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PELEHTI Booklet for international students



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Publisher: Pelletti ry Editor & layout: Ida Leiviskä Pictures: Ella Hatara, Jenni Partti, Miti Texts: Suvi-Tuuli Ryhänen, Oskari Akkanen, Antti Karhunen, Ari Holahan, Elaheh Aryapour, Thuy Pham, Pinla Nokkanen, Milla Vierikko, Iita Kinnunen, Joonas Ainasoja, Olivia Kuronen, Sonja Töyrylä, Ella Hatara, Ida Leiviskä

GREETINGS FROM THE CHAIRPERSON Hello our new student, and congratulations on your excellent choice of study with environmental engineering! You are now reading a magazine made just for you by Pelletti ry. In this magazine we introduce to you some important people, for example our international tutors, who will guide you into our wonderful student community. Pelletti ry is a subject organisation (or as we like to call it here in Lappeenranta, a guild) for sustainable science students in LUT. The guild's most important tasks are to work as a link between the students and the university and to make the student's lives as pleasant as possible via events for example. Pelletti provides its members overalls as wells as a guild room with a relaxing atmosphere, pastime possibilities and coffee or tea for those who have the taste for it. The guild also organises various events such as social evenings and sporting events that evolve constantly to cater the need of its members. Some of the most notable events around the year are the freshmen sits-party during fall and the Lounge-party during wappu. We hope that the current coronavirus situation gets better, and we can soon gather together in events again. In addition to the more visible action, Pelletti also does close collaboration with the other guilds, LTKY and the university. Promotion of interests is a hot topic and Pelletti constantly tries to evolve the sustainability science courses with the study program. In a nutshell, Pelletti is here to make LUT a more enjoyable environment for its members! We warmly welcome you to our guild! Life in Lappeenranta and LUT is an awesome experience, and we hope you enjoy it wholeheartedly. The international tutors as well as other people are here to help and guide you through your journey here, so feel free to ask us about anything! I can't wait to see you all soon!

All the best, Suvi-Tuuli Ryhänen Chair of the board, Pelletti ry

GREETINGS FROM PELLETTI’S INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS New school, new town, new friends. Everything starts all over again. I remember that feeling. That feeling is so inspiring and maybe a little bit scary at the same time. Luckily, you don’t have to make the leap to the unknown only by yourself since most of your fellow students are in the same situation and our community will help you to start your studies.

organise more events like this in the upcoming year so make sure to take a grip on our communications channels so you always get information about the upcoming events. Now, get yourself ready to the best time of your life in Lappeenranta!

Environmental technology students have traditionally been a close community with a great team spirit. People are easy to talk to and you might make new friends just by visiting the guild room for a cup of coffee. Just be yourself and come as you like! One of the definite strengths of Lappeenranta is that people come here from so many different surroundings. We can make worldwide connections by just walking to the school and starting a conversation. Internationality is very important for LUT and we students take care that everyone would feel welcomed here. Our student guild Pelletti has held events targeted especially towards our international students for example last time we held the Kyykkä event in which we introduced the traditional game of kyykkä to our international students. We are planning to

-Oskari, Responsible for Pelletti’s international affairs

INTERNATIONAL FRESHMEN CAPTAINS Hi and welcome to your new life on the shores of Saimaa! We are glad you chose Lappeenranta as your study destination and guarantee you won’t regret it. We are Antti and Ari, the freshmen captains for all English-language degree students. You’ll recognize us in person from the multicolored helmets we’ll be wearing throughout the year. The two of us will be working with you mostly during the orientation weeks, introducing the teekkari culture and Skinnarila spirit to you. We would love to elaborate on what those two strange words mean, but you’ll get to experience it firsthand on your arrival. The first two weeks of orientation in August will familiarize you with the school faculty, the systems and online infrastructure of your studies (such as registering for your courses), the campus and its navigation. In addition to these there are several traditional events and excursions in the evenings organized on behalf of the school guilds (you’re reading the brochure of one of them!) and clubs, such as Erasmus student network (ESN) Lappeenranta. More info on these activities will be available closer to your arrival date as school and provincial covid regulations unfold. We’re sure most of you will be experiencing a significant change in circumstances and culture as you settle down for your studies. That's where we come in! We’ll be working with your tutors to help integrate you into our student culture. If you need help with anything at all, even outside of school, feel

free to ask us and your tutors, as we’ll gladly lend you a hand with anything you need. We wish you a pleasant stay in Lappeenranta and will see you soon. Best regards Freshmen captains Antti Karhunen and Ari Holahan

Antti wearing the multi-colored freshmen captain’s helmet




Where I’m from: Vietnam

Where I’m from: Tehran, Iran

Favorite place in Lappeenranta: Saimaa Lake (but I come there once and totally stunned)

Favorite place in Lappeenranta: Myllysaaren uimala

Fun fact about me: I have a truly Asian and Gen Z traits, which means eating spicy, love calculation, active and always work overtime (then get backache at the same time)

Fun fact about me: I'm a dolphin, crazy about swimming and water sports. I was a professional swimmer for 10 years and a member of national swimming team of Iran. Also was a member of Iranian national canoe polo team. Now I’m a swimming instructor and lifeguard.




