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Double-Step latches Their Double-Step latches are smarter and easier to open: the patented design works like a pry bar to start the release and offers plenty of leverage to open with a light pull.

STRONGER BY DESIGN Peli Protector CasesTM are made from Copolymer Polypropylene, using an open cell core and solid wall construction, which is actually stronger and lighter than a solid core wall. Stainless Steel pins are used for hinges and handles.

FOAM All protector cases come standard with PICK ‘N’ PLUCKTM foam, except Micro Cases, Long Cases and 0450 models. 1700, 1720,1750, 1780 come standard with 3-piece foam set. To order ProtectorTM Cases without foam add NF to the end of the catalogue number.

WATERTIGHT The secret is the tongue and groove fit with a polymer o-ring acting as a waterproof seal.

EASY ROLLER Stainless steel ball bearing wheels (on selected cases) last longer and ride smoother. The nylon hub adjacent to the stainless steel is made to resist heat. Result: less wear and tear on the polyurethane wheel.

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REINFORCED PADLOCK PROTECTORS Metal reinforced padlock protectors provide added strength and extra security against cutting and theft.

NAMEPLATE Custom engraved nameplates are available for a nominal fee.

COOL UNDER PRESSURE The Automatic Pressure Equalisation Valve releases built-up air pressure while keeping water molecules out, resulting in a watertight case that is even easier to open after pressure changes.


ULTIMATE EQUIPMENT PROTECTION For more than 30 years Peli has built a reputation for manufacturing the toughest ProtectorTM Cases in the world. As a matter of fact, we invented the category. Over these years we’ve seen our cases used for some pretty crazy ideas… and important ones, too. The Peli ProtectorTM Case has been thrown out of helicopters in Iraq, towed along frigid fjords in Norway, and rolled over by SUVs in Tanzania. With only a few

scratches to show on the outside, contents are left unscathed. Minor war wounds for major bragging rights. And that is really what it’s all about. Getting your gear from point A to point B in the condition it’s meant to be in: intact and functional. Because it could contain that large format camera that will shoot next month’s magazine cover, or a heart defibrillator that could produce results you can’t put a price on.







Кейсы 2010 Peli  

Каталог кейсов Peli 2010г.

Кейсы 2010 Peli  

Каталог кейсов Peli 2010г.