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Be certain

Our world PEM was founded in

We audit twothirds of the Cambridge colleges

by 2 brothers, Robert and Ebenezer Peters – 5 years before the Chartered Institute of Accountants came into existence

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PEM began trading at number 7 Downing Street, Cambridge

Our world

The first elected Managing Partner, Paul Chapman, was chosen in 2001

140 staff in 2014

was established in 2004

PEM joined in 2007

PEM now sits in 3 ‘houses’ in Station Road, Cambridge



Who are we?

Who are we?

Who are we? ‘A chartered accountancy firm servicing a diverse range of businesses and individuals since 1875’ is only part of the story. PEM is not just the partners and services we provide. PEM is you. And the person sitting at the next desk. And the group of people across the corridor. The thread that links us all is the passion, the drive and the confidence we all share to be the best. We’re lucky enough to be carving our own path into the future. Our concrete offering remains the same. But the way we deliver it is in our hands – with the spark, the individuality and the entrepreneurship that will set us apart from – and ahead of – our competitors.



What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? We are PEM and should only refer to ourselves by these initials. This is key to our identity: it’s crisp, concise, memorable, simple and fast. All characteristics that we wish to convey to the outside world. The ‘full’ name of the firm, with the surnames, is only seen in small print on stationery, where the regulatory information is a legal requirement. In every other case, let’s just use the initials – and never ‘pem’ as a single syllable.

What’s in a name?



Who are we?

Who are we?

Who are we? You’re in a lift. Someone asks you to describe PEM. The answer would be something like…

Energetic…grounded…smart. Not words usually associated with accountancy, but the key personality traits of PEM. Our clients enjoy a relationship that’s open and jargon-free; one where needs are explored and understood; and one where our reliability and track record contribute to our clients’ own success. At every stage, we demonstrate authenticity and combine our collective knowledge and smartness to deliver certainty in an uncertain world.



What do we do?

What do we do? Every day we all do far more for our clients than we claim we do. Sometimes it’s worth taking a few minutes to consider the added value we provide and the strengths we should be concentrating on to set us apart from the rest. Over the following pages are the main areas in which we excel. Some are more tangible than others, but all are features of our day-to-day dealings with our clients. It’s not a list of services but the benefits we bring to our clients.

What do we do?


Tailored communications

What do we do?


Full service Honesty

Mutual respect Guidance Take responsibility/free u Understand issues and people

Build close relationships



What do we do?






Diagnose and interpret


Don’t up client’s time sugarEvaluate and coat choose clients Give peace of mind

Be a psychotherapist



What do they say about us?

What do they say about us? “Having our questions answered swiftly and efficiently allows us to continue with our business uninterrupted. Knowing that prompt and reliable advice is available at the end of the phone is particularly important for a business of our size.” “It is a novelty, we can assure you, to attend a meeting where our professional advisers are clear in their thought and communication, well prepared and make us feel like a valued client who they are trying to do their very best for.” “At all levels PEM are very approachable. They are able to see the problems from our angle and level, and they tailor their advice in a clear and concise way. We wish we’d moved to PEM years ago.”

What do they say about us?

We have been using the professional services of PEM for many years because they’re efficient, reliable and quick.



Our values

Our values

Our values Three words sum up what is important to us at PEM:

Authenticity Reliability Empathy

Authenticity Authenticity means being true to both ourselves and our clients. Honesty, openness and transparency can only have good, positive outcomes. This has always been the case and continues to be key to the culture we foster at PEM. To achieve this we always need to be certain of our capabilities and what we will actually deliver. This means never waffling. Never sugar-coating. And never guessing. Instead we should always be genuine and give a level of honesty we would expect from our closest friends. This authenticity, combined with our experience and proven approach, will contribute to our clients’ success.



Our values

Reliability Leading on directly from authenticity, reliability means that we always deliver what we say we will, thanks to the calibre of our people and our services. And when our clients realise just how reliable we are, they’ll stay with us, forging lasting relationships that are every bit as valuable to us as to them. Whether we are recommending a brand new solution or a more traditional approach, we always have the client’s interests at heart and are thinking about the long term.

