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Annual Review


Pembrokeshire College’s Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality learning experience for all our learners. Many achievements in one year

It is my great pleasure to present Pembrokeshire College’s Review

Our quality – that is, our student results – has improved further – improved, and our students have achieved a number of successes

Pembrokeshire with the County Council, and an alliance with Swansea University. Our focus on work based learning has ment in the resources and infrastructure of the College has been maintained.

I look forward to welcoming you to Pembrokeshire College shortly. Sharron Lusher, Principal

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Olympic dream answered

In 2012, Pembrokeshire College student Jacob Thomas

Jacob - ColegauCymru ‘Learner of the Year’

at the Paralympics. A sports science student, Jacob competed at the games in Boccia, a precision sport similar to Boules. The sport was originally developed for people with cerebral palsy, but is now played by people of all

During 2012/13, Jacob was also crowned the ColegauCymru ‘Learner of the Year.’

Boccia Champion and was one of nine players who represented Britain at the Paralympics, “I was so excited about playing, this really was my dream come true, I trained hard for this, eight to ten hours a week.

award, College Principal Sharron Lusher, commented:

Brazil,” enthused Jacob.

have been able to nominate him for this award, which he so deserves.”

A-level Results 2012/13 Kingston University. previous year. to study home or abroad. Max Robinson, 28, was more Chemistry. Max clearly demonstrated that focus and Physics in Bristol, collected his results and a cheque for Templeton and volunteering work!

encouragement from everyone has been overwhelming, son.�

Student Success

The Midas Touch

Pembrokeshire College’s talented nail art students shone

future. I very much hope today’s winners will inspire the stars of tomorrow.”

Achievement Student on a Springboard to success catering professionals training young students to become tomorrow’s top chefs. Catering success in 2012/13

College student Betsan Towse used talents inherited from her baking enthusiast mother to scoop the top prize in an

The brief was to create and cook a two-course meal in 40

I can honestly say that they are some of the best young Springboard Manager Nikki Nelson, a trainee hairdresser from Cross Hands,

93% of students said they enjoyed learning. 99% Alevel pass rate. Overall success rates are above the national average. Overall attainment 95%. 83% successful completion rate

looking for stylists to create a music icon inspired look from an era of their choice. neatness, complexity of the style and the quality of the judges’ eye. Nikki commented: I thought most people would go for the 80s and I wanted

Talented welders made their mark

Talented young welders from the College competed against some of the best young welders in the UK in a bid to take

The three day event saw eight young hopefuls complete some extremely challenging welding tasks as the judges

Social Care. integral part of their curriculum and a valuable social care experience,� said project co-ordinator Liz Taylor. The event explained the range of work they had undertaken and outlined the valuable lessons they had learned.

from the rest of the UK.

Scott turned his brass into gold company that is established as one of the UK’s leading training in the workplace, coupled with classroom and Championships. The brief was to produce a brass Plumb

Achievement Environmentally conscious students put waste paper to studying on the Bridging and Cornerstone courses at the event encouraging young people to pursue careers in engineering.

opportunity to showcase their design which presented

and looked at countries around the world who produce dry

home. The logs were given to the Hill Park Parish.

implemented, this enabled the valve pit to be kept free of water, improving operability and life expectancy for the to the control room should a high water level be reached for any reason. commented on the cohort as being impressive.” The College’s football academy was one of eight across 23-week training programme. Most of this cohort will join

already serving so I have a good idea what to expect. I am joining the infantry corps and expect to give the army my full commitment,” enthused Owen. strict performance and management criteria relevant to the delivery of football at the College. This involved an panel.

Top chefs mentor catering students

recognised for her academic prowess with an opportunity by Professional Catering students to a sell out evening. series of special evenings hosted by guest chefs including – university life. The programme that Olivia took part in is centred around a

her degree in the US.

over The Silverdale in Haverfordwest.

Sell-out for performing arts production challenge of performing Les Miserables in the Merlin Theatre.

rendering performance with not a dry eye in the house.

obvious commitment and passion to this complicated and about themselves and how characters – and real people – develop and change throughout their lives.

Achievement Challenge students

The winning entry was a piece on the theme set by the created a striking and unique piece under the guidance of their tutor, Heidi Baker. The work was based on the

no prior idea what the challenge would be, they had just 12 hours to devise an enterprise that responded to the challenge set.

environment. drawings of woodland plants and piecing them all together to make a striking design,� said Heidi.

2012 - 2013: 50 Skills champions crowned. 40 Sports Academy matches played.

meet with both employers and learners.

