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Hello! Welcome to Sonoran Sun East 801! We hope you have a great visit! Please check out our Facebook page and our website for bar/restaurant specials, things to do in town, maps and more! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable, and please write in our guest journal. Sincerely, Denise and Eric,


Please let me know if there's anything you need. We take great pride in giving you personal service, so you won't need to have the front desk be the "middleman" to contact us when they have time. Air Conditioner:  The new system is digital and will only work if all the sliding glass doors and windows are closed. The light in the hallway will be green when the circuit is complete, and red if any doors are open.  The system will shut off if any door is open for more than 30 seconds. It will take about 10 minutes to reset and kick back on.  If there is any problem, please let me know as early in the day as possible so I can call the Maintenance team to troubleshoot or coordinate any repairs.  If the AC is off for a while, and you decide to put it back on, please be patient. It may take about 45 minutes to cool down the whole condo.

Energy Conservation:  We have replaced most bulbs with compact fluorescents and would appreciate your assistance in conserving electricity. Please try to turn lights off when not in use.  Please use the refreshing sea breeze to cool the condo down instead of the air conditioner whenever possible.  When using the dishwasher, please select “normal” and deselect the “heated dry cycle” button.  Please dry your towels and bathing suits in the fresh air, not the electric dryer.

Internet Access:  The condo is equipped with private wifi AND resort wifi. This means during peak times, you won't be sharing the bandwidth with the other 200 condos. The name and password are printed on the side of each router, so choose whichever gives you a stronger signal.  If you experience a problem, try unplugging the router to reset. Personal Safe:  We have a safe for your valuables in the right side pantry closet.  Create your own PIN by choosing a 4-digit code, holding the door closed , and pressing “#” . The LED indicator will display “CLOSED”.  To open the safe, press your code and the LED will display “OPEN” .  Leave the safe open when you leave or a fee may be taken from your deposit

Safety:  The tap water is treated and perfectly safe to drink, but you may prefer to use bottled water for drinking and making coffee. There is a Brita water pitcher in the fridge.  We encourage the use of the plastic plates and glasses. Getting a glass/ceramic splinter is a sure-fire way to ruin beach walks. Please don't put plastic in the microwave. Feel free to use our styrofoam cooler to bring beverages to the pool/beach, but please, cans only. No glass is allowed to the pool area. .

Housekeeping:  You will have complete privacy during your visit. The condo will be cleaned and supplied before your arrival and after your departure. Please let me know if there is anything wrong when you arrive asap.  Paper products, soaps, a 3-gallon purified water jug, trash bags, dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent are provided. They will not be replenished during your stay.  Please bring your garbage to the large trash bin next to the BBQ area in the parking lot.  Suggested gratuity is $3-5 per day.

Telephone:  The house phone can call extensions within the resort, Mexican phone numbers, and back to the US for FREE. People can reach you at a US or Mexican number.  To receive calls, give the Arizona number: 602-412-3715 or Mexico number: 638-383-0200. Your caller will reach the front desk and then may then ask for condo 801 East or press 1801 if they get the automated system  For a local cell phone, dial 044 + 638 +7 digit phone number.  For a local land line, just the 7 digit number.  To dial the US, dial 9 + the area code + 7 digit phone number. No need to dial 1 before the area code.  To dial between rooms, dial "1" + the room number for those in the East wing, and "2" + room number for the West wing Sound Bar and Tower Speaker:  Connect your music source using the Bluetooth or an aux cord to the headphone jack.  You can bring the tower speaker out to the balcony to plug in near the hammock. Please place it in the corner so wind doesn't blow it over, and remember that "quiet time" begins at 10pm. Entertainment :  We get Arizona basic cable channels and Univision plus Showtime and HBO on each tv  We've added FireTV to receive Netflix, PBS kids and more. Not all apps will work in Mexico  Our accounts are logged in for Netflix and Amazon Prime, please don't log out.  If any remotes don't work, please try changing the batteries with those in the dresser by the water jug.  There are flat screen tv's in each bedroom, a BluRay DVD player in the master bedroom and living room, and a DVD/VCR player in the bunk room. We have a bunch of VHS tapes and copied DVDs  We have a Wii video console and 18 Wii games. The remotes and nunchuck are in the armoire.  Board games and books are in the living room armoire Dishwasher:  The resort has hard water and will leave spots on dishes and glasses from the dishwasher  Please DE-select the heated dry cycle Laundry:  The laundry room has a washer, dryer, ironing board and iron.  Since your towels will not be changed out during your visit, a laundry packet is provided if you wish to do a load of wash. Please air dry your towels between daily uses on the balcony to help us save energy.  There's also a clothesline to string between railings and clothes pins in the laundry room. The wind can get VERY STRONG on our balcony. In those situations, take extra care.  There are hooks on the wall just outside of the sliding doors for bathing suits as well as a multi hook drying rack in the laundry room to put outside also

