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6 Common Work Habits that Sabotage 12 Your Productivity

How to read the signs of a lying partner 10 EASY STEPS TO A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP

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Pellau Magazine

Year after year I find myself thinking all the materia

my Mom for Mother’s Day. We have all gotten her, je

paid for fancy dinners even vacations for those who can

what about a makeover! This year I came up with the gen

ing my mother a full makeover, that would include, an o

makeup and an evening out to show it all off. Everyone de

portunity to feel like royalty, and of all the people, your m

to take time out from her busy schedule and feel pretty an

children and the people around her. So I decided to share

my Pellau Magazine readers. I am going to provid


the tools you will need to provide this gift for mo step by step makeup look to transform her into she is! Step #1- Ask Mom what she likes.

Mom’s opinion on her makeup is important, find likes and dislikes to get an idea where to go with

By: Tenille T. Quamina For instance she may like an understated eye and my mom! Step #2- Highlight her assets!

Whatever mom’s assets are draw attention to it. W

May 2011

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sets, I mean facially, draw attention to her bright beautiful eyes or full lips, by playing them

al things to give

ewelry, clothes,

n afford it. But

nius idea of giv-

outfit, fabulous

eserves the op-

mother deserves

up with colour and gloss. Step #3- Begin the Makeup Process -Apply foundation or powder, best suited for her. Find out if she likes heavy or light coverage, her opinion counts! -Frame her face by starting with defining her eyebrows. Pluck them, and then darken with an eyebrow pencil that matches her skin tone. Avoid using a black eyebrow pencil; it is usually too harsh for any skin tone.

nd loved by her

e this idea with

de you with all

om as well as a the queen that

-Choose with mummy some eyeshadow colours best suited for her ensemble as well as her taste. My mom likes understated eyes, so neutrals, and maybe a hint of pink or marron to make it all pop! Top with eyeliner and mascara to finish the eye look. -Blush, is a mature woman’s best friend, contour and highlight her cheek bones, with a little bronzer and top it off with a rose coloured blush, to warm up the cheeks. -Finish with a bold colour lip or lighter shade according to mom’s preference. Lipstick,

d out what she the makeover.

d bold lips, like

When I say as-

topped with a gloss, gives mom and bold, yet youthful finish. With the look complete, get mom ready and send her off to her dinner date. This idea, not just makes mom feel like she’s a new woman, it shows that you actually put some thought into her gift this year. Making mom feel special is the ultimate goal, and I think this gift, hits the nail on the head. I know my mom works really hard like most mothers and needs a moment to feel beautiful and loved by her children. This should happen eve-

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ryday, but Mother’s Day is our chance to make mummy feel like the queen that she is. The makeup look in the pictures below, is dedicated to my mother Janice Clarence-Quamina (in the picture), the queen of my life. She loves an understated eye, and bold eggplant lips. Take the time to find out what your mom likes, revamp the look and transform her for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all Pellau Magazine Readers, Have a great Mother’s Day and a great Month!!!!

May 2011

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6 Common Work Habits that Sabotage Your Productivity

We all have our weekday morning routines. You roll into the office a little before 9 am (or a little after, if traffic was really bad), settle in at your desk, maybe grab a cup of coffee around 9:30 or 10, check Twitter and Facebook, and then dive in to your inbox. And while it‟s obvious that your time playing Farmville or reading Kanye‟s latest tweet is going to hamper your productivity, you might be surprised to learn what other common work habits can sabotage your productivity.

1. Checking Your Email Constantly

don’t check email at all until after lunch… As long as you’re ignorant of everything else that’s If you‟re like most people, you check your email going on outside, you can concentrate on what frequently. Like, 5 times an hour frequently…or you want to work on. You don’t know what “every time my phone dings” frequently. Maybe fires need to be put out, you don’t know about that special sale that’s going on today and you a better word than “frequently” would be don’t know about that funny video your buddy “obsessively.” sent you.” But despite the urgings of your boss to “stay on top of everything”, it turns out that checking your Elizabeth Grace Saunders takes a slightly more moderate approach, telling her clients that all her email too frequently actually reduces your proemails will be answered within 24 hours so they ductivity. don‟t get on her back. She generally clears out her Now, of course the experts can‟t seem to agree on when you should check your email. There are inbox during the first 1-2 hours of her day, and formulates her game plan for the rest of the day a few people who say that checking your email after that. After that, she doesn‟t generally look at as soon as you get into the office is a no-no, her email again for the rest of the day, allowing among them Sid Savara and Oprah‟s pal Julie her to focus completely on business development Morgenstern, author of “Never Check Email in and client projects. the Morning.” Savara argues that checking your email first thing when you sit down to work ruins whatever game plan you came into the day with. Instead, he advises, “Work on something important for 30-45 minutes, and only then check it. If you can stand it, wait even longer. Some days I

