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Isu 03-11/2010

Buletin P EMBINA | P ersatuan Belia Is lam Nas ional | Edis i Zulkaedah 1431H

Silent Truth of the Ummah (Ucapan disampaikan ketika majlis Konvokesyen ke-26 Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM). Saudara Ibrahim menerima anugerah Best Student (Academic) for Bachelor of Economics). Assalamualaikum wbt wrt. I would like to begin my speech today by revealing to you the silent truth of our ummah in this 21st century. Either we realise or not, the statistics has shown a tremendously unexpected figure that surprises us. According to National Registration Department of Malaysia, about 257,000 of cases of illegitimate child recorded in Malaysia from 2000 to 2008. In average about 2,500 were recorded every month or 83.3 cases every day. This means that there is one case of illegitimate baby for every 17 minutes in our country. How this moral illness promoted by the westerners can does be accepted and spread in our beloved nation. This numbers only represent the cases of illegitimate baby registered under national registration department of Malaysia. Can we imagine what number will come out if we look for the number of unregistered number of illegitimate babies? Maybe it can be double or even triple. The worst case is when these irresponsible mothers were forced to dump their babies dreadfully after feeling upset to the consequence of their immoral behavior. This condemned act has contributed about 580 cases of dumping babies from 2000-2006 in Malaysia. Even though the number is not that big the recent cases show a critical situation where the child was found hopelessly in the trash and toilet bowl last August in Melaka. Not to mention that we, the Muslim are the champion of drug misuse in Malaysia, I don't intent to reveal more devastating statistics that prove we are the champion of various social ills which will only humiliate us. Honored guests, brothers and sisters, I believe that other Muslim nations also share the same concern about this unrestrained moral disease. Maybe today we are not concerned enough, or is there something wrong with our sensitivity? We might say that it happens in their

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country, NOT our country. It happens in their state, NOT our state. Or we Ibrahim Mohd Hasan might think it just happens Naib Presiden I PEMBINA in the city next to us, NOT in our neighborhood. Or it just happens to our neighbour NOT our family. But when it happens to our own sister, our daughSebaran maklumbalas, sila hubter what else could we say? How do we feel and ungi kami di : how do we react? Do we just sit down and enjoy the sad news and do nothing? Or is it suffices to advise our children to stay at home in the era where the entire negative influences could easily slink towards them Perang Bani Quraizah 5H from each angle?


Ladies men,



The reason why I bring this issue is because we are one ummah, and one ummah shows their real concern among their brothers. As mentioned in the hadith narrated by Huzaifah: ""‫مه نم َهتم بانمسهمُه فهُس منهم‬ ،‫أن شأن انمسهمُه أن َعتنٍ بعضهم بما َهم انبعض اِخش‬ ٌ‫ ففٍ صحُح انبخاس‬،‫وانمقصىد مه رنك واسد فٍ صحُح اِثاس‬ ‫ قال سسىل هللا‬:‫ وانهفظ نهبخاسٌ عه اننعمان به بشُش قال‬،‫ومسهم‬ ‫ "تشي انمؤمنُه فٍ تىادهم وتشاحمهم كمثم‬:‫صهً هللا عهُه وسهم‬ ‫انجسذ انىاحذ إرا اشتكً عضى منه تذاعً نه سائش انجسذ بانسهش‬ "ً‫وانحم‬ ً‫وفٍ صحُح انبخاسٌ وسنه انتشمزٌ واننسائٍ عه أبٍ مىس‬ ‫ "انمؤمه نهمؤمه‬:‫األشعشٌ أن سسىل هللا صهً هللا عهُه وسهم قال‬ ."‫كانبنُان َشذ بعضه بعضا‬ The evidence in the Quran and Sunnah has strongly proven to us that we are one ummah and we shall always unite as one ummah under the deen of Islam. Allah s.w.t says in the Quran; "Verily this Ummah of yours is one Ummah..." (Al-Qur'an, 21:92.) "And hold fast by the covenant of Allah all together, and be not disunited..." (Al-Qur'an, 3:103) The unity of the Muslim ummah is a real-

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Haji Wida’


Perang Firadh (Khalid al-Walid menentang Rom)

