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Zoe Aurora Peleti - ALIVE -Thesis 01 - Fall 2011

In reference to my initial goal of influencing my audience to “look at the overlooked� and live in the moment, I feel my project iterations have become progressively successful in achieving this. I have carefully thought out each individual aspect to the project in its entirety and feel my explanations stated all clearly support the outcome I have set out to get. My next steps are now to go back to the initial issue and begin planning from there. I intend to try displaying and organizing my project in various ways to determine not only the most successful physical order of the screens but also a clear strategy in which to display the footage upon said screens. This will also have to be tested using different methods of audio which in conclusion, will all rely on my ability to gain constructive feedback from user tests that I will need to set up in my next steps as well. Regardless of any obstacles, my plan is to just keep making things and keep moving forward.

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Final Thesis Paper  

Final thesis 01 paper fall 11