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Spring/Summer 2012

VOICE The College’s Student Magazine

The Voice aims to be just that – a voice for students wishing to comment on life at the College. There’s a selection of opinion and useful info. The idea is to give you a snapshot of student life. This is our first ever student mag and the team has placed a lot of effort and commitment into getting this magazine off the ground. So what’s in this issue? If you don’t know what an Instagram is then you’ll soon find out – go to page 6 and don’t forget to enter the competition. We are also going to uncover diplomas, introduce you to a resident student entrepreneur, look at beauty treatments for boys and finally a little light hearted banter! Do you see yourself as a budding journo, photographer or designer? If you do, then we need to talk... call the features desk on ext. 347 or email OR if you have an idea for a feature, an interview, a review or news item please email: or call the features desk on ext. 163

Meet the team

Back: Left to right Rhys Jones - Editorial Dan Muller - Editorial Dom Wint - Graphic Designer Graeme Lake - Editorial Gazz Evans - Editorial Front: Left to Right Abby Ford - Photographer Lily Evans - Editorial

A message from the Principal

Congratulations to the team for producing this magazine. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the commitment shown by the team. With back-up from our professionals in the marketing department, students have gained experience in communicating their ideas, being creative, team-working and sticking to deadlines – all good skills in today’s competitive marketplace. Most importantly, I hope VOICE will be just that – a voice for our students. May this be the first of many. Sharron Lusher, Principal VOICE is the official student magazine of Pembrokeshire College. Published by the marketing department, Pembrokeshire College. Tel: 01437 753 163. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the Senior Management Team ISSUE 1 | PAGE 2

Putting opportunity in your hand


The mCommunity Project is led by Pembrokeshire College in collaboration with Gower College Swansea and TSSG, is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Ireland Wales Cross Border Programme 2007-­2013 (INTERREG 4A).


Do have family members who would be interested in learning and support?


The mCommunity project is a new and innovative way to access learning for people over nineteen who are not currently employed, on a training course or in education. Using the latest smartphones and a dedicated tutor we can give one to one WYTTSVXXSEJEQMP]QIQFIVXSKEMRER3'2UYEPM½GEXMSRXLEX will improve their skills and may increase their opportunity of employment. The learning takes place via a smartphone so they can access their tutor anywhere*. Regular meetings at convenient locations also allows time for their tutor to listen and give encouragement. If you know WSQISRI[LSMWSZIVXLIEKISJRMRIXIIR[LS[SYPHFIRI½X from or be interested in this project please contact us. 01437 753 202 or 07896 811 183 Email * Where 3G signals are available mCommunity is based at Pembrokeshire College

Student Governor

Newly Appointed Student Governor Jennie Owens is a second year A-level student at the College.

Last year she was Chair of the Learner Voice Committee and was elected to be the Student Governor on the College Board of Governors for the year 2011/12.

As a member of the Board, the student governor is not required to bring professional skills to the Board, but to provide first-hand insight into the experience of being a student at the College. As such they are highly valued by the other members of the Board for their knowledge of the College from the students’ perspective. The Student Governor appointment is for one year and next term there will be an election for a new Student Governor to join the Board from September 2012. If you are interested in this role, look out for more information on Nexus about the forthcoming election, or contact Julie Evans, Clerk to the Governors, on 01437 753252 or for more information. When asked about the role, Jennie commented “The role of Student Governor is worthwhile and rewarding for those who want to make a positive difference to the College and be involved in discussions at the highest level. Training and support is available and you will also receive a certificate to show that you have been a Student Governor.”