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Kewafatan Ibnu

661 H


ity proclaimed in the Qur'an, in the verse mentioned and numerous others like them; it is one of the key strengths of the Ummah at many levels, from the cultural to the political. It is the unity of the ummah, the common understanding that all Muslims are brothers and sisters in faith that makes Muslims feel at home wherever they may go in the Muslim world. However, nowadays the colonizers have been separating and dividing us by regions and races. The physical segregation seems to be very devastating; however there is something worst that we must worry about. It is the segregation of our life from the true Islamic teaching. The real root cause that prevents us from being united as one ummah comes from ourselves the moment we abandon the Islamic Teaching of Quran and Sunnah. We start to blame each other and have no concern about what happen to our brothers even in our own country. We start to lose our own identity as one ummah and let the westerners to mold our generation. Either we realize or not, our ummah is imitating the western culture and lifestyle and yet we are still proud of it. Brothers and sisters, There is a famous quote believed to be Edmund Buke that says, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". It clearly reflects the condition of our ummah right now where it is enough for us to spend our time, absolutely do nothing to let the ummah fall down, let the immoral values spread and affect our sibling, without ourselves do nothing about it. There will be no assurance that our siblings and our family are safe from negative influence especially at time where everyone is being selfish. According to the Newton's laws of motion, everybody remains in a state of rest or uniform motion (constant velocity) unless it acted upon by an external unbalanced force. It means that illicit moral value can easily destroy our ummah by just letting it spread without taking any action. This also means that there is a need for us to take an action in order to gain back our own identity as one ummah. Whenever we talk about action, there are several steps or level of action that could be taken. However it is better to begin with something that is workable and applicable to us. Let start with us as graduates of IIUM, the process shall starts from grassroots' education that is aligned with the philosophy that is set by the university. According to this philosophy, knowledge is propagated in the spirit of Tawhid, leading towards the recognition of Allah as the Absolute Creator and Master of mankind. The spirit behind this recognition of Allah as the Lord of the World (Rabbal-Alamin) represents the apex in the hierarchy of knowledge. Thus, all disciplines of knowledge should lead towards subservience of this truth. This is because knowledge is a form of trust (amanah) from Allah to man, and hence man should utilize knowledge according to Allah's will in performing his role as the servant and vicegerent (khalifah) of Allah on earth. In this way, the seeking of knowledge is regarded as an act of worship.

gratulate all of you especially those who spent their time and effort in giving their service to the ummah. However our contribution towards the community shall not stop on this day. We have a great responsibility since we carry the title as the khayra ummah (the best of ummah). When I mentioned about khayra ummah, it seems to be very idealistic and far to be realized. In actual fact, what is important thing is the effort that we put in and the contribution that we can make even in a small portion as Allah counts every single effort and not just the end result. Actually there is a lot of room for us to make a difference in our society voluntarily especially through non-governmental organizations or residential associations. I myself as an activist in Persatuan Belia Islam Nasional (PEMBINA) a youth based organization, I realize that there are a lot that we can do. I am also an active member of PEMBINA since student days in which I was elected to the Central Committee early this year. I believe this is a way for graduates to contribute back to the society. I hope that one day PEMBINA can be registered within the university so that many other students can benefit from its wide range of programs. As the Vice President I of PEMBINA, I must make sure that the youth in Malaysia must engage in activities that can rebuild our Muslim identity and shows our pride and leadership to become the catalyst in the ummah. Even though I have to forgo my precious weekend by attending meetings and programs, I feel happy and proud to start seeing our youth join various programs such as usrah and leaving behind the negative elements. The institution of Usrah is not confined to university only, but an ongoing development for. I would like to convey my appreciation to IIUM for its tarbiyyah based program that has enriched my university experience. Besides the activities organized by the university, I have also benefited in a great manner from the programs organized by NGOs namely Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia, ISMA. I believe students should take full advantage from the amendments of AUKU that had removed the prohibition for students to be involved in NGOs registered legally. The most important thing is that we find tranquility during the day we meet our Creator and can answer upon the responsibilities in front of Him.

