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Zoe Aurora Peleti - ALIVE -Thesis 01 - Fall 2011

of dual screens is the element that really took her message and gave it the strength it needed to be taken seriously. When visualizing my own finished piece I decided that it had to be more than a movie- it has to be art imitating life. This led me to my third plan of action. To accomplish what I previously just stated, I thought a good idea would be to separate my video into two. This meant, rather than having my video one fluid piece in which the movie alternated between far shot to close up, I would use two screens on opposing walls. One screen would produce footage of close-ups and the other would be playing the far-shots. This idea came to me when I realized that the physical form of my project held just as much ability to prove my thesis as did the film itself. With the movie playing its separate parts on screens across from one another, it would force the user to focus on one thing or the other. You would be physically restricted from viewing both at the same time even though both screens would be apart of your environment. In regards to audio for this piece, a piece by Dan Graham titled “Performance/Audience/Mirror� from 1975 caught my attention. (2) At first, I found his muttering of every thought and action he portrayed to be seriously annoying but when I realized the meaning behind his chants stemmed from Zen Buddhism and his goal was in fact to make himself and the audience aware of themselves in their bodies and in space- I gained a new perspective and respect for him. Since this revelation of using space as part of my thesis project however, a multitude of possibilities have manifested. I’ve moved from having the thought of two opposing screens to instead, having the two screens back to back. The intention of this would be to eliminate the possibility of the viewer being distracted from the flickering lights and images over his/her shoulder emitted from the opposing screen. As this was discovered in user testing, so was another idea which I have decided to further pursue. Rather than constrict my installation to one

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Final Thesis Paper  

Final thesis 01 paper fall 11