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What’s APPenin: by Rhys Availability: Currently only on the Apple App Store Download Cost: FREE

With the ever growing accessibility of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and the rising popularity in blogging and online diaries, the arrival of Instagram comes as no real surprise. A form of photo blogging, Instagram allows the user to take pictures through unique and retro style filters and then upload them by means of 3G or Wi-Fi to their social network profiles. With the recent release of Facebook’s ‘Timeline’ feature, the integration of Instagram is both fitting and popular. Since its release in 2010 this App now has more than 15 million users (as of December 2011), 60% of which downloaded the app in the past six months alone. Personally I think this App has some really cool features backed with a simple user interface. The different modes for lens focus and filter processing can leave any quick snap looking like a professional shot. In terms of an aid for blogging, the creators have left no room for error. With every major networking site

linked to Instagram, uploading pictures on the move really couldn’t be easier. But with its vast user base on the Apple App store, the question remains as to why it’s yet to appear on the Android market? Though there are many imitations on the market none rival the 1970’s originality of Instagram and it seems an Android version is being eagerly anticipated by a crowd of users. Yet to have a release date announced, the CEO of Instagram has said in numerous conventions that there are currently people working on an Android version of the App.

Win an iPod Nano

Take your copy of Voice where no magazine has gone before… AND THEN TAKE A PICTURE OF IT WITH INSTAGRAM. Send your picture to, explicit pictures will be disqualified…keep it clean!

http &tbn xGw oakl 3&v age= &tbnid=uBI5BSi5125_wM:&imgrefurl= xGwxyQOr3swpwM&imgurl= oakley-logo.jpg&w=1549&h=583&ei=BqBDT8-GLsGq0QX59dSODw&zoom=1&iact=hc&v 3&vpy=206&dur=3758&hovh=138&hovw=366&tx=193&ty=86&sig=1001552761645942346 age=1&tbnh=57&tbnw=152&start=0&ndsp=46&ved=0CEcQrQMwAA )RU/,IHVW\OH$GYHQWXUHDQG6SRUWLQJJRRGV 6XUILQJ_:LQGVXUILQJ_)RRWEDOO 5XJE\_1HWEDOO_6KRRWLQJ_)LVKLQJ




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me -levels are for A if re u s t o n …

HEraLemPe By G

in the shape e progression se ts en ud st y an e case. Like After GCSEs, m t have to be th no es do is cult th t ceedingly diffi of A-levels; bu ss of exams ex re l to A st e ua th eq d (ie un many, I fo ay to level 3 w r he ot ed an is se ere mas are as ss to manage. Th National Diplo s, you am ks ex ar of m d tain high levels). Instea ind you, to ob (M k. gh or hi w a se at ur rd through co d to work ha ly dedicated an need to be real eed). cc su adlines, to level to tight de arning is se is that the le ur co of rt so is of th lly about the The advantage will be specifica se ur co e sign, th as s media, art, de tailored to you en, whether it’ os ch ve ha u g. industry yo g or engineerin ism, computin business, tour l 1 or 2 at the udying at leve st be ay can m u yo n is steady and Remember ge, progressio lle e and Co tim at e t th bu in t, momen ted and put ca di de e ar u yo ses. be achieved if to level 3 cour then move on n ca u Yo t. or eff cts leads to e required aspe th l al of n io et pl an equal par. Successful com so they are on ls, ve le n A3 of gnised and ca the equivalent nationally reco e it ar n ns gi tio be ca to ifi just need These qual d beyond. You an y sit er iv un lead to it. and stick with


Con Catering with

of ef, or work front a career as a ch ue rs pu to e is th If your aim ), then this is ing a restaurant of the house (ie runn e practical side th for you. From of many se e ur dg co le ct ow rfe pe extensive kn an t ge u d yo an re g braisin course whe hods including et m u learn g yo in re ok he co w , different the course of e sid ry eo co th catering urse stewing, to the the kitchen. A in ty fe you sa d an reer. At College about health t r a successful ca fo en u nm yo ro n vi ai tr en can fully nal kitchen sio es of pr a in e the gain experienc urse, but also in e service g side of the co in th e ok nc co e rie th pe ex ith w d bistro you an nt ra au st re College’s house. to work front of skills required


Cool Cymru... If you are a non-Welsh speaking student you will have an opportunity to acquire Welsh language skills either within your chosen programme of study or as part of the College’s Enrichment & Enhancement programme. To ½RHSYXQSVIEFSYXFMPMRKYEP provision, contact the College’s Welsh Language Development Officer on 01437 753 435.