ُ‫ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ ٱملَوتَ وَٱحلَيَوٰةَ لِيَبلُوَكُم أَيُّكُم أَحسَنُ عَمَال وَهُوَ ٱلعَزِيزُ ٱلغَفُور‬

"He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed: and He is the Exalted in Might, OftForgiving." (67:2) Teman-teman yang saya kasihi, Hari ini merupakan hari bersejarah bagi kita, hari yang telah kita nanti-nantikan bersama. Today is the day, the day that we have been waiting for to celebrate our success. Congratulations to all of us for our achievement. I would also like to thank all lecturers who have enriched us with valuable knowledge and experience during our memorable time here. Today we have proven to ourselves that we could make it, alhamdulillah. Ladies and gentlemen, Akhir sekali, saya ucapkan tahniah kepada semua rakanOn this precious day, upon the completion of our study, rakan seperjuangan. Inilah hari kita menuai hasil usaha gigih kita we must realize that IIUM also groom us to become the leaders selama ini. Congratulations to all of us. of the ummah. Thus the development and the facilities that IIUM has given us show its high expectations and hope for us to be- Wabillahitaufik walhidayah, wassalamualaikum. come an all rounded world class leaders. Let us not point to others but let start with us. I believe that most of us have been contributing during our 4 years of study here. I would like to con-


H A P E LAJARAN W dan K DA Oleh : Afnan Khumaira

Assalammualaikum. Di sini saya ingin berkongsi sedikit tips untuk seimbangkan di antara dakwah dan pelajaran. Tatkala ini di sebahagian besar IPTA atau IPTS sedang berlangsung musim peperiksaan. Nampaknya semua orang ketika ini tidak mampu untuk berpisah dengan buku masing-masing. Program-program sampingan pun sudah ditinggalkan sebentar. Bukan bermakna aktiviti dakwah kita terhenti semasa peperiksaan ini. Cuma masing-masing fikir, sedang hendak tambah ilmu, selepas itu barulah aktif berdakwah lagi. Cari titik tolak yang menjadi minat

Saya mengambil jurusan perniangaan di IPT walaupun ketika sekolah dahulu saya merupakan pelajar sains teknikal. Pada semester pertama, subjek financial accounting dan business math merupakan killer subject buat saya. Jika sebelum ini saya sibuk mengkaji di makmal-makmal tetapi sekarang saya terpaksa bermain dengan kalkulator. Terlalu banyak saya tidak tahu dan perlu belajar. “Begitu banyak rupanya aku tidak tahu,� monolog yang sering bermain di minda saya. Namun, itu semua bukan suatu masalah buat saya kerana sekali dah terjun dalam dunia ilmu perniagaan saya kenalah bersaing demi menuntut ilmu. Pembentangan dan kertas projek yang harus saya siapkan bagi mendapat markah dari pensyarah. Laporan tentang-tentang syarikatsyarikat besar di dunia, untuk membuat kajian juga merupakan satu masalah buat saya kerana sebelum ini saya membuat kajian dengan alat-alat makmal, tetapi sekarang berbeza. Ia suatu cabaran buat saya! Perlu bercita-cita besar Kebanyakan pelajar yang menceburi jurusan perniagaan ini begitu bercita-cita tinggi. Sama ada teringin menjadi seorang hartawan, usahawan dan bahkan dermawan. Benarkah jika kita berduit, ada rumah besar, kereta besar dan mampu membeli apa sahaja, akan mudah mempengaruhi orang lain agar memikul agenda-agenda kita? Sebagai seorang muslim, kita perlu jelas mengapa kita menceburi sesuatu jurusan. Apakah matlamat yang ingin kita capai? Sama ada ia akan

memberikan manfaat kepada semua dan yang paling penting apakah sumbangannya kepada agama Islam? Adakah hanya kerana kita ini seorang ahli perniagaan yang berjaya, kita pasti mampu mempengaruhi masyarakat agar tertarik dengan apa yang bakal kita perkatakan? Apalah pentingnya orangorang ramai hanya dipengaruhi dek kerana harta-harta kita yang bertimbun? Bahkan, muliakah niat dan citacita ingin hidup mewah dan berharta ini? Tidak semestinya jika kita hanya memiliki kerjaya yang hebat, orang akan mendengar kata-kata kita dan gerak kerja organisasi dapat dijalankan dengan lancar. Genggam bara api Dakwah yang kita bawa punya kuasa tarikan tersendiri. Ia lahir dari hubungan dengan Allah yang erat. Andai kita belajar, hidup, bekerja dan segalanya di atas muka bumi ini kerana Allah. Realiti umat Islam kini begitu bergantung kepada orang-orang bukan Islam dalam kebanyakan urusan. Kepenggunaan, daripada sekecil-kecil keperluan seperti barang-barang dapur sehinggalah kepada urusan pemilikan hartanah, kereta dan rumah kedia-