2. Scheduling Weekly/Project Status Meetings

Meetings are a time suck, but some would argue that they are a necessary evil. Still, losing hours every week to conversations that could just as easily have been handled over IM or email can be

really frustrating. Instead, use a shared project management system with a progress bar or timeline or calendar. You might like Central Desktop, Basecamp, or a system you‟ve cobbled together using Google Docs. With a detailed list of project milestones and deadlines mapped out in a shared workspace, any team member at any time can log in and get the status of a project, without having to ask you for it. And you get those hours previously lost to weekly status meetings back!

3. Working Late

Trouble is, by the time I‟ve done everything on my list except the one big task I‟ve been putting off, I‟m tired and cranky and low on energy. In other words, I‟m not even close to the right frame of mind for addressing the hardest part of my list. The solution? Just bite the bullet, and do the big task on your to-do list first, no matter how tempting it is to scratch off the smaller tasks on your list first.

5. Drinking Too Much Coffee Caffeine does not give you lasting energy; caffeine that‟s loaded with sugar even less so. Especially if you live the desk jockey lifestyle, that sugar in your coffee is likely to make you hyper, spike your insulin levels, crash, and then get stored as fat. In other words, it‟s not really the best thing for boosting productivity. Skip the morning Joe (and the mid-morning Joe, and the afternoon Joe) and eat a balanced breakfast instead to keep your energy up.

Let me ask you something. How productive are you after 5 pm, really? Chances are that even when you do work late, you spend a good chunk of that time reading blog posts and figuring out what restaurant you want to order delivery from. And even if you do work your butt off after hours, you‟re just going to get burned out, making you more likely to get sick and lose even more productive hours. Staying late is okay when 6. Eating Lunch at Your Desk it is really needed, but if you do it habitually in You might be perceived as more productive by hopes of getting ahead, you‟re likely doing your- your boss when you don‟t take a full lunch break, self (and your company) a disservice. but will you actually be more productive? 4. Mismanaging Your To-Do List Well, probably not. For one thing, what if you This is my own personal failing. I am a compulspill your soup on an important report, or your sive “to-do” list writer, and while I always have keyboard? If you are clumsy, eating near imporan easy time prioritizing my list, I don‟t always tant work documents is a sure fire way to have tackle things in the right order. your productivity plummet. And unless you have Say I have a list of 5 action items, all of which a spare shirt in your car, you might have to go to need to get done today. They are all the same pri- an important meeting with beef stew down your ority, but they vary in terms of how much time it front. will take to complete them. Plus, eating at your desk increases your odds of So I might tackle the “easiest” things first, the overeating, since you aren‟t eating mindfully. You two or three tasks I know will take just 5-10 min- get chubbier, your heart gets weaker, and then utes to do. And then I‟ll be able to move on to your productivity really takes a nosedive. “the big project”, and I‟ll have already made a Do you sabotage your own productivity? Tell dent in my to-do list. us @

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Are you being lied to? First thing's first . . .listen to your instincts!

How to read the signs of a lying partner

Knowing whether you are being lied to or not, does not require mind reading or psychic power. Understanding the difference between the truth and a lie can all be determined by a person's behavior, and if you pay attention to these behaviors, you will be able to have a better idea of whether you are being lied to or not. The most important thing you should always remember to do however is to trust your instincts. If you feel you are not getting the entire truth from your partner for some reason, then listen to your instincts. Most people are in good touch with their instincts, but rather not listen to that inner voice because they refuse to believe that their partner would deceive them in any way. Staying in touch with your instincts will help guide you in the right direction. Though instincts are a great help, they can be tricky. Majority of the times, your instincts will not lie to you, but there are times when your instincts can be influenced by your fears and insecurities. For example, you may already have fears of being cheated on, therefore you may feel that your partner is lying to you and cheating on you, when in fact he or she may be telling you the truth and completely faithful to you. This is why it is essential to understand the behavior of a liar, so that you can define the difference between really catching on to a liar, or just being paranoid that your partner is lying to. Watch the Body Language