nce ills and confide build up my sk ons. It ed si lp ci he de t ly al en re “It has g independ in ak m d an d am s an working in a te unication skill with my comm t, en ud has also helped st g ice” said caterin customer serv . 18 d, Kathryn Penfol

ak into Hoping to bre


nalism, Graphic a career in Jour re cu loma se to is e Extended Dip If your aim dustry then th In is the lm n Fi ig e es th D & or Design loma in Art ip D ed nd te Ex e in Media or th for you. perfect course also principles, but focus on these ing and it lm es fi do y, ly ph on ra Not n, photog tio uc od pr o di animation, au well. video editing as ters, intosh compu on Apple Mac gy d lo an no or ch at te tr st ign, Illus Using the late otoshop, InDes Ph of e as dg ch le su s ow m kn and progra a thorough s, you can gain Final Cut Expres ia-related. everything med yout, to the ine, from the la az ag m n ow your ng in You can create s and everythi d editing page an entary and ng m ci cu ur do so , n logo eate your ow cr so al n ca u between. Yo raphy. studio photog omas, aged 18 udent Kerry Th st ge lle Co re n a logo for a Pembrokeshi petition to desig m co a on of w , w from Care at the spouses website aimed t en tm ui cr re new e military. members of th a career my sights set on ve ha I , lly na “Perso this so I hope that in journalism, rience pe ex k gside wor diploma, alon d Radio rn Telegraph an decent with the Weste a to in , will get me Pembrokeshire uni.”


Route A Professional

to Animal Care

eat d Haven, is a gr 21 from Milfor , h es ug Re ro ha th as s at ur dream Student N can achieve yo GCSEs, u r yo he w g in ho do of r e te exampl bject. Af passion for a su Diploma and hard work and 2 Animal Care l ve Le e th on is so d lle ro as loma. Nat ha Natasha en the Level 3 Dip to ed w ss no re is og e later pr goal that sh achieving her bination committed to Degree (a com n tio da un at Fo r he k experience) studying for d relevant wor an y ud st ic e of academ at I chose th am pleased th le the College. “I ven me valuab gi s ute, as it ha e ro th n in tio ith da w un an fo a technici as ng ki or t w ls e hi experienc College w rtment at the pa de re ca al anim studying.”

ys? Jobs for the bo

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Sales, Hire, Repair & Safety Equipment... 10% discount with this advert Stockists of MTBs, BMX, RACERS, SKATE BOARDS & ROLLER BLADES Find us in Prendgergast, H/West www.mikes-­ tel: 01437 760 068


Photographer: Natasha Fiddy, A-level Photography Student

Student Image Gallery



Get your images published, send your work to

Gigs & Stuff: by Dan The Queen’s Hall has become a

renowned venue in Pembrokeshire over the past few years, with its central location and its ability to suit any vibe, with genres ranging from dubstep, drum & bass, house, acoustic, rock, punk, metal and various others. Recently, the electronic music scene has been by far the more prominent, with the likes of Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, The Freestylers, Funtcase and Ed Solo all having visited, often selling out the venue, which naturally creates a great atmosphere, but is unlucky for those who choose to arrive ‘casually late’. Acoustic, rock, and even metal still play a significant part in the nights at the Queen’s Hall though, with Ben Howard having played there in late 2011, for those who enjoy a more casual vibe, as well as the likes of Skindred, The Skints and Random Hand. Local heroes also get a chance to show off their talent, with rock/punk band Regime frequently playing there as well as The Shaws, a more indie band. However, most recently to have played there is Laid Blak and Dreadzone, two bands strongly influenced by reggae/dub. Both nearly sold out the venue, with hundreds of people flocking to Narberth to get in on one of the best music scenes in Pembrokeshire. The range of genres on these nights allows everyone to get involved, with sets ranging from rock to electro, all being played one after the other. The easiest way to keep up to date on all up and coming gigs is of course through Facebook, where you’ll always find event pages providing all the details from line-ups and ticket prices to set times and opening hours.

