts to me. Thank

you both in my life. Jon Larsen—for your inspiration,

you for your prayers, love, and support. My Lord

energy, and ability to make me laugh at any given

Jesus—every song points back to You. Thank You


for using each song to speak to my heart when I needed Your comfort the most.

Kevin Toqe • lead vocals, bgv’s, acoustic guitars, piano, drums, and percussion

Max Butler • electric, acoustic, & nylon guitars, dobro, mandolin

Peter Canton • electric & acoustic bass Steven Ramsey • trumpet on “Love Is” Mike Busbee • bass on “Grace” Produced by Max Butler & Kevin Toqe Engineered & Recorded by Tim Mooney for Closer Studios, San Francisco Mixed by Mike Busbee Mastered by Dalton Brand Album Design by Ben Lawless, Photography by Lauren Ashley Photography All songs written, arranged, & performed by Kevin Toqe for WhereI’mHeadedMusic 2007. Visit

Kevin Toqe - Love Is (CD liner notes)  

Liner notes for Kevin Toqe's debut CD Love Is.

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