Our values

Empathy A good working relationship relies not only on getting to know our clients but on developing a deep understanding of them: their needs, their wants and their values. By assuring our clients that we would act in exactly the same way to achieve the same outcome for ourselves, we are reassuring them that they are in the best hands. Our key value lies in our ability to see and appreciate the bigger picture, to get to the real issues and to make pragmatic recommendations.



Our commitment to professionalism

Our commitment to professionalism Our Code of Professional Conduct encompasses our image and behaviour while representing the firm in any capacity. We’re proud to be part of PEM. We’re aware that we represent the firm in everything we do and that our behaviour reflects on our friends and colleagues within the firm. We’re courteous to colleagues, clients, contacts and everyone we come into contact with. Even outside of working hours, when we’re representing the firm we maintain the same high standards of professionalism. We respect other people and are aware of the demands on their time. We arrive for meetings punctually and fully prepared. If we’re going to be late, we always send other attendees a message letting them know, and always apologise in person.

We: • act in a professional and ethical manner at all times • dress appropriately for a professional services firm • show honesty and integrity • communicate respectfully • promote a culture where promises matter and fairness, respect and accountability are valued, encouraged and recognised


Be certain

It’s PEM’s single organising idea: a concept that underlies how we think, behave and work. It’s not a strapline. Or a slogan. And few people outside of the firm will ever see it. But it’s key to the PEM persona that we are distilling from the years of success as a leading Cambridge accountancy firm. Certainty is a key commodity in our industry and we believe it should be central to everything we offer. We should absorb ‘Be certain’ as a mantra for everything we do at PEM – and that includes our interactions with our colleagues as well as with our clients. For the latter it not only defines our expertise and quality, it gives peace of mind for one of the most important aspects of their lives.


Be certain – what it means...

What it means to us We are in the business of certainty. We bring to bear our collective knowledge and intelligence to make sure that in everything we do, with everyone we employ, at every meeting we have, and in every service we provide – we deliver certainty.

What it means to our clients Our clients operate in a number of constantly changing markets and economies. PEM’s role in their operations is as an enabler – one that can be relied on to deliver its services with accuracy, quality and confidence every time to the benefit of our clients. This certainty will be inherent and apparent in every encounter our clients have with PEM.

In an uncertain world, certainty is a precious commodity.


What can we be certain of?

What can we be certain of? Our promise to you:

Be certain of your future with PEM

Be certain of your career development

Be certain we have happy clients

Be certain you’re working well in a driven and successful team

Be certain of our knowledge

Be certain of our vision

What can our clients be certain of?

What can our clients be certain of? Our promise to them:

Be certain with PEM

Be certain PEM will always be by your side

Be certain your finances are in safe hands

Be certain that we will always deliver

Be certain in Cambridge

Be certain of your future



What can we offer you?

What can we offer you? • Attractive salary package at market rates • Work/life balance

• Support in professional qualifications** • Structured management development programme

• BUPA Healthcare* • Annual flu-jab programme • Free annual sight test and contribution towards glasses

What can we offer you?

• Cycle to work scheme • Free on-site parking • Dry cleaning service

• Free access to Cambridge Botanical Gardens • Discounted Arts Theatre tickets • Attractive contributory pension scheme and DIS insurance policy* • Holiday purchase scheme (plus two additional days at Christmas) These are the key benefits available when this book was printed; we are constantly reviewing our benefits package to ensure it works well for both the business and our teams and as such they may change, but please be reassured that we will always keep you up to date. *eligibility criteria apply **where appropriate



The future

The future

The future Our firm, our culture, our strengths and our vision put us in a very positive place to face the future – and we can feel proud and confident when doing so. Our relationships with people, both internally and externally, are closer than ever before. We will strive to keep everyone informed at all times of what we’re doing and, by offering the best possible advice, engender feelings of safety, security and certainty. We hope you share our excitement about PEM as we look forward to times of dynamism, inspiration and innovation – a firm and a group of people in touch with today.



Our vision



Our vision

To be the Cambridge accountancy firm


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PEM - Book of certainty  

PEM - Book of certainty