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JULIA AND CARLA were at the “Gala Dinner” listening to the orchestra of the TITANIC which were playing slow music, when suddenly they heard a loud noise and they realised that something wrong was happening.

Carla: -Look! All the people is running and screaming. I think the situation is seriously dangerous. Julia answered: -I’m scared, we have to harry to the cabin to pick up our things. Carla -No. I think is better to go directly to the deck and see what’s happening. Narrator: Then the ship started to sink and everything indicated that they couldn’t survive. Carla: -Look! On the other side of the ship there is a woman with the arms open and we can listen to a song... Both Carla and Julia sing a song: Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on... Julia: -Look! People are getting on the lifeboats, hurry up! Carla: -Thanks God! We’re lucky, the children and women are getting on the first. Narrator: When they were safe in the lifeboat they could see all the damage caused by the iceberg to the TITANIC... meanwhile the ship was sinking. Julia: -Everything looks terrible. Carla: -Yes, There’re people drowning. Narrator: There were lucky. They were safe but very sad because they had lost a lot of their friends. Most people died in the dark and cold sea, including the first class people, the crew and the musicians. Julia: - I’m cold, hug me, please! Carla: - Don’t cry, Julia. We’ll call mum to say to her that we’re fine. Julia: - If only we had a mobile phone. Carla: - A mobile? I’m afraid that it has not yet invented. Narrator: The TITANIC had to be the safest ship in the world...but it was not. By Carla and Julia

Dialogue Titanic  

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