Book Review: by Lily

Dark Matter Dark Matter is a story based on poverty stricken and lonely Jack, desperate to escape the imminent war gripping London. Jack is given a chance to be the wireless operator on an expedition to the North and given his circumstances, he doesn’t refuse. Jack and three other scientists set off on the long journey to a desolate bay in Gruhuken, Spitsbergen and as they make good companions along the way, much is revealed. The skipper of the boat taking them there, Eriksson, tells many tales of his often dangerous adventures but when quizzed about Gruhuken, he goes mute. As the journey proceeds, the crews’s behaviour creates a tense, foreboding atmosphere that starts a state of subtle anticipation. As Spitsbergen is a place set so deep in the Arctic Circle, darkness blankets the icy land for four tedious months in the winter. Abandoned with just a loyal dog for company, Jack’s survival skills are tested whilst enduring ISSUE 1 | PAGE 14

Dark Matter continued... what feels like eternal solitude and darkness in -25c˚ conditions . Whilst discovering many of the bay’s secrets, Jack’s determination and endurance earn your respect. Personally, I would have left with the others. The book subtly introduces clues as to what might have happened, by re-living the events through the scientists but they don’t know what’s going on. The book builds suspense throughout and I literally couldn’t put it down, reading it in one sitting. At only 240 pages, it’s a light, interesting book. Michelle Paver is an excellent author, and her Ancient Darkness Chronicles are very engrossing.


Environmental Live Harmoniously, Step Gently, Build Carefully: by Lily Sustainable living means changing our behaviours – not easy, but important, writes Lily Evans. We need to realise that we don’t ‘own’ anything - we use it. We need to respect the land that we live on, and take only what we can give back. Imagine the consequences if we were suddenly denied access to this energy? Having a self, or community-reliant, sustainable energy source means that you decide your fate whilst respecting the land and taking only what you need. We need to focus our energy on what really matters. For me, this means using as many sustainable, local resources as possible and working in harmony with the earth that we live on.

The College takes the idea of sustainability really seriously. New developments are as sustainable as possible, such as the new Construction Centre. Did you know that the shell is made of recycled aluminium, with the roof made up of panels that produce electricity and hot water? A biomass boiler heats a fifth of the College. It only needs filling twice a year with wood pellets supplied from a local farmer at Pembrokeshire Bio-Energy. The panels and trees at the College were installed by locals, a great example of support to our local, reliable workers. Pembrokeshire College encourages education in sustainable development and global citizenship (ESDGC), and regularly reminds the students of the importance of it. By buying from local businesses we can help reduce transport costs, support the people around us, use recycled goods and be knowledgeable of what’s in our food. If you have access to land, you can even grow your own, even if it’s just a vegetable patch in the garden. You can even build your own solar panel. Make a start!


Behind The Scenes: by Dan In this issue we go behind the scenes focusing on the entrepreneurial talents and ambitions of a Pembrokeshire College student, Trix Roberts... Her business, ‘Trix Clothing & Photography’ has been running for around 8 months, and there is already demand for her unique clothing styles, describing them as a ‘range of urban and bespoke clothing’. As well as her range of fashion, Trix provides professional photography across Pembrokeshire, regularly capturing events in the Queen’s Hall. When asked about her success she replied, ‘I never expected creating a few hoods would get me this far, I’m still looking for ways of bettering my business and becoming something bigger and better’. Her recent efforts to win Channel 4’s competition ‘The Stake’ shows her ambition, with a £100,000 grant up for grabs.

The winner is to be revealed very soon, and Trix is well placed within the best of the participants to go on and get the chance of a lifetime to promote her business to the next level. Still aged only 17, Trix has yet to thoroughly plan into the future, and when asked ‘Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?’ she replied, ‘In 5 years time I honestly don’t know where I’m hoping to be, I’m just happy as long as people are excited by my clothing, but I would love to be big in the fashion world’. With her desire to go on and do big things in life, Trix is sure to be influencing the fashion world for many years to come. You can follow her business and give support through Facebook where a wide variety of her items are available to browse and purchase.