One important thing to remember is that the body never lies. If there are changes in the way your partner moves (or does not movie) his/her arms, hands, head and the way his/her eyes shift, then you are most likely being lied to. The reason the body language changes when a person is lying is because the person now has to think of a way to seem convincing that he/she is telling the truth. Since he/she knows that whatever they are telling you is a lie, the behavior automatically changes because they are now trying to act truthful, instead of actually being truthful. One big sign to look out for is in the eyes. If your partner avoids eye contact with you, then he/she is lying to you. There is a fear that you will see through him or her if there is eye contact, so eye contact will be avoided. Whether you real-

May 2011

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ize it or not, your body also communicates when you talk. When you are enthusiastic about telling your partner something and are telling the truth, you will move your hands around and will look into his/her eyes to make a connection. If your partner is lying however, he or she will tense up, will most likely tone down on the hand movement and eye connection and will seem different than other times. If your partner is the type to still move his/her hands around even when he/she is lying, then pay attention to the timing of the movements. Timing is everything and can define the difference between the truth and a lie. When a person is telling the truth for example, his/her hands (and whatever body movement he/she does) will move at the same time when telling you something. When he/she is lying however, the body language will be off and will usually come shortly after he/she has told you the lie. This is because they have to think about acting natural, and this thinking causes them to be off key. Last but not Least: Clearing of the throat, touching him or herself often and saying “Umm� Another sign of a lying partner is if he/she touch his/her nose or face a lot while talking to you. They will feel nervous about telling you lies and will want to occupy their hands somehow as a way to cover up their lie, such as touching the nose, rubbing their eyes and so on. Your partner may even clear his or her throat more than usual when talking to you, look away a lot and/or say "umm" a lot when lying to you. They are using these as time killers so they can think of how to tell you the lie in the most convincing way possible. These are just some of the signs of a lying partner and are the most common signs. Remember, it is always important to trust your instincts first. If you feel that your partner is lying to you, start paying closer attention to his/her behavior and if there are any changes, then you will be able to catch on to the lies better and can further investigate from that point.

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ful Ti p l e H 9

ith N W l a e To D

Do you have any friends or colleagues who are negative? If so, you’ll know they aren’t the most enjoyable people to be around. Negative people can be real downers in any conversation. No matter what you say, they have a way of spinning things in a negative direction. Some negative people can be so negative that it feels draining just being around them. I’ve dealt with a fair share of negative people in my life. When I was in junior college, I was basically surrounded by a college population of negative students and teachers. My school wasn’t the best of the lot, so most people inside were disgruntled by virtue of being there. While I was initially taken aback by negativity of the people, I eventually learned to manage it and channel it into conscious action. Today, I deal with negativity on-and-off in my personal development work, especially if there are readers or coaching clients in distress. Rather than be affected by others’ negative energy, I’m now able to consciously deal with it. Here, I’ll share with you 9 tips to deal with negative people in your life:

1) Don’t get into an argument One of the most important things I learned is not to debate with a negative person. A negative person likely has very staunch views and isn’t going to change that just because of what you said. Whatever you say, he/she can find 10 different reasons to back up his/her viewpoint. The discussion will just swirl into more negativity, and you pull yourself down in the process. You can give


Peo e v i t a eg

constructive comments, and if the person rebutts with no signs of backing down, don’t engage further.

2) Empathize with them Have you ever been annoyed by something before, then have someone tell you to “relax”? How did you feel? Did you relax as the person suggested or did you feel even more worked up? From my experience, people who are negative (or upset for that matter) benefit more from an empathetic ear than suggestions/solutions on what he/ she should do. By helping them to address their emotions, the solutions will automatically come to them (it’s always been inside them anyway).

3) Lend a helping hand Some people complain as a way of crying for help. They may not be conscious of it though, so their comments come across as complaints rather than requests. Take the onus to lend a helping hand. Just a simple “Are you okay?” or “Is there anything I can do to help you?” can do wonders.