man, hampir semuanya didominasi oleh orang-orang bukan Islam. Sagu kebebasan umat Islam di bumi sendiri tidak akan dapat diperolehi seandainya ruyung yang bergoyantangan di dalam kita sendiri masih tidak

mampu kita pecahkan. Bisakah ia menjadi realiti selagi belia-belia Islam bercita-cita tinggi untuk menjadi orang-orang biasa yang tidak punya keazaman dan agenda besar dalam hidupnya. Yang tidak mahu berusaha keras dan tiada keinginan yang luar biasa. Destinasi perjalanan masuh jauh nun di ufuk sana. Jalannya penuh onak duri, hutan belantara, badai dan taufan. Begitu payah. Tetapi dengan cita-cita murni yang tinggi dan kebergantungan yang erat dengan Allah, tiada apa yang mustahil di atas muka bumi ini. Kita harus sedar, menyoroti nasib yang menimpa umat, menuntut pengorbanan untuk kita menyempurnakan tugas-tugas yang belum terselesaikan. Belajarlah, dan tuntutlah ilmu sebanyak-banyaknya. Sedalam-dalamnya. Yakinlah Allah akan membantu kita. Ingatlah, bahawa perjuangan memartabatkan Islam itu merupakan nadi hidup kita. Tiada istimewa atau mulianya perkataan „daie‟, „pendakwah‟ mahupun “murobbi” jika ia sekadar label untuk melonjakkan diri di kalangan manusia. Kita ini sama sahaja seperti orang lain yang punya keluarga, anak, suami, isteri. Malah jika bekerjaya kita juga perlu hadiri saban mesyuarat, bekerja membanting tulang siang dan malam untuk mencari rezeki. Akan tetapi, seandainya kita menjadikan perjuangan Islam sebagai agenda kehidupan, yang menegakkan kalimah Allah walau di mana sahaja bila-bila masa, dan kita dokong Islam itu bersama, di sinilah letaknya perbezaan kita dengan orang-orang biasa. Allah telah memuliakan kita dengan agama Islam. Jadi, seharusnya kita punya sesuatu untuk dipersembahkan sebagai tanda syukur kepada Allah. Anas bin Malik meriwayatkan, Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Akan tiba suatu zaman, orang-orang yang bersabar dalam menegakkan agamanya ibarat orang yang sedang menggenggam bara api.”

semua perkara. Apabila kita menyedari perkaraperkara yang tidak kita ketahui dan lemah, sudah tentu semangat untuk lebih berusaha dan belajar bersungguh -sungguh itu akan lebih membara. Kenal pasti di mana kekuatan dan penguasaan kita dalam pelajaran. Semua pancaindera yang ada harus digunakan sebaiknya agar kita dapat fahami dan kuasai silibus dengan dengan mudah. Jangan jadikan dakwah “escapisme” Sesetengah pelajar, apabila menghadapi tekanan dan stress semasa studi. Mereka mula menyibukkan diri dengan aktiviti dakwah umpamanya sebagai escapism, dengan harapan Allah akan memudahkannya di atas pengorbanannya dalam aktivitiaktiviti dakwah. Ia suatu mitos yang jauh dari hakikat! Seseorang itu tidak akan berjaya melakukan sesuatu melainkan berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk mengatasinya. Tidak ada di dunia ini yang akan tergolek datang dengan kuasa magis, termasuk ke-


Moga-moga Allah memberikan hidayah dan Kenalpasti kekuatan dan kelemahan dalam pelaja- kekuatan buat semua ahli PEMBINA yang bakal menghadapi peperiksaan. ran Kita perlu jujur kepada diri. Kenalpasti kelemahan sendiri. Satu teknik belajar yang berkesan adalah tidak dipengaruhi cara belajar orang lain tetapi punya teknik sendiri. Ini kerana setiap manusia yang dijadikan Allah itu unik. Kita perlu kenal pasti kelemahan sendiri, senaraikan, jadualkan waktu mengulangkaji dan perkemaskan cara belajar agar kita mampu mencapai kejayaan yang disasarkan. Tidak mengapa jika merasa tidak pandai dan tidak tahu, daripada kita sering menyangka diri kita pandai dan tahu

Buletin PEMBINA Zulqaedah 1431  

Edisi 03/03/1431

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