Pool/Beach:  Enjoy the use of the items in the laundry room and kitchen pantry. We have sand toys, beach chairs, pool “noodles”, and beach. Please wash off sand in the beachside shower before bringing the items back up to the condo.  Please use your personal towels to bring to the pool and beach. (You may be charged from the resort if you use condo towels outside the unit) Room Specifics:  2nd and 3rd bedrooms: Please open the blinds to horizontal before pulling the cord to raise them  Bathrooms: The water in the Jacuzzi Tub in the Master Bath needs to be above the jets before pressing the button in the corner. Hair dryers are provided in each bathroom.  Living room: The couch along the front windows opens to a queen size bed. The linen and pillows are inside the white storage ottoman  Kitchen: (please click the hyperlinks for usage manuals) o We have added an infrared electric BBQ for the balcony which can be plugged into the socket by the outdoor counter. The tile floor slopes, so try to level the BBQ so any grease collected in the trap doesn't spill out. Please wash both the grill surface and the grease trap in the sink after use. There is also a grill area off the parking lot with both charcoal and gas grills if you prefer. o The Ninja blender has a safety feature that prevents it from working unless the arrows on the lid and pitcher handle are lined up. When you rotate the pitcher into position, the red power light will be blinking. When the lid and arrows are lined up and the handle is locked, the light will be solid. o We have pots and fry pans, cooking utensils, spices, microwave, coffee maker (disposable coffee filters are not needed—there's a permanent gold filter), blender, toaster, toaster oven, crock pot, large clam pot, electric griddle, waffle maker, hand mixer and more. If anything doesn't work well, please let me know. o Please bring garbage to the dumpster by the outdoor grills in the parking lot.

Balcony:  Please smoke ONLY on the balcony and put out cigarettes with water before putting in the garbage.  All the chaise lounges and hammock are rated for one person only.  If the winds are really high, please unhook the hammock and bring it indoors, and check the cushions are attached firmly.  If you notice our plants looking dry, please give them some water :)

Upon check out: Please empty your trash and run the dishwasher. You don't have to clean the condo or bathrooms before leaving, although we do ask that you leave the condo as straightened-up as possible to make it easier for Lupita to clean. If something becomes damaged, please let us know instead of letting us find out on our own. Sometimes we need to clean the condo quickly for the next renter, and if something requires time to replace or repair we'd prefer to know as soon as possible. Please text me at 845-728-4214 so I can let Lupita and her team know.

Enjoy your visit!!

Our Favorite Restaurants: The best meal in town is the one you enjoy at the condo! Get some takeout, cook up some shrimp or clams and enjoy dinner on the balcony! For chicken, try Pollo Lucas for mesquite grilled chicken and sides. There is an excellent Seafood market on Sinaloa for shrimp to cook in the condo. HUGE shrimp = $22/kilo (sold frozen in kilo blocks.) You can also get seafood at old Port and on the Malecon. Lots of restaurants are starting to do takeout (and delivery!!) also. For when you want to experience our local flavors, these are some of our favorite restaurants and I have menus here. You can see their locations at this link on my website. 

Best Tacos (fast food version)--Combo Taco (You'll go more than once!!!)

Best Breakfast--Kaffeehaus. Other good choices are Boulevard 301, Candy Cake, and Lucky's

Best Sunset drinks--The Point, BooBar & Satisfied Frog, (Malecon), El Capitan & Fish (top of Whale Hill)

Best Bloody Marys and American lunch--Max's

Best Live Music--Banditos (near Sonoran Spa), Boo Bar, Shark Bite and Tekila Bar (Malecon), Wrecked at wrthe Reef (just past the cruise ship pier)

Best expensive food--Mare Blu, Pane e Vino

Best large group/kid-friendly restaurants--Wrecked at the Reef has a HUGE inside and tables outside on the beach. JJ's Cantina in Cholla bay has multiple outdoor patio tiers down to the beach. El Capitan has a huge outdoor patio and awesome views over the Malecon to Sandy Beach. South Side Jillz at the end of 13th St has a nice outdoor area for horseshoes and bonfires and pool tables inside. The Satisfied Frog on the Malecon has tables outside right on the pavement, so the kids can run around when they get bored and you'll be able to watch them.

Best Fish--El Buzo on Benito Juarez, just past the RR tracks in the plaza on the right, Changos on the same driveway as Banditos and Sonoran Sea/Spa/Las Palmas also has a pool Emiliano's restaurant in the center courtyard is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It even offers room service! Contact them at x5005

Our Favorite Activities:  

  

(please let our friends know that Denise at Paradise In Peñasco Reservations referred you)

Bring a bag of dog food and some old towels or blankets for Barb's Dog Rescue Go to Bird Island to kayak and swim with sea lions. Totally unforgettable ence. We've gone three times! EcoFun Rentals hugs the shore out to Mayan Palace, so you get to see all of Peñasco from the water, then goes out to the island. Del Mar Charters goes directly out, but starts later so you can sleep in. If you like seafood, definitely go to an "Ostionera". The Oyster farms are run by a coop of women to raise the oysters and maintain the cages. It can't get any fresher! Oysters on the half shell, ceviche, and stingray tostadas! Yum! Take an ultralight flight or Parasail to get a bird's-eye view of Sandy Beach Try the new Zip Line at Cholla mountain For a tailored tour of anything Rocky Point (oyster farms, Pinacate volcano biosphere, local eats tour, etc.) contact Penasco Recreation at

You can also coordinate excursions and kayak/paddle board rentals with the Seaside concierge: dial extension 3012 from the condo or Book with them directly using my name and enjoy a 20% discount :)

4 hours $45 USD 8 hours $50 USD 24 hours $60 USD

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