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Sprint Monday b y group 1

Table of contents Assemble your ocean’s 7 Time and space Monday Map Ask the experts Pick a Target the challenge or problem List Sprint questions Facilitator notes

Assemble your ocean’s 7 The team should at least contain - A decider or two (CEO, founder, product manager, head of design) - Finance expert (CEO, CFO, business development manager) - Marketing expert (CMO, marketer, PR, community manager) - Customer expert (researcher, sales, customer support) - Tech/logistics expert (CTO, engineer) - Design expert (designer, product manager) Bring the troublemaker, he/she sees the problem differently then everyone else, it will bring you new insights.  Pick a facilitator; this person is responsible for managing time, conversations and the overall process. This person needs to be confortable managing discussions and meeting, and summarize those into value.

Monday Time and space Everyone needs to clear his or her schedule for the whole week. The sprint starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m., with an hour-long lunch in between.   NO LAPTOPS, PHONES OR OTHER DEVICES ALLOWED (except during breaks or when you are not in the sprint room)   White boards facilitate the team common brain. You will right everything on it the whole week.

Monday 1. start at the end 2. Map 3. Ask the experts 4. Targets -Set a long term goal -List Sprint Questions examples: Q: To reach new customers, what has to be true? A: They have to trust our expertise


Ask the experts:

Map the customer journey on one of the white boards, start on the left with all the individuals involved and end with customers buying your product or using your service. Keep it simple and clear.

Ask a few experts of the company to help you understand the process and problem you will be working on during the sprint. They will feel involved and most important give you new insights. Â 1. Introduce the sprint 2. Review the whiteboards (give the expert a couple minutes to look at the notes you already made) 3. Open the door (ask the expert to tell everything what he/she knows about the challenge) 4. Start asking questions about everything you already noted on the whiteboards) 5. Fix the whiteboards (ask the expert if you noted it right)

-List the actors -Write the Ending -Words and arrows in between -keep it simple ask for help

Vote on how might we notes 1. Give to large dot stickers to each person 2. Give four large dot stickers to the decider 3. Ask everyone to review the goal and sprint questions 4. Ask everyone to vote in silence for the most useful how might we questions 5. Place the chosen notes on the sprint map

Pick a Target:

Ask the decider to choose one target customer and one target event on the map. Whatever she chooses will become the focus of the rest of the sprintthe sketches, prototype, and test all flow from this decision. Straw poll if the decider wants help. After the vote discuss any big differences of opinion, that should be enough input for the decider.   By Monday afternoon you have identified the longterm goal and questions along the way. Everyone on the team will have the same information and will understand the week’s objective.

The Challenge or problem

List sprint questions:

Set a long-term goal. Ask you team: “why are we doing this project? Where do we want to be six months, a year from now? (Write the long-term goal on the white board) Now you are going to ask your team; how might this goal fail or go wrong? List all these problems and list questions that tackle these problems.

- What questions do we want to answer this sprint? - To meet our long-term goal, what has to be true? - Imagine we travel into the future and our project failed? What might have causes that? For example: Q: To reach new customers, what has to be true? A: They have to trust our expertise   Q: how can we phrase that as a question? A: Will customers trust our expertise?

Facilitator notes

-Ask for permission -ABC: always be capturing -Ask obvious questions -take care of the humans - Take frequent breaks - lunch late - eat light and often -decide and move on


Group 1 monday  
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