4) Stick to light topics Some negative people are triggered by certain topics. Take for example: One of my friends sinks into a self-victimizing mode whenever we talk about his work. No matter what I say (or don’t say), he’ll keep complaining once we talk about work. Our 1st instinct with negative people should be to help bring them to a more positive place (i.e. steps #2 and #3). But if it’s apparent the person is stuck in his/her negativity, the unhappiness may be too deeply rooted to address in a one-off conversation, or for you to help him/her unravel it. Bring in a new topic to lighten the mood. Simple things like new

May 2011

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movies, daily occurrences, common friends, make for light conversation. Keep it to areas the person feels positive towards.

full brunt of the negativity. This way you can focus more on doing steps #1 (Empathizing) and #2 (Helping the person).

5) Ignore the negative comments

8) Be responsible for your reaction

One way to help the negative person “get it” is to ignore the negative comments. If he/ she goes into a negative swirl, ignore or give a simple “I see” or “Ok” reply. On the other

Whether the person is negative or not, ultimately you’re the one who is perceiving the person is negative. When you recognize that, actually the negativity is the product of

hand, when he/she is being positive, reply in affirmation and enthusiasm. Do this often and soon he/she will know positivity pays off. He/she will adjust to be more positive accordingly.

your lens. Take responsibility for your perceptions. For every trait, you can interpret it in a positive and a negative manner. Learn to see the goodness of the person than the negative. It may be tough initially, but once you cultivate the skill, it becomes second nature.

6) Praise the person for the positive things Negative people aren’t just negative to others. They’re also negative to themselves. If you already feel negative around them, imagine how they must feel all the time. What are the things the person is good at? What do you like about the person? Recognize the positive things and praise him/her for it. He/she will be surprised at first and might reject the compliment, but on the inside he/she will feel positive about it. That’s the first seed of positivity you’re planting in him/her and it’ll bloom in the long-term.

7) Hang out in 3′s or more people Having someone else in the conversation works wonders in easing the load. In a 1-1 communication, all the negativity will be directed towards you. With someone else in the conversation, you don’t have to bear the

9) Reduce contact with them / Avoid them If all else fails, reduce contact with them or avoid them altogether. If it’s a good friend, let him/her know of the severity of the issue and work it out where possible. It’s not healthy to spend too much time with people who drain you. Your time is precious, so spend it with people who have positive effects on you.

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10 EASY STEPS TO A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP By: Candace Augustine Are you ready for real love? In this day and age of fast-paced and short-lived relationships, it's challenging and many times difficult, to find good, solid, effective, and useful, information that helps to build healthy and long-lasting romantic relationships. Whether you're single, married, divorced, or looking-to -be-married, these time-tested steps will help you and your current or future mate to create a longlasting romantic bliss:

conversations-are they deep and meaningful or surface and bland? Do you discuss personal hopes, dreams and goals, or just talk about the weather and the plot to the latest drama? Can you count on each other to lend a listening ear, good advice, and undivided attention? Good, honest, and deep conversation will keep you deeply connected. When in doubt, talk it out. Always keep the lines of communication open in your relationship.

1) Always Be Your "True" Self You are wonderfully and uniquely made by a loving Creator. If you find that you have to act or try to become someone you weren't born to be, in order to fulfill someone else's expectation, then something is seriously wrong. A true love will appreciate you for who you are and what you bring to the relationship, and vice-versa. If you feel as if you're being pressured to alter your character to do things you wouldn't usually do (drink, drugs, pre-mature sex, lie) so that the person will continue to see you, that's a certain sign that things are unhealthy. Your true love will gladly embrace you just for who you areso don't be afraid, step out in faith and show your true self.

2) Develop Deep Communication with Each Other A healthy relationship goes much deeper that a surface affair. Even though you may both look good arm-in-arm, or standing next to each other, whether at a concert, family reunion, Movie Theater, or at church, can you talk when you're alone? What's going on in your

3) Don't Ignore, but Explore Your Differences Do your personalities blend well? Is one of you on the optimistic path while the other is on the pessimistic side of the road? Opposites may initially attract, but eventually they can repel each other. It's important that your personalities are compatible. If one views life through rose colored glasses, while the other is always singing-the-blues, then you have to make some sort of adjustment to accommodate each other. The simple truth is oil and vinegar make an excellent salad dressing, but they don't mix well in romantic relationships, unless both personalities can explore each other and find some sort of balance. If you can adjust and love each other's personalities, regardless of any differences, and bring out the best when you're together, then this is a winning combo, and you could very well be a dynamic-duo in a life-long healthy relationship.

