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Get ready for the most exclusive Saturday event!

Secret Saturdays is back! This time, at Manhattan Lounge! Located on the Eastern Main Road, San Juan. (Opposite the Croisee, next to Mario’s Pizzeria) This launch will take place on the Saturday 6th August from 9pm. Entertainment By: Dj Dk Polo, Dj MA, Dj Pun & Marvin, Yung Starz Alliance, and much more! Surprise Guest Artiste Performances Guaranteed! Lots of goodies on the opening night! Ladies two for one entry PLUS free shots EVERY HOUR! Think big lights, big show. Think Elite, Exclusive. Think SECRET! We’re catering for the tastes of a million: general, vip and vvip exist respectively throwing a different party in each of their own rights. You are invited to come take part at this event. For more info visit us on facebook: and You can also call: Nicholas Ahing at 771-6365 or Dexter Tittil at 297-2500

It's Stuck On My Mind By Brittney Harris Should I call or Should I hang up I keep contemplating whether You want to pick up I study if I annoy you Cause if I do I'll just give up Your voice is so addictive I just can't stop From the morning I wake up You're on my mind non-stop

Stuck on replay

The simple things you do You don't know how you make my day The way you make me smile It's not normal in anyway Everything was ordinary without you Now it's extraordinary with you When you speak You make my days brigter My heart starts pounding Even though it's on a rainy day Swear you can hear the beats I can't start to explain the things They spell your name on my heart You do to have me this way and You're always on my mind I think I need to go to english class Stuck on replay Because I can't find a word to describe When I'm around you The way you make me feel My heart skips a beat And sometimes I look up in the You bring out the real me in me stars Never thought I would tell a guy And see your face You're meant for me You're always on my mind And no matter what, through the

Orlando Octave started music from a tender age. At the age of 10 he won the Promenade Summer Competitions. However, it was in 2004 that he started pursuing a professional career in music and here won the Junior Soca Monarch after teaming up with producer/artist, KMC. In 2007, the world saw Orlando venturing into the world of reggae with his stellar contribution called ‘Darkie’. This was followed by other hit songs like ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Disconnected’, which blazed the airwaves worldwide. Joined by the likes of his Millionaire family, Orlando released a slew of new songs for, which included the ever popular hit songs such as, ‘Bruk out and Roll’, ‘Pump it Up’ which gained him commendable reviews. For Trinidad’s Carnival 2k11 he even landed a spot in the world renowned, Groovy Soca Monarch. After the Carnival Season, Orlando once again teamed up with producer, ‘Kid’ (one of Sizzla’s engineers) for the tune, ‘So it A Go’. For his follow up Orlando Octave has teamed up with label, JahLight Records, known for their solid productions as in their New Day Riddim and Mount Zion I Riddim, for his next big release called ‘Jah will never let you down’. This song is strikingly different as Orlando has been known for singing a lot of songs expressing his love for the women. However, here, the world that didn’t know will see another side of the young singer as he pours out a message of hope to those that are facing difficult situations, assuring them that no matter the difficulty, they can call on God (‘Pray’)and He will be there for

them. In the song, Orlando also warns us of people that will come in our way to present stumble blocks in our life. His answer to this being, ‘always keep a smile when they want you to frown’. Joined by backup singers and fellow artists, Kerry John and Roxy Singh, his chorus rings out as he instructs the people to, ‘Don’t let them get you down, even if you’re down, Jah will never let you down.’ Backed by JahLight Records’ energetic riddim, the song is absolutely beautiful in expression, vocal and lyrical ability. ‘It is a privilege to put out a record with Orlando Octave. We at JahLight Records are excited about this project for it’s an opportunity to spread a positive and uplifting message to the world especially as our team along with Orlando Octave see ourselves as role models to this generation. We intend to make the best of this opportunity for the honour and

glory of God’. We wou to thank God most of all those that help pu work together. We ho inspire the people to the faith in the Lord d opposition and trials Know that with God, thing is possible. So s first and everything e shall be added unto y JahLight Records ma Akeunde Pemberton The song was mixed dal Arnold, executive duced by Akeunde Pemberton and Sher son, whilst mastering was provid Gary Surtherland, engineer, of the dary Tuff Gong International in Ja The song will be released on digi stores worldwide by the world’s digital distributor of Reggae mus Worldwide, on August 8th 2011. S look out for this one as Orlando O and JahLight Records join forces positive endeavor as they reassur world that, ‘ Jah will never let you Contact. Phone: Akeunde Pemberton 868 757 2122 Email:

uld like f all and ut this ope to o keep despite s in life. , anyseek God else you,’ says anager, n. by Kenely pro-

rlon Jackded by e legenamaica. ital largest sic, Zojak So do Octave for a re the u down.’

