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Issue 3: July 2016

Welcome to our annual end of academic year newsletter that looks back at all the fun, challenge and adventure our young people have been getting up to in the last 12 months.

Over 800 miles from Penarth, Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland is the “Permanent Mini Jamboree�. In the summer of 2015, 60 Scouts, Explorers and Leaders from Penarth and District joined It also gives district activity dates for the 11,000 Scouts who travel there each year. Despite spending over a day on a 2016/17. I hope you enjoy reading about all the fun coach, the long journey was well worth it our young people have had in the past year upon arrival at the stunning Swiss Alps. Over the course of 10 days, the participants supported by our volunteers. enjoyed a whole range of activities Julian Jordan, District Commissioner including ropes courses, trotti bikes, white water rafting, canyoning, tobogganing, swimming in a glacier lake and a camp fire with a thousand other Scouts. However, the highlight was arguably on August 1st, when Penarth and District joined Scouts from all over the world and the Kandersteg locals to celebrate Swiss National Day. During the day, the participants took part in a range of activities throughout the campsite and the town. In the evening, the participants joined over 1500 other Scouts walking en masse to the town, with Penarth and District leading the way with singing and chanting to get everyone in the party spirit. Once there, they enjoyed a brilliant fireworks display on the last night of a truly remarkable trip, where friendships were formed, different cultures were experienced and memories were made.

Big thanks to the followStuart Ingram—Beavers ing adults that have joined scouting: Brain Jones—Explorers Ian Barlow—District Executive

Ned Powell—Cubs Mark Taylor—Scouts Gareth Bendle – Storm Explorers Ann Wardell — Beavers

Leon Bartlett – 1st Llandough Cubs

Daniel Chappell – 1st Dinas Powys Beavers Sarah Crossman—94th Penarth Cubs Dan Davies—1st Dinas Powys Cubs Tomos Havard – 94th Penarth Scouts and Les Pughs Own Explorers Katlin Hudd—6th Penarth Scouts Bethan Hurlstone—15th Penarth Beavers Susi Hurlstone—15th Penarth Beavers

And to those that have taken new/extra roles: Will Batten —District Appointment Committee

Adam Jackson – 1st Dinas Powys Group Exec

Lucien Boudier —District Training Advisor

Andrea Johns—6th Penarth Beavers

Helen Davies—District Training Advisor

Marika Jones—6th Penarth Scouts

Paul Casey – District Training Advisor

Stephen Katchi – 12th Penarth Cubs

Danny Herlihy—GSL 12th Penarth

Eric Kendall—1st Llandough Cubs

Peter Hill—District Executive

Daniel Mallett – Chair 1st Dinas Powys

Judith Ingram – District Training Manager

Rachel Nugent-Finn—6th Penarth Beavers April Payne—1st Dinas Powys Cubs

Sally Knight —District Appointment Committee & District Executive

Kelly Porter—1st Penarth Cubs

Rob Morse — District Night Away Advisor

Euan Proctor—12th Penarth Scouts

Iris Owen —District Appointment Committee

Sabrina Rind—6th Penarth Beavers

Phil Perks—District Night Away Advisor

Becci Sterlini – 12th Penarth Beavers

Julia Powell—12th Penarth Cubs

Ruth Taylor – 1st Dinas Powys Cubs Helen Turner—District Appointment Committee Marylyn Thomas – 1st Dinas Powys Group Exec Karl Watkins – 1st Dinas Powys Group Exec Megan Wookey—6th Penarth Beavers

Ned Powell — 1st Penarth Cubs Dawn Power— 1st Penarth Chair Dave Taylor– GSL 1st Penarth

Beaver Scouts are the youngest section of Scouting. The 8 Beaver colonies in the Penarth and District Scout Area have had a busy year. We currently have over 150 young people aged between 6 and 8 who meet weekly to explore their world, learn new skills, play games , make new friends and earn lots of badges. This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the creation of the Beaver section of scouting and we have had three big events where all the Beavers in the district have come together.

In November 77 Beavers met at Techniquest in Cardiff Bay for a massive sleepover. The Beavers got to try the exhibits, see live science shows and visit the planetarium for a trip through the stars. They also got to design and build space rockets for blasting off into the sky. After a fun-packed night the Beavers slept amongst the scientific experiments!

In March 83 Beavers assembled for a badge day. This day enables the Beavers to get together to earn lots of different badges in one go. They tried out bike riding and learned about basic cycle maintenance, learned photography skills and also earned their digital citizen badges by using different forms of technology.