4) Share Similar Interest and Values You don't have to have the exact interests. As a matter of fact, having diverse preferences can help you to share new and exciting things with each other. However, make sure you have at least a few common interests, so it won't be an ongoing battle over what to do and where to go to keep you both satisfied. You may have to compromise in some areas like sports, politics, movies, shopping, music, etc. Keep in mind that compromising doesn't mean depriving each other of their individual interests but instead it means participating in each other's interests. 5) Discuss Your Spiritual Beliefs Together If you're not on common ground with your beliefs about who and what God means to each of you, this will eventually cause a rift in your relationship. Don't try to conceal your true beliefs and hope that it will all just one day fall in place-it won't. Make sure you talk about your faith honestly and openly with each other. There's a wise adage that states, "The couple that prays together, stays together."

6) Appreciate Each Other's Unique Body Temple Let's face it, we're all built differently. We come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades. In order to have a healthy physical and emotional relationship, you must embrace and appreciate each other's total package. One of the

May 2011

worse things a couple can do to each other is to fantasize or try to fit their mate into someone else's body image. When you throw away preconceived "ideal body type" perceptions, you'll enjoy the true worth of your partner. I remember years ago, one of my college friends, Nicolette, a fivefoot-eight-inch, former beauty queen, adamantly refused to date any man under the six-foot mark. Her preconceived idea of the "ideal match" was "an athletic hunk who would be paid well for playing ballfootfall, basketball, or baseball would qualify him-as long as he had the height, the muscles, and the billfold." Well, after many heartbreaks, shallow relationships, and adopting a completely new outlook on life, she eagerly reports that she has been very happily married to a five-foot-five-inch dentist for over five years and "has since been blessed with two wonderful children to complete her healthy marriage." Nicolette would have missed out on the love of her life had she remained stuck with false perceptions. Don't let this happen to you. Admire, appreciate, and enjoy your companion's body temple.

7) Talk About "The S&M Factor" (Sex & Money) Two of the biggest destroyers of healthy relationships are the misuse, abuse, lack of or over-use of sex and money (the S & M Factor). Both are very important and very personal in your love life. Yet, unfortunately, most couples make the mistake of not setting quality time aside early in their relationship to discuss these two vital components. To put it bluntly, "You've got to know where you're heading, before you get to the bedding; and know what you're spending before it gets beyond mending."

Page 19

In deep romantic relationships, there is a world of difference between "having sex" and "making love," just as there is a major difference between being "involved" and "being in love." The misuse of sex, just like the misuse of money, causes major turbulence in relationships. These can be dangerous influences which overwhelm your relationship; or they can be healthy tools for intimacy and success. It's up to both you and your partner to know what sex and money means to each of you, and to make sure that you share your beliefs and feelings with each other. Other-

wise, both the sex and money issues can become major conflicts which will destroy even the deepest love. 8) Try to Get Along With Each Other's Friends and Families Although your happiness ultimately depends on how well the two of you get along with each other, some input from loved ones can be frosting on the cake. Do you have a healthy interaction with each other's close associates? Make sure you ask some supportive family members and/or dear friends their opinion about your choice in mate. If the advice is not what you want to hear, examine it closely, evaluate the source, pray about it, and make up your own mind anyway. Make sure you also meet your mate's family and closest friends, and discreetly observe their interactions with each other. Look if there is any dysfunctional family pattern that you need to address and get help with. There is a wise old saying, "Show me your company, I'll tell you who you are." Chances are, if your partner has a healthy interaction with loved ones, you will also get the same treatment-and so much more!