ET-CET-ERA The Company LP 55, Hololo Ext. Road Upper Santa Cruz. Trinidad W.I Phone: 868-498-4850 Email:

an affordably effective resource, satisfying your media related needs‌

ET-CET-ERA The Company

Nadia Batson’s journey to creating a new sound in the Caribbean has gained tremendous momentum. On July 17, auditions held at the Centre Of Excellence in Trinidad, proved successful with a number of beautiful and talented young women presenting themselves to the team of musical experts who would have the final say as to who would fill the spots of keyboardist, vocalists, drummer, bassist, guitarist and dancers. In a statement following the one- day audition, Batson excitedly said, “ There were some really talented women today. It’ll be a hard decision but we’re up for it.” Some eight to 10 girls will be chosen to be a part of the “My Posse” singer/ songwriter’s new all-female soca band. She anticipates it’s full emergence by late November and has assured that she will not deliver anything less than the best to the public at large. For now though, Batson continues to fulfill her professional obligations with Kes The Band, having flown to Toronto on Thursday for gigs there. Upon her return, Batson will begin rehearsals with the new ladies of soca and she’ll also be prepared to reveal the name of the all-female band. Thus far, her announcement has created a surge of excitement within the carnival fraternity as fans, promoters and prospective sponsors eagerly await the grand showcase of what Batson herself is referring to as the hottest thing since carnival bikinis and beads.



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Featured Photographer: Kerby Young a Guyanese born Trinidad and Tobago based Photographer who

believes that………“you should never walk where you can run”.


“ erbs” as he’s affectionately referred to, grew up in a very humble abode, the eldest child of both his parents Kareen Young and Lance Burgess, began pursuing a course in Civil Engineering in his native Guyana. Until Sometime after when his heart-felt desire for the world of design and Make up over-powered his archiectual focus at college.

In Guyana he worked with Miss Guyana World, Carnation or the Sensational Seven, and in 2006 sponsored a Delegate, and worked for the Miss Guyana Talented Teen Pageant. Kerbs was featured in the leading Guyanese newspapers…… Stabroek News, Kaieteur News and Guyana ’s Entertainment Magazine……GEM Magazine.

Kerby’s passion for fashion and make-up artistry caused the 26 year old bache-

or to explore sweet T & T in 2006. He has since worked with Caribbean Fashion Specialist, Models summer Fest and Eustace Dyer Photography in Trinidad .


Now a budding fashion photographer erbs has a new feather to put in his hat… He rationalized….. “For me Designing, Make-up and Photography work hand in hand in helping me express myself in ways words can never explain”. Photographers such as Sancho Francisco, Eustace Dyer and Timothy Bachew have inspired me since I commenced photography a few months now. Their passion, creativity and uniqueness fuels my desire to be the best photographer that I can be. In the near future I see myself exploring the global marketplace of design, make-up/artistry and photography with my craftsmanship. My aim is to eave an impression which can inspire the willing……My advice to everyone is…. go after your dreams because if you don’t that’s all they’ll be DREAMS.

Understanding the Lyrics with Star Blu Entertainment This month we take a closer look at the faces behind Star Blu Entertainment. The four of them are the founders of this music production company are Juston “Cross” London,

Daryl Samuel, Ajari Jules and Romell “Smiddy” Smith. To familiarize you to Star Blu they produced one of the hit soca songs for 2011, ‘Middle Ah D Road’ by Swappi ft Destra. So let’s get right into it. Q) So firstly what is the purpose of this company? A) Well it’s a music production company that’s branching into the full entertainment services and just now we would have video productions soon and basically the entire establishment would branch off into the whole entertainment sector. Q) So would you say that Star Blu Entertainment is a name that has made it big so far? A) Well we would say it getting around but I won’t say that it's really big as yet. Q) With the various artists that you have produced music with so far, have they left any long lasting impressions on you all?

A) Yes they have some

Starr, Tim Starr and in there are Charsu, Mad King.

Q) What are the challen

have encountered so far pany?

A) Well as a company s

tered financial difficulti

things professionally an

dishonest and shady pe Q) How exactly do you

making of music or coll ferent artists?