“I never expected creating a few hoods would get me this far”

Trix Roberts, Extended Diploma Art & Design (textiles) student ISSUE 1 | PAGE 17

5 5 Minute Interview

Terence Cook A-level English and A-level Media Studies Lecturer

After O-levels, what did you do as far as education is concerned? (A-Level, ND equivalent etc...) After school I studied as a mature student, first with the Open University for an Arts degree, and then at Lampeter University for an English degree. Did you enjoy uni? I went to university as a mature student. Loved it, and I would highly recommend it. What was it about this course that attracted you the most? Lampeter runs a great English BA course, and the fact that it was local sold it to me absolutely. How did you get into teaching, had you always aimed for this career? I had mainly done physical, practical work in the past, but I wanted to get into something less physical as I got older; because of my education teaching became a possibility, and well, I haven’t looked back really. What other jobs have you had in the past? (Weekend jobs, first proper job etc...) After I left school I went to work at Shepperton Studios as a stage hand, I then stayed in the film & telly business off and on for the next twenty years: working as a stage hand, in stage/set construction, and in set dressing and props (‘lolly pops’).


interview continued...

If you could have one other career, whatever it may be, what would you do? A&R Man for XL Records or some other hip indie company. What’s one of the biggest highlights of your career/life? (A memorable moment or whatever) Apart from still being here (always a highlight!) it would be a toss-up between gaining a good degree, being a dad, or shaking hands with Frank Zappa. Finally, do you have any advice to students trying to make it far in the Media world? Persevere. And if you want to be a film maker, musician, writer, whatever: do it, do it, and keep on doing it, and hopefully you’ll end up with something worthy, something to be proud of if others like it, well, that’s all the better, and if you can make a career out of it, well, great, but do it because you love it, not just because you want to earn lots of money or attention and fame.

WIN MUSIC iTunes Vouchers

(some answers can be found in this years prospectus)

Which... t t

tutor worked with international band Take That? engineering lecturer rode his bike from Australia to Wales? t Doctor was a member of the product development team behind the top selling washing powder Persil Small & Mighty? t beauty lecturer presented shows for the Welsh speaking TV channel S4C? t lecturer played ‘Mr Tumble’ in the 1990s? To win an iTunes voucher please send you answers by email to Closing date Friday 30 March 2012.




20% Student discount STUDIO OPENING TIMES


10AM - 4PM 10AM - 7PM 01437 753 369

Located in the College next door to Victoria Bookshop Located in the College next to Victoria Bookshop

Beauty Studio Yes, boys can be pampered too!

Along with graphic designer Dom Wint, I was talked into having my first ever manicure in order to be able to review such services from a male point of view. However, I considered myself lucky, as Dom was left to experience a full facial! When I arrived in the Beauty Studio, I was naturally unsure of what to expect, and initially didn’t take it very seriously as I had only a rough idea what a manicure was. However, once I was seated, I began to relax. Initially my hands were simply soaked in warm water, as if receiving a miniature bath, followed by having various creams rubbed into my fingers. Then came the nail filing and ‘cuticle removing’. I had no idea what my cuticles were but they were soon removed from my nails, leaving them looking clean and rather feminine. I felt that it might be somewhat awkward, having to sit there for around twenty minutes, and that conversation topics might soon run out. However, I found it surprisingly comfortable, which is more than can be said for Dom, who, if recall, said one word during his entire facial treatment. Overall, I feel that such treatments can apply for men as well as woman, despite the stereotypical approach to such things. I would be happy to receive another manicure, perhaps not in the near future, but it has certainly opened my view on such treatments.



We Can Help... How are you?

We always say ‘yeh I’m good!’ but that’s not always the case. College isn’t just about learning and lessons. There’s a lot going on in life that isn’t related to your teachers or your classes that can be a worry and even end up affecting your College work and studies.

Need some advice?

Sometimes just having a quiet chat and perhaps some advice sorts it. There are some worries we don’t want to share with family and friends. You might feel a bit silly even worrying about it in the first place. A confidential chat that gives you the facts and puts your mind at rest can work wonders.