9) Stay Away From Negative People It's important to make a special note here, that although the interactions of relatives and friends can be a plus in building a healthy relationship, some, unfortunately, can also be a minus. If you face unhealthy interference and discouragement from loved ones because of their personal insecurities, don't let them have any influence in your relationship. Both you and your mate must be on the same page and decide to keep negative people out of your personal love life in order to love and grow together in

a harmonious, healthy relationship. 10) Learn to Laugh Together This one doesn't need much explanation-if there's no joy, there's very little hope. Laughter keeps love alive. Find something that you can both get a good hearty laugh from. Here's a little secret that works wonders: A good sense of humor and a pleasant disposition has a magnetic attraction that makes people always want to be in your presence. How can that special person resist your gorgeous smile and sparkling eyes? Go ahead, laugh a bit-have fun and enjoy!

There you have it-the practical, useful and effective steps that will surely enhance your current or future relationship. You deserve to have an enjoyable, exciting, and loving healthy relationship with someone who loves you, just for who you are. You are worth it!

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By: M

The fashion world can be described as pot consisting of different cultures and trend and women through a variation of body d The plus sized industry has been widely deve ing the time span in this era. However, I would like to witness the industry being developed at a greater pace and in the future. I believe that we are a talen who can provide positivity for our peopl world by embracing the realms of the fashio Also, I would like to see more plus size clot front of the stores rather than being placed a as well as the usage of plus sized mannequ play items. Furthermore, I would like to help to b inspiration to the industry by encouraging support plus sized models on the runway, many other events. I believe that we can init size revolution in order to expand our gen the future, which will provide basic build and strong foundations for the development ful minds in our society and throughout the w

Maria Dook

s a melting ds for men dimensions. eloped dur-

plus sized e presently nted nation le and the on industry. thing at the at the back, uins to dis-

become an g people to shows and tiate a plus nerations in ding blocks t of beautiworld.

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For all of those that follow fashion, the spring and summer fashion styles of 2011 would change your wardrobe. Let me start by saying SKINNY JEANS ARE OUT! Yes, they have disappeared in these seaBy: Janine Awai sons fashions and may or may not return for the winter. Now the fashion this year has gone back in time, this time, 60‟s and 70‟s. Along with those decades, we have also returned to Punk and Biker. I guess Rihanna and Gaga are to blame for all the leather and chains. Let‟s start with the 60‟s. The time of the housewives, office girls and the bomb shells, so ladies it‟s time to pull out the KNEE long pencil skirts and lower those hemlines. ( A dress at the Louis Vuitton bag show) As you can see the skirts are fuller and the neck lines got longer, like the hems on the skirts. The 60‟s fashion is all about being the vixen, the classy lady with the secret sexy edge. Personally I am a huge fan of the 60‟s wear for work, it is class and sophisticated but not over baring and too sexy. ” A straight cut sheath or pencil skirt is the ultimate in creating a 1960s hourglass shape - not only cinching in the waist, but clinging to the hips as well. Look for skirts that are straight, high waist, below knee with a kick pleat or slit at the back. You can also look for fitted sheath dresses. These are great sleeveless or with classic three-quarter sleeves. The peg-top skirt is another alternative - full at the waist with small darts or pleats, and tapering narrowly to the hem. Avoid looking dowdy by pairing with a fitted top; or sex it up with a sheer blouse. For an authentic look, pair with flats or dainty kitten heels. To modernize, stick with a pair of high heels. And accessorize Bold red

Current Fashion Trends

lipstick for a bombshell look or soft pink for a vintage belle. Cats-eye glasses. '60s accessories: a wide, waist-cinching belt; a leather clutch in candy-store pastels; gloves; a classic headscarf. Hair worn sultry and '60s sex kitten, or swept up into a beehive.” Now we are going to take it to the 70‟s, 10 years later and a whole lot more glamour. Yes they have brought back the BELL BOTTOMS and the WIDE LEG PANTS, I told you guys skinnies were out. I prefer the 70‟s style for more of a Saturday wear, I would throw on a pair of bell bottoms a nice top some heels and go in the mall for ice cream or to a movie with my girls. “High waisted wide-leg pants or flares, smartly belted in. Neat bow-blouses, especially ones with billowing or bishop sleeves. Particularly great are fabrics like silk and satin. Roll neck sweaters tucked into pants or skirts. Add to the '70s effect by layering over beaded necklaces or a vest. For those more daring, a pair of hot pants are the ultimate '70s item. A smart printed jumpsuit is another great alternative. Choose high sheen fabrics with a '70s disco-inspired edge, like lurex or silk; anything with a metallic thread. Add a ruffled neckline under a brocade blazer or tuxedo jacket, paired with a sharp pair of pants. Long, slinky gowns with draping, low necklines or dress slits are the ultimate in '70s night time glamour. The right handbag completes a look. Try for smart, high quality bags like a leather satchel for day, and a small bag with a long strap for night. Big, statement