A) Well with the collabo it happens in different

the artist or sometimes

and we do the acapella

the times we do the be choose the beat and go

Q) As far as advertising

need to advertise more

the company is growing

A) I think we need to im keting scheme

Q) As a company what the future?

of them like Brendan

A) Well we want to focus on expanding as a

n line of producers

short term goal in music production and just

Man Johann and Mr.

to make a lasting impression in the music industry for the name Star Blu Entertainment.

nges you all as a group

Q) Personally who are your favored artists on

r in building this com-

an international stage including local artists? A) Well there are artists as Kevin Grant (K.G)

so far we have encoun-

who is local and international there are art-

ies and trying to do

ists such as Ryan Leslie, Timberland, Wiz

nd how to deal with the

Khalifa, Kanye West, Drake and even Justin

eople in the business.

Bieber haha.

all go about in the

laboration with the dif-

Q) When you guys first started exactly how was the run of productions going? Slow? Normal? Relatively easy?

oration with the artist

A) Well the company was running slow be-

ways where we find

cause there wasn’t no guide so we came to-

s the artists finds us

gether to see what we could learn and we

a and the majority of

were young, now starting off and having no

eats and basically they

idea of the music industry so it was slow.

from there.

Q) What are the roles of each person here at

g goes do you think you

Star Blu Entertainment and what do their

e or do you think that

duties pertain?

g at a steady rate?

A) All of us are founders and CEO’s and some

mprove on our mar-

of us are focusing on different aspects for

t are its main goals for

now so Ajari and Daryl are the main producers and Romell and Juston are the engineers.

Q) What inspires you to make music?

Q) In your opinion wha

A) Well the music we listen to, the producers

year 2011 so far?

and if you ask any producers they would tell

A) ‘Middle Ah D Road’

you it’s a vybz thing. If you just sit down by

mainly because we prod

the counter and you hear something and you

Q) With upcoming youn

get a vybz and it’s just part of our everyday

do you see our soca mu

life on a whole.

benchmarks internation

Q) If given another chance at life, what would

A) We can only speak f

be your career path?

Machel Montano, Swap

A) Well it would be music; we can’t see our-

trying to make soca mo

selves doing anything else only that we would

world and they are try

start younger.

internationally like the

Q) In secondary school did you see yourself in

Q) What brought you g

this line of work or were your attentions else-

A) It was basically links


somebody and his frien

A) No, we always thought we would be either

Q) Do you have any ad

DJ’ing or something but it wasn’t anything

to go into music?

serious but we only freestyle and stuff until we

A) Never give up and st

got introduced to it by other people.

Q) What are some valu

Q) Do you see music being an entirely differ-

close to you and that y

ent language in which anyone can compre-

on to people who look u


future children?

A) Yeah we believe that music can bring peo-

A) Don’t be afraid to d

ple together from different races. You can say

and be original because

music is just bigger than us.

curities so just don’t be

Q) Who or what are your inspiration?

and also be ambitious. Y

A) To us it’s our family, friends and talent.

wanting and stay true

at is the best song for the

you because they can help you get through some of the hardest things.

by Swappi ft Destra

Q) Did you have any songs which stuck to

duced it.

you as a child growing up?

ng stars in the industry

A) Well if you’re talking songs we can go all

usic or artists setting

day but in terms of people you have Bob

nally for future artists?

Marley, Fugees, Micheal Jackson, Lauren

for few of the artists like

Hill, Lionel Richie, Tupac, Buju Banton and

ppi, Kes and Destra are

Biggie Smalls.

ore moderate to the

ying to push it further Electro Lights Riddim.

Q) Are there any big hits in the making that we should be looking forward to? A) It’s a surprise so we want to keep the

guys together as a group?

excitement up so look out for it soon!

s where Ajari knew

Q) Do you see music as an escape for our

nd knew somebody else.

youths today?

dvice for anyone looking

A)Definitely! We do believe it provides escape in many ways and it can help youths

tay determined.

in whatever form of life that they are

ues in life that you keep

dealing with. It has a direct impact on life

you would want to pass

so it provides answers and an escape.