Finally in June over 35 Beavers went on the annual district trip. This year we went on a 2 mile hike to Castell Coch whilst exploring the sculpture trail at Fforest Fawr. Next we went to Caerphilly Mountain ranch for an afternoon of den building, archery and Sleepover— Autumn Term marshmallow toasting. Carol Service– 12th December Beaver Badge Day—4th March St Georges Day—26th April Beaver Trip –17th June

Cub Scouts are young people aged between 8 and 10 1/2, who make up the second section of the Scouting family, between Beavers and Scouts. 2016 was a special year to be a cub as it was the 100th anniversary of Cub Scouting. To celebrate this special year we ran a t-shirt competition and we had over 200 of the winning t-shirts printed and they were to be handed out at our 2016 events starting with District Cub Camp.

Our most adventurous Cub camp ever. This event was the start of our anniversary celebrations so we made sure it was unforgettable for all involved. We ran activities that haven’t been run at Cub camps before like archery, bouldering and the spider mountain. To go with all the adventure we still had time to pack in the traditional campfire and activities like tent pitching, firelighting, shelter building and tracking.

District 100 Fun day—1st October Carol Service– 12th December Badge Day—11th February 5-A-side—1st April St Georges Day—26th April Cub Sleepover— 10-11th June

The non stop day to achieve one badge in a day, this year backwoods cooking made pizza on the embers, the navigators walked from cosmeston to PADSAC, DIYers made coat hooks and made a bird feeder, our budding chefs made pita pizza and lovely biscuits, our photographer took loads of selfies and picture of the local area, techniquest was the place to be for the astronomers, pioneers made their own rope and friendship bracelets. With over 100 cubs attending badge day it was our best turnout yet and it will only get bigger and better. The best bit was that we didn’t let the rain stop us.

A huge event which is held every other year bought more adventure and celebration for cubs in the district with over 2000 Cubs from all over Wales in Builth Wells we took over the showground. The cubs took part in a wide range of activities including the opportunity to ride the pedal cars or jump on to the airbags as much

'Scouting has given me a fantastic opportunity to do lots of activities and things that people who are not in Scouts don’t get to do. It’s about having fun with good friends.’ Scouts are usually aged between 10½ and 14.

Over 20 Scouts took part in the Wii Hike around the district navigating from scout hall to scout hall and then competing in Nintendo Wii gaming and other console battles. The patrol that won was from a mixed patrol of 94th Penarth receiving the expedition trophy for 2015 7 patrols from around the district took part in the annual cooking comp. The patrols cooked dishes from burgers to curries and the favourite with the judges; welsh cakes. The overall winners were the 1st Penarth. The standard of the cooking this year was very high and every team was in with a shout of winning and should be proud.

Owain Havard (Explorer) got silver in the postal shoot explorer section. I e u a n Havard got a gold and Tom Havard the bronze in the adult section.

35 Scouts and Explorers spent a Saturday on the water doing 4 different water activities from powerboating to Kayaking and Sailing. In total the scouts did over 200 hours on the water which goes towards their time on the water The scout section took over a guide centre in badge. march just outside Portcawl to work part of the costal trail and do some archery. The long term challenge is to see how long it is for members of the district to have walked the whole path!

50 Scouts from Penarth and District joined up with over 1000 scouts from across Wales to take part in the All Wales Scout Camp 2016 at the Royal Welsh Showground. They took part in 100’s of activities including driving a car, zorbing, mountain biking , wheel chair basketball and pancake making to name a few.

Wii Hike—15h October Carol Service– 12th December Cooking Comp — 28th January 5-A-side—1st April St Georges Day—24th April Knots & Targets Camp –11-13th May Water Day 2015— 17th June

Explorer Scouts is the 4th section of Scouting for young people aged 14 to 18. Explorer Scouts can work towards their Duke of Edinburgh and Scout Awards. Explorers can also be young leaders with one of the younger sections.

3 of our Explorers scout spend last summer in Japan as part of the Welsh Contingent to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. The 3 joined over 35,000 other scouts from round the world. As well as camping at the jamboree the 3 spend some days with host families getting to know more about family life in Japan and also a couple of day in Tokyo.

We have 4 explorer scout units (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well as Young Leaders). The section is the most adventurous of our 5 sections doing a wide range of activities with a few show below.

Young Leaders Social 1 — 5th September Adventure Camp—11th 13th November Carol Service– 12th December Over the last 5 years explorer scouting within the district has grown with us opening a new unit in 2011 (Storm). This summer we have piloted another unit meeting on Tuesday. We are looking for more adults to support the growth of this section.