May 2011

leather belts slung over mini skirts or maxi dresses add impact and fair to a seventies-inspired outfit. A pair of on-trend thigh high boots are probably already be in your wardrobe by now - pair them with hot pants or a skirt for a decidedly sexed-up yet sophisticated '70s look. Wear lots of jewelry - but keep it a little cleaner than for a boho look. Try lots of rings with bold stones, neat piles of bangles, and long pendant necklaces and strings of beads. Look to complimentary hairstyles like a sleek longer bob, masses of bouncy curls, or long, flowing hair.” On to the Punk, I must say, I find this look to be a highly required taste. If u like stud, metal and that crazy sexy look, then Punk is all for you. If I was to wear this, I would pick a clubbing night, when I feel really sexy, and I just want to have fun with no one really paying much attention. I must say though, that punk cuts are not for everyone. So wear with caution. Punk can be confused with biker and goth. But I must say it speaks for itself.

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The last and final fashion trend of 2011 is Biker, this is my absolute favorite. It goes well with those boots you have been dying to wear, those pumps that need an edge and for those days and nights when you are in a kickin‟ mood and you don‟t want anyone to mess with you, but you want all eyes on you. I would wear this fashion to work, mall, club anything, anytime, anywhere, well maybe not a wedding or a funeral. Alyah get what I am saying though. Well Ladies, I hope you guys have fun with these trends J. I would like to thanks for the quotes that were provided in this article. Remember ladies, fashion repeats BUT style is unique. Til next time Janine

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By: Janine Awai

Women and Their Weight

Lady’s this month is our month. As we all know, we ALL think about our weight! No matter if are a size 00 or a size 45 it doesn’t matter we all have thought about our weight. But ladies let me tell you something, ALL OF US CAN NEVER BE A SIZE 0! I am serious. We all look in the magazines and see these girls, slim, nice, hot looking. LADIESSS we are definitely not robots. They do not stick us in a machine and shoot us out. We are NOT clones. Fellas! I know some of yall prob reading this and like “but nothing hotter than a gyal dat does look ral fine, smooth n ting” yes yes yes, I as a girl, I am not going to lie, no homo or anything, but if a girl is looking bess, she looking bess! I go give yall dat! But ladies, there are different types of girls that look bess. It is not our weight that defines us. It is who we are. Everybody is different. IF in your life, you were never a size 2 between 16-26, you are never going to be a size 2. Your body type would not be able to handle it. Do you know how unattractive it is, for a woman that is a size 4 to be slaving away in the gym, not eating, and crying about her weight? GOSH! Have some self confidence please!!!! It is our confidence that makes us! not our weight or how we look. Ladies I know yall know what I am talking about, because we all know nothing is sexier than a guy that knows he is fine and acts like he knows what he is doing, even though he may not be the sexiest looking fella out there, but in your eyes he is. I did a little survey and I must shout out thanks to de fellas that helped alyuh really did help out there. I’m going to be very blunt 45% of the guys like their women average with CURVES, nice size, flat stomach,

May 2011

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big boobs and a big butt. 5% of the men like their women thick and hot. The other 50% like their women thinner than a tooth pick. So I asked these men why. The ones that voted for the 5% thick things say, it’s hard to find a girl like that with such high confidence in themselves. The others that voted 50% said that those girls even though some are skinny, they know how to rock their bodies and move with it, and the 45% that like them normal, go after them because of their confidence also. So I asked another question, to the guys that voted for the majority “why is it, that you guys go for a skinnier girl, than a girl alyuh could hold on to at night and keep warm?” and it is sad that the common response I got back was “I would eh, but you see the thing is, those girls, they are to self conscious and that insecurity is a problem for me to deal with.” COME ON LADIES DO YOU NOT SEE A TREND THAT IS OCCURING HERE!!!! I am not skinny, I know I’m not fat, but I am going to speak up for all of the body types out there when I say, IT IS NOT THE LABELS THAT MAKE US, FOR THEY CAN NOT DEFINE AND BREAK US, WE ARE WOMEN AND WE ARE STRONG, WE LOVE HARD AND GET HURT HARD, WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE. So if your man, after being with you for so many years has de nerve to sit down there and tell you to lose weight, I say tell him to go find what he is looking for somewhere else. Because if he was comfortable with you before why de jail he complaining now?! Don’t go slaving away to lose weight for no one! Once you are comfortable in your own skin, there is and always will be someone out there made for you and who you were made for. So my ladies, thick, thin, normal and in between, I would like you all to put the dieting books away, go out there and buy some clothes that fit your body, ignore the looks you get from the others that are jealous they don’t have your confidence, and feel good about yourself. Not just this month but all the months to follow.