up to you or even your

dream and be yourself

e some people have inse-

e afraid to be yourself

You should never stop to the ones closest to

By: Justin Carrington

Dear Pellau readers, I thought I would take a short break this month from the makeup looks, products and tutorials to deal with an issue that is of real concern to me, SKIN. Clear, healthy, manageable, flawless skin, that looks fantastic with or without makeup. Though I’m an avid makeup lover, there are some days that I like to just slap on some lip balm and head out, feeling comfortable and confident with a clean flawless face. But the truth is I don’t feel that way. I’m hoping there are a few readers that identify with my plight and are interested in learning some fun facts about your skin, as well as incorporating some healthy all natural remedies that can help your skin thrive and blossom, in or out of makeup! Personally, I’ve tried every over-the counter product there is for acne and dark spots and I am honestly fed up of wasting my money on products that simply don’t work. So I’ve done my research and compiled a list of all natural ingredients that will do

By: Tenille T. Quamina wonders for the skin, when applied in simple recipes. Here are a few: Honey: It is a natural antiseptic and antioxidant, it attracts and retains moisture for the skin and acts as an all natural moisturizer when used in its original form. Honey is great for dry skin types or skin that is dehydrated. Lemon Juice: A natural disinfectant, and acts in the place of toner, it cleans the skin thoroughly without irritating. Be careful with your eyes when applying! Oatmeal: Yes oatmeal, believe it or not, it is a fantastic cleanser for all skin types. It is anti-inflammatory, relieves redness, irritation and gently exfoliates when rubbed in its natural form into the skin. Cocoa Powder: It tightens pores, hydrates and blocks out pollution from the atmosphere. It is high in antioxidants and protects the skin from sun damage. Yogurt: Treats blemishes, hydrates, tightens pores and so much more. Natural yogurt is so good for the skin, in my research there

was so much information about the benefits of yogurt.

Aloe Vera: Bringing it home a bit, to a product that can be found in most backyards

or gardens. Natural aloe vera or aloes as we know it in Trinidad is great for the skin

Aloe vera accelerates the healing of wounds and damaged skin and helps the body

both internally and externally. Aloe vera is great for acne sufferers; it lessens redness and swelling and improves the overall health of skin.

Now that we have a few key ingredients we can use, these ingredients in any combina

tion, as a mask, cleanser, or toner that can generally improve the appearance and con dition of the skin. Here are a few quick recipes for healthy skin: Aloe Vera Drink 1 cup fresh orange juice 2 tablespoons aloe vera (the flesh of the aloes plant) Blend the two ingredients thoroughly and drink! This drink acts as a cleanser for the body while improving the skin! Quick Chocolate Mask Ingredients 1 tablespoon Cocoa powder or cocoa butter 1 tablespoon Honey

1 tablespoon Natural Yogurt


This mask looks and smells very delicious resist the urge to eat! Mix the 3 ingre-


dients and apply to the face as a mask and leave for 25 minutes. Rinse off with


warm water and pat dry. Skin is left smooth and supple!


So this is a definite start to our all natural skin care regime. Remember guys water is your best friend; they do not say 8 glasses a day for no reason. It really helps


regularize the skin and keeps it clear and healthy. Drinking water and keeping hy-


drated really makes a difference. Try these quick and easy recipes and let me know how they work, also do your own research, find out your skin type and invent your own all natural recipes and let me know how it works!* Wishing you all a happy and healthy month and be safe!! To fill me in on all the recipes you invented or the results of the natural remedies check out my group, F.A.C.E. Inc on Facebook! Or send me a quick email!!

Contact F.A.C.E. Inc.’s Freelance Make-up Artiste – Tenille T. Quamina at 1-876390-6802, or home.php?sk=group_54888082797 for more information.

Kendel Reyes (born 5th april 1956) is a local artist from Arima. His first exposure to the world of painting came 1973-74 through Extra Mural classes conducted by Lloyd Harris at the Arima Government Secondary School. He i the son of the late Elma Reyes, journalist and author wh contributed significantly to the documentation of our o traditions especially as it relates to our indigenous peoples. Through her association with Stephen Mohammed the then publisher of the now defunct Trinidad Natura Magazine, Ken was fortunate to secure participation in 21 day art workshop at the Asa Wright Nature Centre in 1976.

Ken participated in Workshop staged by American Wild life Artist Don Eckelberry (who recently passed away) an the Japanese Botanical Artist Momabu Sonto.

Ken’s interest in painting natural history elements led him to pay his way in 1989 to attend a 3 months summe Student Workshop at the NY Botanical Garden School. There he was able to benefit from the tutelage of Dolore Santo Liquido who specialized in the illustration of plan

in d is ho oral d, list na n



es R. nts

dium Sized Booth Display) and the 1998 Exposition at th Sized Booth Display). The latter display was mounted b who live in or near Arima. Ken also did Mural on the “C in Arima.

