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What Does Seaside Oregon Have To Offer? There are not many experiences that can compare to the very first time you look out the window of your new home to discover the stunning ocean staring right back at you. Think about having that image to check out every day. If you currently live in Oregon, you are likely all too acquainted with the amazing wonders that your Northwest state has to offer, namely those 363 miles of breathtaking Pacific coast. Whether you're a current state resident wanting to relocate to the coast or a potential transplant looking for that perfect ocean location, you may want to consider Seaside Oregon real estate, particularly if you fancy beachfront living. Seaside is a small town along the Northwest Coast of Oregon about 18 miles south of the Washington border, located only 80 miles from the larger city of Portland. The town has become a popular resort destination for visitors, because of its close proximity to a bustling metropolis on top of its placement right along the Pacific Ocean. What does this mean for the 6,445 permanent residents and those who might have a desire for Seaside Oregon real estate? Seaside offers visitors and residents alike a wide range of cultural activities, with it being the location of political conventions, beauty pageants, and the largest amateur sporting event in the country. This town also boasts a thrilling array of historical celebrations, being famously being recognized for the final destination of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Take a stroll along the Seaside Promenade to get a unique shopping experience, a refreshing ocean breeze, or access to the famous aquarium and museums. Seaside will continue to offer its full-time residents with a highly valued small-town vibe, despite its popularity with outsiders. Permanent residents can take advantage of the town's lively parks and recreation district through competitive sporting events and organized art programs. There is also a level of pride held by the Seasiders in their local health and human service departments. Services are available to all kinds of family and to people of all ages, in a town with a somewhat low crime rate and an actively involved community. In addition to that, owning a home in Seaside will put nature right at your feet. Being so near the ocean, you'll have immediate access to epic surfing, boating, and whale watching. The seafood lovers are able to take in the miles of public beach that are full of seasonal clams just waiting to be boiled. For those who prefer hiking and biking, the nearby temperate forests offers scores of world-class trails, peaks, and exciting wildlife encounters. Because of the area's mild climate, these activities are offered year-round. Location is crucial when thinking about buying a new property, whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor. Moreover, the experience can be even more overwhelming when shopping for specific features such as beachfront or coastal access. It is a good idea to get in touch with a local realtor for current listings and recommendations to better prepare yourself and help you get the house that best suits your needs. Not only experts in the art of buying a home, real estate agents know their respective markets in and out. Serving as your right hand from the initial search all the way to the closing, they can tell you which areas to keep clear of and which areas to pursue based on your family's needs. Your realtor may possibly suggest some Seaside Oregon real estate options, if you're currently

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What Does Seaside Oregon Have To Offer? searching for a home on the Northwest Coast. You will likely find that this small town has just the ideal amount of everything, deserving of a place called home with so much to offer you geographically and culturally. There are not many experiences that can compare to the very first time you look out the window of your new home to disco...

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What Does Seaside Oregon Have To Offer?