Penguin Progress for Catrin

businesses across all sectors within Pembrokeshire and beyond.

enclosure. Having completed her College work placement

their businesses along with how the College can help to support them with their wider skills needs. The Minister then joined both employers and learners for lunch where he had the opportunity to talk to young people currently

jobs in Pembrokeshire. them. of the zoo team in the design of the enclosure and the to Newquay zoo, where six of Folly Farm’s penguins came the handling of these birds.

Digital Tutor of the Year

Since joining the College, Emma has been involved with numerous community projects and has helped many

The future was looking brighter for many long-term jobless people in Pembrokeshire thanks to the work of smartphones that brought them daily learning,

mCommunity project, which is part funded by the

through mobile technology.

used smartphones to provide one-to-one learning and margins of society.

Quality Success in the RoSPA Awards 2013 for Pembrokeshire College was recognised in an awards scheme run by the safety the College, Kathryn Robson, commented:

achievement which would not be possible without the hard

management and the environmental/sustainability aspects together with community partnerships and the

largest and longest-running programme of its kind in the UK. It recognises commitment to accident and ill health of all types and sizes from across the UK and overseas. The scheme not only looks at accident records, but also entrants’ overarching health and safety management workforce involvement.

footprint, the College was once again recognised for its

improving the environment, the College is at the forefront of making large buildings sustainable. In the 2012 awards

Successive Charter Mark Awards in Public Service 2004-2012. Estyn said “ The College represents great value for money.”

In 2012 the College’s Human Resources team was

business in the development of an innovate new online

employers, Pembrokeshire College was awarded Outstanding Human Resources Team at the annual TES 2012.

helped the business develop their new service by using

of the College’s HR team impressed the judges with their

with and rate each other’s ideas to improve College life,

learner at the heart of decision making and outstanding

undertaken to determine whether LocalEyes, in the guise of

giving out the award, judges paid the simplest and most profound compliment to Pembrokeshire College’s Human

The College has been using the LocalEyes system since

you would most like to work.”


Johnny Ball Inspired Parents and Pupils

routes were explained to help both parents and pupils talk like this.�

Community years and we are pleased to have been able to build upon

graduates in both Pembrokeshire and the City and County

The College was selected as the venue for the launch of the

to help local graduates buck this trend, the mCommunity project used mobile technology along with personal tutors to engage with graduates and analyse the skills they need to improve to increase their level of employability.

the increasing number of individuals who wish to enter the Pembrokeshire College was proud to have been selected to

The project found that, although many graduates had the was these skills that the personal tutors were helping graduates to develop.

commented: in partnership with Pembrokeshire College to pilot the use

A joint venture between Pembrokeshire College and local success following its launch in 2012. The employment scheme, aimed at helping young people to gain skills and experience in the customer service and hospitality

programme will start workers on the correct path to gaining the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to deliver high-quality services.�

programme gain employment within the county. Joint

trainees secured employment with a variety of

2012-2013 the College worked with: 213 employers through the SFI/Energy projects. 207 employers through

Chevron to partner with the College on

88 employers through Jobs Growth Wales.

people and commented: “It has been really rewarding to

Pembrokeshire College to introduce a valuable new course

Financial Statement Income

2012/13 £’000

2011/12 £’000

Datganiad ariannol Incwm

2012/13 £’000


18,944 contracts


Other income

Incwm arall

Endowment and investment income


2011/12 £’000


buddsoddi Cyfanswm yr incwm

Total income Expenditure

2012/13 £’000

2012/13 £’000

2011/12 £’000 13,222

2011/12 £’000 13,222

Treuliau gweithredu eraill 1,081 Total expenditure



Llog a chostau ariannol eraill



Cyfanswm y gwariant

£ 23,449

parhau ar ôl dibrisiad diriaethol asedau sefydlog ar brisiad a chyn treth 9


Elw ar waredu asedau



parhaus ar ôl dibrisio asedau sefydlog ar brisiad agwaredu asedau a chyn acar ôl trethiant Notes: The income and expenditure account is in respect of

Nodiadau: Mae’r cyfrif incwm a gwariant yn ymwneud â gweithgareddau parhaus Coleg Sir Benfro. Dangosyddion ariannol allweddol yn 2011/12

Nifer y myfyrwyr

Student numbers FE



2011/12 Llawn-amser


2011/12 2113

Rhan-amser Cyfanswm

Total 2012/13









Rhan-amser Total




Llawn-amser Rhan-amser 8191





12/13 11/12


Figures include Pembrokeshire College learners only. Year





Ionawr 2014 Blwyddyn


2012/13 Annual Review  
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