He has worked with 3-D artist John Stollmeyer on the pe Forestry Exhibition Centre at Pleasantville. He is presen Forests or Trinidad and Tobago�

and insects. He was also taught by Edward Zaremba who specialized in Botanical Oil Paintings utilizing the “Dutch Master” technique and Drawing in the Gardens. Over the years ken participated in a variety of activities. For several years in the early 1970’s he was the recipient of cash and trophies won at the National Youth Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

He has been an integral part of the prizewinning booths sponsored by Pres T Con Limited at the 1994 Exposition at the National Stadium (2nd prize : Mehe Churchill- Roosevelt Highway (1st Prize for Medium by the Artists of Arima, a group of independent artistes Catholic Faith” on the wall of the Santa Rosa RC Church

ermanent Forestry Display at the ntly working on a series on “The

PELLAU PROFILE A Winner of Above Average Entertainment Model Search Competition (Modèle De Recherche) the key to looking beautiful on the Young Aspiring Model, 17 years old

Name: Khadia Frith Age: 17 years old


1.When did your interest in modeling begin? -I’m not going to lie and say from an

5. How do you prepare for a photo shoot or with an agency? - The very first thing I do is pray be

early age like most would, I only got in-

nothing is possible without God. I t

terested in modeling last year. I felt like

deep breaths because I usually get

a star on my grad night with the

really nervous or excited (laughs).

makeup and heels and glamour. I literally fell in love with the spotlight so I figured why not make the best of it. 2. What was your first experience with a photo shoot like? (or just simply photo taking) - (Laughs) My first photo shoot was

6. Every model needs to have a sense of un stand out, what unique quality do you have - My sense of determination. In life

that failure is inevitable but I never

even when things are not going my

will keep on pursuing until I achieve

done in Queens Park savannah with Keron Riley and I was nervous as hell. I simply smiled and then asked “So do you think I’m workable?” He watched me smiled back and said “Yes darling.” 3. Which model has inspired you to pursue modeling and why? - Not too sure as yet.

7. What do you think you would enjoy the m experiencing life as a successful model? - Travelling the world has always be the top of my to-do-list so I believe

cessful model I would be being able

new places and meet new people. O

nities that I never would have had t

chance to experience would be ope

4. A model needs to be healthy and stay fit, how do you do this? - Lots and lots of exercise! At least

8. Do you prefer being on the runway or do shoot and why? -It’s hard to choose but I would hav

three times a week. Having healthy eat-

being on the runway. As soon as yo

ing habits is also a must because it is

onto the runway you just get an adr


rush. Then there are the cam-

r a meeting

eras, lights and


then take

t either

niqueness to e? I believe

entire experience is super exciting! 9. A model should be able to apply her own make-up and keep ahead

r give up

of fashion trends, what advice could you give on this? - I would advise all

y way. I

aspiring models

e my goal.

the crowd! The

(Including myself) (smiles), to do a

most about

een on as a suc-

e to see




oing a photo

ve to say

ou step


make-up course. This would be exsince you are sup-

10. What qualities you think a model MUST have? - A model MUST be able listen and stay

posed to always

focused. I think those essentially are

look model ready

the key to

regardless of

being a great model. They must be

tremely helpful

where you are and you are supposed to also be prepared for whatever situation that may occur.

able to ignore distractions whether it is on a runway or during a photo shoot. They should also be humble and be able to use constructive criticism wisely. By: Orielle Jeffrey

By Kero Frenchie

We all k people for some r ships and they ten tion. We Trinidad world call this ch who attempt it eit stemming from it those that: 1. have the mon 2. have a timid accept that their those who ha traces th And I would people say they c other does not fa to pay your way o son who can stan and going to villa ing. Now I‟m goi a morning and sa cheat only when lack of trust, love People go to outs following is some from getting caug

TIP: If you’ does not WHY: In al with hav who just everybo Thursda other kn there’s a macco d