Be happy and healthy

At College students are considered adults. There’s a free, confidential service open to staff and students that offers help and advice independent of your tutors or supervisors. Whether you need access to sexual health services, first aid, need help and support regarding addiction, or need general advice to help you with your nutrition, fitness or mental and emotional health, you can obtain the support you need through the College’s welfare and guidance service.

How to seek help

Counselling and Medical/Nursing: Appointments with the College counsellor Zoe Mitchell can be booked with the welfare and guidance co-ordinator Frances Berry. Frances is based in the learner services office near the entrance to the College’s main building. The College’s independent nurse Adele Phillips runs a drop-in service in room G7.0 – first door in the G7 corridor.


Not coping?

We all feel fed up and down occasionally. When that becomes the norm, and makes you dread coming into College, well, you shouldn’t have to feel like that. Sometimes those feelings can start with someone else and their attitude towards you. If you are feeling bullied or put upon, you absolutely should have no hesitation in seeking help. Sometimes we are the ones being overbearing and coming across as intimidating. Problems at home or in relationships can have a negative effect so that we end up taking it out on someone else. It is better to seek help rather than let things escalate. If you are experiencing difficulties with your College-based relationships, do seek help before it gets out of hand. The College has an anti-bullying mentor team available to help develop healthy relationships between colleagues and students. Mentors are available for staff and students. Check out the College’s Anti-Bullying policies on Nexus for details.

Happy Campus

College is a community not just a building. We all contribute to making it what we want it to be. Kindness in our dealings with colleagues and fellow-students makes it better for all of us. Most people have their fair share of worries and hassles going on in life. If you feel that yours is becoming unmanageable, remember that the College can be your first port of call for help. Want to know more? Need a chat or an appointment? Call: Frances Berry ext 133 Click: on the Health, Wellbeing and Anti-bullying page of NEXUS

RANT! by Gazz The


Like an overplayed song, chinos have taken over from mainstream culture alarmingly quickly, transforming what was formerly a justifiable trend into a monstrous, inescapable epidemic. coined a very poetic term for people who wear chinos, encompassing the two most recognisable character traits of the chino wearing population. One description describes these individuals as “more annoying than chavs themselves”, substantiating such claims with the observation that they are “louder and cockier”. However, differentiating between these two subcultures can be problematic, as this phase, which is “indie” in origin, has been embraced by many and subsequently a large proportion of the chino bandwagon are in fact people who were “a huge chav maybe a week ago” that upon purchasing this new apparel see themselves in a new, “totally unique” light. The contradiction ironically overlooked is that by succumbing to this they are “more mainstream than ever before”. It’s not that chinos are completely hideous, but this overwhelming wave of beige has illustrated the malleability of so many, and escalated to a point where even the most indifferent, non-fiction conscious observers begin to question it’s appeal. you need saving? Over the past few months a disconcerting number of misguided males have gone overboard on the body-warmer, or ‘life-jacket’ look. Though considered perfectly acceptable for the well layered in the cold winter conditions, it’s most favoured accompaniment, a T-shirt, renders it a counter-intuitive choice to cover the bare skin still exposed to the chill. One must therefore assume that such perplexing attire must serve a purpose other than heat prevention, perhaps one not immediately visible, but nevertheless ubiquitous amongst the majority of the body-warmer market’s clientele. This purpose? Vanity. Or perhaps gender equality? Much like some women may choose to sacrifice luxuries such as warmth, wellbeing and in rarer instances integrity at the expense of invoking awe and envy from onlookers, these revolutionaries may be attempting to combat society’s double-standards by flaunting their ‘guns’ and predominantly mediocre, generic, tattoos in order to promote a new acceptability in the 21st century for men to expose themselves without uproar. Of course, if vanity, this plethora of over-compensatory, revealing clothing could easily escalate into a phase of lewd, borderline obscene fashions. Maybe next will be the return of the short shorts, string vests, or even provocatively-holed leather strides, only time will tell. If you would like to rant back your response to Gazz email ISSUE 1 | PAGE 23

Profile for Pembrokeshire College

2012 Spring/Summer Voice  

First Edition of Student Magazine

2012 Spring/Summer Voice  

First Edition of Student Magazine

Profile for pembs