Where I’m from: Kuusankoski

Where I’m from: Porvoo

Favorite place in Lappeenranta: Skinnarila Garden

Favorite place in Lappeenranta: Port area

Fun fact about me: In my free time I like to play a game called kyykkä. My team is called BooB's, which stands for "Bitches out of Booze, Saatana!".

Fun fact about me: When I was two I climbed onto the roof of our house



Where I’m from: Kangasniemi Favorite place in Lappeenranta: Flea market Kontti Fun fact about me: I can make waves with my belly.


Where I’m from: Nivala, Finland Favorite place in Lappeenranta: Coastline of the lake next to the Campus. Fun fact about me: It is not easy to lose me because I am usually one head taller than people around me.

TEEKKARI CULTURE AND OVERALLS Teekkari culture has a long history and traditions, which makes the student life here unique. Teekkaris are known as fun people, who often get into crazy projects. We encourage you to try out as many things and events as you can, it will be fun for sure! The most important aspect of being a teekkari is having fun and being a part of a community. Here is a few important aspects of the culture.

Teekkari cap Teekkari cap is the symbol of a teekkari. The cap has been used among technical students for over 100 years. It is white, hexagonal shaped and has a black tassel. It is a summer cap worn from the beginning May until the end of September. To get the cap, new students have to collet freshmen points. It is fun and useful as it helps new students to integrate to the community. New students get to put their cap on when the clock hits midnight in the eve of wappu.

Overalls Most students in Finland have overalls of which color is based on their study field. Pelletti’s overalls are grey colored and they are an easy way to recognize Environmental Tehcnology students! Whenever we are wearing the grey overalls we are representing both Pelletti and Environmental engineering. You can get the overalls by joining to Pelletti. You will get the instructions on how to join to Pelletti during the first weeks.

Sits parties Sits parties are an academic table party where a threecourse meal is served as well as drinks. The point is to spend the evening together and sing with the lead of the song leaders. Singing is an important part of teekkari culture and teekkaris love to sing! There is usually a dresscode for sits parties, it can be fancier or have a specific theme.


Olivia is a member of LTKY’s board 2021. She takes care of wellness and sports of our students and is also in charge of international affairs. Don’t hesitate to come say hello or ask questions!

Dear newcomer, congratulations on your acceptance to Environmental Technology at LUT University! My name is Olivia and I would like to welcome you on the behalf of LTKY, the student union of LUT. You have probably heard already that the office of LTKY is where you can get the sticker for your student card and enjoy a cup of coffee in the lounge. However, we have a lot more to offer too. The mission on the student union is to make the life of students better. LTKY organizes advocacy and lobbying of the students’ opinion on local and national levels. LTKY also runs Aalef’s restaurants Yolo and Laseri as well as the small shop on campus’ main building. You can read about us in more details and see the several services we offer for students on LTKY website ( One of the main tasks of LTKY is to maintain and respect the student culture. At LUT there are nine guilds in total and more than 30 activity and hobby clubs. Finnish student culture is unique and interesting, and I really recommend getting involved in it. I would suggest joining your guild Pelletti as well as ESN Lappeenranta, where you can find more international students. LTKY also organizes lots of activities and events together with the guilds and clubs. In addition to studying it is very important to have fun, enjoy life, and make a lot of memories while you are here. That’s why I would really recommend paying attention to all the extracurricular activities that LUT, LTKY and the guilds offer and make new friends along the way.

From this point of view LUT is the perfect place; The majority of students live next to the campus or within two-kilometer distance, creating lively community, where it is easy to make friends with other international and Finnish students as well. Lastly I’d like to point out the beautiful scenery in Lappeenranta. I’m sure you will like that the campus is fully surrounded by nature; Trees, flowers and lake Saimaa. Relaxing and taking a little break is important and for that the nature is the the best place, in my opinion at least. And to keep informed before and during your studies with news and also more humorous stuff, make sure to follow us in our social media! You can find us on Instagram @ltky_insta. Welcome to our community, enjoy your studies and make memories that will last for a lifetime! Best wishes, Olivia



See menu of the week in the student restaurants:

Guild room

Space for members of Pelletti to spend time, drink coffee or tea, play different kind of games and enjoy excellent company!

Health Services

FSHS – Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS) is an organization that provides health care services for students of universities. There is an FSHS service unit in the campus area. More information:


Student apartments in Lappeenranta:


Exercise at campus with Moveo!

Student card

Members of LTKY are entitled to apply for a student card, which gives you many discounts and other benefits. More information how to get the card:


TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland, with a professional community of 72,000 members. More information and how to join:


Public transportation in Lappeenranta:


Find more useful information about Pelletti: Also follow Pelletti on social media and join the groups listed on the next page!



Group for members of Pelletti






Chat for members of Pelletti ( Chat for finding sports company (


Pelletti ry Pelletti jobs


Pelletti’s virtual guildroom

Profile for Pelletti

Pelehti 2021 for international students  


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