TIP: Keep a WHY: The cious of tory, Fac refusing biggest m self. So, hand old about. C your Ho from con Faceboo Skype, o TIP: If you a where yo

on Roberts

know that some reason can‟t be satisfied in their relationnd to go to “outside sources” to get their satisfacdians call this horning (cuz we special) and the rest of the heating. But, for some apparent reason… „Most‟ of the people ther get caught and dumped or into some trouble or situation t. The „some‟ who do get away “cleanly” (and I stress that) are

ney to keep the affair under wraps, or stubborn significant other who just does not want to hear or significant other is cheating ave the “talent” to dictate everything, make sure to cover up any hey may leave and know keep their significant others off track. guess that only a few people have that „talent‟. I heard many can cheat and get away easily but, make sure your significant all into the timid or suborn category or you just have the money out of everything. Because I‟m talking about cheating on a pernd up for themselves and has an acceptable level of intelligence a (or some other established „club‟) does not qualify as cheat-

ing to state (and it‟s my copyrighted quote that) no one wakes up ays “I‟m going to cheat on my significant other today”. People there‟s some definitive lack in the relationship whether it be e, sex or as I heard from a partner of mine “good cooking”. side sources to get their needs met and their stomach‟s full. The e tips and some „tricks of the trade‟ to keep your cheating a** ght.

’re going to cheat on your significant other make sure she/he t live in the same area as you. lmost every neighborhood in our country you always to deal ving to put up with very macco-cius and fass neighbor/person t seems to know about every bit of business that is going on in dy house including your Horner who does be passin in every ay morning and since there’s a high chance of your significant nowing them since they live in the same village (obviously) a high chance that they will tell ur significant other because NO does keep what they macco to themselves

a tight track on all your communications, messages etc etc first thing all significant others does check when there’re suspiyou if your phone records, text messages, BBM message hiscebook, email etc etc. Now putting a lock on your messages and g to give them your Facebook and email password one of the mistakes people make. It’s just putting more suspicion on your, instead invest in having a little cheap burn phone or secondd phone that, NO ONE except the Horner supposed to know Consider making another Facebook account where only you and orner can chat (don‟t add no one else on it) and stop your Horner ntacting you through your BBM, Email, text and your main ok inbox. Further note, it’s a sin to chat with your Horner though oovoo or ANY (and stress ANY) webcam chat services and your Horner “have” to go out don’t go to the same places our significant other or any of their friends usually go

WHY: Back in the good days of you and you’re significant other relationship the both of you used to hit sting or zen or other clubs often. But, just because the both of you used to go there, doh be dotish to take yuh Horner dey too. More than likely their friends who are still single btw will be liming there cuz they are single and need hookups and they’ll want to know why the person you’re liming with is not their friend who u supposed to be with. And the closer the friend the faster your significant other will find out and before you can gather yourself and get out…BOOM!! Ur significant other reach and… MAKE OUT SCENE inna the club and you’ll have the embarrassing and dramatic moment of you, your horner and your significant other being escorted outside by security to handle allyuh business out outside the club and with their friends with them, things are not going to be pretty for you or the horner TIP: If you tell your significant other you’re going out of the country, get ur a** out of the country. WHY: Now this one is for the business people and the ones who have $$$ on their name. Too many times I’ve heard business people getting caught cheating cause they said they was leaving the country and got caught by the horner’s house. If you have to leave the country, damm leave. Now you don’t have to take them some foreign place like Italy, France or some other foreign country you could just travel to Tobago and stay a few days in a guest house (and there many affordable ones) buy dinner or cook and you come back telling your significant other the trip was a success or failure whatever you please and nobody has to know TIP: Don’t make no visible change in any of your routines or don’t make it instantly WHY: The second thing every suspicious significant other looks for is a change in routines and since most people under 30 don’t have a solid routine so use this to your advantage but if it has anything that you always used to do and it’s something you do every day or every week under NO circumstances change it. So if at 5 o clock every afternoon you and your partners used to go to the gym or to the grounds to play football or, ladies every weekend you and your girls used to get your nails done or go shopping don’t change it. Because, one day a situation might come up where they might need you for some emergency and the first place they gonna check is where you normally be at that time. Oh yeah did I mention they are not going to call you cuz you supposed to frickin be there and to their surprise you’re not there. Now most men aren’t good liars so you’re screwed and you can tell if a woman lying by listening the amount of stress she put into her words. More pronunciation and stress on words = lying…EY this is not 100% btw now since is ppl wit a level of intelligence we’re horning they’re going to jump to the conclusion that something not right and you’re gonna end up screwed at some time. Find free time to stick in ur Horner and they can’t object and not supposed to because they are the Hornerperson, they are not supposed in any have say in anything you do if they do…break up wit your significant other go with them save everyone the trouble

Pellau Magazine Issue 19  

August 2011 issue of Pellau Magazine

Pellau Magazine Issue 19  

August 2011 issue of Pellau Magazine