Young Leaders Social 2—9th January Young Leaders Social 3—24th April St Georges Day—26th April Knots & Targets Camp –11-13th May Water Day 2015— 17th June Young Leaders Social 4—3rd July

Scout Network is the fifth section of The Scout Associations youth programme and is for all young adults aged 18 - 25. Scouting exists to make young people’s lives better, helping them realise their full potential and make an impact on their community. Scout Network enables this to happen through a programme of projects and events divided into three Programme Areas: Adventure, International and Community. As a member of Scout Network you can expect to have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of exciting projects and events with 20,000 other 18 to 25 year olds across the UK. You will have the chance to get involved in a variety of activities and can earn virtual badges for your contribution. Whilst participating in the Scout Network programme of projects and events you will build a great network of friends through working as part of a team. You’ll also learn invaluable life skills and have the opportunity to take the lead and build your leadership skills. No previous experience is necessary and it’s free to join. So, if you’re aged 18 – 25 and would like Young Leaders Social 1 — 5th September to find out more or get involved with Adventure Camp—11th 13th November Penarth Scout Network contact us at:

Carol Service– 12th December Young Leaders Social 2—9th January Young Leaders Social 3—24th April St Georges Day—26th April The Festival –30th June— 2nd July Young Leaders Social 4—3rd July

In May the district purchased a 6 seater van to support our volunteers to be able to offer more adventures to our young people. This will save costs on hiring vans and the time it takes to pick up and drop off after events. The van is available for use by all adult members. The purchase was supported by a loan from the Area Scout Council that needs to be paid off each month, and grants from Penarth Town Council, £300, and Llandough Council £50.

Over the past 4 years we have been able to take thousands of young people on the water using our bellboat. This year we haven’t been able to do this because we have not had access to the water in Cardiff Bay during the evenings when most scouting activities take place. We are looking at ways to improve the situation for next year. To do this we need help from people who have contacts at locations around the bay with access. If you know or can help please get in touch with Julian Jordan District Commissioner.

During the past 12 months we have trained our adult volunteers in Archery thanks to a grant from the Sports Council for Wales and climbing thanks Brian Lea, an ex District Commissioner to funding from Dish out the Dosh of the District has Community Grant. We were also able published a book to add more Bellboat Helms to our on Scouting in the team. We are looking to add more District from 1908activities to the list next year with 2009. The book is Traditional Rafting being first on the available from list. Being an activity instructor is a Griffins Books, 9A different way for adults to get Windsor Rd, involved. We are always looking for Penarth, CF64 1JB. new activites and instructors so get in touch.

Each year awards are awarded for the section and groups that attend the most activities, do the most nights away and gain the most badges in total (relative to the number of members). The 2015 awards were presented at the District Carol Service at All Saints Penarth. Have a look below to see the details!

Membership Nights Away Events Chief Scouts Average 1st Penarth 24 40 55 13 4.14 1st 1st Cogan 15 9 31 2 2.71 2nd 1st Dinas Powys 16 5 24 1 1.83 3rd

15th Penarth 1st Dinas Powys 12th Penarth

Membership Nights Away Events Chief Scouts Average 10 47 12 0 5.90 1st 32 61 71 2 4.15 2nd 32 23 71 0 2.94 3rd

1st Dinas Powys 6th Penarth 1st Penarth

Membership Nights Away Events Chief Scouts Average 39 414 63 1 12.24 1st 27 165 80 0 9.90 2nd 37 110 70 0 4.86 3rd Membership Nights Away Events

Storm ESU Network 1st Dinas Powys

19 11 100

We col l ect Tass imo cartridges and wraps for recycling. Please encourage friends and family to keep and drop off at PADSAC. We get 2p for each one.

143 34 544

29 20 191

Chief Scouts Average 0 0 4

9.05 1st 8.06 2nd 7.36 3rd

Barry Angus Derrick Musk Iris Owen

Danny Herhily Ann Spackman The scout shop we run at PADSAC adds a lot of benefits to our members including:Helen Davies Paul Casey Helen Morgan Lucy Salter


Easier access to uniforms


Profits generated going in to scouting locally

To continue the work we are looking at increasing our volunteers either on Saturday or Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. If you can help or know Our district Headquarters PADSAC is someone that can on a rota please get available for Hire for meetings, parties in touch. and sleepovers. More details and prices can be found on our website.

In September Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and their families from the district took part in a two day Family camp at Woodhouse Park Scout Activity Centre near Bristol. The camp was attended by over 60 families from all the groups in the Penarth District. An active weekend comprised of Abseiling, Climbing, Backwoods cooking, Archery and shooting to name but a few. Not only did the young people have a great time but the parents were also able to experience the activities and have a taste of scouting during the weekend. Many parents have since been even more involved with activities and events since the camp. At the end of a long day on the Saturday the whole camp got together around the campfire for a great sing song lead by leaders from around the district. As the campfire burned and the sun set against the backdrop of the severn bridges the young people and adults returned to their tents for a great night’s sleep. The family camp is one event not to be missed! Next one is 15-17th September 2017

More information can be found on 0330 330 1907

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Penarth and District Review Newsletter 2015/16  

Penarth and District Review Newsletter 2015/16 (The Bear Factor)

Penarth and District Review Newsletter 2015/16  

Penarth and District Review Newsletter 2015/16 (The Bear Factor)