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Zoe Aurora Peleti - ALIVE -Thesis 01 - Fall 2011

difference when compared to a world that communicated mainly through written letters and television/radio broadcast some fifty years ago. Having said this, its really not hard to wonder why people seem so distracted from their own surroundings. Though technology has yet to master instant physical travel, mentally we can be anywhere we so desire- indefinitely. In no way do I intend to insult or imply that a high-speed, modern and technology dependent way of life is negative or “wrong”- I want simply to acknowledge that alike to any situation in which you have or get everything you want, when you demand it, you tend to lose appreciation for it. When your life can be summed up to code on a screen, your mind becomes unconscious to the world outside that screen where much of your physical, spiritual and emotional life is still taking place around you. I will continue to direct my thesis explanation toward the audience which it is specifically intended for- that of my peers. As college students, we assume that stress, competition and planning for our future are the most important components of life. I support that statement with regards to my own experiences as well as those I have observed second hand. We are consumed by elaborate images in our head of what we want to do and who we want to be, thus often forgetting ourselves in the present. Its a funny thing to think that your present state was once the future you obsessed over in your past. Point being- why even after realizing this truth is it so hard to just be in the moment with what we have, what we’re doing or to enjoy our youth rather than wait to enjoy “real” adulthood? Countless hours are spent watching other people’s lives go by on reality television, stalking people on Facebook and reading gossip magazines- all while over-estimating their happiness and failing to see the value in our own. We reminisce over home-movies and photo albums, wondering where the time has gone, yet still blind to our amazing surroundings here in New York City and the people, our friends and family, that in the

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Final Thesis Paper  

Final thesis 01 paper fall 11