"A lady picked up several items at a discount store. When she finally got up to the checker, she learned that one of her i had no price tag. Imagine her embarrassment when the checker got on the intercom and boomed out for the entire store

hear, „PRICE CHECK ON LANE THIRTEEN, TAMPAX, SUPER SIZE." That was bad enough, but somebody at the r

the store apparently misunderstood the word 'Tampax' for „THUMBTACKS.‟ In a businesslike tone, a voice boomed ba

over the intercom: „DO YOU WANT THE KIND YOU PUSH IN WITH YOUR THUMB OR THE KIND YOU POUN WITH A HAMMER?‟ "A young family moved into a house, next to a vacant lot. One day, a construction crew turned up to start building a house on the empty lot.

The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and spent much o each day observing the workers.

Eventually the construction crew, all of them "gems-in-the-rough," more or less, adopted her as a kind of project masco

They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had coffee and lunch breaks and gave her little jobs to do here an there to make her feel important. At the end of the first week, they even presented her with a pay envelope containing ten dollars. The little girl took this home to her mother who suggested that she take her ten dollars "pay" she'd received to the bank next day to start a savings account. When the girl and her mom got to the bank, the teller was equally impressed and asked the little girl how she had come very own pay check at such a young age.

The little girl proudly replied, "I worked last week with a real construction crew building the new house next door to us "Oh my goodness gracious," said the teller, and will you be working on the house again this week, too?" The little girl replied, "I will, if those as*!#!es at Home Depot ever deliver the fu*#'ng sheet rock..." (Thanks Joe)

items to

rear of






the by her


The Hybrid Road Trip to the La Vega Estate Memories made. That was the end result of Hybrid Entertainment‟s Road Trip to the La Vega Estate, Gran Couva on Good Friday 22 nd April, 2011. What a Good Friday it was! As all the preparations, marketing and „buzz‟ leading up to the event ended in an 8 hour long exciting and fun filled climax. The La Vega Estate did not disappoint and was an ideal place for the maiden journey of Hybrid and a group of our enthusiastic supporters in its Road Trip series. In keeping with the premise of what the Road Trip initiative is about, La Vega had activities for the adventure seeker, nature lover, history enthusiast and those who have a passion for new experiences. Throughout the day, Hybrid entertained the group with activities including highly contested games of Guesstures (charades), Taboo, All Fours and Twister. Prize hampers courtesy one of the sponsors of the trip Dixee, were given to the winning players of the games. One of the patrons of the trip Kimba, summed up her experience nicely saying “It was as really fun! Everyone got along and I can‟t think of any dull moment. The fun just built as the day went on.” The group went along the Toucan nature trail, enjoyed fishing in the Lousade Pond (and even caught a few) and went on paddle boat rides around Lake George. With all the excitement and activities, the group still found time to lay back, relax and enjoy the scenery and beauty of the flora and fauna that the La Vega Estate had to offer. Throughout the day we were kept refreshed by another sponsor, Oasis who supplied us with bottled water. With everyone who attended the Road Trip asking the question "When will the next one be?" It is clear that Hybrid‟s maiden voyage was a success! Hybrid will continue on these trips as part of its mission to create positive avenues for youth to socialize and develop holistically. For more information on Hybrid Entertainment and its initiatives visit their website at or their Facebook fan page at .

Pellau Magazine Issue #16  

May 2011 Issue of Pellau Magazine

Pellau Magazine Issue #16  

May 2011 Issue of Pellau Magazine